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Girl Chat: Discount Dates and Gender Equality

Jun 10, 2021
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s? Well, a lot of people use the online coupon service Groupon as a way to save a little money when they're out, you know, on the town, but you guys, according to BuzzFeed News, are cool. Tiffany, 25, no one was criticized. on social media when she tweeted I'd leave a date if a guy used Groupon some people applaud someone like her one woman defended Groupon saying Groupon has all the deals and fun things to do for cheap now someone else mentioned it's not about just about


s but the ideas, so how offended are some of you ladies if you went on a date and your friend pulled out a Groupon or a coupon for a


girl chat discount dates and gender equality
Hell, no God was saying, look closely, one of the biggest secrets of why some of the richest people are. Being rich today is because they know how to save money, you are not considered a boss, it is about being efficient in the way you spend, so if a man is going to be honest from the beginning and let you know that he knows how to save money, guess whose bank account it is. Sharing later he pulled out a coupon for a date with me, but he would never use it against them. Actually, it's okay, like when you go to Six Flags, well, if someone took you to Six Legs and they took your coke cans. for the discount I'll say yes, no, I don't like it because that's something I grew up on.
girl chat discount dates and gender equality

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girl chat discount dates and gender equality...

It would be like giving smartly with your money and that's very sexy, that's smart, this is my thing. I'm all for saving money, yeah, okay. I agree with you Jeannie though I just don't want to see it so I can use a coupon but don't be like man this day was amazing Pam there you go what if I had super style and it's. like he's like me it's so crazy because i actually picked this place and then i realized i had a Groupon for it so it was half off how cool is that oh no just start get up and go pay the bill where you can.
girl chat discount dates and gender equality
I don't see you, yeah, you pretend to go to the bathroom, you do that trick, yeah, that's class, yeah, classy, ​​okay, I mean, don't just look at the Groupon, let's be honest ladies, and let's talk to the ladies right now, yes, if we can just look. What if you had a great date? What would happen if you took yourself to a good restaurant? Where are we going? Did he pick you up? Did he have a good conversation with you? Did he order a nice bottle of wine? It's not just criticizing the brother because he took out a Groupon, yes, he is saving money for other areas, you know, maybe I know this, since today, as a married woman, I talked to many of my friends about their


and listened to them and, to Sometimes women are very picky about the side qualities of a brother who is just trying to make it happen, yes, I know, and that long term is actually something they would appreciate in a husband, no, I don't know, man of right, you're joking, there are no coupons, no, but then people are fine, single people who are looking for guys, they should say no to a guy, offer him a second day if everything else was great except the coupon, give them know so you know I'm uncomfortable, but you don't know anyone, none at all you would say that's why you're single my show let me know it's not that it's not that the point of dating is that if I can't afford it today and this is how you do it, so don't go out, okay.
girl chat discount dates and gender equality
It means you can't afford to have a spouse and loved one desert, yeah, buddy, buddy, taking it too far, I tell my first second day, ok, we're talking about when you're going to have to buy that house and you're going to have to work together. Let's take my first date Your first date is your first impression, that means a lot, okay and if you discount on the first date, what the hell do we all do on the tenth day? I have people in my life, Amy and Frank. they are my sister and my brother-in-law Frank when he left school when he left college he didn't make any money Annie believed in him and supported him they moved into a very, very bleak apartment in Philadelphia and he went to school and he did the hers and they shared Groupon type dinners, they shared like happy hour, you know how special they did all that together and she stayed by his side and until today he built a business and now he is a multimillionaire and takes a Very good, I applaud you because you have been incredible and wonderful, but that first day is very good.
Yes, can you make an inference and reframe how the first date went? As always, they literally use a Groupon the first day. He, what you say, okay, what was the response? He did a special, ordered dinners before 6:00 p.m. so that the dinners were half, he shared, they shared meals together, they made a table on top of that first day, you were about to say no, okay, that first date, what he did was they left school, he was, he was broke, he didn't. She had a lot of money so she went home and asked her parents if she could take her out and then she took her to dinner, she took her to a nice dinner, but she always did it at a time when the meals were cheaper and she liked him. said. she that he told her I want you to know that I really like this David it would make you feel better wait Lani it would make you feel better if a guy like Tim told me - okay it would make you feel better if the guy said look The man stepped forward and was honest, yeah, I think it's really cool when you can see a guy just wear his heart on his sleeve or say, you know what I want to do on this first date I want to go on, I want to do this first.
Go on the best first date you've ever had, but I'm going to be honest. I want to do everything I can for you. This is right, that's right, yes, but I'm going to be honest with you, oh, we have to go. around happy hour, but is that okay with you? That's great, just know. I think being honest is really awesome, like oh, I'm saving. I want to give you a great future if this works, there are too many explanations for that, you know, and I. I will need to hear about your plan on how to date me, just take me, you already got your date on dry land, he must be honest, but this is to see why they are talking about me and taking into account that women do it because I know a lot okay, look, I mean, what about the money?
Do you know that women do it? The women take me and leave. You know you're going to have your group. You didn't take me out. No, we are going too far. I love using your coupon. Not asking you out on our first day bothers you, well this is something Tiffany might approve of. An article in New York Magazine says millennial men are more likely to think women should stay home while men work than previous generations. Young Millennials are much less progressive than their counterparts from two decades ago on issues related to women and housework, they will probably use Groupons, that's for the home.
The old school style of thinking made me wonder what happened to the old-fashioned values ​​and manners that we have unlearned. Parents are no longer instilling them so strongly that we are going backwards because now more than ever Lee, we have women CEOs, we have women entrepreneurs, yes, and you would think that they would inspire these young people, many older, to participate in women's riots on Mars , so this same thing. that millennial men would prefer their wives to stay at home is that we are going backwards instead of moving forward it is very interesting you want to know why because before mom took care of them that's why and I think my personal opinion of the Millennials that I know, yeah, I'm not going I'm going to talk about Millennials like I'm not sitting at this table, you know, but nowadays I've noticed that Millennials are actually more likely to make money faster than the generations of their past.
Because of the big explosion of the internet, yes you make money by building websites which I made. I have friends who became millionaires simply by being able to come out with a program for different people in the company. I mean, that's why the boom in Soho houses and houses without them work. live spaces work because people work remotely now no one works in offices anymore people are cool everywhere we go said yeah what does your family do the board of directors so my point is Millennials are now thinking about retiring at 30 35 years old and they are actually happy, but what does that mean? it has to do with them wanting Widow's Day and I think Millennials could see that their wives don't work and that they're great and they're going to make money and they're going to be uh what if you don't want to stay home?
Okay, but they are a man. The man is getting back to the only right of him, great, but I think, for Freddie, he knows that I will never stop working. I always like to make my own money and I really like to use my brain, but he also liked the idea that he can support me so that I never have to work if I wanted to and that my husband my husband asked me once we got married and he said: Listen to Mary, you never have to work again, do you want to stay home? Or do you want to work?
I tried staying home for a year and a half and it didn't work for me, who works for others, so everyone likes these men who take them to a Groupon and make them work, they don't. I want the Groupon guys to have said no to Groupon. I like the guys in the group. I wanted to leave with money. I want him to make money. I don't want to make money the next day, but you're also worried about his mindset and whether he's going to sit here and say, well, I think you should stay home. You know, that's not like that.
This is what happens with this society. We want equal pay for equal women, which is what I think is right, but in the same bank, do you feel you should be treated equally? a man treats you differently don't you see it, actually I like


on both sides. I like the idea of ​​being able to work and support my family as much as I like my husband, but the thing is, I like the idea. I like it and I like it. I think when it comes to I want my man to treat me like a lady.
I don't, if you're not my man, you don't have to open the door for me because I can open it myself. is an equal and your man should cheat not like our children what are we teaching because that's what I think this is saying yeah we're getting there where are you taking this time to think yeah and we're forgetting that the children at the end of the day are the ones who need time to spend with the most correct thing not with your babysitter or not with your babysitter not involved in school or another game but being there with the parents who had two parents who worked.
I turned out okay, thank you Jesus, but I really would have loved it. I usually sat next to you and I think it would hurt a lot, but I really love the moments I had with my mom and dad, and I didn't always do that. get a lot of them because dad had to work in the rain if mom had to work research as a working mother research actually shows that it's not the amount of time you spend with your children, but the quality, there are fathers who are there every day and They're not really watching their kids, not the private TV, that's right, the iPad, I don't know, so what do I do, let them know what I do when I'm when I'm not working, I'm in my son's and my face. daughter. every chance I can get and let me tell you this, they know the difference between their caregiver and their mother, yes, and I want to show my children that no matter what


you are female or male, you can do anything you want.
I want, yes, and you have to be ambitious, whatever that is, and I love that you say whatever, because for some people their biggest dream is to be a housewife and we shouldn't take that away from them, that's not staying. -Dad at home, yes, there are dead men who are willing to be the backbone of their family and let me tell you who is kicking ass and winning and doing a great thing, you better be there supporting her, thank you. take a back seat sometimes and I think a lot of us women do that in our lives and in our careers you know it takes um what's it called it's something that you're committed to and your teamwork yeah it's a season in your life your husband may be the one you know excels at his job climbing the ladder in the corporate world whatever the case may be and sometimes a woman has to take a backseat, that's why you should have the opportunity to do it, they should be the Same reasons why many women work outside, yes.
Many women would like to stay home and be with their children but they can't, so we shouldn't make them feel bad.

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