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GTA5 Online Funny Moments - Owls Can't Fly Helicopters!

Feb 27, 2020
okay, listen, you all have to take this seriously, okay, what are you laughing about? what are they laughing at? yes, friend, I am standing on this platform so that you can hear me better. with this birthday it's fine thanks it's fine listen this is this is my house it's fine and there's a bidet and what are we doing in your house? we were going to have a party but we realized we needed to go to this mission we needed we didn't drink well we didn't have alcohol we had to get alcohol and the only way to get alcohol is from this mission we are about to do this is killing people that okay or we're gonna kill four people for alcohol that's right yeah guys get set yeah okay party bus okay are we gonna take them out separately?
gta5 online funny moments   owls can t fly helicopters
Earth all together, let's get into a vehicle in one, yes, pump on the radar. here for moral support okay let's do this I can't live dan Seriously hey man I didn't I didn't say I didn't say I didn't drink before this mission okay something's wrong there's something wrong with This helicopter, first of all, I have never seen a helicopter with so many buttons. so what's going on makes me sick alright i think the first target somewhere around here oh he's right there he's right there he's above us he's above us he's above us tsubame stay Capone you're going to die, If you like? as you like? that's how you like that I don't know I said you like that but how you like that that's right that's right go back to the helicopter that's how I get people out okay you killed the helicopter you're good Wow Alright guys okay now We don't have our title, I've only been running a team so far.
gta5 online funny moments   owls can t fly helicopters

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gta5 online funny moments owls can t fly helicopters...

I've gotten one hundred percent of the kills so far, so I'm just posting that. Oh, let's accomplish this mission. there's a point where we leave the bottom right like ok ok ok ok explain how we're going to get this guy out here so here's the plan go and get that one i'll split up and get that guy, okay I was kidding I did that for the clip come back come back sorry you know there's a timer sorry sorry but you. i know what look this guy is at the top of this tower if only we had a helicopter look dude there's a ladder look louise a monkey i could climb on dude there's no way we're going to get wet in four minutes there man if you believe in you myself, I could achieve anything, that's fine.
gta5 online funny moments   owls can t fly helicopters
I read that on Pinterest it has enlightened me ever since. Look how long this will take. Remember what time we are going up. Yeah, something tells me the helicopter was an integral part of the mission. the reason it was on the quest thumbnail i know we used it we used it to kill that guy on that balcony ok if we kill this guy then we could complete this quest as what we call winning I know what Louie no matter how many stories we have to c member you know why because we're creating a story right now oh boy I'm going to go for it Louie this is a story we are going to tell your kids what is to climb on a crane for three minutes, yeah Hey, sure you have to put in that last detail, yeah, history, yeah, but if they ask what you climbed it for, who knows, I don't know, we knew we were going to do it. where is someone on the floor?
gta5 online funny moments   owls can t fly helicopters
He's here somewhere around 30 seconds 30 seconds we're going to shoot a grenade to try where they're here somewhere I know what we're into this is great I just spent a whole video climbing a ladder we're almost there hey you know if I have to choose again how I would do this Missy Artie Artie Artie I have to choose a way to do this mission and my choices were the helicopter and what we just did right now I would choose the ladder It was worth it, it was worth it for that joke, okay guys, all serious. s now take two, you know, it's all, it's all about the setup for the joke, okay, and I was really committed to it, okay, let's jambe, is this a one minute buyer?
What did you guys think were still in the car? I was sitting in the passenger seat, you know which one, the mission would be too easy if I flew three, well, man, yeah, I mean, I don't have to fly, man, I mean, you're an O, you want me to fly? I get it I get it Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you Oh Lee ok ok ok ok you have an angle you have to be more parallel you are coming in l1 l1 Gangu yes imagine if we would have used a helicopter instead of the No, what do you mean?
No, hey, Louise, I got it. t's gonna work on me i'm not gonna back off where you at if you at you ain't you suck ok we can hug this guy oh i didn't see that laid back hammer angle wasn't good for me they're good and dannan yeah Wow wow, where is it? Where is it? Where is Fleur? he no, i think you four come down from below, where's the son of a bee-sh, oh, you only have a minute? um him i mean kill you where is he we have 40 seconds ahem yeah who is this guy he's just here pretending to be like a builder it's just a normal day a normal man making a knight resisted i should feel bad he probably has like three kids and a wife at home and who do you work for but who do you work for let's leave the area inside hey terry they are for me look wait file how we do it in style what happened wait hello oh guys please tell me the mission really ended i lost connection to Internet.
Are you kidding? Well, everyone, since I got back, I've lost my internet connection. tion, so we got it, we have to do that last mission again, okay, what is this, right? You know what I hate even you than to lose hard working dirty cops to IAD entrapment what to lose them to a fucking bust so obvious my nephew would I'm not fooled so this is my only chance to stand between them and a deal with the prosecution. This is not a personal pleasure, so you are reading a text message on the best ladies. I'm a mental breakdown.
We were talking about the way Brocks' nephew is involved. all this travesty ok you're an idiot the broth is more in oh sorry so they arrested people they're going to transfer you we need to get it out yeah people are freaking out everywhere let's do this so little tank sobriety chip rocks tiny tank okay bye harry okay we'll catch up and time oh this is one where we'll really have to track them down keep trying mate im too smart and pull the parachute yeah that was close smart well played mr. caliber well played guys uh huh let's sit down that bum al wants to kill people i think that's it i think it's these girls right here this sucker for Vanessa hello welcome and welcome to the move wait we have cops because he just killed someone yeah but cops on a mission who don't take breaks louis general bus terribly well got distracted by something shiny guys buzz just be op bus light you to the rescue oh i paid this is faster than your car look this is actually right more efficient faster has more passengers looks like a penis looks like your penis but as long as your penis is and isn't square shaped take that check buddy what you guys on a bus and the bus driver decides he wants to go on a murder spree hands off each of your gun passengers we're gonna go out of our way to go kill some people no I'm not coming I'm going to kill anybody okay oh these guys do we have to take the corrido Louie?
I don't know I didn't read the mission it was ok I'll take you down Let's go to the edge of the road we have to forget. I am not friend. I don't think we should blow up the trucks that block the world. I died, okay, there is a dead person. we're doing it it's been a mess guys i told you the chemistry with delmon is good but like we do our ABC's in the bottom right we win we just have to complete our ABC's just take a chopper come on no that's what we did. with the chopper ok ok stop apologizing yes you made the car sneeze in real life yes hansen omg oh here let's get into batman cell follow me what do you mean watering you batman , this is not pity?
Oh at the station come on get in the car yeah I can't get in the car the back seats are painted why can't I get in this car ok we just said don't get caught. he didn't call me because of the way he looked at me just to die i didn't like the way he was dressed nice guys we got this we gotta take out the abc here we go i'm ready i got my aim ready like this guy who's one down two down there this it's so easy how we failed they're dead they're dead had to make it a little more interesting here this guy 15 more seconds for video of a code from his guys he said louie was like mr gta we drive away we should drive to that gas station, okay, a strip club, you better sneeze or something, get back in the car, the kids, no, no, just me, please, like you're bigger, eat a meal for me, go out with a T-shirt.
Yes, I walked around the car to get into the last machine. I don't wake the cops. We don't have time for you, friend. We have to do it. We have to kill a target. so convenient the door for us well that's not them oh oh everyone here we go i see it i'm gonna shoot and open the door how a man hangs i gotta help him someday? the door like a girl is dead he is dead we got him we have to lose the police now ok you can use one of those vehicles out there there is a plan here is the plan we are going to separate ok he has to go through here so in the count of three we're all gonna jump when the car drives fast enough and then we're all gonna die in the bucket no man we're gonna split up that's how they do it in the movies that's how we'll do it all alright alright here we go alright i'll go three two yes one go i was like nobody was going to fall for this and then i saw the door you know i was actually going to jump at the last second.
I was like, wait a minute, nobody's going to jump. I lost the police and you didn't, so you were in a bush on Brock, hell yeah.

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