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Macworld 2007- Part 4-Steve Jobs Demos the iPhone

Jul 09, 2022
Now let's take a look at a revolutionary phone. We want to reinvent the phone. Now what is the killer app? The killer app is making calls. It's amazing. It's amazing. How difficult it is to make calls on most phones. you don't have many numbers in your address book you use your recents as your address book, how many of you do that? or Mac and bring all your contacts right to your phone so you have everyone's numbers with you at all times. We've got something that's going to revolutionize voicemail today. We call it visual voicemail. you had six voicemails if you didn't have to listen to five of them first before you want to listen to the sixth it won't be great if you have a random access voicemail well we have it as an email that you can go directly to the voicemails that interest excellent all audio quality iPhone is a quad band GSM + H phone we have decided to go with the most popular international standard which is GSM. 3G phones and all sorts of awesome stuff in the future so quad bad GSM+H and of course we also have built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 EDR so this is what it looks like when you get a call. it looks like it's one of our ringtones you can choose of course so i want to show you four things i want to show you the phone app photos i have a calendar and sms messages the kind of things you would find on a typical phone but on a one of a very unusual way now so let's go ahead and take a look so first let's go to our phone you'll see that icon on the bottom left corner of the phone I just push it here and boom I'm on the phone and I have five buttons on the bottom favorites recent contacts keyboard and voicemail i'm in contacts right now a how do i move between my contacts?
macworld 2007  part 4 steve jobs demos the iphone
I just scroll through them and let's say I want to make a call to Johnny. I can click here and I see Johnny Ives's contacts with all his information, his three phone numbers, his email, whatever. another thing is the address everything else i have is all in one place and if i want to call Johnny all i do is press his phone number i'll call his cell number right now and now we're calling Johnny here it turned out a speakerphone like this if i wanted to say hello to Johnny how you're doing well it's been two and a half years and i can't tell you how excited i am to make the first public phone call with


macworld 2007  part 4 steve jobs demos the iphone

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macworld 2007 part 4 steve jobs demos the iphone...

I remember when we first started working on this and it's just amazing whoa whoa what's this I have another call coming in Johnny can I put you on hold for a minute okay then I put Johnny on hold and hi Phil it's ok Phil as you can see it's on put to Johnny in a bra and feel like I can touch Johnny and bring Johnny back hey Johnny you're the one hey Phil called. Would you mind if I make a conference with them? You can see the button has changed to merge calls right there in the middle, so I just hit that here and now I've created a conference call.
macworld 2007  part 4 steve jobs demos the iphone
Johnny, you there, Phil, you there. oh here we are and now listen I gotta get back to my keynotes so if I want to do that what I'm going to do is just play this arrow here and I'm going to go ahead and take Johnny private here and put Phil on wait Johnny, do you have something to say on the first phone call? the keynote now bye all good so now i also have a way to make a favorites list here from my most called number so i can just tap it once and dial the number and you might want to add favorites someone so let's say I want to add Phil Schiller I just hit the plus button in the top right corner Here and up my favorites pop up and I can go to s is here and there's Phil so Phil Schiller right there and I'll put let's say i want to put phil's work number and phil is added right there you can see the favorites i can edit favorites by pressing the edit button in the top left hand corner and i can move phil up if i want him to know maybe the top and let's just say i'm not going to know what type Tony changed his number I have to update this anyway so I'm going to get rid of that and I might as well delete Tony boom there we go it's that simple to edit these things very very easy .
macworld 2007  part 4 steve jobs demos the iphone
I have recent here which is all my recent phone calls if I want to see the ones I've missed which ones are in red I can just go up and tap that button at the top and boom that's all the calls I've missed and that's all the calls I've i have made or received if i want to dial the phone if i am real last century i can press the keypad here and i can dial a call just with oops force called sorry wrong number four r oh eight nine nine six ten ten format the numbers and if i want i can just keep dialing let's say it's a european number and the numbers are getting smaller and smaller very simple very simple with a keyboard now let me show you visual voicemail this is great this is a collaboration we have fact that I'll talk about later and it allows us to have random access to voicemail go directly to the voicemails that we want so as an example I come to my voicemail in Oh there's one from Al Gore.
I want to hear that one. I just press it. I'm here in Nashville training people to give my slideshow, but I wanted to congratulate you on the iPhone. It's unbelievably good. Good luck with the presentation. Call me later now. If I want to call everyone back right now, I can just hit the callback button, but I want to hear one from Tim Cook. I have here so let me listen to Tim David Tim. I have the results of the last quarter. if you know i'll just wait and tell you there's something awesome and so i have voicemail how i want to hear it when i want to hear it in any order i want to hear it with visual voicemail so it's a quick tour of the phone app now what i want do is show you send SMS texts so I just go to that SMS icon in the top left corner and press it and not only do I have SMS texts but I have multiple sessions so I can have conversations with people and every time I get a new message from them I'll be alerted to that and I can go check it out so as an example here I have Eddy Cue and I've been having a conversation with Eddie and I just play this and this is the conversation I've been having been going on here and if there's a new message they'll tell me so there's a new message from Phil and let's see if the conversation went what hey Steve hi. seven o'clock tonight and I said I can just say you know it sounds great and I've got this little keyboard rd which is phenomenal it emits air for prevention and correction and it's not that I don't do some I probably will but it's actually very fast at typing its faster than all these little plastic keyboards and all these smart phones so i can only say sounds. great see you there and i can send that and there it's that simple and we'll complete the messages back they'll let me know i'll see the point and i can pick up that conversation where i left off if i want to message eddie i scott.
I just press this and send a message and that's it. It is so simple that it is SMS messages and you know that you have seen the keyboard again. It's pretty amazing. We'll come back to that a bit. later

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