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Fuhrer Kryoz rules over the land, using his tank to destroy plebeians - Shellshock

Nov 13, 2021
you open my window my boobs are getting hot bro yeah look at that i'll look around and the turret it's got a rounded turret it looks like a little pee head you stopped insulting my


yeah we shouldn't be our bonus fancy rims yeah fancy hood and fancy barrel its that chode home i could get all this he's just trying to look like he's a rookie why is he stuck on my screen tab? Oh I couldn't move, shoot yeah that's next The plan is you want to shoot See what I'm aiming at See what I'm impressed?
fuhrer kryoz rules over the land using his tank to destroy plebeians   shellshock
Somebody got that shot Shoot me Wait, doesn't the rainbow go through the ground? There's no dead road to Anthony I didn't know what dead weight stops as soon as I hit the uses of revenge Oh Johnny Oh I won't hit you anymore I literally can't move Why don't we take this place? This is the worst place for us. It's lovely, yes, because your brain is so small. you can actually hit people in this thing in regards to what i did i'll give you fog that's right up your ass yeah but it's kind of easy and hit something where it literally falls into a hole but yeah it's more or Less like bragging that every time you jump you


back on the ground, no, it's like you're out of it.
fuhrer kryoz rules over the land using his tank to destroy plebeians   shellshock

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fuhrer kryoz rules over the land using his tank to destroy plebeians shellshock...

For other women and you wish me luck, we have two easy ones. targets in a pit I know but they're going to be hard to deal with once they're gone, logical thinking holy ok guys can you please stop targeting me? sniper range guess what i got two of them oh hey minnie let's make another truce just for fun cause we're going to die or 100 percent of us both will die hopefully this hits the fire sub boom sniper number 2 no sub ohm that it's kind of nothing i we'd get out of here i think we're fine sleep come on it's night / oh now everyone is on the same level play what is counter 3000 i don't know what this is but jon could kill us all oh no us just to be sure that I will kill you, John, what are you doing?
fuhrer kryoz rules over the land using his tank to destroy plebeians   shellshock
He expected with such confidence that he was going to die. it's a good chance it wasn't even near me now i feel bad oh nice crown it'll be a shame when it gets stolen what kind of map is this ok so guys let's talk a shot of my full angles yes, that's right, okay, I did. Don't even shoot, God I saw I get hit, yeah I got someone I did 74 damage to so I hope you let me move around a bit until I kill you, damn I'm trying to get enough power to go Johnny, yes, I will get enough power. kill them that might be too much what is it oh oh okay who sent the artillery at you it's a level playing field not really dude the shit is lopsided it's your fault i can't i don't know if i can shoot without blowing myself up oh well we know there's no shutting up about letting her in everything you ever wanted to do in this game, how about you drive your own little one right now? so i'm sorry i'm so sorry who you gonna find out just yeah it was our session alright rainbow nice shot nice shot i can't move off this hip nice shot i bet you can oh, but you like that, I'm almost fine. oh we're almost dead oh me and john we're practically together again yeah we shot each other how does dick taste like dick?
fuhrer kryoz rules over the land using his tank to destroy plebeians   shellshock
It hasn't been seen in my positioning, okay, you have to do 27 mini damage. I don't know if I have something that can actually kill them. I guess I was ready. It's okay. Shoot now. I'll hate him more when I'm done with you. I'm not going to play it. Why is it really so violating? One ohm says it's ok. I can't climb this hill. I am a


. You are not there? You are killing me? Stop the plan. I'm just going. Where I went? It's OK? You miss your gay God. What do you like to be friends temporarily?
I like if we go as the distance. We have to be friends and I think we should call for a ceasefire because, yeah, we're all pretty close. I don't know where this is going so don't hate me. very boy the earthquakes yes yes I can climb this hill thank you very much for me I think you have his coffee you say he was uncomfortable come back dead oh you have five four three two one how are we? coffee i made oh wow oh my god yeah we'll see if this works probably won't recover this is going to work that's the gang there's life on the edge. to me jesus christ ok communicate that lms john did you hit me?
I wasn't trying to, it was really big, maybe the same distance from me, what do you mean they're far away? i'm fine i want to say who is going to be my battle partner no one you are dying i will decide if one person wants to be you Anthony you can agree but he is going to die in this round so oh never mind don't worry i am your one for hundred dead This don't even try. Pretty sure. No. I'm not sure. om a thief Johnston, thank you so much, let's just shoot a grain of sand in the air.
I don't know where this is going, neither do I, for fun on the ground, yeah, I don't know what the mole completely held. booty hey you're allergic to cats i'm allergic to an ax that's a weird thing to be allergic to oh my god lots of kitties that hell god damn it's all coming Fat Boy it hurts slap my paws higher up a shot come on protect me a shield oh god My jiggly if you could line this up with double damage I could get a full direction what if I do this? It really hurts now, second, damn, man, these grenades will feel so good on your skin, oh, that's bad for both of us.
I can sneak a rainbow into the ground. Oh fish alright you know what we're going to do on this with the party did we do you the d? isco ball thing or whatever it's a party Oh jiggle oh this is bad whoo I love to party it's not a party if somebody don't die bro your eyes startle then somebody don't follow a pattern yeah jiggly keep doing alot of damage but losing the game makes me want to die i've been wiped out and


ed like first or second you better be good at it bro you know they say my check im gonna run a check or we there my college to pay maybe not money go ahead in a Second, I put a no, let's go to the net, you're trying really hard, I heard I'm going to get a hoodie in my car, these obstacles are in the heart of my path.

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