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May 31, 2021
Hi friends, it's me, your favorite dusty pink haired youtuber, I'm not really Halle, but what do you guys think of that hair color? I hate it. I need to know, but anyway my digital friend NEX just made a video about children's coloring books that went wrong. wild got inappropriate I didn't watch this video yet but he sent me some of the pictures in my head it's pretty funny so you know what video idea grabbed just a little cartoon cat holding his tail let's play jump rope With your tail, could you play? jump rope with your cat's tail I would like to report a non-vegan what's up I have worms and some tears in my eyes his tail has a mouth similar to Molina way to add flavor I didn't even want to play jump rope until you choose the color, you know we love to play a high stakes game, so I guess as soon as you grab the other side of the table, play jump rope, say goodbye to your hands, even color has a sad face, one From my favorites. children's cartoon Dora the Explorer is now coming out with a live action movie, you know, the entire cast of Dora sat in front of me at the Kids Choice Awards and I had no idea until they came on stage, oh my god, Dora is sitting right in front of me, oh yeah, what did she sneak away from, let's see in color, oh no, Dorothy's final mission, this is what happens in the movie, sneak past the Border Patrol, oh no, you better grab your boots and push your backpacks.
funniest kid drawings
I hope you can run as fast as you baby, the puppies are working on each other, they are so cute, they are so cute playing with each other, I can't wait to see what they do to this mother who becomes a mom. We have dog fights with a $5.00 bet on which puppies fight. to the death, come on ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets, place your bets, dog fighting is not cool, I don't know how, man, how did they think of this? I thought I was crazy and then they come. Someone who can look at this completely innocent I'm a dog mom and her puppies image and then turn it into this.
funniest kid drawings

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funniest kid drawings...

I love it. I hated the puppy's faith because he is like a poor child and that goes from this to a demon. This one definitely. winning, oh here's the teddy bear holding a doll, weird but okay, like kids hold dolls, teddy bears don't hold dolls, oh okay, that's why Shh is holding that doll too tightly , turns blue, it's over for her, I'm NOT a teddy bear, damn it. go old teddy bear good old Mickey Mouse over here holding a frog toad frog I don't know be holding it hopper what happened you're supposed to be familiar the familiar mouse lesson learned don't do toad don't touch that no Don't lick them, don't suck them, just don't Do it or you'll end up like Mickey.
funniest kid drawings
Open your coloring book and you'll see a photo of a bear holding a snail. That's a strange friendship. Bears are not friends with snails in real life. Let's make it a little more precise. Oh bear, he has a hammer. Now let's see what's under that shelf. You guys like it a little more. Nature is really horrible. That is your home. It only has one Scheldt. His life. I feel the horror when I laugh, but it's very funny. the poor snails keep smiling like they have no idea what's going to happen it's like Oh that cheers me up, it must be my friend top 10 anime betrayal Hey, do you remember this scene from Kingdom Hearts where Flynn Rider burst into the fronton from Rapunzel's tower to save her?
funniest kid drawings
Yes, he, he broke, she tied him with her hair. Tara gave him the color version. Wow, this is inappropriate. She monetizes. Okay, you know what some people deal with. I feel like this photo could have been a lot worse, but it's okay. What is this? An aunt, an aunt running back to Louisville, finishes, don't run, they crawl on four legs or six, they have like six legs, they crawl on six, but this guy runs it, you know what we do to the ants that they run The magnifying glass equals death, is it true? I have never tried this.
I've never tried the good magnifying glass plus the sun, but it doesn't really set them on fire and he keeps running. They love you? Why are you running trying to get away? your small town like me I'm not I'm not like that I'm a marathon runner oh no we don't have a minion dressed as a maid 20:19 minions have rights too I don't like this, but first it's like why isn't the suit minion and maid? I swear Yahwah asked you for this. You know he makes them dress like that. He makes them ruin their inappropriate childhood. It's a joke.
I didn't watch Despicable Me until I was an adult. Yes, there is nothing to see here. a photo of a girl looking at some flowers oh they are beautiful why do I look like they are making this emoji on her bra. I'm not just seeing the things those flowers are putting on that face, will you look at me, girl? walk and go and then the color version Wow, don't relax, just the camera surprises me because I'll get a pretty penny on eBay so I can buy carrots for my family. I wonder who looked at this photo.
I thought: do you know exactly what it is? Missing from the photo is a rabbit with a camera hmm you know this is a thing of life in Japan advice don't wear a skirt or dress on an escalator or stairs hats is not a little girl way is this the same girl that is in sunscreen? her butt is showing in the sunscreen anyway this is before her skirt blew up she's playing in the water with her dog but she kind of looked at her skirt up like she was fighting look oh that's not what I thought it was going to be that's not what I thought, what way to go, then she would go back to her childish form, she would go to the parents, like why is she missing.
I can't seem to find it. I don't know where it went, it literally sucks the life force out. from him that's really scary here's a word or a caterpillar some kind of insect reading a book beautiful day outside until you see the colors another beautiful day something double your green booty doubled for you guys it's probably like a bird? I'm going to slide you up, there's nothing to see here, just a folder, some cubes coming out of the hive, you know, a good worker doing his daily things, then the color version, I mean Yogi Bear, like whatever the hell his name is, I don't even know who this bear is.
I don't know him by his legal name? Are you trying to steal a bucket of honey? He got what he deserves. You get stung everywhere, I mean everywhere and the bee will move on. You know, all in a day's work. deal with this daily, yeah boy, here churning butter, we got the milk, the almanac, salt, why do you need an almanac to churn butter? Anyway, it's not really butter, milk, we have ammonia, yeah, biochemistry textbook, you know, stay in school, he's only six. take it biochemistry wow she must be a genius we have Epsom salt we have iodine I wonder what she is doing think think draw who is thinking oh no this can only end one way yes she has thought a lot and then the end is oppai what a beautiful day for Big Bird can rest in the pool or in the ocean some kind of body of water oh no he's not resting because I never liked big I was like a scary prey who did this to him who did this to Big Bird here's Elmo this element or is it the other guy from Sesame Street, I don't know and at the end the girl who looks like Ernie but isn't Ernie Ernie with a wig and they're just doing like those hand puppets, how could this go wrong? just hand puppets oh at first I thought he was a ghost his hands are raised I'm not controlling this puppy this puppy is controlling himself Then I realized what he's actually doing oh no no no no No Elmo, where did you learn this unpleasant behavior?
Elmo likes puppets. I'm not even law explaining if you understand, you all go crazy for this best part. She has no idea, oh my god, are some of these. I can't show that, but they're so, oh, me. I'm screaming Oh bunny, you're not a bunny or a puppy anyway, gasps the librettist's mouth, that's a ball, he colors it and turns the slipper into a condom, literally, why the dog is bad, I take it out. Now several things can happen, hey, you'll eat it B. he'll use it look, he puts it back slowly and we forget that this ever happens the innocent image of a stuffed dog drink drink drink drink colored version I want to play a game oh no , say it's like that with scissors you want it to come out of that wood it just says it oh you're horrible for that and in the movies at least they had a saw but scissors hmm we love challenges what sounds like a seal or are these walruses a walrus or a seal common guy I don't know the difference oh you What I know is that the sound they make I was arguing they just relax in the water being sea creatures until now they find out that in the middle of the ocean it's a beautiful day to get engaged hairdryer bathtub are you sure that that's the face you want to put on your last few? seconds in another of Sesame Street, the whole gang here listens to the blue boy playing his guitar, all singing having a good time until the clock strikes midnight singing songs with a friend summoning demons with friends the only way to do it oh, he's already on the wall everyone hail the wall demon oh no, we have an empty doghouse here about to rain finish this dog's house so he has a roof over his head oh no, look what happens when you give him a roof it's your fault for drawing a roof.
Where did you go wrong? You didn't give him enough dog treats. It's Mickey Mouse again. Let me load it in a second. Who knows what he is? Santa. Those hands are too small to be Minnie Mouse. Oh, Mickey caught it. They come down. Hey. silly why do you look so surprised what's going on blue I didn't say oh no I don't know what was going on but I'm going to be okay ruined childhood ruined adulthood already ruined life trivago hotel so anyway that's all for today I hope you guys Enjoyed this video, comment below which one of these ruins your childhood forever or if none of them did, which one was your favorite and be sure to like right below and subscribe, you're in the wolf pack.
I upload a new video every single day, I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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