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Mat Fraser Fittest Man on Earth | Documentary

Jun 06, 2021
the only line i ever liked was uh i'm going to do today what other people aren't willing to do so i can do tomorrow what other people can do. I always love that like line whenever I'm training alone. I always like to run lines like that in my head when I'm hurting like people aren't willing to do this right now you're the only one here and then when I get to a competition and I can outdo someone at something good I did yesterday with what you didn't so what i can do today what you can't just knowing that trusting the hard work i'm putting in now will pay off maybe not today i feel like tomorrow but it will pay off.
mat fraser fittest man on earth documentary
What are you doing when no one is looking right? I look at my 2015 medal and I hate that medal. It's because I didn't do it right. You know it's like second place. I got second place. in 2015. You should be proud of that result. I was the second


man in the world, but I just look at that and I'm j. It's like I hated that year um because I'm not proud of the effort I put in I'm not proud of the corners I cut you know um I really like it 2014 I had the same results 2014 2015 I had the exact same results completely different Feelings about both seasons 2014 I was so excited I felt like I had a second place 2015 Exact same results I felt like I had lost and I got second place Oh and just put the effort you put into expectations to establish yourself and so 2016 you You know, stop taking shortcuts, I started doing it good and the results showed, so as long as I'm training, I'll keep trying to do it that way and we'll see what the results reflect before the games, you know.
mat fraser fittest man on earth documentary

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mat fraser fittest man on earth documentary...

I was still training because my friends were there. That's what they were doing. They never took it seriously. engineering internship at an aerospace company you know it was a ton of time consuming huh and I think I never met any other gaming athlete before in terms of actually having been with them outside of competition so I always just assumed they were in another league, you know? I didn't know what they were doing to train. I didn't know what they were. Life at home was like I didn't know anything about them, so I just assumed it was these untouchable athletes, um, and then in games there are a couple of different scenarios. you know, sit like at an athlete briefing and i sat next to one of the really good guys and i remember kelly like, uh, you're my size, like we were on little chairs and you look at my quads below. to them I'm like, oh, like our legs are the same size, like you're not like this superhero that everyone has on a pedestal. i know what you're about to get hit with but i mean it held up pretty well i made some really dumb mistakes i had some really good moments and i came out in the wash second i was like ok i think i can do this 2015 was like being an idiot i finished second again but then for the 2016 season you know i figured out my stuff i figured out what i had to do what i had to change for the next season you know i really dedicated myself i wasn't in school anymore so i really i dedicated everything you know the day revolved around my training it wasn't just my time in the gym it's when i went to work you know i started working out of the gym as well i think it was a huge game changer and it was when i figured out it's ok i can i can do this they sort of corral everyone you know they call the playoffs tell you which lane you're in everyone gets into your little pen for 10 minutes and in those 10 minutes, I usually throw up, uh, you know, just the nerves of that pondering that anticipation of I think it's medium knowing that this is going to hurt a lot um like I'm going to push myself to a level that is not pleasant um but also like the fear that I have I'm always so afraid to leave the competition floor, you know, thinking that all these guys are more capable than me, like what if things don't work out, just from being really scared, you know that all these guys they have trained all year to win, no one shows up trying to win second place, everyone is there to try. to get first place so it's quite stressful for me I don't want that fear to go away I mean like I hate it it's a very unpleasant feeling but at the same time it's like when I'm afraid that I'm not able to in a training.
mat fraser fittest man on earth documentary
You know I really focus. You know, I really know it's okay. There is no room for error. going to a darker place to make up for that for feeling uncomfortable or not feeling safe in that mo perfect example i mean regionals nate was that was the 2016 season you know that practice i was petrified from that practice you know when i did it in practice i got uh eight eight rounds plus something of a ten round workout I wasn't even close to finishing it and you know you watch all the guys videos online you know pumping sets of 10 strict muscle exercises with a weight vest and it's like oh oh I'm in issues like this workout could throw me off the rails so I'm I went into that workout like absolutely petrified and then and then I ended up doing just fine.
mat fraser fittest man on earth documentary
You know I'm done I think I won the training in my region. I don't care how much something hurt during that workout, I was like no, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, you can't afford to slack off for even a second, so it's like just keep punching and then there were other workouts where I was. so comfortable so relaxed going in as soon as something started to hurt a little bit. I kind of thought I'd just back off a little bit, you know, let this pain go away and then I pulled out a 10th place in practice.
I kind of don't want to get rid of that fear, you know it really pushes me to strive for excellence and then on the other end of things, like when I feel comfortable, like not letting that affect my performance, not letting that comfort infiltrate. and you know it makes me slack oh I'm getting anxious right now when you're coming off your third day of training and nothing's going right and like everything feels wrong and then usually that's when everything seems to be going perfectly to everyone else, so it's like you just sit there and think, oh man, like what's going on right now, this is my job, this is my full-time job, and I'm not doing well like this. it's not good um but you know it's those moments where you know you have to i want to say how to trust the process but you know how to stick to your routine uh ok well things don't go well make them go well you know why they don't go well i'm not getting enough sleep it's my diet a little off you know i'm traveling too much like you're in control of that stuff make the changes um and i mean when i'm going through like the fourth week you know that I just stay at home, the only person I see all day is my girlfriend.
It's not like I have friends who come in from out of town to train. It's not like there are camera crews all the time. pat him on the ass and tell me good job like good pr no it's no it's me saying to myself get on your back on that treadmill go back to that row or start squatting again you know every time I'm sitting in between workout sessions like just playing on my phone is me telling myself like putting down your phone and getting back training like you cou I would be doing something productive right now like why are you sitting here looking at instagram like you put your phone down stretch , be productive, do you know yourself better instead of resting on your laurels?
Yes, I mean that's what I mean. You want to see that it's not exciting, uh, it's not exciting to walk into the gym and see me sitting on the platform stretching for the third hour in a row like who cares, but I mean that's what goes on behind the scenes, you know, I think I think before it happened I never really thought too much about what something like this would be or how it should be like um and all the changes happened in little progressions you know it wasn't just like something like that all of a sudden I kind of flip a light switch I'm like if this is your life now um and you know i have to remind myself many times too you know people watch the highlight reel um it's very rare that someone posts or likes show the world the things that aren't glamorous like the things that aren't they are sexy the only posts they put up are the PR videos going up and the videos of when things are going well when things are looking good not posting the video of how oh man you know I have all these tears in my hands and I'm missing 245 snippets here and nobody wants to see that you know I get a lot of messages you know people see the footage from the games you know they see the footage from the 2016 games like oh that's cool I'm like you looking at a five day window of my entire year this is kind of a flash in the pan this is some good content this is really good we're not doing we're not doing too much today just a quick workout I don't know nothing of weights or anything like that, just step on the pedal, high-intensity, low-impact stuff, and then I'll do it.
I'll squat tonight, but that's basically it. days of like you know the total training time is like I could be in and out of the gym in an hour so you know try to take a lot of that extra time that I don't normally have during the day just do body work you know, stretch, extend, um, I don't know, fix any of the aches and pains that I've accumulated in the last two weeks, make sure that next week training, you know you feel healthy 100 with no aches or pains. I just feel good foreigner hey uh uh um when I'm done with crossfit you know I'm not gonna try I'm not gonna try to extend my career longer than I should you know uh I don't want to stay in the game any longer than I should you know I want keep my health i want to i want to quit the sport i still love it you know uh like i did olympic weightlifting for 10 years and when i quit the sport i hated it and you know it sucks because you know what i have a lot i had a lot of great friends ds um that I got to know over the years you know I grew up with them you know I started competing when I was 12 and I had the same guys at every meet and like we trained together we would get together in the off season and uh, i remember for a long time after i finished lifting and it was, i mean, it was very bad of me that because of my resentment against lifting, i didn't want to hear from them, i didn't want to see them. because it brought up my bad blood, whether it was jealousy, envy, um and I was a little disappointed in the way things worked out for me, so you know I've reached out again and rekindled a lot of those friendships, but you know at that time i just wasn't happy for myself so you know the day i decided to stop competing in crossfit you know i want to make sure i'm still happy you know i don't want to leave any bad blood you know it's that constant reminder of if i do my best and finish this s in a minute 50 or relax get rid of this pain in my chest and go to 210. in 10 minutes whichever route i take i'll feel good in 10 minutes i'll be walking talking i'll have a drink of water and I'm going to feel good in 10 minutes no matter what route I take but which one is going to make me feel better for the effort I put in that day, do you know if I slack off 20 seconds before my total time to leave I'm going to leave the gym that day thinking like a man, I didn't really give everything I had today like next time next time next time or can I push myself to the limit where as soon as as soon as I see it's over on the screen and it collapsed 10 minutes later when I'm drinking water I'm going to think, man, I'm proud of myself, I'm proud of that effort. i got in today i did everything i could today to push myself to that ultimate goal if you just win like who gives a you know like it ain't the wind that fee it's ok it's all the work you did before like you don't do any work and just a random competition by chance, you gonna be like marching down with a medal around your neck like so proud of that?
I probably didn't win, but I like the fact that 51 weeks out of the year like I train my ass to wake up and go to bed was all about, you know, going to the gym like hands literally dripping with blood and saying no, like I have to do some muscle ups today, you know, like it was in the middle of the 2015 or 2016 season, I had to go in and get mris on my hips because I thought I had bone spurs in my hips because I was doing a lot of work and it's coming back from stuff like that, like i had to go and xray both hands i thought i had boxer fractures in both hands from flipping that pig so many times thats why that metal felt goodlike if i had one in 20 2014 i probably wouldnt care because there wouldnt be had to work for it i don't think it's the wind that feels good i think it's the hard work paying off that feels better do you think you're still working as hard now as you did last year last year

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