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La Venganza de los Varela PELICULA COMPLETA

Mar 11, 2022
Hello how are you friends, how are you, this is Beba Martínez Oviedo, I am the creator of the BBVA Films channel. We want to thank you all very much for the 400,000 views of the Varela film. We also want to thank you for all your comments and support. Thank you very much. We had problems with the film and we had to remove it but we already put it back up friends this is the new link please take care of yourself during the quarantine thank you tomorrow god save you mary full of grace the lord is with you blessed are you among all women and blessed be he point of your belly must be strong for us let's move on sister and you with I would have stuck a dagger in your chest what a death but a very special person has left my granddaughter sends


who at her young age has left many beautiful memories inside of the hearts of those of us who are here to rest, go to sleep for a while, you need it, no, you do not understand anything, Luis lives, is dead inside, in a new way. eva now too but don't say that I love you too my little sister would not like to hear that the child is right at what moment did all this happen where was the man I am very sorry my deepest condolences if you had anything to do with this in any way Although things are not going very well between us, I would never do something like this, I swear to you improvement measures, but I have to gather strength and I swear to Amanda, I will stay with the culprits.
la venganza de los varela pelicula completa
I appreciate your visit, but you are not fired in this house, please go, it's fine without I can help you something, you know where to find me, where and ah look at this unfortunate man to make fun of us, maybe there was a friendship and although they already belong to another side, he just came to give us the thought, don't stay astray, don't do this to me please, Sofía I want to be here to say goodbye to my daughter to say goodbye to Sofia, she was my daughter, she also understands if it weren't for you, she tells me she's scared, I didn't do anything, I swear and you know it, you can't tell me otherwise.
la venganza de los varela pelicula completa

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la venganza de los varela pelicula completa...

Or maybe I don't have proof Rosendo but with Amanda's memory I'm going to find them and I'm going to make those responsible pay this will be my revenge the revenge of the Varelas was my daughter too and it hurts me just like it hurts you Sofia who long to those who do not kill you in the middle of life because that was for many things of waves to my passport we are late my daughter please do not pressure me so much I have many things in my head right now but I return home they grab the passports and We're going to the airport now since my mom is very we're going to spend the holidays with my uncles daughter that's great that you have fun for a while I'm fine letting my little brother go to have fun together I don't know if he's still too young to go For there you better know that later we will all go together and I promise that I will go with you besides I don't want as she wants not even the wifi enclosure what are you doing here they had not gone on a trip 2 yes yes yes doing sofia is not what pa I say I'm fine giving it the same Sofia will end up I don't know what happened is that I also took if I didn't I didn't know what I did but nothing to explain to me distrustful on bases like modern of the teacher bordering on I can't believe it so I had to take my command my daughter, of course, everything has an explanation let me tell you that I'm leaving, I'm leaving, bastard, that's how I wanted to beat you and you know that we will never, ever, bastard, ever look for me again in your whole life, you understood me, that's how I wanted it, it's true, no more you wanted an excuse to win over another bastard yes there will be one I know you're fooling me so there will be if you don't play the victim all this is happening because of you I cheated on you after an idiot don't go everything has an explanation and now that It happened to me, don't worry, it's gone, you're going to see and come back and now I'm talking to you because he told me he was on that mission and well, well, I brought you as a doctor and everyone, dude, you know what this dynamism at the base doesn't i said i made more come down late or sooner I was going to do that to you and leave it to you, you know how it gets so that it adds more to the wound everyone told me but I didn't want to believe them until we saw it with our own eyes we don't have to worry That's why right now we have very important things to think about.
la venganza de los varela pelicula completa
I want to go give Rosendo's mother this is not going to stay like this, no, brother, it's not necessary. You will find a man who values ​​you and truly loves you, my love, you are falling asleep my life, Amanda, please go to bed, my love, without mom, but promise me that you will be fine, take your little brother, and Amanda didn't even want to go on vacation. He wanted to stay, well it's good that he stayed so that he realizes the kind of father he has here you can stay all your life and it's good that the children left because in these coming days terrible things are going to happen, what do you mean? dad what are you going to do no pa Dad, please, I don't want you to do anything, leave it to me, I'll get by on my own.
la venganza de los varela pelicula completa
Also, remember, he's the father of my children, spraying, he's in that place because I put him. I'll read from my post after they shot me in the leg for being your Husband, not for anything else, if it's time for you to dismiss him and you, Sofía, gouge out even the eyes of this unfortunate beggar who has nothing left to rest I speak for that bastard what happened brother-in-law what's going on like what's happening wretch what you did no You have a mother, you made a big mistake, you hurt the last person you should have hurt, look, brother-in-law, it's our marriage, this is my thing and Sofia's, and nothing more, one has to put up with it, marriages don't last, and it's not because of the woman, it's because the bato lacks eggs and That happened to you.
I'm not going to discuss this with you, it's with David. This is Sofia's and mine's thing. Yes, I know it is, but Zorita. the last one was unfortunate I swear well efe and oh and oh and of race papa so the gentlemen also sent you for us my boss I'm for you know that papa we need to go to a little hotel you know how to bathe old people without being presentable caracas and I'll take them if they want any please of course my love the eggs are coming out Sofia has seen you if my son has just arrived it was for his things they are already parking I shouldn't bring anything buy everything later brother the papers the important things What's wrong with you because they're in a bad mood today it's not that I'm in a bad mood what's happening is that what he did that type of Sofia doesn't make me very happy and worse with what he did to me and what he did to you I'll tell you after a while and I want them to stay and not go out because we are going to practice because I finally brought my last things from Rosendo's house I no longer have anything to do with him or with that house either but that house is yours my daughter asks her to be gift Notice for me that he's complaining about where it fits today, it's your daddy because you have such a sad face, not for nothing, friend, look first, have breakfast because I want us to talk for a while.
I have some guests who are coming and I would like to announce something that I have pending. haiti how nice that you gave my children breakfast my daughter had that clear earring and I always take care of them as they deserve these children want to go feed the horses today brother it seems that the one who cheated was my dad not you You know what's wrong with him I don't know but in a little bit we'll see please take my things inside so now sir papers that are separated ahead please good who are they hiding from or what why so much protection Colombian custom custom and even how The McCartney Ximo trip went wonderfully, oh how he was, dear, always very well accompanied, good afternoon, welcome to your house, these are my trusted people, everything is fine, but what was the urgency?
At the end of the meeting I say why are you telling me about it because they told me that it's urgent the thing is simple my friend since we want a fairly important shipment I wanted to tell him that I ended my relationship with Genaro yesterday like that and that Don Genaro is no longer in the game and we wouldn't like him to sell us drugs just because of the friendship you have with him, look reynoso, I'm not friends with him, the only thing that unites me with him is business and that's all, I don't have anything sentimental with them, I think that we are not being clear enough, the only thing we want is that they do not sell merchandise to anyone else, only to us, so they do not see them, that is, His Grace is not with Miss Sofía for the moment, no, but he will come back, I just want make sure that we continue to have the same treatment between us as soon as you see he thinks that his ex-wife and his father are running the business for him the old man can't all the people are on my side and knowing that you too I'm calm seeing them in December I'm where the little hen lays the golden eggs that fill my wallet with green bills, so don't worry about that since I'll take care of it, good gentlemen, I'll leave you, I have to do a few laps before returning to my house.
Rich aunt with permission 22 take care of the gentleman where he needs you to take him, taking the gentleman as you say, see, boss, I told you, don't worry, let's see, it was not clear to me, is he with us or not, is my daughter common and clueless as long as we continue to be good clients being elsewhere the clueless you are everything the Colombian wanted to say that he sells to whoever he wants so there is no problem better buyers than we will not have so we continue doing business with each other of course we do the business is ours as long as we respect what we agreed on the south zone for you the north zone for me of course but no frozen deal gaspar thank you very much in advance for coming to the appointment and we always these orders and let there be no doubts I will always be present for the rest of the days that remain of my life thank you very much I will be brief the only thing I want to tell you is that only you and a few boys are the ones that have remained Because Rosendo has already turned his back on us I am not ungrateful, Genaro and I forget that he held out his hand so I have more.
Tell me what I have to do. You know well that we have enemies and right now that Rosendo has those enemies, no They will take time to find us, but we would be left out, we would not have enemies, enemies, we will have them being nomic, the enemies do not end until the day you die and always remember, never turn your back on the one who has a bad spine, it is Rosendo who is due to take care and this man is not going to be comfortable after this after here brother yes I want us to continue with the organization but now the reins will be taken by my children jurrjens it's yours us s at the head of the organization are free and it occurs to you look sister yes dad says it is for a reason I am 100 a pa but it is not necessary to go back to the business we have enough money to live look sofia the only anger that the Money is everything in life, you need power, that's why I want you and your brother to take the reins of this and take power before we are going to fall. nor reynoso are going to do something against us no my daughter you think you are safe but it is not like that now we are without protection without allies I already lived for myself but you have a long way to go listen to your father of sofia he knows more No matter how old you are, for now you shouldn't neglect it sooner or later you'll understand I'm going to believe you Cristóbal just as you hear it Genaro and spraying cut ties and that's because whoever told you look that's the least important thing right now is the time to avenge death You don't look like a guy from my brother so they would say that your brother stole from him like he was a Serrano now we are against him and I know we are going to fuck him and just go for a pure good taste and what happens with the people who supported him at Less than a rooster crows, they turned their backs on him and Rosendo has those people and that's someone else who owes them to me, yes, so you can see, that was when he told Don Genaro that your brother stole from him, of course he wanted to keep everything.
And well, if in the end he did it, then what are we going to do? Look, we screw Genaro's daughter to Sofia and well, there to Rosendo and that's how we hold on to both of us and it hurts, you know they dig. I love the idea, cheers, there's a boss. Let's go Let's go, Cassandre, I'll make the customers warm up. Go, what's wrong? I see him worried. I wasn't just thinking, nothing's wrong, boss, the only difference is that we're not going to have contact with the family with Genaro. this cross over carroll's head we are not going to do anything against them I didn't call myself boss Rosende isn't going to stay with her arms crossed she's going to try to do something and if it's her problem besides winning she doesn't want to know anything about us either but anyway we're not going to do anything in Nothing happens against them boss so we go hey looking we have very little drugs I don't think we will do it with that don't worry I already gave the Colombian the order and in a short time we will have more than enough I hope it also wants to be a question sorry that I got into your business but little by little you don't miss Sofia anymore, well yes, but there's no way I'm going to cry for her, besides, she's used to it.
It's not the first time she's found me with another old show, but I admit that now it does cross the line but now nothing happens to him, you'll see, well, yes, but now he's a bastard because he says that he won't even let you see his children as with my children and that he doesn't interfere because for them I am capable of even killing someone well poor of s ofía and her family now they are not going to have a very good time without your protection a man but well there are them but you will see after a while they will return with their tails between their legsAnd so if they are going to be begging me to give them protection, look, Serrano, that's the property, you have to fuck that bitch, they're offering Guyana a reward for her head and the reward is in our bag, it's only a matter of time, Sofia's hours are numbered, let's see how yesterday This leg is giving me discomfort lately there are brothers in the area that say you have to go to the doctor and do your therapies again and why if I thank God that I can still walk hello as always how do you feel so that I can What he hears and how david and he is in the office to fix some issues and the children I think they left for the patio and they are my daughter don't worry well I'm going to look for my children dad if he gets to juan dávila he says that already I'm going to be, oh, poor little Sofia, I don't even doubt that she's thinking that I can do something to Rosendo or sister, she's not even thinking of doing it, Sofia right now is when she starts t, no, then with guards too and also third with a We were stupid to fail and that you wanted us to stay, his brother left us, they were going to shelter us and we will have another chance or not at sea that we are here God knows what would have happened but I do not understand why if we are completely away from the business who could having done this I had already told you social I had already told you that a lot of people were going to start attacking us, including Rosendo, he must not be happy with what happened in this business so many stories happen parents kill their children kill two wives to be in this it is needed in general and once you don't have it stop thinking about others and you only think about yourself sofia it's time for the children to take you to your mother things are going to get very fights notice my children no one It's going to be better for them to stay with us, all of us united, we can get ahead, we need to get in, the sister, we must rise up like our father did one day.
Look, children, you have to be much more than them to be able to To be in control and thus be able to be sure, how I would really love to have the guts necessary to hold your word, these people are so bad, look sister, if you have anything left over, it's pants without anyone trusting you. My dad would never have proposed to you, I know that You can and have the support of all of us because if we don't have control we're going to regret it you have to do it Juan David Sofía they have to put an end to all those people who want to see us dead that's fine I accept we have all the money, control and power yes Brother, they are going to bury someone, it will not be with ours, it is true, sister, nobody messes with the barriers. daughter, don't want to run, look, we have to wait a while longer, even if you and I are not married, however you want, we can continue doing the same as always.
Go, you're fine, better, and I'm going to warn you of one thing, I hope it wasn't you who sent those gunmen to kill us, as it was some gunmen to kill us, who already call me tella, Josecito, what are you talking about, Sofía, because of you because You took all the people and you left us alone, you bastard, but my children are fine, my children are fine thanks to the fact that my brother Juan David came out and prevented something bad from happening to us. blame me you know that I would never endanger the lives of my children look bastard I just want you to tell your people and also make it clear to you endo that anyone who tries to touch my family will not live to tell the story late fuck he hung up on me so you better change the number look my sweetie I better not get involved I don't care here is your merchandise if you want to review it it's not necessary I trust you we are trusted customers you know you shut up who takes and brings other s Surely when we see this I hope you deliver the merchandise soon because I'm going to want it clearer that if Nacho don't despair for the merchandise these days we'll receive the necessary ones and say hello to Rosendo this guy I'll give you dreams now we have close to your boss he took me of surprise because he did not ask this son anything I don't have to ask him anything else he did not want to pay talk there are the consequences it is fine that we are not giving opportunities an opportunity is given to anyone do pick up the garbage thanks for coming gentlemen for nothing but the truth is that we don't have much time, so we ask you to be brief, perhaps you may believe that this meeting is a waste of time, but it is not like that, today it can change your lives. in which they can serve us if they had no needs and were not here you know that you want something better and we can give it to you already in blunt fiction and your We want you to be our customers to stop buying from Rosendo and Ruinoso, we can't do that.
Rosendo and Reynoso are very powerful and you couldn't give them the amount of drugs that they offer us, of course we can, that's why we are citing Ay Sofía as you can propose that to us if you no longer have people you are already defeated of course we have better people listen to the proposal if it suits you go ahead yes no those two look very negative alejandra and nacho they are not easy to convince look sofia don't take it the wrong way but for Why don't you fix things with your husband and if you're big, this war is only yours and don't bring anyone else in, look, I don't want any war, neither with Reynoso nor with Rosendo, the only thing I want is for my brother and I to be the main distributors in this city, do you understand me, oh, sofía, it seems like a joke, how could they do it?
Nobody is with you. Look, the deal we offer you is to supply you for more or less five or six months depending on your needs and not only that, but we will give you a 30% discount, a better price than the other suppliers in the city, so you decide, it is a very good offer, it sounds good, but if you reduce the 30% that you would earn, what else would you earn? well, the two best clients in the state that is not enough for you sister are you sure of what you just said yes brother I am very sure of what I just said brother I should go out I will not go out I know they are very intelligent and they will to get they are sant que


and they have no limits but they have no plan and they are all going to send us through a tube when abril and sofia are very intelligent I swear they will convince you well I say that it suits them the offer is very good The proposal is quite good, but we can't stop them from buying more like that from Reynoso and Rice, the Dow would get them into a bloody war.
Not if you stop buying them little drugs, they will think that others are They are supplying the market but they would realize our change at first if only while I regained power in my brother and then they would only buy from us that way he would be your enemy and not ours well gentlemen you have listened to me Sister, well, I also find it interesting, I don't know what my partner says, it's fine, Sofía, we accept the deal, because there is only one condition, we want two tons as soon as possible, if they get it, there is a deal, otherwise we can forget that we had this conversation of -10, ok to get them half and the other half in this month it seems we have a deal we think it's great it was a pleasure making a deal with you it's a pleasure gentlemen and from here on I can't believe it well creating because you achieved it I congratulate you we listened to everything you couldn't Sofía's turn out better I heard about her as an expert thank you very much for being there but now how are they going to do to get everything they asked for she was listening I'm behind the door, Haiti, don't worry, you better have listened to this graduate because if I tell you, you don't believe me, there's nothing, brother, don't exaggerate, it's not a big deal, but what I am going to tell you is one thing, I do know how we are going to get those two tons of coke and remember this day this is the beginning of something very big I assure you today to Serrano you talked about Roberto getting the weapons I asked for of course yes that man gets everything we want but it's good Well, today I am the piece of furniture, who will it be?
Let me see, and but its people, hey, how strange, not that they came to visit us, this one came, let's see what he wants, let's see what he wants from his bastards, prepare your weapon to take the land, don't come out, we're going to do it too. look, son of a bitch, are you going to tell me right now if it was you who tried to murder sofia but bordering on us we don't want problems you think that if it had been us we would have been here we would have come out to show our faces that they are here why not they had time to fight but we are going to find out I don't know what you're talking about Rosendo I don't mess with anyone let them I don't think they dare to mess with Rosendo's family I don't believe them so I hope it wasn't you because one day we were friends and I want to think that they still respect that, they have many enemies, whoever it could have been, they won't be with you or Cristóbal, we know that you are very angry with don genaro and his family, well, they better not go out with a piece of shit because despite That she doesn't have a business is with gender for me it's still my family there are my children and poor anyone who messes with them let's go now with this little message they will think about it if they want to do something and you also know clothes that even The plague comes to me here, well, you bastards have been warned, let's say laugh, it would be all you want.
The last one wanted me, we'd better leave all of your mother and I swear that to you, Serrano. their houses a little and well, now we are going to talk about Javier Carlos, we are going to be alone, anything very difficult is for Chile, well, well, now we do have to talk because those 89 hours spent in the airplane I don't think it's normal can live healthy or if not of course not Colombian we want 2 tons of coke 2 tons of white powder is a lot of powder I think I'm going to have it in a month and you know I just sold to some but that sells like hot cakes like You Colombian say we need a ton now and the other one a month later you think you can indicate that if I can you will fully license plus half for me it is not impossible and that is not all the comb is out let's talk say well we also want you to stop selling it to rosendo and he reigns like that this little business seems to be a crime to stop everyone but Colombian we offer him a good deal not only we are going to buy you all the merchandise that they buy from you but all your merchandise Ancía how they plan to distribute it how they plan to get it out this is not by magic or perhaps they plan to give away don't worry my little sister already has a good plan this strip is a little box of surprises really a second Colombian Colombian flight what you are asking me is complicated reyna come on Colombian so you can there are marbles chema here you see what you make me do everything I do because I love you very much I'm going to let go for a little while but you know how your dad is with me I don't want him to leave angry thank you very much now You know how my dad is, he doesn't let anyone get close to me, ok, thanks, aunt, I love you so much, I'll wait for you, how is my girl?
To convince, we make a deal, it's all a bitch, you're going to regret it, I don't know what's wrong, well, let's toast, we sell for this new traffic and for what is coming guys, speak your motto bring the mommy Like the time that the Colombian is no longer going to be able to give us merchandise, which is that he had problems finding a good deal, that's very strange, that bastard has never looked bad, listen to the news that they had problems with the police or something like that for the style that goes like this they have more purchases from the police than anything else for me it was something else or garay make no mistake I'm not going to be a play by the Colombian but you cowboy told me that you had something that you wanted to contact us to do business that's right It's about the hottie that they want me to contact him or as you can see I'm sorry because it seems fine to me and tell him that we need to talk to him because that's how it will be that Rafa had retired hello well yes but you know I was the hand of milk Mr.
Genaro and Now that the children are taking control, well, he asked me to help them, look how good that is, look, we're not going to look more often, I'm going to stay a while to help you with your cargo, because you feel at home, the Colombian has a lot of confidence in you. But I didn't like that because not many times he wondered if the company was with the Colombian and you told me no but as you can see he said yes although that is already in the past I don't like to get involved in what doesn't matter and Besides, that was a long time ago, that is, they went off, you know, I'm from a brand, we're talking, we'd better talk later, now I understand the little smiles, damn hours, you, Columbia, are going to pay me.
I'm very pleased that they finally decided to do business with me, well. We have some problems with suppliers and we don't want to run out of merchandise and if we have a lot of people waiting for us and we can't afford to be losing so much money I don't need explanations I know they're doing business with Sebastián they don't want to see him or not they want to understand that he continues doing business with the varelas, that explains that the varelas have seized a lot of money and a lot of power, but we are not here to talk about that bastard Javier bombón that you have to offer.
We have the same price that the Colombian gave you and the quantity that you want. Do you think you can deliver a shipment to us today? I have 200 kilos in my warehouse and if you want money in less than 15 days I will bring youA ton of the offer sounds very tempting, but what about the clean quality? It has never been cut at first glance. I think that we will enter it, but while I go to consult with Reynoso, and if you can bring us a sample of it and it can be seen that I will present it to you.
Of course, yes, and when you say I'm ready, well, excuse me, you almost think that it dries tan right, and if that's the case, we would be very foolish if we miss this opportunity, well, it's better for him because otherwise it could be very bad, you know that with We nobody plays my compadre I bring a fucking hangover that was worth it and that you are not seeing this shipment mobilizes me of course they are going to be very helpful to Gaspar and Chile I am in charge of you to expedite that load to Gaspar don't worry david me I have a lot of experience in this because your father told me that he should come help Colombian I was very happy to see you I hope to see you soon for the doctors also that we have see you later and you will spend a lot of it Thank you for staying to work with the Colombian, my friend.
I already told you that I will be working here for the rest of my life and I won't back down. so low to be stepped on in this business he meets all kinds of people thanks for the advice to spend well let's go to the sisters the road is long ok let's go I have a lot of travel my love can you come a second I'll go now current everything limits to be good and love but I don't care, he leaves me alone and I want you to understand me, be very careful, Chinese, what are you talking about if you don't get manna, come and look, don't worry, I already saw you, he's keeping an eye on Mrs.
Norma, you don't know what are you talking look in life I have learned from everything I am not one I already saw how you look at the lady if you don't stop your cart they will go to the mouth of flies well resist things they went back to business don't worry you'll see that they will not last a month, she is new Our people for that, well, I wouldn't be so confident if you were, these people could cause us problems in the future, those bastards just want to show off, they won't be able to manage the business here, everyone knows that you are the badass, that's how it is, you're going to Seeing that Sofía is going to ask me to come back, she does it just to make me angry, I just hope you're not mistaken, older camps are looking for a pleasure, pass me, look, I present to you, Reynoso, my partner, it's a pleasure, Rosendo told me that you bring us a good deal.
I explained bordering on the conditions of the business, only that a sample of that was missing, it depends on whether we make the deal that remains and from the best let's see, we three, you want forgiveness, that's what Cala did not admit, this bastard is fucking better than the Colombian's, well, yes. All the merchandise is good, we have a deal done, sweetie, did you say that it had 200 kilos in the hold or it's not like that? It seems fair to me welcome to the team, sweetheart, it's a pleasure for me, it's a pleasure, you won't regret it, I'm very pleased how things have changed, who was going to say it, brother, that these guys would get this far and all thanks to you and why, dedicated both my father and his children because we are family and we must support each other we are the strongest family right now there is no one who wants to oppose us dad there are old bigger walls have fallen we do not have life bought when you feel higher no There is a small enemy, the father, big or small enemies, we are going to destroy them, and you know that another rooster is vacant for us, sister, dad, forget about the problems. health and the people damn sebastián what's wrong with him normal don't rise to power like this I don't even know what I'm going to do sebastián is totally in love with this bitch and now you can see him even though you think that It's better that I joke that Colombian must be blind, don't look at the woman he has, you need a man who values ​​you, leave it as leave it and leave the path open without being happy, never first dead if you don't want to leave it, you know, before it made me suffer a lot but now it's pure pride it's not so much the damned love is going to pay me there are brothers that we have done well with the incredible planes to all mother sister bring months little asshole to here here I want that bastard when sofia here I bring you the sweetheart how do we meet what happens when 10 sofia why do they bring me this way can't you imagine bluntly she has never messed with you look look sweetheart well I knew you're getting into our territory and you know what a bastard I'm not going to allow that like You see it, it smells, and you can know who declared us the owners of the plaza, my squad, you occupy another reason, like the time, wait, wait, when you believe what you want, I want you to stop selling to Reynoso and sweeping and t Get out of here, I controlled everything here, I don't want to see you again, well, look, it's very easy, you're going to wake up with a mouth full of bastard flies, well, I don't really agree, but I have no other alternative, but now we understand each other, take this guy out of here.
Let's go bastard everything is good everything is good about the merchandise here there isn't any so this is my captain Daniel Cadena when I can't come he will go around here he is a man of all my trust perfect this is my man with time who is part and get ready with the perfect capi mico look sister look at my children I am very proud of them how they have been able to move the organization and the business forward they are some dance they are right they came out the same as me you know we are going to rest more I suggest you hurry up because He keeps there we have everything for two more laps now the boys have already seen captain pique I want them to lower everything, throw it to the shrimp of these forces we agree that beggar sofia got away with it she has a lot of there are people on their side but I don't care because those people don't mess with us I wouldn't be so sure they have taken many out of the way and I didn't doubt for a moment that after a while they want to do the same with us it's because they have taken all the clients when sofia have monopolized everything but they have already gone too far that we have fallen so low guys now we only have pure marijuana we have at least something to negotiate although it seems that we are just starting the business it seems to me that with all this we are left in ruins and to finish cleaning it up neither alejandro nor nacho buy from us and then who will they buy good morning gentlemen the little beans here in their rich land as you say welcome to the colombian why did you want to see us you came from colombia just to tell us something is that I like to say the important things the salt to caritas speaks because what is going to thunder that goes grabbing viada because it turns out that he got a very good scientist and he did or a tactician with it and I will no longer be able to sell them so good luck, what do you say Colombian I talk to the vulture bosses not with the employees but because if we have always been your clients you can't make us of that bastard I already did it Colombia no You are going to regret it, it takes me to hell what we were missing, I am sure that the Varelas are behind all this, well, it better not be like that because if that is the case, they are going to regret it and they are going to make it very expensive, the Lord if he wants. let's do something milagros park hello sofia how beautiful you can see that the promotion has gone down very well within the organization what a great friend how good you look my son it shows that Colombia is down from the best take it off and you Colombian but how handsome my son who are you looking good with gaspar I'm dark demi moore and the horoscope says that love is going to be critical so you have to be well presentable don genaro the cassette to marisol I was rightly saying these two ungrateful bastards no longer care they buy drugs yes nacho and alejandro have always been the opportunists look at that little colombian I know but this colombian is going to pay us let him find out rosendo reynoso they are going to want to swallow the bastard alive this measure of sofia has built an empire but we are going to I know how to destroy little by little and we're going to hit her where the bitch hurts.
Let's go to Europe. Hey everyone, I want to thank you for coming. Today we have done very well this year, but more than anything I want to congratulate my sister because she has I have achieved all this since you are here I also have a little surprise to sign I need you to fill up you are late I am looking for figures and by art of my mind you cannot I like the incentives lie to the rich of my girl I only love you they call me this is the last of being alive financed names and not you and my girl only more than what we are in I love myself and forever you want to be called thank you forever 3 my daughter is very beautiful for me to tell her I don't know They did General It seems that he did it in my I feel like a god and I'm going to tell you something I think that you make a very nice couple I know that this is not the time but you and I had to be discs and we already have your father's authorization when come back is a success now more doing towards this you don't know one always seeks to make the fight and acts at their own convenience you know that what happens to the agreeable I say that we have to kill them at once because we are friends friends yes of course friends friends nothing with you that's why they didn't buy from us now the bars supply them the truth tell me the colombian provides them with the merchandise we are going to put an end to this not to believe that I am going to clean this dump nacho talks or now you continue you are fine yes she It doesn't work out and the Colombian turns out to be acting underwater but the Varelas are very heavy not only in the state but in the whole country he is with the Colombian I don't know that but he seems to like it, don't kill me now and We heard what we wanted now, we just need to decide what we are going to do with the Varelas, we are going to confront them because of them, we have lost a lot of money, we have to give them a good lesson and if it is possible to kill them, what do you think Rosendo is fine but give me a chance Tomorrow I'm going to talk to Sofía, so don't let it go by tomorrow, understood, it's fine, Andrade Serrano, hurry up, he likes to sew the table, men, making things, I'm here, you bastard, after having watched all this time, Marianas, I hope everything goes according to plan, something that It's going to turn out much better than planned, they say that losing a child is the worst pain, let's see what the various say, yes, the adult mask, oh well, who else with the Colombian is going to talk to him, right?
He is a great man, I remember. of those times when he made the shovel for them he would take you to see her in the park what times days are heavy sighs says a lot and the truth is that I do feel that I am beginning to fall in love with him hey you were with him and You suddenly got married, you haven't started to think that Amanda could be that, it can't be because I always take care of myself, good thing, well, changing the subject, you're going to take your dad to buy the shirts, well, if I don't have any choice, have a lot Be careful, things are so dangerous I stay to take care of the children so that you are not battling with them at this point, no one dares to make us calm I come and go, walk lightly, hey, Rosendo, I want to warm your head, but now that you know that Sofia walked You don't get jealous with the Colombian, you haven't thought that your daughter could be the Colombian's daughter.
Remember the Colombian had Sofia before marrying you, he's right, uh 3, but those bastards are going to pay me less. palop hello wretch I already found out about everything you bastard because well you did it to me the step we talked about whether it was the whole truth and it was when you saw me and my wife that I was thinking of going back with her but she is a bitch be very careful how you look She says, men, you have no idea what causes this and I also know that Amanda could be your daughter and well, if we had to laugh but we took care of ourselves, I'm not interested. old truth yes I'm going to see it because and above all you like it I don't like it I love the cute tasty baby at ease both feet if you leave the house you're going to pay me I'm going to come back damn and happy no carlos and not spend 2 we have to do a tour mexico to take care of miss sofia what happens colombian on the way I explain we have many hours of goya if you go and now be here when you return go and don't bother to come back oh my girl I I remember when I was little and I loved to comb your hair that's why I asked you to do my hair to remember the old days when I was a girl you will always continue to be my girl although I know that at 9 she flirts there but even so she will continue to be my beautiful girl and you hear aunt you like life What are we wearing because you say that is that I live in great fear, even my mother sleeps with a gun under her pillow, everything will be fine, there is no other option, I should have less money and have a more peaceful life, Amanda, nothing bad will happen.
I would not want to. If something bad happens to us, let us continue combing your hair. Look, Josecito, who's beautiful is being in charge, thanks Auntie, listening. I wanted to tell you that I love you very much for all that you have done for me, but why do you say that? I love you so much, aunt, you have everything, ah, the monitor you have, Marisol, you're beautiful, we're soon, son, you don't see this quickly, over there, I, sister, how is it okay and as soon as possible, as this sleeve has uploaded, something of what has been said, nothing, they don't know anything, and the aunt who knows about the aunt how bad she is and could be able to save her they had to tell the poor man aunt I promise you that she will do the impossible we are going to look for the line anywhere under all the stones It doesn't matter, we're going to find her, don't worry, the boy said that the hooded men will enter, says Rosendo, the bold Colombian, very angry, he knows about you for sure, so finish it off.Sister, calm down I have to take the Colombian to the airport I need him to calm down I'm going to go get him and we're going to do some things if you hear something tell me please sign right now take care of yourself as they are already improving he is reacting very well to the medicine for a few minutes here with She, of course, yes, nothing more than to upset us, be very careful, Grace, how do you feel, Sofía, Sofía, no, don't get upset, Rosendo's command of the house, they took Sofía, what do you say, never, and after I didn't know anything, this has to be followed by me Brother Juan David Díaz but I don't want me not to stay with you take care of you bye maybe but what happened what do you want is the new one is dying what is happening what are you doing here brother in law I'm going to show you once where is my common niece where is america what You talk to me, don't play Marisol, he didn't die, he didn't say that you kidnap the mine, so that and we come with the bastards for the cat until he but also that they get out because if not the many are going to do it, you'll see good or now it will be a boy to read the one that would not be this one dies with flowers until then you will see let's see well ace letterman pick up the girl but I promise you that we will find your dawn that they sent your brother the good body and it is fine and They want me to tell you, you killed my daughter, you are not crazy, we are keeping your daughter, the girl's body was not searched, but we did not go, she was already dead, it was not spent, she was fine, Sofia, I will tell you the whole truth, we had your house, a liar. and seven who were girls made it when we got here we saw two hooded men who were carrying your girl we followed them until they reached a warehouse after an hour we heard a shot and those guys came out we entered the warehouse where your girl was dead we loaded her up the truck in us to bring cloth we wanted to make you believe that we killed her but she already said what she had to say well they won't be here now that the boys want to calm down papa calm everything to s u time is not a guest of honor wasserman how could you do this to me unfortunate as a good accident i swear i didn't want to it was an accident don't blame me and for the truth tell her how everything happened if i killed her but it was an accident i told you I swear it was an accident with this drug that we gave her, she's going to last a long time asleep but are you sure you want to do this if that's the plan so that Sofia got a little scared and so I rescued her later and I'm going to look like the black man and it also helps me to take away my children from sofia forever we will help while i really search ah you said fix your daughter's itches the patent we have to take her to a hospital we have to go to call an ambulance someone comes let's go i'm not going to leave my cat from drugging me to forget about all this social stuff you don't understand me right now you're going to die unfortunate you know what's right I don't deserve to live for what I did every month I want to die like this completely I'm going to forget everything look yeah You are going to pull the law once and for all if my son has so many eggs now I was not a bad friend the dogs made me you we are going to accompany the winter Sebastián gave my daughter's hand and please thank you although nothing that be lots of delights and love please stand up if any of those present have any impediment for this wedding to speak today or not to be silent forever

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