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FC Sevilla - Borussia Dortmund 1:4 | UEFA Champions League | DAZN Highlights

Oct 06, 2022
Champions League Wednesday night at the Stadio Ramon Sanchez piscount part 1 of the highly anticipated duel for second place in this group between Sevilla and BVB humor a big topic today because there was a lot of whistling here at home in this stadium in recent weeks the Dortmunders about their young captain was FC the captain was the gerero rero Dortmund goes away from the city five minutes and a bit and the joy of almost 2000 in possibly a little off the change of sides breaks a lot and is outstanding from Bellingen yes great great switching sides I was just struggling a little bit with my mic that's why I'm looking at it now but yeah great switching sides but also first contact if we can do something then obviously it's a great game first contact and then yeah don't think about it with all the tension but with a very good technique it's a long corner and the experts start perfect for Dortmund Meyer on the other side wis Let's all see now why he said clearly to tv with our microphone


yes they are not doing well but they are also significantly better than 17th place in la liga adelemi with pace and follow the card game in terms of individual class in the red world


outclassed in number in the final of siri against navas it could be checked again but it's a dirty game but the box is also next to it the red card is awarded and there is a free kick for silvia a little too far ne but it didn't come out already three against two three against two hdmi adelemi and whoever does the rim somehow it still happened but since they play three against two and let's see he has the bad streak here me if he gives him the opportunity to the left before ard is completely alone but he only has the left Defenders that give two people the opportunity to think with relatively little space, so it was relatively weak.
fc sevilla   borussia dortmund 1 4 uefa champions league dazn highlights
I faced problems that we actually advise for BVB not to dribble 15 meters in front of their own penalty area because then there could be the consequence of losing the ball and he is great here and again the chance before that of a mastery series of all the players here so far Belling Pam 2 to 0 Dortmund one does a lot of good for everyone and the run to his great career again it is mentioned that the spaces are and then of course it is absolutely world class. I don't even want to get into defense, but come on. just say the positive things about this genius from berlin-ham relatively easy super hook and then think really think about the long corner that's too easy yes but also absolutely first class what he does with his technique even better three nil BVB for I the decisive one after a good good good change of bad but now Germany we eat immediately after it is called against piercing and then of course if good Conclusion of, but the decisive thing is Germany, which is there, it is aggressive, it does not expect from it and we are exactly what we ask for in football, reintroduction into modern football, ball loss, but go immediately to the second ball. used hopefully 30 Dortmund vs.
fc sevilla   borussia dortmund 1 4 uefa champions league dazn highlights

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fc sevilla borussia dortmund 1 4 uefa champions league dazn highlights...

Siri 1 2 3 from Logitech face somehow caught it's always Schlotterbeck vs. Leipzig you make Orban the goal after you beat Schlotter Weg vs. Köln Steffen was awarded Tickets after the duel against Schlotterbeck and now he loses that against Coco yes but that's absolutely the right reaction with big steps to the left or the ball is good licks it waits forever but it does a lot of things right and then it's a mix of cross and shot like an excellent opening and then the finish is a little too firm because nothing holding and painting could do everyone a favor all in black z-yellow, but the angle becomes adventure situations or vertical pass, then the angle is clear too late, but the closing of the goal to win such duels and then quickly push out diagonally deep like here Brandenburg and then you come to shoot there it's easy so we youtube a lot of too much too vulnerable where Coco Brand you spoke to them for a BVB oh no that wasn't the jury sorry just complained paint because the running trajectory of the mounted cross head technique pretty good yes very good perfect chipped ball the technical head the sliding down over the head Daniel absolutely wants to make the fifth on his own you could have made radio plays too of course you mentioned before finishing it's important determined and brilliant crossing is good people reflect the game a little again outstanding crossing bad head offside then but then crossbar then but not again congratulations to Dortmund on a clear n leads to a one against two degis series
fc sevilla   borussia dortmund 1 4 uefa champions league dazn highlights

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