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I Upgraded Every Structure in Minecraft!

Apr 06, 2024
This is an ocean monument and this is my improved ocean monument. I think it looks a lot better, so that got me thinking: why don't we update all the


s in Minecraft? Some of these builds are going to look incredibly cool, so let's start updating. the Bastion Remnant, so for this we're going to need to collect all these blocks, ow, ow, oh, okay, let's try to be a little safer, okay, and now that we have all the materials, we need to find a good place to build it. Wow, this place is absolutely perfect, yes, I definitely didn't just build this, but anyway my idea for this transformation is to turn a normal Bastion into more of a nether castle, so let's get to work and while we finish building, let me tell you why.
i upgraded every structure in minecraft
In fact, I'm doing this. You see, my brother has always thought that he is a better builder than me. I mean, he literally built this clock tower from scratch in survival and has canceled many of my builds to show him that I'm actually good. Builder, I'm going to show you all of the improved Finish builds, so they really need to look good. Why does it look so bad? Why don't we start with the easier


s and work our way up to the more difficult structures, hopefully this way? We can improve our confidence and maybe even increase our skills as builders, so let's first transform the nether portal into ruins.
i upgraded every structure in minecraft

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i upgraded every structure in minecraft...

My first idea with this is to make it bigger because


one knows bigger is always better so we'll take some obsidian and the biggest portal it can be is actually 23x 23 so I guess we'll build that perfect one that will be a large portal. Why is it square? Now let's add some crying obsidian, okay and now let's break some more obsidian for the spaces, oh, how? I love breaking obsidian now to upgrade decorations. I love how the nether type leaks into the Overworld, but I don't like that it's just this basic nether biome, so I'm going to change this biome to all the nether biomes and To do this, we need to collect them well and now we just place the biomes around of the structure and it is very important that we make it blend with the environment and then we decorate the biome which is the Crimson biome, on the other side we will have the deformed forest.
i upgraded every structure in minecraft
The next biome is the Sand Valley with a miniature fossil, then the Battel Delta biing adds some lava and finally the lower wastelands biome adds some more decoration and that's all the added biomes so now we just have some things. What was left to do I changed the stone bricks to black stone bricks because they look much cooler and I replaced the gold blocks with netherite blocks just for flex and finally I duplicated the chest and added something inside to make it a little weirder and so on . That's the updated Ruins Portal, so with the Ocean Monument included, we've now updated two of Minecraft's 26 structures.
i upgraded every structure in minecraft
Yes, we have a long way to go if I still want to prove to my brother that I am a good builder. so let's go to the desert to upgrade our next structure, the desert pyramid, so for this one I'll try to be a little more creative and step number one is to change all the sandstone to black stone, you may not be able to tell yet but In fact, I am transforming this desert temple into a nuclear desert temple. It already looks really good, but the second step is to change all this orange material for lime green concrete, so we will need some lime green dye, then we combine these dyes and I will use this to make some lime concrete powder that we can duplicate using this machine and now we will use this machine to convert it into concrete.
Well, I definitely didn't almost die from a vine, oh my god, NOPE anyway for the next step. I'm going to use some yellow and black concrete to make this look a little more nuclear. Well, I think it's pretty clear that it's a nuclear desert pyramid, but to make it even better, let's add some blocks in there, we can add a beacon here and some lime. Green glass that looks even better now. I want to add some cracks in the ground. Hopefully this will look really cool and finally, this is a nuclear pyramid, so I think it's time we make it a little more explosive, but before we do that.
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Yes, I think it's a little better this way, so it's another


structure, but while we're in the desert, why don't we upgrade the structure of the Other Desert, which of course is the desert? Well, yes, this is one of those structures that is definitely needed. of an update, I mean, what is that? Okay, so my inspiration for this is going to be like this from the This is spart clip. I hope many of you know what I mean. Okay, so let's lay the foundation for the well as much as we can. Look, it's going to be a lot bigger than the normal pit and now I want to dig this down to the bedrock, so let's mine well, we're about eight blocks away now and all the sandstone is gone, which is kind of bad. because mining stone is so much slower wait I know what will help and speed up two oh my gosh that's so much better so now I'm going to give myself 10 minutes to dig this whole hole and if I can do it I will. get a villager from that village and throw him into the hole, okay we're about 30 blocks away.
You could try just digging down ooh this could be much faster oh my gosh oh yeah that method is much faster but this one. It's a lot safer, we're finally at the bottom of the hole and I'm not going to lie, that took 45 minutes, so anyway we'll use Sandstone for the bottom of the hole and we can finally fill it. With perfect water, this is now a much better well. Oh, I never said anything about not throwing this guy in the pit, this is Sparta, so now it's pretty much all the easier structures


, now it's time to move on to the slightly more difficult structures and for that.
It's time to head to the final Dimension, but fortunately for us we have already transformed part of the final structure, for example, the final generation platform is now this crazy UFO that I am currently in and both the obsidian pillars and the portal output they make I created my solar system replica, which is definitely one of my favorite builds, but oh, that's not good, my goodness, I almost lost my hardcore Bo anyway, that means we're in seven of 26 structures, but there are still more structures to transform. In the end, the first of which are these portals.
You see I removed the bedrock from them but now they are just floating in space with no purpose so I have an idea to upgrade them and make it look like they are an asteroid belt for our solar system, first we will take some iron because this It's going to be an expensive asteroid belt, then we're going to need a ton of stone, so let's use this machine and finally we're going to need some Netherrack to make it look like the asteroid ring is really on fire, so now we have


thing we need to transform these portals, but how do we get to them?
I guess the best way is to build with dirt where the portal is I don't want to go through it that wouldn't be good okay it's here and now let's build a giant circle under all the gateways this is just temporary so it doesn't need to be a perfect circle wait actually we should probably make it a perfect circle otherwise our asteroid belt is going to look really bad, so a bit of time has passed and I managed to use some cool math to calculate the perfect circle. The only problem is that it looks like this. and now we have to build it, if we lose even one of these pixels, the circle will go out and we will have to build it all over again.
We passed directly under the first gateway, which is definitely a good sign. is the most likely area where we could make a mistake because we have to go in a fairly straight diagonal line. Well, I think that's right, but the only way to know for sure is when we get to that block over there. 6 7 8 9 10 Okay, we should be like this, after a lot of trial and error, we finally have the circle, now it's time to update this structure, so first we will start with stone and basically we are going to spread it around the entire ring we want Try to make it look as close as possible to an asteroid belt like those in our solar system, so we must make sure to spread the stones as randomly as possible.
Now we'll move on to ironing this. It should be much faster because we don't have to place any additional dirt blocks and of course the final layer is Netherrack that has been set on fire. Hopefully this will make it look a little more like an asteroid belt that isn't Netherrack now. What we need to do is get rid of the muck, come on, we have an asteroid belt, my goodness, it looks great and the portals look much better, but we still have one more structure to upgrade at the end and I think. You can guess what it is, it's an NC.
I'm looking directly at an NC and I have a great idea, but for it to work we need to find two final cities that are close together or not. oh, they will definitely do the first thing now, first, we can kill all the shers in this city, oh, they kind of hurt, I'll get this one, yeah, oh, no, okay, I think they're all gone now, so it's time to deconstruct this new city. that we can make room for the new improved city while I do this, let me tell you about my plan. I'm going to completely transform this new city from something that doesn't really look like a city to something that looks like real life cities and our world, so that's all the materials collected, now it's time to start building and the first thing What we are going to build is the road, so we have black concrete and we also have white concrete because By basing it on New York City, this central area will be like a park and we will have roads and buildings surrounding it, so we will have a space excavation for the road.
I could have done this city a little too. big because that took me about 20 minutes anyway let's go ahead and build the road nice and now that the roads are completely complete it's time to start working on the skyscrapers. I want to make a few different designs, so for the first one We're going to use a bunch of these pillars, that seems like a good idea for our first skyscraper, so let's build the rest of the pillars right. Now, in these spaces of a block, we're going to add a bunch of these bricks. I really hope we have enough blocks for all of these buildings, well that's all the final bricks placed now, instead of just using magenta glass we should probably turn these blocks into glass panels so we don't run out of blocks because we have a lot more buildings. build, oh this is a little tricky to build and finally we'll top it off with some purple blocks as a roof and that's it, yeah this is definitely going to impress my brother but we've only made one skyscraper and we've got a whole city to build, So get to work.
I'm going to build one here with a little bit more of a striped design, so we'll have two layers of final stone bricks and then two layers of glass panels and we'll keep repeating this pattern until the end, the next one will be a little different because it will be thicker and it's going to take up this whole corner, so we're going to use these blocks and this time I think Make little holes like this for Windows and then we're going to put glass right behind it to give it a more 3D effect and we're going to top it off with some slabs for the root.
Now, next to this building, I want to build an Enderman car. We'll park so that all the Enderman workers working on this construction building have a place to park, so we'll get rid of the end stone and replace it with concrete. We will add some white concrete for the parking spaces, but next to this parking lot. I'm going toBuild the biggest skyscraper in this entire city. Yes, this should be tall enough and will also have some amazing details. Why am I doing this to myself? This is going to take so long to build. Well, that's the corner pillar. now we have to build in this pattern like this up there, how did I make a mistake?
It's already a silly lockdown life and the tallest skyscraper is now completely complete so we have built 1 2 three four buildings and we have about 20 more to build and finally finish, this is my UPG gred n city, yes I think It looks a little better than that, but this update took me a lot longer than I thought and we still have a lot of builds to update if we're going to Impress My Brother, so let me know what you think of this version in the comments below . I think it's definitely my favorite so far, but the next update will be a little more practical because I'm going to update this zombie spawner to turn it into a real working zombie farm, so the first step will be to get rid of this annoying water.
Oh yeah, now we need to dig up a 9x9 cube so this chest has to disappear. golden apple and let's mine well, now we can add water along this wall, then we will dig a trench down here and before adding water to it, let's dig a tunnel where all the zombies will be transported and then they will all fall. On the way down we'll add a chest here we'll add a hopper here going in and on top we'll put half a slab and now we can add water here and here perfect now all that's left to do is remove the torches. and we have a fully functioning Zombie Farm, oh yeah, yeah, I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty easy update and the next one won't be much different because well, I already did it in my first episode of my hardcore series. from a standard igloo to this giant igloo and it has been my base in this harsh world ever since.
It has everything I need, including a fireplace, a max-level enchanting table, and even a family of carrot-trading villagers, but we're going to upgrade it next. Boring shipwreck because you see, it's not really a big shipwreck, it's just a whole ship underwater. I mean, it literally looks brand new, so we're going to use a lot of different construction techniques to make it look like it's been here for many years and For our first technique we're going to need a bunch of this stuff, okay? I'll make it look a little more decrepit by just breaking some random blocks.
Hopefully this should make it look a little more worn. Get rid of some of these trap doors. A couple of holes in the ship that may have caused it to sink. The first place is okay, it looks much better, but I feel like if a boat was left here for that long, it wouldn't look the same color, so for the logs we can replace them with these gray Acacia logs and for the planks we can replace. them with disgusting birch planks, okay, so we'll replace some of these like this, we'll even replace some fences and some stairs, wait, why don't we make it so that some of these sails have fallen over so it looks like? much more like a shipwreck maybe we could have it like this oh yeah that looks good it looks like it broke from there and fell like that and then we can do the same with the other two and finally make sure that the shipwreck looks very old let's add something made of copper this way, it should actually age over time and now with the copper turning green the shipwreck has been improved and made much more realistic and since we are already in the ocean why don't we update the more boring? structure of the ocean, I mean, what is that?
Anyway, for this I have a plan and my inspiration will be the lost city of Atlantis, so to build it we will need a lot of quartz. Why did there have to be lava there? So we're going to start by upgrading this small structure, so we're going to use a mix of different quartz blocks and now we're going to build this bigger structure, so start with a nice strong base, don't mind me casually drowning, then we'll cover this part, okay and now let's add some pillars to make it really look like Atlantis and for these I think make them quite thick H, it looks a little weird maybe if we add some thinner pillars, okay yeah, I like it a lot better, now we'll add the roof and probably make the base a little bit wider too, oh yeah.
Even the drowned are starting to like this place and speaking of the drowned, when I was building this, a drowned trident actually gave me an idea of ​​what would happen if we built a giant trident through construction. I think this will look really cool in Prismarine and luckily for us there's an Ocean Monument right here don't worry I'm just going to kill the Elder Guardians quickly oh my god I forgot to put my ch game on that hurt me a lot, wait, how did that break? Yes, I can finally break blocks. yes it's definitely a lot better than the normal structure, the next updates will have to be even better so I'm going to upgrade an m axis to a gigantic quarry and since it will be absolutely huge the only way to build it will be with a lot of TNT but first After going crazy with TNT, let's mark a 64x64 area and we'll also quickly get rid of the trees.
Now, let's get to work, so I guess at first we'll just dig holes and put TNT in them, here we go, that's a good start, but we're going to need to blow up a lot more TNT, okay, we'll just repair the border and then we want this middle section to be even deeper, so if we dig a lot lines like that all the way down, so basically what I'm doing is trying to make this hole look like a quarry with all the different levels and then we can start adding all the features of a well m in this quarry.
Ok this should make a huge hole, okay it looks a bit messy so I'll install a beacon and try to smooth it out so it looks more like a quarry rather than just a messy hole in the ground. Okay, now we have something that looks a little more like a quarry, now we can add all the features of an m axis to it, so we'll need a bunch of oak wood and then we'll use some of it to create some fences, isn't that how it looks? create and I'm thinking we can dig into these walls and then we'll put wood like these fences like this and make it look like a shaft is coming out of this wall.
We can add some wood on the floor and We'll do this kind of thing on all the different layers, so we've added all the wood aspects now to add more details, let's find a real M axis and here we can take all the details we're going to need. rails cobwebs wait, can you get cobwebs? Maybe some minerals would be good. Oh, a chest mine cart will be fine, so let's add the final details and that's the m axis upgraded to a gigantic quarry, but the next structure will be a little smaller. because I'm going to upgrade this witch's cabin and since my brother is a big Marvel fan, we're going to upgrade this witch's cabin to the Scarlet Witch's cabin, but the first step is to get this witch out of her cabin, right? do you mind?
Okay witch get in the hole don't kill me oh my god yeah and next we need a lot of red glass so we're going to spam this flower and turn it into a bunch of red dye then we'll duplicate a bunch of sand . We can take all this sand and melt it into our super foundry asteroid and now we can combine this glass with the red dye to get all the red glass we need. My plan is to have this witch hut floating in the air encased in a huge red crystal ball like the one Scarlet Witch uses in the Marvel movies, so the first step is to make this witch's heart float, so let's put it together all the witch stuff, you didn't really have much stuff, okay, I guess we'll build it.
At this point we now need to rebuild it perfectly using all these blocks so that it passes 1 2 3 4 through two windows on each side, holds the workbench, then the roof like this, so now that we have a floating witch's hut, let's go around it . with a giant red ball, this is going to be difficult because I want the witch's hut to be in the center of the ball, so if this is the center of the witch's hut, how many blocks should I go up to use some of genius? In math, I've discovered that we need the sphere to be 21 blocks wide, so now all we have to do is arrange a thousand glass blocks in a very specific way to make a giant red glass sphere.
This is going to be very easy. Okay, and the final task is to move that witch to her new home. Well, first we will build a small staircase. Okay, we'll build like a tube here so we can go down easily. Let's do this. Okay, the witch has been freed. Go on. we're going oh I think it's slow it's working it keeps coming witch no why did it fall we have it improvised no no no no no oh my God half a heart okay push push come on get in the hole yes it's in and So, with the witch's hut upgraded, there are now 15 of the 26 structures finished, but my brother is going on vacation in 3 days so we have to hurry, so over the next few hours I upgraded a raider outpost to an observatory that can see. all


I also completely excavated and restored the trail ruins. I did my best to make sure each room had a purpose and I even made the entrance look much better and right now I was about to upgrade the jungle temple, but that's over. I think the jungle temple is one of the coolest structures in Minecraft, but the traps it contains aren't very deadly. So why don't we improve this structure by making the traps much deadlier? So first of all, let's update. these arrows for this we're going to need some spider eyes so what we're trying to do is make some instant damage arrows so let's fill them with a lot of water, fill up the brewing stations, let's use some nether wart to do. awkward potions so we use spider eyes to make poison potions now with some brown mushrooms and if we turn the sugar cane into sugar we should be able to make fermented spider eyes and then using this we can turn this potion into hopefully instant.
Dam, wait, Poison. Pretty good too, so we'll leave half and half. I think if we use luminous stone we can improve the effect to the second level. Okay, now we take these potions and if we surround a potion with some arrows, wait, what do you need? persistent, which means we need dragon breath. I think we had one last episode when we were collecting the rarest items in the game. Come on, yeah, so first we need to make them splash potions and then dragon breath. We have instant damage to arrows, oh my goodness. I'm going to be much deadlier and poison two arrows too, now let's quickly see how much deadlier this is.
Oh my gosh, three hearts damage, poison two, but that's not all because I'm also going to replace. this normal chest with a trap chest and underneath there will be some TNT so when you open it you will be practically dead yeah I don't think I will try this one and finally we have to make a lava trap so I think this would be a good place to this, so we'll have pressure plates here and underneath they should connect to Redstone. I'm not very good at this stuff anymore, but I hope this works, so if I stand on the pressure plate and walk. ahead I fall into the lava then we put lava here and here this jungle temple is now the deadliest jungle temple in the entire world oh my god I'm going to die okay so before I die in my own traps let's get better the following structure, so for The Improvement of the Village is a story that I have exchanged with the villagers of this world thousands of times and that made me think that the villagers must be extremely rich, but their houses don't really show it, so Let's change that and reveal how rich the villagers really are anyway, for this we're going to need a lot of emeralds.
Luckily for us, we have the largest OP emerald farm in the game. Wow, yes, yes, three boxes of Sher's emeralds should be enough. but we are also going to need iron and finally we are also going to need some gold from the highest OP Gold Farm in the game and now that we have all our materials the first thing I am going to do is replace them. all lawn with Emerald blocks this is going to be very expensive okay it's a small section done but there is a lot left to do yes that took a lot longer than I thought in fact it took so long that now we only have about 2 days until my brother leaves, so the next step is to replace all the paths with gold blocks.
This is literally going to be the most expensive village you have ever seen. It's starting to look cool now, but as I was building the roads I realized there were a lot of them. The zombies and some of our rich villagers even died from them, which I don't think is something that shouldhappen in a really rich village, so why don't we hire some bodyguards? What we are going to need for this are some pumpkins. Oh, this is so satisfying and bodyguard number two, let's try to distribute them throughout the town to keep these guys as safe as possible.
You are trapped. Do you want to climb an iron ladder? We'll have more bodyguards around. and now that the town is nice and safe, let's improve these boring houses, so we will replace all the boring logs with gold, all the cobblestones will be transformed into iron, there are no iron steps, so I guess that will do and finally the roof will be a little piece of amethyst from the roof of the ASMR building and your house is completely transformed now we only have to make every second house and building in the entire Village, yes, and finally we will use some of our few diamonds to decorate the most expensive Village in the game We will even replace these tables with diamonds.
The next structure will be a little different because we are going to transform an abandoned village, but first we need to find one. I think it might be one of the strangest structures. The game is okay, I just did some research and it's even worse than I thought. An abandoned village only has a 2% chance of appearing compared to a normal village, which means that if we look at 50 villages, only one of them will be abandoned, oh my. God, this is going to take years. I can't find an abandoned village, so I think the only thing I can do is go back to the abandoned village later and hope we find one while we upgrade the other structures and talk about it. other structures the next structure we are going to upgrade is of course the nether fortress so let's gather all the blocks we are going to need and while I do this my totem will tell you the plan for this build so the nether fortresses are called fortresses, meaning they should be difficult to enter, so blocking will improve the nether fortress by making it much more difficult to enter, oh yes, and of course.
Of course, it would also look better, so let's first lay the foundation to have the first wall and then we will have a three-block lava space and here will be our second wall. Yeah, we're definitely doing this one. much safer, then we will have another three-block lava space and this will be the real Fortress. Okay, now we'll start building these walls, which will require a lot of nether bricks. Good job, we have about nine shulkers full. Okay now we've built all three walls so I'm going to work on the entrance a little bit oh my god I'm dying in lava wait a second why don't we make a parkour entrance so you have to jump ? from here to here here to here and here will be the next entrance, then here we will have a little more difficult parkour oh no, yes it is definitely a little more difficult and now to get to the final entrance you have to do a Neo jump , which is like this, oh, there we tried it first and this is what it looks like inside the Fortress, we are going to add some interesting things here, but first let's decorate these walls while I extracted a bunch of Abyssal Bricks, I was growing nether warts and there are a reason for that, so we'll take some of this, if you combine nether warts and nether bricks, you'll get red nether bricks and we'll use them to add a lot of detail to our wols.
Well, now there are the WS. It looks a lot better now, let's try this parkour and see if we can do it the first time because I have something to add to the center of this Fortress. If I cheat you have to spam the comments, but if I cheat I definitely do. spam W, here we go, yeah, we could just cut that out and now we're going to use a gold surprise box and just spam it here, this will be the reward for entering this Stronghold and with this gold block placed. the UPG upgraded nether fortress now, believe it or not, fossils actually count as Minecraft structures so I'm going to have to upgrade them and for this I'm going to build a huge human ribcage and I should be pretty good at this because I actually studied human biology in college until I dropped out to play the block game.
Anyway, this is going to look cool, so I hope players like it. It's probably going to be a lot harder than I think, but I guess let's do Okay and this will be the sternum that connects all the ribs. I've somehow made it look halfway decent and I'm pretty happy with that because it took me a while, although I'm not really sure what the players are going to do. Thinking about this, so we're going to have to make these last five updates really good and this next update has brought me to the fortress at least I hope it was okay, here's the fortress now, where is this portal room ?
Come on, no, no. no, no, yes, the portal room, these things are really amazing, so why don't we build a real maze with the final portal in the center? To make it easier, I'll build it in the air so that when you arrive. In the center you can easily go down to the portal, but to make this drop-down part we are going to have to drain some water because it is right above an ocean, so let's first surround it with blocks. Well now we need sponges, but we're a long way from home, so I think we'll have to go for the budget option, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, and now it's time to shovel, now come on to build the Labyrinth and for this we are going to need many of these bad guys. guys and also these and maybe some of these, the first thing we're going to do is design the base for the maze, now it's time to build the actual maze, this will be the entrance and now we'll start building the layers. of walls and we will try to make this maze as difficult as possible.
Now we need to dig this tunnel to the portal. We'll add signs here like this, then we'll add water on top like this and Actually, maybe one more layer of water, why not three layers of water? This should stop the Buddha from killing us. Now we can get rid of this beacon and we can finally light up the portal so that's the upgraded fortress, but because I did it on purpose. I tried not to remember the maze. I'm going to see how long it takes me to beat it and while I'm at it let me tell you about my plan for the next update, so the next structure we are updating is Woodland Mansion, my plan for this is to modernize the mansion and make it more futuristic.
I'm also going to include all the rooms that the traditional mansion includes so for this we're going to need a lot of white concrete yeah we jumped in here and hopefully it survived the fool Yeah we did so for this we're going to need a lot of white concrete . We're also going to need a lot of birch wood for the floor because it will go really well with the modern theme. Well, let's go. build our modern mansion in this dark forest next to this normal Woodland mansion, but for this we are going to need to create some space, I don't care, I just start a forest fire casually.
I think this could work, so for this we are making a lot of different segments that have different shapes and this should help it look like a modern mansion and now that we have this basic structure, let's fill in all these shapes and now that we have it we are going to decorate it, okay, behind the mansion we can plant more trees now it's time to build a bunch of these different rooms inside our mansion and since it's a modern mansion we'll make an open plan which means all the rooms will merge together. one I'm literally just trying to collect things from the rooms and these guys are so annoying yeah this will definitely look good in our mansion okay I think we have everything we need now let's build some rooms so I managed build the the storage room, the map table room, the prison room, the tree room, the library room and even the chicken statue room, yes, that one went through the floor a bit, but anyway, that's the 23rd structure that updated me, which means we only have three structures left until I show it.
My brother, all my hard work I'm not going to lie. I'm starting to get a little nervous, but we don't really have time for that because it's time to upgrade an ancient city, so my idea for this one is like a horror maze. It will be similar to the one in the fortress only with a lot of these things inside, speaking of these things, let's extract them. Imagine a guardian chasing you through a maze that will be so scary. 15 should be enough. Now we go to CL with a bunch of skulls. Oh, this is so satisfying, wait a second.
I just realized that I'm not actually collecting anything because my ha doesn't have a silk touch to it. Oh my goodness, okay, and now that we have our maze, there's only one thing left. to add a good note to self, don't press deactivate this is going to be like the deadliest maze in the world, let's try it, okay, uh-oh, no, that's a dead end, no, it's a dead end, Come on, we did it with the ancient city. improved which leaves only two structures remaining and the next one is the abandoned village. Now as we mentioned before this one is very rare so I had to spend some time looking for it, so my idea for this one is to change it from a slightly abandoned appearance to one looking completely post-apocalyptic, this is going to be fun, don't worry pig , I will save you.
I actually removed all the leaves from the trees and it looks good, but one more finishing touch, perfect, now I only have a structure left to update and that. The structure is the Bastion, the same structure that I couldn't build at the beginning of this episode, but I feel like my building has improved a lot since then and I have a much better idea, so I'm going to take some I took inspiration from my previous builds and updated this last build, but before I show you the final build, don't forget to use the link below to get your own Minecraft server and of course, use the code lock for 25% off while completing this.
Final Update My mind was occupied by three questions: Will players really like this build? Will you appreciate the incredible amount of time it took to upgrade every structure in the game? Will they admit that I'm actually a decent builder? Well, with the Bastion fully upgraded, it was. it's time to find out hello gamers hello so you know how we used to make 100 days videos together in them we always built the base because well I was a bad builder yeah I just spent the last 2 weeks updating every build of Minecraft and I want you to judge them are you ready yeah let's take a look oh my god that looks sick well I admit it you've definitely gotten better at building come on.

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