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Every JUMP MULTIPLIES for SPIDERMAN... (Mario Odyssey Mods!)

May 14, 2024
eliminated. by super speed oh no oh that's so embarrassing


's black mask took away my super speed there may be something in these bricks at least if i number them come on give me a way to escape from this oh oh there's a rocket maybe we maybe we can shoot out from here using this rocket? Come on, hey, that's great! we escaped using the rocket that was as epic as in the Mario movie, now they have taken it alone to the Kingdom of Ruins, what the hell am I supposed to be here? Dragon Lord, oh, do you have something to say?
every jump multiplies for spiderman mario odyssey mods
I've been told you can


if you're that good, why don't you try


ing on my wing, I bet you can't haha, well I bet you can Mr. Dragon, jumping on your wing should be pretty easy though Its wing is huge, there's only one way to find out and it could also increase your jump height a lot. I'll try God, then a cat bounces, a cat bounces, oh, the cat saves him, oh, that was too easy, we completely cleaned his wing here, oh no, I'm just going to fall here, no, I'm just falling, wait, I fell. to a different Zone, what the hell, no, I keep falling lower and lower, now we are in the Wooden Kingdom.
every jump multiplies for spiderman mario odyssey mods

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every jump multiplies for spiderman mario odyssey mods...

I'm pressing


thing on my controller, I literally can't do anything, oh my god I thought I made so much progress. I'm getting higher, but no, I'm back in the Deep Woods, oh my god, by the old jump, the dragon wind tricks me too, I'm so close, shut up, I'll eat you, I don't want to hear it anyway . Anyway, we should be able to jump back to the main world like this, oh well, okay, now we're out of the Deep Woods. Hey, wait, where's the classic Spider-Man mask and is there another spider villager? What are you doing here?
every jump multiplies for spiderman mario odyssey mods
Man, um. That suit is really hurting my eyes. I think the original Spider-Man mask is the best. I agree, this is a bit of an ugly costume. I hope it makes me a little faster too because this is, oh, I forgot how big it is. P, let's see and bam, oh, that's much better, that's much better. I prefer the classic Spider-Man look. You know, he has some elegance to him. It seems like we're a little faster. Holy shit, did you just jump? Deepwoods area, yes, I'm back in the wood kingdom and there will be so many things I can jump, probably starting with this Tower to jump even higher, oh my god, yes, this is going to be very easy, can I still?, yes, I can.
every jump multiplies for spiderman mario odyssey mods
I still do that, oh my gosh, oh I'm jumping so high things are starting to disappear a little bit. I'm going to land on that P button, see if I can do it too easily from the top ropes, oh, I think I can get to this. Plane from here, you know, it will be very easy, oh, I can definitely jump over this Tower too, let's see, brother, oh, there is an invisible wall that is not fair. Anyway, they pranked me. Anyway, let's jump on the plane and here we go. We did it. above the plane and there is also a toad here.
I'll tighten it up, you might experience some turbo pants. Hush, that's not funny. Where do we want to jump to the next experience? Boing, oh very easy, I can probably reach the basket of the hot air balloon. We're so high up, this is such a cool view, oh we can probably make it to the spaceship next if I get a Bo, oh never mind we just warped, oh we warped up to the clouds, oh my gosh. We are in the Kingdom of Clouds, wait look, there is a giant dragon here from the Kingdom of Ruins and there is also a Printtail Dragon.
There are so many dragons here. I can probably use these dragons to jump even higher, let's say if I jump on this one, how cute, oh my god! jump power is getting incredibly high now check this out hello you can't fool me again do you know what you get if you fool me? Look me in the eyes, do you understand this, oh, doesn't it work with them? This is very sad, let's see. If we can go much higher who, oh what will this take me, oh what has he put us from a Vine, jump high, yes, Peach still needs to be saved, hello Mr.
Cloud, how are you? You can barely talk to yourself, he's so high up, welcome to the stratosphere. You are almost to the edge of space now your jumping power is amazing now a little more and you will reach the moon oh we are almost to the moon so we just need a few more jumps we just need to jump over this place this is so cool the stratosphere is like a Jack on the appearance level if you jump on top of an octopus you will fly into orbits oh we want to jump on one of these guys if we jump on his head. we're going to be launched super high, okay let's see if we can, there we go, wo wo oh what and there's another one up here.
Can I bounce off your head too man come on Bo oh oh oh okay we hit? another loading zone where will this take me what is the Earth is what I can see the curvature of the Earth even wait, we are in outer space now we are in a spaceship is an astronaut Hello, Mr. Astronaut Houston, we have a problem there a Spider-Man jumping into the m oh, but yes, we are all almost on the Moon. Wow, this seems crazy, bye-bye Earth, okay, let's see if we can jump on this rocket, yes we can, oh my god, wait, I think my jumping is over.
We've increased even more now that we're also in zero gravity, oh this is cool and


thing we're jumping is still adding to our jumping power, we're almost at a million, this is getting crazy, let's see if we can pull it off. to this alien spaceship and then we can jump to the moon oh, there are such big spaces here in space, here we go though, let's take that easy look, look how far we are from Earth, like we probably started down there . oh this is getting crazy this video has just been crazy i really enjoyed it okay let's see if we can get to the moon though oh oh we could even jump to the top of the moon can i jump ?
I can look at the moon. Wait, no, I'm almost mooning here. This looks so pretty from up here that you don't normally see the Earth from this angle in Mario Odys. Look, there seems to be a slight glitch. thing in the middle let's see if we can hit him well, we have landed on the moon he has teleported us to another place oh oh he is taking us to the Kingdom of the Moon wait where are bows and Peach although they should be here somewhere and now I am powerful enough to stop Bowser. I can probably eat it like I can eat that Moon Rock, ha, oh, where are they?
There is already a snail here. Hello Caracol. Too slow. Who are you calling? Too slow. You are literally a snail. You are the slowest person ever. Bowser and Peach have gone to the ring of Saturn. And then they are no longer on the Moon? Maybe you could help here. Yes, please help me. Where do they get this 10 million jump power? It's OK? I have to try this. How high is 10? million jumping power, we have one of these octopus guys that I could also jump on if I need to. Oh my gosh, I'm just flying from what I just flew from the moon. 10 million jump heights that could have brought us to the end, oh where are we?
Yes, we still have to save Peach, but where are we? It's like we've landed on a giant asteroid or, oh, we're right under the ring of Saturn, maybe we can jump through the ring of Saturn. The snail says that Peach and Bowser were in the Satom ring, let's see if we can jump through it. We have 10 million jump height, oh my God, oh okay, we can land on the next asteroid. Are they on this asteroid? Maybe I just did it already. got stuck outside there we go we're at the top now oh we probably want to get to some of the rubble up there maybe see if we can jump up there Bo oh yeah yeah yeah I see Bowser's airship maybe that's why maybe May He's still in his airship.
What's the point of just flying here where you are Bower? I'm coming for you oh oh he's in his airship oh my god hello Bower I'm here to destroy you I should be able to destroy you pretty easily because of how powerful I am now he's a lot bigger than me so he has a giant advantage Mario no I have time for you, I'm busy planning my wedding, don't you know how stressful it is? Does he want to marry Peach? Here we go. I have my Spider-Man Capp on. I'll save you in a second Peach. Oh, we have a knack for hats, but I have a really good idea.
How can I defeat him? Maybe using my spider thread. I will be able to defeat him. We tried. Hey, don't run away. Can I oh no? I missed it, let's see if I can defeat him like this, eat it, aha, I win. Bowser, look at your hat flying in the distance, where's Peach? He's Peach though, oh yeah, I see Peach there, Peach. I have saved you. I have saved you from the evil Bowser and from defeating Bowser. I have an infinite jump board. I do not do it. I don't even know what he's going to do with it.
Great job Mario, now let's use the airship to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Okay, yes, we can use your airship. I want to try this infinite jump height in the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh, oh, oh, I can cancel my high jump so I don't fly into space launching Cappy, but here we are, hey Peach, let's get out of here, yeah, right, how do I do this? I guess I just press B to launch and we can fly back to earth. Come on, hey, we've landed you back in the Mushroom Kingdom, that's epic, where everyone is, even if they always drive safely. right, I drove that rock very safely, oh, here they are, oh, all the toads are celebrating the fact that Peach is back, that's epic, it's so There's a big world with so much to see and do, talking about things that do.
I want to test what this infinite jump power does in 3 2 1 4 who, oh, oh, go on, what the hell, wait, wait, let's go to outer space. Now and we continue to go further and further into space, when will this stop? I don't think I can do anything now, so I guess if you enjoyed this video, you'll also enjoy Mario Odyssey, but there are custom bosses, click. on the screen to see it now we fight a lot of different custom bosses like Pac-Man bie King buo and much more, click on it on the screen now to see it.
I think you would really enjoy it, bye, bye, bye, bye.

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