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Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Jun 06, 2021
Warning and incoming Infinity War spoilers Watch all YouTube channels I'm just click-starved, too many channels to watch them all but to turn them all off at once Instantly, that's no mercy with a snap of your fingers, half of all channels from YouTube they will. disappear Finally I could sit content and watch oh No, no, they all had second channels Hello Internet Welcome to



where let's be honest here for a second on top of the YouTube channel that is dusted off overnight It's probably the best way to get people interested again when they were starting to reach out more to the youtuber.
film theory thanos was right avengers infinity war
You know, while it wasn't boring, Infinity War, I have to be honest. It was much better than I expected. It was such a well-balanced movie, the perfect mix of action, humor and drama, all of that, and they covered 60 characters without it feeling rushed or bloated. It was so good. He had to have made Superman wet. his white briefs or little red ones, I guess perhaps most impressive of all was Panos, easily one of Marvel's best villains, nay, best characters for being this big bad Titan, he was surprisingly relatable and sympathetic, as much as can be understanding and relatable to someone. looking to wipe out half the galaxy's population if you're still with us but haven't seen the movie yet because all the theaters are still sold out.
film theory thanos was right avengers infinity war

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film theory thanos was right avengers infinity war...

Let me catch you up on Thanos the giant purple blue pink Sari Doc fine Thanos the rainbow guy watched as his planet became overpopulated and began to run out of basic resources. The police suggested a random sacrifice of half the population of his planet. The other Titans found this suggestion, so they ignored it. Eventually, the planet could not find a solution and destroyed itself. process that leaves Thanos with the universe's biggest case of "I told you so" to prevent other planets from experiencing the same fate. The great Papa Thanos made it his life's work to randomly eliminate half of the life in the universe.
film theory thanos was right avengers infinity war
He mentions that he has done it once. before on Gamora's home sin planet, and then it worked pretty well since I don't have the clip from the movie since it's still in theaters to prove it. Here is a dramatic recreation of that scene I was a child when you took me I see Smoking a lot I see you What's wrong with my shadows? What do you want my Santa that you are here? Do you want me to be Gamora and you to be Thanos here? Let's do it that way then I was a child when you took our service, friend No, no, we were happy in my game at home Going to bed hungry Searching for bushes on your planet I was on the verge of collapse I was the one who stopped it,


film theory thanos was right avengers infinity war
You know? What has happened since then, children who are born know nothing more than full bellies and clear skies. It's a paradise because you murdered half the planet. A small price to pay for salvation. You're crazy. And Earth is next on their target list at the end of Infinity War. In fact, we see the nanites succeed, although of course that random cooldown process is specifically aimed at those characters whose contracts aren't about to expire, but you know what we're going to do. Give Vanos the benefit of the doubt here in the sum that he's not secretly working for some dark and secret Overlord, but here's the thing, as absolutely crazy as his Thanos plan seems and as much as we, as audience, let's not believe what is being said about the state of Gamora's entire world if you stop and look at the economic statistics and historical precedents, Thanos may be


Did you hear right? When you run up the numbers, it turns out Thanos is crazy and the data is just as bad as you might think. First, let's talk about population growth, since that is the underlying driver of the entire economy. Here are two main population growth models that exist today: The exponential growth model and the logistic growth model, the exponential model basically says that as the population grows, the rate at which it grows will continue to increase and It will get faster, basically doubling every generation, and this makes a little bit of sense. Well, if I have two children in each of those two children, now there are four, those four children have two children each and now there are eight each.
The generation doubles or in science class, how do you learn that a bacteria that divides every twenty minutes can produce five trillion trillion bacteria in just one day and then you get out of class if you never touch the doorknob again? a door. But you can see that in the case of humans. This doesn't really work We all have different numbers of children or no children OR we live in a part of the world where it is illegal to have more than one child as a result There are population logistic models where population growth starts to slow down at a certain point that It reaches some kind of upper limit called carrying capacity.
This is generally the result of environmental factors in the case of bacteria. They could be the walls of the Petri dish. You just run on a roof and for many demographers, people who study human populations, they believe that we have a carrying capacity for specifically between 11 and 12 billion people, that sounds like it's a lot, but remember that right now we have 7.3 billion people. So we're actually not that far away from the idea that we'll slowly get closer. The carrying capacity of the Earth was first proposed by 18th century demographer Thomas Malthus. If you want to learn more about Malthus and the philosophy of Thanos watch the musical Urinetown anyone anyone No Nobody is interested in a delicious musical game through a world where you have to pay to pee well and then watch the prank channel Who made a video excellent on that same topic that you can see here later?


is over. Don't worry, I'll link it during the final screen so you don't forget to watch it. Malthus's TLDR is Malthusian theory or ism. Is that quote? The power of the population is indefinitely greater than the power of the Earth to produce Systems for man or as Thanos put it. It's a simple calculation. This universe has finite resources. If life is not controlled, life will cease to exist. It means correcting, but Thanos took into account something that Mult did not take into account and that is the carrying capacity with humans. Our carrying capacity of eleven to twelve billion is less.
Due to environmental constraints and more so to our own economic behavior, the global birth rate has been falling since the UN began tracking it in the 1950s, dropping from 37.2 births per thousand people. in 1952 1955 to 19.4 births per thousand people. as recently as between 2010 and 2015, that's a big difference and you can't blame dwindling resources for it, since during the same period gross world product increased more than nineteen times, from about four trillion to about 77 trillion So what's the problem here? Well, is it infant mortality, or should I say the lack thereof? It may seem strange that more babies living would actually cause a population decline, but this is what your great-great-grandparents lived in a world much more difficult than ours: they lived in a time when, unfortunately, it was very unusual that all his children lived. live to maturity, each child he lived, however, could help him work his land or manage his household when he was unlikely to be able to afford to hire much labor on his own, he could also marry off his children to obtain a dowry Zoar political capital and therefore, Although it was socially advantageous to have as many children as possible, today there are far fewer economic advantages to having children, which is certainly great for me to say when my wife is praying rn8.
But seriously, it's true. There are no more our e's in any case, your child is likely to cost you money on the wedding and education and while you live in your basement looking for work and talking about that time is another key factor here as the amount of time we spend raising Each child has historically been on an upward trend if his medieval father didn't show up to his Pony League Dousing tournament because he was too busy fighting the Crusades to whip the servitude into shape literally and figuratively. Well, that's expected, but if your current dad here in 2018 misses just one minor league baseball game because of his job, you'll get a Lifetime Movie of the Week.
He was so abandoned when he was a child. In fact, we can see this on the world stage today, where many of the most economically developed countries. Populations are stagnating. Japan had a record number of children, around 15 million this year, and in Europe, the average couple only has one point six children, which is not even enough to collectively replace the existing Generation. This means that the human population is no longer growing exponentially as many of the fear-mongering media proclaim. Since 1960, we have had absolutely zero exponential growth. We have had absolutely linear growth and this is the crux of Tanis' plan.
You see, the human population is still growing exponentially. Well, then his Thanos plan would have only set the world's population back a single generation or about 25 years. But because our birth rate is falling and our population growth is linear, it is a good indicator that we have passed the midpoint of this logistical curve known as the maximum growth point, what that means is that humanity has finished growing at this accelerated rate and instead, we are moving towards a flat population with no growth. In short, it doesn't really matter how many people live on Earth as long as we are able to maintain our current lifestyle.
So if you reduce the population by half in this period of time you effectively also reduce the maximum population by half. Which means the Thanasis plan would actually have a permanent impact. So for a guy who looks like a linebacker who's getting hit in the face too many times, he really thought about this on top of all this stuff on Santos. as a model, the scientific and cultural advances that have been made are not removed from the world, so the world, even theory, continues to advance at approximately the same rate of advancement, only with a carrying capacity of 6 billion instead of around 11 billion.
There are far fewer people than we have on Earth today. Even though I was researching this, I couldn't believe it. I was a little skeptical, so I kept digging. You see, Tano uses basic laws of supply and demand to say that when half of the demand moves by eliminating half, the demographic crisis should plummet. This struck me as an oversimplification. But believe it or not, historical evidence supports Thanos in this now as well. There is obviously no real world example where half the population literally disappeared in an instant. But we have a very good... Documented situation Where about a third of Europe died in a few years from the Black Death?
There are some very interesting things happening to the European economy as a result of the Black Death that, strangely, improved the lives of some Europeans and I can already hear the vitriol in the comments. Let me make it clear that no one here is saying yes, black death. Oh. What a great idea. All this in the name of social sciences and Marvel movies. This economic history article on the Black Death notes that overall wages increased by 40 percent in the years following the Black Death, while at the same time property rents plummeted. As there were fewer people to occupy houses or work land, this meant that demand for houses fell and as a result of falling demand, house prices followed suit as people needed to farm less land to feed fewer people, land that was previously necessary for crops.
Before suddenly diversifying into livestock farming, increasing the supply of manure and meat, which in turn increased the production of the land that existed had further reduced food costs, food prices fell by around 15% generally in the years immediately following the plague to reduce food. costs lower housing costs and higher wages the people who remained benefited a little from all that death


your twisted brain could possibly call that a paradise where those who remained prospered Who knows, maybe in this millennial situation really Could they afford a house? So are we looking at a potentially real victory here under Thanos' rule?
Well, it's a little hard to know for sure because when it comes to economics, there are all kinds of toppled dominoes that can cause a huge amount of blowback with a huge global crisis like Thanos says prices skyrocket and fall. . It changes the picture for many of these same problems, for example, with the costs of having a child much lower and enormous depopulation of the Earth, people would probably be afraid of having more children than they have.China, now less concerned about overpopulation, would begin to relax its population control laws, as well as many of the other environmental laws that may be helping to slow growth. effects of things like global warming today And the rest of the world would probably do the same thing too, interestingly, Earth would probably close its atmosphere spaceport things basically I wouldn't let other aliens in because you already know the first aliens to arrive on the Earth, everyone tried to kill us.
That kind of xenophobia would probably put him on the back foot in terms of culturally integrating with the rest of the galaxy. Pity. You can't build a wall around an entire planet. Actually, I think it can be done. a force field economic solutions are not easy, literally or figuratively, the fun thing about this episode is that it was a fun thought experiment. It doesn't matter It was just a test of math and statistics But at the end of the day human life is priceless killing half the population is never a solution besides Let's face it There's no denying that Thanos is definitely a Mad Titan because Guess what's up an easy solution here.
He just snaps his fingers and duplicates everything or why stop there. You make it infinite. Seriously, Thanos, you have a gauntlet of unstoppable power, think outside the box, but hey, that's just a theory, a movie theory and remember that clever video I mentioned halfway through the episode. Boom. There. It's on the screen. I love the Wisecrack guys. And if you enjoyed these kinds of pop culture thought experiments, then you'll love his channel. This is his assessment of Thanos' philosophy, which is incredibly interesting. Honestly, do yourself a favor if you enjoyed this video? Which you obviously did, you went all the way.
Click the button you see on the screen right now. Watch it, learn something new and I told Matpat he said yes, watch the video if you enjoy it. Subscribe. They are the most deserving channels on YouTube that produce some of the smartest. content available at a moment's notice When, honestly, the algorithm makes it very difficult to create intelligent educational content. So show them some love and that's it in case you missed it. Here's my prediction theory about Deadpool, which we'll see if it comes true and then a couple of days and I'll see you all next Tuesday.

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