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HELLUVA BOSS - Truth Seekers // S1: Episode 6

Mar 30, 2024
Right there, this was the first sighting. They are definitely from hell. They must use this dark magic to cross into our world. It seems like they are killing specific people, but why do they always attack randomly across the country. There is no way to predict where. will appear next oh well that's convenience remember we can't be seen pardon my word sir but you're currently being the loudest I said shut up you cock sucking lips moxie moxie back off you tuxedo wearing fox I'd like to look at the suits that the corporate corners are losing now, that was pretty rude, super rude, you okay, what are you doing sitting there?
helluva boss   truth seekers s1 episode 6
The boys are in trouble, open it again. Blitz was using a total of zero euphemisms, innuendos or swear words, that means he was serious, which means I was. don't open it until you open the portal now they're not here it smells like they're gone here we go let's find the dumb twins finally awake huh little buddy your mate's been around for a while now look back it takes a lot to keep it I'm fine, I took a lot of tranquilizers in the college I dropped out of and I haven't tied my nipple first to a car battery either, so oh, okay, tell us, demonic scum, who are you working for Satan?
helluva boss   truth seekers s1 episode 6

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helluva boss truth seekers s1 episode 6...

How did you come to our world? from beyond why are you killing humans? When did you appear here? Okay, I'll stop you right there. First of all, we just woke up from a very unpleasant shock and I still feel dizzy, so I'll ask you to do it. get us some coffee before we get into this, I mean, everyone drinks coffee and shitty movies with it seems like that, I'm right, I want some iced mox, I'll have a Neapolitan cappuccino, more Chinese captain, make sure it doesn't have more than four ounces of milk. Otherwise, the beans won't have the right texture and make sure they spill my name correctly in the cup.
helluva boss   truth seekers s1 episode 6
They always play foxy or roxy. I hate that if you can't handle that, I'll have a traditional venti misto, please use soy milk with two blonde shots affogato and ristretto. I'd also love three pumps of vanilla at the bottom and then add the coffee after that, we're not getting so silly anymore. Wow, they were giving me huge chills. Only there, maximum, congratulations if necessary, we are ready. resort to torture methods to get answers from you nasty beasts from hell, when you say tortured you mean physical or psychological, physical seems counterproductive, we would probably tell you anything if it meant the end of the pain and you would have no way of knowing what was.
helluva boss   truth seekers s1 episode 6
It's true or maybe we like it too much and then you'll have something completely new to deal with. What do you mean by that? Oh, you're stupid, huh, I could work with a stupid dad like a fool. You better stop laughing at us. Yes, you are the one. at our mercy it's hard to resist I'm so sorry, I mean consider your approach so far, you've kept us crammed here for how many hours and you haven't even made us confirm what exactly we are, what are you, I'm a Virgo oh, smart guy, huh , one more joke from you and we'll shut you up, oh, getting you horny, we're not playing no vile demon, I mean, that's what it sounded like back there, sick people, please don't give them any ideas, sir, why ?
No, I know you like to stop, we're not going to get nervous with you, calm down, don't let these monsters get to you, hey, aren't we going to get our phone call? That depends entirely on who you're going to call, hmm, you. You're a fat mom pretending to have a good time good try damn her fat mom is dead this is where they ended up I think this looks intense how are we going to get in? Take me to that truck, damn, you're pretty agile for an old lady, I'm like five years older than you, stop insulting my mother, she's dead, okay, hey, let's leave them here until they feel like talking, don't worry , mox, if we continue to be unpleasant, eventually they will make a mistake and give us a chance to get out, let's stick with them until they get so frustrated that they stop thinking clearly, it usually works hmm, so the demons want to play huh, well, we could play, yeah, I'm just worried about Millie, she'll be all over her.
At this point I'm sure Moxie will be fine. It would take a trip to the hippo to defeat that woman when she is angry. We have never dealt with the human government before she is in danger. Did you honestly ever shut up about Millie? It's always oh, how's Millie? I can not this night. I'm dating Millie. I'm really worried about Millie and she's always five feet away from you. She is pathetic. That was strangely personal. Yes you're right. I do not know why. Just let my guts spill out like this mister, they're filling this room with something the hell this is, I think it's some kind of syrup that tells the


in the air, oh, you just guessed, that's what it is, well, just ask me something specific, I wouldn't do it.
I usually tell you, okay, does melee ever hit you? Sometimes wait. Why did he know it well? Your suit is in bad taste. I'm sorry, how dare you? You have bad taste in music. I'm sorry. You said you liked that musical. I recommend it. I lied to you I left halfway through you said you loved it it was horrible moxie it was about ugly and horny cat this is all your fault how is this my fault blitz I can't see you god this smells terrible what is that music is that you? Is this a joke? Because I swear to God, it's not a joke.
Hey, why do you sound like that? Because you, my precious little boy, stop tripping over your balls, sir. No, how can this be? I've never tried acid troops or dmt, it's a bad trip. oy gevalt, of course, blitz, this would be your fault, my lungs are full of honesty, will you promise me you won't judge me? Yeah, I'm not trying to divulge too much, but I'm in too deep, so first of all, this is typical. Well, two of you can play this game of dismay because if you're here causing frustration, I'm torturing you and your hallucinations.
I simply follow your orders. It's not my fault if your orders are as absurd as a tanning bed left on the ground. the core draining the pores of a fresh April rain why do you talk like that? What does that mean? I am simply speaking satan's plain English. Maybe you should open a dictionary sometime and then maybe you can understand half of the frivolous things I do. and all about shut up, why are you hurting me? So I know I should push my friends away. Why does it seem like a recurring thing that you become alienated from your toxic routine?
I don't know, eventually everyone leaves because you're thoughtless and cruel. and you'll end up alone, you don't know what you're doing half the time and you're depending on me and the ladies to handle your silly flights of fancy. I don't need you, I can still do this alone very easily. You still push away anyone who gets too close until they resent you for being a selfish idiot but also for longing, it's quite unfortunate sir, considering this is often how you treat those who support you, like me, are you worried that can I have enough? One day stop talking too, you are all going to die, why have you kept your true feelings inside?
Hide, we accept your true feelings, so promise me what I can do To be honest, the world is your anus, so face it in all honesty. I've been an idiot, he's been an idiot. Together we can start to be well. Try it. Do you remember what you told me after my first day at the company? No, I don't really remember you telling me that I did a good job and that you were proud to work with me. I feel like you wanted to say something more critical, but you said it because I needed it and it helped me.
Look, I'm hard on you because I know what you're capable of. You worry too much about what everyone is doing. think except me because you know my opinion is right, but keep doing good work, it's okay, you shoot and kill well, you escape from things easily, you can be strategic and cold-blooded when you need to and don't expect more praise. I'm maxed out, thank you sir, you know my name, use it, thank you blitz, there's my Milly, impressive work, how did you get here alone? Get your butts out here before you show up. Okay, I've had too many emotions for today, guys. these out uh yeah they covered me yeah sir hey I'm so proud of you crazy bye biddy do you need a gun or something?
How about some water? Oh, sure, no problem, Nelly Billy, you want to have a good time with dad, my God, why are we? just using weapons from japan is not a period hey, the eno period was rough and you know it, damn, uh oh wow, you're really going for the dick, you're not here, I've got it for you now, wait for this, oh yeah, getting you hard, wait. This, oh crumbs, is everyone fine, how's that for the demonic scum? Oh, come on, fam, let's blast this cock joint. Great, the book, I can't, I can't read the spell in this light, I can't see the dick, oh, it seems like we've milked this weapon.
Dry your tits and now we're not tough anymore, you demons aren't going anywhere now, this old toe, what's up? The demon hunter had never seen a real demon before, he stole it, wait how did you know we needed help? I have my ways, darling. You're okay, ugh, I'm okay, I stole this. How did humans catch you? your highness, yes you can let go of your bird cat dollars, it won't happen again, it's okay, fortunately for you, most don't believe the word of demon obsessed lunatics, they are seen as crackpots, crackpots, such a silly word , now let us go back, yes, please.
I would like to return to the right hell as soon as possible. I'll get some thanks for the rescue. Well, I guess you should want me to knock your brains out tonight, so that's fine, but you'll keep quiet. I'm using those bear traps, oh please wow, now what? Now we finally have the evidence we needed to be taken seriously. No one in the company is ignoring this, so this was miss, it's a horrible mistake.

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