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Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia - Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)

Feb 19, 2020
you and your friends to come to my palace so that I can entertain you. I'm like, are you kidding...? I will not be invited to a palace by a prince. Oh my God. Until this point, my only experience with royalty was a Burger King. All of a sudden one of those vans pulls up and this guy jumps out in a suit and I guess his favorite word was please because that's all he said... please... please... please... please... please... Please... Please... I'm like, are you kidding me? There's a man in a suit trying to get me in the back of a Lincoln Navigator And there's a prince inviting me to his palace I'm not gonna lie...
fluffy visits saudi arabia   gabriel iglesias from aloha fluffy gabriel iglesias live from hawaii
I felt like a hot girl I was like oh my gosh come on! Hurry up bitch, come on! We got to the front of his palace, boys. I'm not going to lie to you. It didn't look... like a palace. The walls are very high... There is barbed wire all around the property... And there are two types. out front with machine guns I'm looking at this and I'm like This doesn't look like a palace And I started thinking… What if I'm in a messy episode of Middle Eastern Punk'd? what I mean? You thought you were going to the palace, you were going to prison, you're Punk'd!
fluffy visits saudi arabia   gabriel iglesias from aloha fluffy gabriel iglesias live from hawaii

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fluffy visits saudi arabia gabriel iglesias from aloha fluffy gabriel iglesias live from hawaii...

Fortunately, the doors opened And we went in And then they closed And when we came out, you What we saw was incredible Outside... Desert Inside... Palm trees, bushes, bushes, a pond And he had exotic pets I know exotic pets Because I know what What do I have there... It has a tiger! Damn zebra... Monkeys And he had a damn boa constrictor. I'm like, are you kidding? Snakes, monkeys, a zebra and a tiger...OMG that makes me Kung Fu Panda And I started thinking what if he decides to stay with me? It sounds messy. But let me explain.
fluffy visits saudi arabia   gabriel iglesias from aloha fluffy gabriel iglesias live from hawaii
As an American, you can't just buy a plane ticket. To go to Saudi Arabia, you have to be invited by a person with power, you know? When I left Detroit to go there, I had to fill out a form that said: I understand that I am going to Saudi Arabia. And if something happens to me... One of those things on the list is Kidnapping Conveniently right above Death America. not responsible The Prince could have... "You're mine" Two weeks later... Now he's teaching someone else, right? That's my snake, that's my zebra That's my mexicana... That's my tiger...
fluffy visits saudi arabia   gabriel iglesias from aloha fluffy gabriel iglesias live from hawaii
Keep me inside a little box that says Jibril But it never happened... And we're walking And I actually pulled aside for a second I said listen uh... I have to tell you something Well tell me... I need to apologize what did you do? I didn't do anything... I just want to apologize... For coming here With the wrong mindset I mean unfortunately I thought uh... You know, because it's the Middle East, I thought you guys were going to be rude And everyone hasn't been more than nice Ahhh? I know I didn't think you guys were going to speak English that well and understand, you know, so many references and you understand everything, huh?
I know! I thought they were going to throw rocks... But they were funny... What? It doesn't matter... 2 of 3 So we're walking And he's showing me this and that And I'm kind of looking around, I thought it was cool And then I saw something that scared me We're walking in the direction of a giant cage And when I saw the cage , I stopped and I was like uh... uh... What's with the cage? Take a look. Cool... So I go over to the cage and I look inside and I realize there are birds in there and I was like, oh, okay, cool.
It's a bird cage. I was offended. Those birds are not normal... Those are hawks. I'm doing well, you have many hawks. We use the falcons to hunt. Do you hunt falcons? No no no no no... Each hawk is very expensive US$100,000 They are trained We went out and shot a little animal And we sent a hawk to retrieve Would you like to see? No no no no no no... I have puppies, I don't want... Bye Bruno Before I know it, here comes the other boy Please... Please... Please... And he enters the cage And he puts on this leather glove that comes up to his elbow and starts grabbing one of the falcons i'm watching him do this and i notice all the falcons are in these purchases this high and there's about 15 in a row and they all have hoods.. .Covering their eyes And I asked him why do they have hoods over their eyes man?
They look like little hostages. Shit! Sorry bro sorry I meant no disrespect to that man... Seriously no disrespect... It was a slip up And he was great I understand Middle East... Hostage... So the other guy He comes out And he's got a hawk with him And he's got a glove And he hands me the glove And I put it on... And he transfers his Hawk to my arm And uh... All of a sudden, he starts clicking things And he's basically showing me that the hawk he's trained And I thought that was cool I thought we were going to kill something I'm like nooo but we were just playing with the hawk And I started to get excited, you know?
And the more I got excited, the more the Prince started to show the age of him Because then he got excited I was like, this is cool It's cool Yeah, this is so cool So cool I'm like God, you're so lucky to have so many hawks. I am so lucky. Would you like a hawk? So, actually, like... Would you like a cookie? Do you want a hawk? Same way! I'm like, are you kidding? Don't give me a hawk that can retrieve things Shoot you think I'm lazy now... Hell no Don't give me, oh no uh uh I wouldn't even leave the house I'd be at the front door...
Donuts And who the hell's gonna see my Falcon when I'm up here performing? I can't leave him behind with my compadre Martín You know I would abuse Take him to a disco Try to hook up with him... The redhead

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