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How Kwebbelkop Lost His Entire Audience In 1 Year

May 01, 2024
April 2021 97.9 million views April 2022 8.5 million views in the space of just 12 months Pueblo Cobb's


has shrunk by approximately 90 and we will outline every mistake made that has led it to this unfortunate point now cuckoo will take over aka jordy cut some slack, we should specify that because he is a gaming youtuber, some of this decline has actually been out of his control. We have explained in previous videos that gaming YouTubers often have a very volatile career as their view count is directly related to the popularity of whatever game they are playing, we can see this trend by looking at Quebel Cops' best month on August 2019, when his channel would reach a monthly


of 166 million just as Minecraft returned to the mainstream, bolstering Quebel.
how kwebbelkop lost his entire audience in 1 year
Cop's content while Four and Me was still in his core YouTuber phase, giving him countless opportunities for new and fresh videos, as Geordi had no control over the popularity of these games. You could go ahead and call this an element of luck, however, almost everything else he was bringing. In these 166 million views had been the result of Quebeccop's actions, for example, Jordi was a master collaborating with other YouTubers. I am a YouTuber. I want to meet more YouTubers. I want to meet all the YouTubers. I want my friends to be YouTubers or people who are doing similar things.
how kwebbelkop lost his entire audience in 1 year

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how kwebbelkop lost his entire audience in 1 year...

This became more evident after forming a YouTube trio known as Robust, which included Quebel Cop along with two other familiar faces, Jelly and Slogo. man gueva cop explained that his first viral video with more than 14 million views was him, jelly and slogo. Just playing GTA 5. As their relationship grew stronger, a video in which Quebeccop simply met Jelly in real life for the first time garnered over 12 million views, the trio was even picked up by Delight Mode. pewdiepie's youtube network along with markiplier and jacksepticeye with a subscriber count. de quebel cop jelly and slogo are the best evidence of the success they would find as a trio, in addition to forming the solid group, geordie began dating fellow youtuber as helen in 2016 and azzy herself had a multimillion-dollar subscriber count at the time, meaning they could collaborate on several different videos, providing further growth for each creator, but the overwhelming driver behind quablekop's extreme audience was undoubtedly their laser focus on content combined with an unwavering work ethic after starting your channel.
how kwebbelkop lost his entire audience in 1 year
Jordy committed to uploading a video every day, which would continue for a period of over nine


s. On August 27, 2012, I told myself that I will never miss a day of charging, no matter what, and every day I will. a video that is better than the previous one, plus all its energy was focused on a single channel, ensuring that the daily video was always of the highest quality every day I worked on it every day I studied it I watched tutorials I read articles I talked to people with whom I practiced and every day I made new videos and within this daily load it was obvious that Quebecop's goal was to guarantee the most optimal experience for the audience.
how kwebbelkop lost his entire audience in 1 year
I was making videos that my audience loved to watch so I asked myself what does my audience love to love the most every one of those clips from the quebel police discussion on the watch time podcast also showed how activated I was in terms of personal development and the right attitude required to grow a successful youtube channel, so if you had the right attitude and mindset to know why after five


s of extremely consistently getting 100 million views per month, this number fell to between 5 and 15 million over the course of just one year. To answer that question, let's start by looking at a Twitter post made by quebecop in early 2020.
Before things go any further, I want to address the rumors after three and a half years of being together, as he and I recently broke up. I have nothing but love and respect for this beautiful intelligent and caring woman. please respect our privacy, thank you, which was accompanied by a video about a year later, conveniently just before his views started to dwindle, explaining the reason behind their breakup, why did they break up? Well, you know by now that I'm from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and since he's from Canada and it was a long distance relationship, once the honeymoon phase was over, we realized that we were two people from completely different places, However, it would still be a bit of a stretch to blame Quebec's declining viewership on nothing more than In this split, I sure had one less person to collaborate with and make videos with;
However, if we take the date of Geordie's breakup announcement in March 2020 and place it next to his view count at the time he actually spiked in views after breaking up with Assyland, of course there were other factors at play during this time, such as people being at home and therefore watching more YouTube due to the pandemic, however, overall, the data does not really suggest that this breakup has had a big impact on its eventual decline in views, However, it was so. Not only would Cop Cueva stop making videos when he landed, after five years of filming together, the robust trio of Quebel Cop Jelly and Slogo would also slowly disintegrate instead of playing with Geordie who was busy making several reaction videos, Jelly and Slogo replaced it. with a different youtuber named crainer who was noticed by fans on reddit, last i remember quebel cop was playing minecraft with jelly and slogo man in robust town now everything has changed, jelly and slogoman replaced quebel cop with crainer in a The new Minecraft server Quebecoid made its own solo game and right now it's just making reaction videos.
What's going on? Does anyone have the explanation? Why doesn't she play with his friends anymore? Why don't you play anymore? To keep it that way or he will go back to being himself first he deleted the vlogs but then stopped playing with friends as this became an increasingly common discussion in Jordi's comments section he uploaded a video titled why I quit Jelly . and slogo explaining that as a result of making video after video with the group, each of which followed a similar narrative, cave cop felt like I wasn't growing due to a lack of creativity, I saw that my creativity was running out, I was just doing things with a group was going in that direction i realized that i stopped growing as a person and that i just stagnated in life and was just doing the same thing geordi also explained that around the same time he had become depressed which made him feel as if he were holding the group back.
I ended up suffering from depression that I've never said publicly anywhere, but it was also holding them back because I couldn't give them the energy they needed to do this. The videos were good and as a result he began to participate in fewer and fewer recordings. It wasn't a clear goodbye, guys, until tomorrow, but rather it was me joining fewer and fewer recordings from this point on. Pueblo Cop was no longer making videos with the group that had helped him become so successful in the first place, then he began collaborating with a new YouTuber named Tiger, but this would also end in another bit of drama.
Crop Cop and I got into a fight. fight and after this fight I was left with practically nothing. Quebeco found Tiger when he was still a small YouTuber and although the details are not public, it seemed that Quebel Cop offered Tiger guidance and growth in exchange for part of the full ownership of The Channel, I'm like this guy could be a great youtuber if I trained him a little. He has much talent. Now this went exactly as they planned at the beginning. They started playing together and Tiger's audience quickly skyrocketed. 2 million views per month to 20 million views per month, however, around the same time, Tiger randomly stopped uploading content two months later, Tiger would upload a video on a different channel titled "Why I Quit Quebel Cop and Tiger explaining that he couldn't." He talks about what happened to the channel and I'm not going to go into who was right or who was wrong because I can't, but he was no longer friends with Quebel Cop.
They all ask the same thing. Why aren't you uploading Tiger and what happened between you and Quebec? Well, guys, it essentially comes down to one thing and that is that Quebec and I are no longer friends. Feeling hurt, feeling disappointed, feeling betrayed and most of all feeling forgotten, what would become obvious later was that somehow Quebel Copper claimed ownership of Tiger's channel when he uploaded a video in which he had cloned the Tiger's voice and attached it to an AI, which would provoke another response from Tiger, who was once again insulted by Geordie's actions. he made this cartoon character, he lent my voice and put it on the Tiger channel, listen Jordy, this cartoon version of you might be your best friend, but I'm not your best friend, okay, I'm not even your friend and after Tiger called him Quebeccopt.
He seemed to panic as he deleted all the videos featuring the Ai Tiger clone. The two would make up on Twitter with Geordie saying that life is too short to have enemies but soon after Quebeccop would end their exchange by blocking Tiger on Twitter but then for some reason my man decided to block me but you know what man , I don't mind. The most interesting thing about all this interaction is that it correlates perfectly with the point at which Quebecois opinions began to decline rapidly; However, the reason for the impending decline was not the drama. itself, but rather a discovery made by Geordi during the conflict with Tiger: that he could create an AI character to act like a real person.
One of the most important lessons I've learned in business is that almost everything you dream of is possible by cloning yourself too. easy four years ago I was in the middle of a burnout I made three videos a day and streamed two or three hours a day I wanted to be able to clone myself so I did What Quebec refers to in this Twitter thread is a channel that launched a month after the drama with Tiger posting gaming videos and using an AI character as the main personality in the videos, now there's nothing wrong with someone starting a second channel, but looking at the numbers it's obvious that this new AI channel His name is Blue. was seriously fragmenting geordie's attention on the main channel, it launched in May 2021 and started getting 4 million views per month instantly, however if we look at the Pueblo Cup channel, May 2021 was also the point where Its audience declined from an average of 100 million views per month to 60 million views per month.
Quebecoid began celebrating the strides its AI channel was making, but also seemed completely oblivious to the massive decline that was occurring on its main channel. , its average monthly audience fell by 40 million in quebel. Cop, while celebrating 4 million views a month in blue, was the very definition of the man who chases two rabbits and catches neither, and this decline in the main channel caused more changes that would ultimately get even worse more things. Bubble Cop would upload a video. I titled my biggest video with I Quit in the thumbnail explaining that I was no longer enjoying YouTube.
I'm having a hard time being creative. I'm having a hard time having fun at work. I'm having a hard time sleeping. I always worry about YouTube, I always think about YouTube. I'm not enjoying it as much as I did before I got to the state that after 10 years he was discontinuing daily uploads, so after 10 years of doing daily videos, I stopped. daily videos quebecock would end the video by stating that starting today I planned to create high quality content that the audience would want to watch starting today, from now on you can expect my next video to be top notch, really good, to be exactly what You Still Don't Want to See the first three videos posted in the following days: him bragging about his ten thousand dollar dog, then bragging about his custom orange G truck, then bragging about his $7.5 million penthouse.
Welcome to my seven and a half years. million dollar penthouse tour let's see if this video can get 100,000 likes and it's like why would you post this guy? Not only have you said in the past that apparently you don't do YouTube for the money I don't care to make. an extra money on youtube i don't care about the money, i don't really do youtube for the money, but do you really think the audience wants to open the youtube app and instantly watch something that makes them feel inferior to you? I think new viewers of your channel want to open the videos section and say one video saying I quit, followed by three videos talking about how rich you are.
You think it's just a coincidence that David Dobrik was canceled the same month he posted his brand. new multimillion dollar house on youtube when you invite envy into the lives of others, you pay for it in ways you wouldn't expect, all three videos felt like nothing elseThat a validation-seeking exercise that turned out to be quite unsafe, according to a 2008 study in The Journal of Consumer Research stated that when people feel powerless and out of control, they feel a greater desire to purchase items that convey high status. Furthermore, this greater attraction to high-status products is due to a specific inclination to restore power, which could explain the Quebec motive.
By uploading these off-brand videos, perhaps deep down he felt as if he had


his position of influence, which was certainly plausible because at the time of uploading the videos, his monthly audience had decreased by more than 85 percent since his peak, furthermore, his domestic tool could have been evidence that Quebeccop had fallen into the classic trap of distracting himself from the channel with the items he was able to purchase as a result of the channel, firstly, this theory could be supported by the fact that after After uploading the tour of his house to YouTube and announcing that he was no longer planning to upload daily, the video slowed down dramatically, going from one video per day to just two videos in both March and April 2022, causing even more damage to the channel view count.
Now we can't neglect the fact that their blue channel has actually gained a bit of traction in recent months gaining between 10 and 25 million views per month; However, when blue and quebec views are combined, even in the best months, it falls short of 40 million views, which is still less than half of what he was able to achieve by simply focusing on one channel in a recent video titled My real-life $100 million gta 5 deal, which has a similar vibe to the apartment tour. Quebecop talks about how he also launched an nft business and is working. in a video game that could further fracture your approach to youtube, as mentioned above, quebecop is extremely interested in terms of how to build and manage a successful youtube channel, although in general there are two obvious problems that need to be solved: the first problem, Fortunately, it's relatively easy to fix and it's ego related, Jordy.
I know how much we, as men, love to show off. It is written in our DNA to talk endlessly about how good we are, but you must resist the temptation to do so by proclaiming your high status. Posting videos of your g-wag and a multi-million dollar house ironically does the opposite of what you want, as your audience doesn't want to follow someone who needs to be validated in any way. The second problem is a little bit harder to solve as it requires more sacrifice or time and I could be completely wrong with this second problem because I'm not sure what kind of numbers your other companies are doing but your approach is clearly fragmented or such Maybe you have too many things.
To focus on you, you claim to have between 50 and 100 employees. I'm running a business. I don't know how many employees there were between 50 and 100 employees here, but their opinions are significantly below where they were during any other year since 2016. Some of the secondary men also noted the possible inefficiency of this, so Quebec basically tweeted saying that It takes an average of 14 days and 14 editors to make a video instantly. I think your team or your process is incredibly inefficient and while. The one step back two steps forward mentality is a great thing, having something that is filled with numbers, maybe you are just bragging about employing a lot more people than you actually employ and if this is the case it is just further proof of the previous point stop bragging, it's not necessary and it doesn't add value to anything at any time when you appeared on the watch time podcast with muselk, one very mature thing you said was that you appreciate when your youtuber friends criticize you for things.
So while I was probably a little harsh in this video, I hope I can provide some genuine, harsh feedback on where you can improve in the future.

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