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Inside The London Hotel For The Super Rich | Inside Claridges | Our Stories

Mar 09, 2024
ERS Foreign in the heart of London's Mayfair is a five-star luxury


favored by royalty and celebrities here things are done a little differently the million pound lamp has overnight individually, not It would take a lot to go and get one of these replaced will probably be impossible in an era of austerity. Some guests are willing to pay the price of a small family car to spend an evening savoring its enduring glamour. It costs £6,900 a night for the first time in its long history. has allowed cameras behind its doors we have spent a year filming up and down following the staff as they provide luxury to a discreet and exclusive clientele this is the best it's going to get so I want to say next stop is Buckingham Palace how do the clarities?
inside the london hotel for the super rich inside claridges our stories
You feel what awaits me. It's not a blind date. Those who stay can demand impeccable attention to detail and a staff that goes out of its way to please. No request is too outrageous. We might think they are scandalous, but we will deliver foreign products. Good morning Claridges, how can I help you? Then, you'll take the Eurostar. Yes, that will be from Saint Pancras station. Sir, for the taxi, let me contact the concierge. They have an accurate estimate for you. Thank you so much. Warning. I'm not saying I don't know if you live in oh yeah, yeah, but that's what you know, that's the uh, I guess that's the trick: you can never let the caller hear you sweat, never let them hear you sweat. , uh, hold on, please, that's great. let me find out for you and one of the most wonderful tools we have here at Claridges that not everyone knows about is called Google and Google will answer everything so we sound like geniuses here but a lot of times we are just typing Google good morning Claridges on what can I help you?
inside the london hotel for the super rich inside claridges our stories

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inside the london hotel for the super rich inside claridges our stories...

The doors have been open for guests. Claridge established a


on the site in 1854. The portrait of him still watches over the comings and goings in the lobby, famous for its Art Deco interior. The hotel has two miles of hallways. 400 employees and serve more than a thousand lobsters and sixty thousand bottles of champagne a year. Come on. In fact, I have an hour to download them. Where do I feel happiest? I would love our lobby because the lobby encompasses everything that clarifies us about what is there. Yes, you know there is the glamour, there is the beauty of the building, you can feel it when you walk through the revolving doors, that you are entering a very, very special place, at the front of this completely British institution, Thomas Cox, 41, is the younger. general manager in the history of the hotel for Mr.
inside the london hotel for the super rich inside claridges our stories
Bussell and Mr. Comminutol, they are very regular visitors to New York and have been coming to the hotel for many years and are really very loved guests by everyone, so they spent a week in Paris , so I'm sure they have many interesting


to tell you. How glad are you to see yourself welcomed back to Atlanta? A magnificent climate. I know we have the sun ready for you, of course. Dennis Basso is an American designer after you and then you are the Second Floor Piano Suite today, oh, with my favorite, your favorite good, if I only know how to play the piano, the piano suite is £5,100 a night and comes with your own private butler on call 24 hours a day for Panda, for your every wish.
inside the london hotel for the super rich inside claridges our stories
Have a wonderful day, enjoy and see you later, okay, be careful what catches your eye in this room. When you walk in, you feel like you've stepped back a bit, like you're in an elegant English mansion in the center of London. It's lovely. combined and beautifully made, but it's not mandatory, you have all the modern conveniences, so you can press a button and have the butler contact the concierge. This is a perfect example. This is clearly the trendiest item to grab that instant cup of espresso. here, but you're still in this traditional setting and I think that's what's really made this unique, this is pretty special.
I mean, I think the best of people are the best when I say I mean people who have traveled all over this is an exceptionally large room. Have you ever felt that luxury is something difficult to celebrate these days? You know there will always be luxury. John Alves comes from the island of Madeira and is the guardian of the last man operated on. elevator in London transporting precious guests from the moment I received the guests very important guests the interior this is the best elevator in the world you never see one like this I am very very happy to have this cape this is a very nice cape it measures 115 years it is beautiful the queen of Spain was here last week the emperor of China even a couple of months ago even Tom Cruise we have been in this place because he likes to be here in front of this mirror Madonna you like to see up in this place over here and the other the other people say I really enjoyed this elevator it's a delicate matter addressing VIP guests every morning Thomas sits down to write the welcome cards Signing sessions with Christy are always a little different How about we start with? this weekend not this weekend Tom Hanks Tom Hanks small card big card big card okay who gets a big card and who gets a small car oh okay so our lovely band members and which band members You two are fine, so you are here to assist. the Q Awards I'm not exactly sure what that is to be completely honest, so I say today is so wonderful, enjoy the Cube Awards.
Okay, this is Edge, you know, so we never know, we always have the same situation, you write? Dear Edge, it's a tea known as The Edge, yes, a real idea, Mr. The Edge, you know someone has to be the guardian of all this, you know someone needs to have a bit of a helicopter view, you might like a director and an orchestra, I think you need I really want to do this with all my heart. Hi, do you find it funny that everyone says you're so British and you're German? Yes, I find it funny sometimes, but you know it's good to see things, sometimes a little funny.
Well, that's why I don't find it difficult to represent a British brand, but yes, you know, Clarity is the quintessentially English hotel in London and I'm German and I can't change that and just remind everyone of the lamps if it does have a lamp. broken, remove the screen, label it, and leave it in the office. I found two screens downstairs in Technical Services that were right on a shelf. Assistant Housekeeper and Barnes is one of the few English members of staff. She executes her job with obsessive attention to detail. You can smell the dust. Yes, what do you notice here? flowers flowers are dead 118 bathroom golf ball bulb missing why is this missing I don't know Simon the other day I reported that the televisions showed an hour in advance what was happening, Alvin, when they just look at you, when you clean the chairs with your damp cloth.
Can you make sure you do the legs? Look, can you? I show you, look here, can you see the dust? there's a really bad stain on the carpet right next to the valley storage, okay can you make sure to highlight that, please don't put that here? We had one case where once they checked him he left a bunch of money in the back that was just folded this way and then the next guest who checked into the room found the money. How much was it? a lot, it was a couple of thousand pounds, yes, they were all flat and folded nicely, yes, that's why I'm always checking inside just in case, yes, the girls found a lot, they found a lot of money, they don't find a There's a lot of money in the room, sometimes it is locked in a safe and if the guest does not ask for it, I think it is for six months and yes, the girls will receive the money.
Yes, it can be a lot of money. I think it depends on the on the value on the value she just received two thousand dollars recently yes, which was left locked in a safe Anna do you like this at home no, I have a dog no, not at all, not at all, not all the dogs stay behind Sammy the spaniel has stayed at the hotel over 20 times by the time he gets out of the car and you walk straight to the door and he sticks his nose up and says this is it, sometimes I leave him in the luggage and They search him in the room, they always ask is Sammy coming too and then they put a small towel and the dog's bowl and then they take out the bed and things like that, sometimes it takes a long time to check in and a long time to get out because everyone is very busy talking to Sammy at the checkout.
Sammy's toy food and water bowl is put away awaiting his next visit before reaching the carriages. The weather used to be quite dreary in London. One night was enough for me. They have a depression that is always noticeable. His head was falling and he was saying, "get me out of here since we stayed in Cloud", only he says "I'm very happy, thank you very much and I'm very happy to stay another night." Hello Stephen, are you there? very kind you're going to take them for a walk of course and I'm afraid I'm going to give you absolutely absolutely so where is mommy? where was mommy?
You know, Sam, we found it and do you ever say no to a guest? I never say no to a guest. I can't say no to a guest. I will do everything in my power to do whatever you want me to do, so let's talk briefly about what we can do today in the third four rooms, yes. three one eight three one six three two one Claridge's has 83,000 guests a year, apart from those who book for one or two nights, the hotel is used to dealing with people who demand much more. I'm going to take out the Bible in three days, they are waiting for the arrival of foreign royalty who want to occupy the entire third floor.
Thank you, everyone paid a lot of money, a very high fee, so we have to be very careful. Yes, hi Chris, arrival time is still around six. watch I'm guessing security will be on site probably around noon, so basically we just make sure we get all the alcoholic products out of the way, all the important ones in this group are the perfect thing that should go well, the entire floor will be taken over. by 27 female guests with their all-female security guards. No man will be allowed to set foot on the floor. We have to cover all these glass doors so that people can't see into her very soft bed for the princess that she wants very, very soft. bed so we are putting the extra duvi is for her four yes she wants very very soft there are 40 rooms on the third floor ten have to be cleared of all the furniture to create space for private dressing rooms and dining rooms so all these rooms will be connected , we will open the connecting doors throughout the floor, yes, so that the guests can move in a big circle, they can do it, yes, the other bedroom will become kitchens, we will completely cover the carpet and then they will put benches. tables around the room and refrigerators and then they will put serving plates on top and things like hot plates.
Tar candy will be used only to hold shopping bags. The presentation must be perfect. All scuffs are touched up by dripping. Faucets fixed, it's just that really. actually it's working here from the top and a bathroom is re-glazed so basically what we've done is a grinder that removes all the chrome or yeah yeah we're going to spray it so no it's been a lamp of heat. We know we are hardened so basically instead of replacing the bath we are repairing all the chips. However, guests still have to confirm their reservation with a one-day delay. How does that happen?
Travel plans may change. Is it London? Is it Paris? Be? in us or in the Alps, maybe they could go skiing, they could go to a ski center. You know, people's life planners are very, very demanding and very busy. We have this with many of our top guests, they probably have every intention of doing it. stay here on Wednesday and then the day changes, the demands change, a different demand plays for a different city and they arrive on Thursday or a week later, or you know, we deal with that all the time, so for a room Of course, it is slightly different compared to a whole floor.
It took two days to transform the third floor into a temporary palace, but the reservation has not been confirmed yet. Could the guests, yes, could they after all this work, yes, or could they delay their visit? Well, obviously very upset, the royal family finally arrives two. days late, so have you met your highness, your highness? I haven't met her, no I haven't been in her room, shaken her, talked to her or had an exchange so it's really not unusual for um not for me. one with more than 11,000 five-star luxury rooms in London Claridges faces tough competition Thomas knows he needs to keep attracting guests like those currently occupying the third floor How can people understand how big it is?
A business The clarity is that everything is relative. You know of course there are companies and corporations in this world that probably make more revenue with 420 people and then others that turn over less or Claridges is a £58 million business in terms of turnover. and that's a year and is there pressureabout you to increase income every year? Yes, yes, well, yes, again, you can call it pressure or you can look. I'm probably the one asking for more, so it's what you do to yourself, um. Wouldn't it be a healthy budget if you said yes, what we did last year was amazing?
Let's do the same. You would always want to do a little better and a little more than a third of Clarity's guests are from the United States and a couple of times a year Thomas travels to New York to meet the most influential American travel agents abroad whom he the general managers go once or twice a year themselves and there is nothing more valuable than personal contact and that is really the reason I am here so the general managers of other hotels in London like the Ritz, the Dorchester and the Savoy are also coming to New York.
I'm pretty sure they will. First stop: Fisher Travel father and daughter Bill and Stacy create ultra-luxury experiences for the




. They cannot be found on the Internet and you can only obtain their number by paying a registration fee. We charge a hundred thousand dollars to become clients. then 25,000 a year to stay as a customer and that's before you've even made a phone call well yes we'll make a call there's a fishing story you're like a woman like a fish and she went with her husband to also fish and They were in Africa, so we wanted to make sure she said, I want to make sure you catch a fish, so we had to hire a frogman to go out to the water and put a fish on the hook.
He caught a fish. but we still had to pay for the Frogman. Well, welcome back to New York. Thank you so much. It's always good to be here. Yes, the hotel is doing well. London. London. Yes. London is like New York. very positive but of course when you read the press and when you see what is happening, I mean reality, it doesn't reflect at all, yes, the press doesn't really know this type of clients, that's true, yes, it's true , you already know. President, you know the press, if they stay in a room, spend between £100 and £150 a night, they don't spend a thousand, two, five or whatever, that's the difference, then you know you're just out of your league. kingdom, this card is um, it's not suitable for certain people, right, yeah, exactly that for everyone, uh, you know, they don't like maybe the art deco style.
They want something a little more contemporary, a little more modern, yeah, it's not for everyone. I would say something smaller, yes. more Boutique, have you ever had clients request rooms redecorated for them? Oh yeah, and it's already done? Yeah, they need you to know that they don't like the color scheme of the room or they don't like it, so they'll come in and do it and then, of course, charge them for it and then you know, when they leave, put it back the way it is and They don't mind paying, not if they ask, Andrew, yes, I can barely hear you, I must say Thomas.
It's Never Off Duty, he knows what's going on clearly, even when he's on the other side of the Atlantic. Did something funny happen at the hotel last night? It was a pretty simple normal night. It's a shame no I just think sometimes things must happen that just make you smile or make you groan but they are very human like bathroom invasions and yes that happens a lot yes how often do balls get invaded there With a lot of frequency? Another way to build this is that everything leaks so you have a leak in the room below oh I know so when that happens you just think oh here we go again here we go a catfish it's a shame it's a waste often your carpets the ceilings they have to be painted done well the rock stars trash yes, I knew it would arise now exactly guitars breaking glass tables tables being smashed peanuts everywhere no no our rock stars are not very well behaved I simply rock star is a good star of rock customers at Claridge's last year Thomas is determined to improve that Hello, it's a pleasure We look absolutely delighted, thank you today.
I think I checked it two hours ago. The market was crashing again. Unfortunately, when I looked, it was about 350 points down based on some things in Europe. So you know, people are worried. What can you do? market, yeah, if I were a London, I'll tell you I'd be nervous about all your new competition, I mean, there's a lot there, there's a lot, yeah, it's a kid and the Corinthian and the Four Seasons, I mean, kids. There are a lot of new and beautiful rooms, absolutely yes, yes, absolutely, but I think someone who likes your hotel will stay there.
I don't see why they wouldn't have a great product, but everyone likes to see the new kid at the Block when they first open, but you see, I think we should always be cautious, you know, you have to say we can go, you can't fall asleep on your laurels, no, not at all, you can't rest on your laws, but I think so. a big name you have a great reputation but most importantly you have excellent levels of service how much does a luxury room cost at what point does it become ridiculous to spend that money that's really an individual thing you know what's ridiculous for a man is normal for another So that's really an individual thing, you know, there are certain suites in the world that are suitable, you know, I might pay two thousand dollars for a suite, another person thinks that's ridiculous and another person will pay fifteen thousand dollars a night for a suite. and I think it's crazy.
I know what I paid for a night at the best Villa at Tara Blanche, at the Four Seasons, that would give other people a heart attack. I asked how much thirteen thousand dollars was. Thank you. This is a view you can. You don't put a price on it or actually you can, we need to know the price. Don't you think Claridges likes to flirt with her fashion and cultural connections and now has an artist in residence who stays 52 nights a year in exchange for drawings? I've got all of London like all this stuff, you just think of all the lives going on, all the people working, it's amazing, what do you think they're thinking about you?
I hope they're looking up and thinking God, he's in the creek attic. must have done something good must have done well the art is going well that's what I want you to think my title is a fashion artist in Residence and it's the one in Residence that we love that's where that's the offer that I keep repeating I'm going to I will be etching in the drawing of some of Claridge's favorite guests. Some of them are very famous. Some of them are known. There is an underlying thing about style within the group of people we are going to draw.
She's been staying at Claridge's since the early '60s. The only wonderful thing that's still going on is that breakfast comes with the most discreet people who see me in curlers and my flannel nightgown in the morning and never look at me and it's always Madam, can I serve you this? It is a real pleasure for you. Someone serve me something, she doesn't understand how great she is, thank God because she could be a monster and that's 66 years in an industry that hates 30 year olds, so no wonder she's good at it, Like I always say I should.
You know, because 66 years of practice what your favorite room is. I like one more before. Actually I like many, but one, four, I like it a lot. It's a big suite on the first floor where you have a butler or two you just have to ring the bell and two people come it took me a long time to ring the bell I didn't dare I thought I'm not a person who has a butler I'm not a person who calls a butler so I would call the front desk and ask them what to do instead of calling the butler, but they are great, they are great at their job, did you get used to having a butler?
I don't want to get used to having a butler, it's dangerous. You know, because eventually you have to go home. I love people, I love serving people and they are a great challenge and I like challenges, a bad day every now and then, like everyone else, but I think you know if you deal with people you have to. Like people, they don't come, oh you know, you have to be willing to serve, you know, and I like, I like to serve people. Michael Lynch first came to work at the hotel in 1976, when he was 16 years old.
I grew up in a small town in Limerick Limerick is in the south west of Ireland and there are about a thousand people and you know everyone and what's so special about this suite, especially it's one of my favorite sweets. It is very, very nice and very quiet. It is very quiet and. When we have royalty in the hotel, they usually stay in the roadside or heads of state suites. Hello, nothing, you are welcome. Welcome to the Royal Suite. Here we have the living room. She is Edwardian. It's very pretty. We have a French and marble fireplace.
I have a piano here it says this piano belonged to Richard Dolly Gilman Sullivan fame card I can play things but not very well who is the most famous person you have ever had for your little ass I say probably daradella Versace she was wonderful I loved it she was very very kind she said in the attic she was very sweet she was in her letters and she could walk very strange because she came with her legs but she was sweet she was very nice and Mariah Carey was lovely she is very nice lady she stayed on top and when you are famous you can't choose your own meme, you have to use your alias, you can't, people here you stay in Clarity if you're something else, so it's pretty nice, but because Clara just loves you.
When you stay here you don't have to lift your leg too hard to get into the bathroom, it is sunken and when you are in the bathroom, if you need the maid to come, there are call buttons there, also shower and everything else, thank you. Good morning Mr. Neggers, this is your wake-up call at 6 45, thank you, you're welcome. Today is going to be cloudy, some light rain is forecast and the high temperature will be about 8 degrees Celsius or 46 Fahrenheit. Yes, sometimes you have to remember it with what's called a soundboard where they take a celebrity's voice and break it up into several little pieces of audio, but you get used to them calling you all the time.
You're pretty much into Arnold Schwarzenegger, so you'll pick up the phone and say good afternoon. Claridge is how can I help you and then you will hear who your dad is and what he does. Christy is Christy here, tell us a little bit about we have some news about a very interesting reservation that arrived overnight, she will be checking into our penthouse for a month starting November 1st, so if we can all get acquainted with her and there will be more details for Come on, shortly, okay and Carl, basically the requirement is a jacuzzi. Yes, let's put the jacuzzi in.
We just need to make sure it's sorted today. Basically, we need the room by Monday. Christian to make sure he's free on Monday. I'm going to tear everything out on Monday and start building on Tuesday until the end of the week, so it's a lot of work, a lot of marble work and that's it for today, well, have a good day everyone. Thank you so much. Can you tell me both? about the upcoming pop artist, that's pretty exciting. We found out about it last night at 11 o'clock, so we don't know much, now we have to do a little research, but she has a team of 35 people that she travels with her, one of her preferences was to have a jacuzzi, a jacuzzi, but also staying on a high floor and staying in the attic, and our attic at the moment does not have a jacuzzi, but it will have one in four.
On outside days, the 15-year-old bathroom enters and the jacuzzi enters, surrounded by the original marble. Have you done this before? Another jacuzzi I'm not a jacuzzi, a gym, a very big gym. In fact, I have pictures of that exact one, I don't think so. Have I ever shown you that yes, Ian, do you want to start with Friday arrivals? The artist enters the brick Penthouse. He actually pre-registered to arrive on Saturday. They all received a memo that Claridge's team has investigated her new guest. her stays in other hotels. She was just looking at emails. They're actually quite interesting, as are specific comments made by her team in previous days. um, as Ian said, going to that suite without any prior authorization, without being accompanied by his staff, without going through The butlers can't be more stressed, it's simply imperative that no one, for any reason, go to that suite.
They had problems there too, like a faucet, you know, a faucet falling over, you know, which put the whole room in danger, so you know, even you know that obviously something pretty serious is going to happen, but that thing almost made us lose to that hotel, the whole business. Let's go see the jacuzzi we had reserved last week for our arrival on Saturday, okay. take a look, let's hope we like it, so a hot tub, oh wow, nice little remote control, okay, okay, this looks very, very good overseas. You see, the most important thing is that you always try everything because of course everyone tells you that it's perfect and it's ready and it's in the stores, but Michael and I firmly believe that only once you've seen it does it really work, so someone You'll have to sit in this jacuzzi before she arrives.
You are the pop star, he has arrived and settled in the 6 700. pounds per night penthouse, of course, let me connect you to the reading room lobby, you are welcome. All the numbers are here. I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I can remember all the numbers and whether you've eaten a lot. calls from the pop artist, not one, I have not spoken withshe doesn't even once her manager yes he calls a lot uh but she herself doesn't um I don't even know if she has a voice have you seen her no no I think I've seen a video on YouTube, but yeah, no, not in person.
Good afternoon Claridges, how can I help you? Did you meet the pop artist who is in the attic? Has she been in this elevator? Yes, sit here and he is very happy to be going up and down in this elevator below she ever says good morning good afternoon because he is always very tired because he is working most of the time good night I met her twice and she said hello I'm coming to go out, you can do it my room full of luggage hundreds or like that's what she bought she buys designer shoes like Chanel Louis Vuitton, all the designer clothes and these high heels with shiny shoes, so you have hundreds.
Maybe then, what have you learned about the


? Tita, are you always happy? I think what I think about rich people, I think it's because they have too much money. Would you like to be famous? I don't think that ordinary people like us have a better life. We can do what we want. We have freedom but not with bodyguards. The Christmas season is key for the hotel. More is spent within its four walls than at any other time of the year. that's a good time of year, it's not this Christmas, it's when you see how everything comes together and yes, it's really lovely.
The foreign tradition that every year the hotel has a famous designer to build its Christmas tree for the last two. years, this has been John Galliano, but not this year, another Frenchman. I don't know if everyone has seen it, here is a printed copy, so now this is a picture drawn by Albert Alberts, obviously the chief designer of the long van, it is completely and completely different design to anything we have done before, which I actually think is probably a very good thing, but I personally love the idea and concept of the tree. I think there's something very artistic about it and there's something very personalized and personalized about it.
This is really, I'll put up with Airbus creating a Christmas wish and, you know, I can remember the attraction the tree has had over the last few years and I can actually see people coming in and families under the tree and kids


excited. Obviously, that tree isn't magically appearing, it will require meticulous planning and preparing for this to happen, but essentially we have the time frame between midnight and 6 a.m., so it's only six hours, the tree just has to be ready it has to be ready at six later 6 30 on it comes when everyone gets tired and everyone is more interested in coffees and sandwiches and we have to keep an eye on that so this is dear foreigner it looks good come on are you satisfied with he?
I love it, I'm very, very happy, yes, the first thing you see is an incredibly big Christmas tree and you think: wow, that's a big tree and then you look closer and the first thing you probably discover is the scene around it of Mr and Mrs Lava and Their Lover's tree after Christmas lunch Congratulations, can you say how much it costs Claridges to put up all these decorations inside and out? Shouldn't there be a well-kept secret? How much does magic cost? Jack and Norma Melker are in their 80s. and they have been coming to the hotel for 40 years this year they will spend Christmas with their family in the royal suite Jack sold his software company to Hewlett-Packard a joke from Norma she bought early shares of Google very happy, very happy life we ​​have We have We have been together for many years, yes it has been fun and the times we have been in the carriages have been so lovely we always enjoy there too, oh I see, if you hold it this way she might read it.
I think look at that, congratulations to Jack and Norma Melker on their 65th wedding anniversary from all the brave team we know you so well you are like a family our first visit to Claridge's in London we approached the parents, I think it was Harrington Fordham and Mason and we saw that and that's what We have, yes, foreign, now we have the Royal Suite constantly, so we are there every time we go there. Yes, I think it is excellent and beautiful. That would be mine. You can say that about me. I do not care. I think they ruined it. when they gave the 10 year lease for the restaurant tour, oh Ramsay, I think they made an incredible mistake, well let's see the arrivals, um, there was one pre-registered there today, the melkors are coming back tomorrow, as everyone knows. let's pay close attention there and prepare this, it's a Christmas day and I hope to have you back, but you're staying for 16 nights so it's a long stay and you're going to celebrate Christmas here, make sure everyone on your teams who joined after they were quietly introduced to their latest stay and pointed out that they are our most frequent guests and have been coming for 40 years and it is such a special stay that they should be recognized and know that they love being introduced. to be presented exactly very well thank you that is the course by mail okay Mr.
Mrs. Melkor is coming for 16 nights Katrina one one one I need to prepare the beds for Mr. and Miss Malhor and also I need to organize some furniture for them like want. a show in the living room and the little table next to it, whatever else we have to do, everyone knows who the melkors are, yes, yes, well, and next to the connecting doors is the royal suite that is being painstakingly prepared for the arrival of Melka, a detailed guest. A profile document is collected from all returning guests that outlines all their preferences, from how beds are made and types of pillows to where furniture is placed within the room.
This is a setup from the pictures here, so the living room setup is how it works. The look and setup of their bedroom, the husband has a different way of making the bed and then the wife also has a different way, but they are like traditional people, they really love sheets, for example, yes, pets like it window. I'm smarter and we are using only two sheets and blankets, she doesn't want anything else and on the top we are putting only the end down, it's like some kind of comforter, but it's only on the top Karen, yes, yes, yeah, okay, can we just do?
I'm sure those beds are tied at the end yeah okay see you later two and usually how much does it cost to rent this suite for the night? This week it's five thousand five hundred dollars a night. Yes, it's a lot of money, but I think. You can easily spend ten thousand pounds flying to New York on a five-hour flight, so you know, it's all become very relative. It is a managerial tradition that on her arrival Mrs Melker is given an old set of keys to the Claridges' doors. They joked that she knows the hotel better than any member of staff and she can act as honorary night manager.
They are always in the same place and have been for a long time because these have been the general manager's desks. I mean, we have to ask for a pet, but because I think for probably over 50 years she looks very pleased when she receives them. I mean, Mrs. Marco is a fantastic woman and she has a great spirit and a great sense of humor, so you can really see a bright eye when she gets these keys that disappear into her purse Okay, yeah, okay, do you have one? key? I have a key. Well, after a day of preparation, Thomas goes over every last detail before Mr. and Mrs.
Melker arrive. Yes, but Ian, let's wait. here for a moment, so I think we should remove the orchids because that clashes with the look of the wreath, it's not the same, so maybe we can get some, but nothing or a fruit bowl or more traditional flowers or another Christmas arrangement, but yeah, I'm not sure about that, yeah, it's a very nice traditional Christmas arrangement, yeah, it's where Mrs. Marco will sit, this is Hersey, yeah, um, and this space is always left free just for a little one coffee cart in the afternoon, Mr. Malco, so the cookies are always here. and then here it is for José, yes, iPad for your reading, no, everything is prepared perfectly, that's how it always is and it always has to be that way, so okay, everything is done, just a few changes of flowers and we are ready. add some comforts like fruit, but of course they're not here yet, they come fresh from the kitchen.
Have you ever wondered when your last visit will be? Let them enjoy this visit and I am sure there will be many more to come. So yeah, Michael has been serving the milkers since he started working at the hotel and they still come, my God, he said, I've been here 34 years and they're getting longer, this is the best part. For our work we get a lot of returning customers and little by little they see the familiar faces coming back and it's nice, how are you so happy to be welcomed? It's important the keys, the key, okay, someone in charge two hours from the airport during their 16 day stay the melkers only leave the hotel twice We are all creatures of habit and that's the good thing about working with the Butlers the people have breakfast and usually the same thing in America they have the same breakfast every morning they have coffee for two pieces of toast well made white toast that's this and maybe an orange now they might have some oatmeal are you surprised how much money some people have? yeah and yeah it's amazing you know these hard times you know you're coming to Cloud to make someone pay Recreation Oh my gosh, will you get used to us working in a hotel like this?
It just goes over your head sometimes with some strong, hot coffee. I'll open this up for you here, yeah, that's it, I mean protein milk. a little honey, in fact, apricot, there we are and for you, Mr. Marker makes it nice to know exactly what we need. Monday is my good day. You are very lucky. Monday is my good day. You already have your morning newspapers. Yes, please, I read them, I almost read them. The good butler is not here anymore no, no, today you are stuck with me, but I have been sick for the next three days, so tomorrow you had a good bottle.
I got jealous or envious, I would never ever get jealous, jealous, no, I think you know. Most of them know that they have probably worked very hard for that money here. No, I have never been jealous of our guests. Thank you very much in very simple terms. Every time someone visits us, you must create a reason to visit. Again, there needs to be at least one memory that encourages another visit to the airport and creates loyalty and creates that emotion or that association with a hotel that will make this person become a repeat guest. Thank you, my late moms.
I will do that. say you don't have things you know give 100 confidence don't do it I think it's a very good knife to look at don't do half measures I won't be happy life is very short with you you know we're already passing through

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