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ELDERS PLAY WWE 2K16 (Elders React: Gaming)

Jun 01, 2021
♪ (old school video game music) ♪ - (Finebros) For this game, you will fight as professional WWE wrestlers. And we're going to have you


two matches, hoping that you can pin your opponent. - Oh God. I think he would be more successful in person than with the push buttons. - I really hate wrestling. - I'm not very good at games, but I'll try. - I saw wrestling 40, 50 years ago, when it was first on television. It was very popular. I'll be immobilized in the first 30 seconds, I'm sure. ♪ (rock music) ♪ - Can I, what, pick one of them? Man, some of them are really cute. - Where is all the body hair? - Andre the Giant!
elders play wwe 2k16 elders react gaming
Oh, that goes back a few years! - This guy looks good. Do I press X to choose it? - Oh, I like... Who is that guy


ing the Marine? - (announcer) JUAN DINNER!!! ♪ (trumpets blast) ♪ (audience claps wildly) - Stone Cold. That looks strong. I'll try it. - Shall I do the X? I'm ready. Sting against Ryback. - Chris Jericho vs. Faceless. - I'll give this a try. Ready for whatever. - Well. Here comes Stone Cold, my hero. - That's me? That's me. Boy, I look good. - There's my boy, John! (bell rings) - Feels like the real deal. -(announcer) Heading to the ring...-he was wearing a silly mask.
elders play wwe 2k16 elders react gaming

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elders play wwe 2k16 elders react gaming...

What is he wearing that mask for? - It's almost like the shirt I put on. - That's a tough hike there. Look, it would scare me. I wouldn't go into the alley if I saw it at the end. - Coming in-- coming in hard. The fans are going crazy, and he makes quite a slide! -Oh, he's standing on the ropes. He is getting a lot of help from the crowd. -Now he looks better without that silly mask. Okay, now the other guy is going out. Now I'm going to like the other guy better, because he's not going to wear a mask.
elders play wwe 2k16 elders react gaming
Oh, he wait a minute. He is much bigger than me. - It's huge. (amused) I didn't realize it was that big. - She's wearing pink gloves and a... a feather duster? Are you going to tickle the other guy to death? - Oh! Happy tattoo artist. - Walk a little slow. I don't know if it's just to get the attention of the audience or... if he has a little bit of arthritis. - It's great. I like him, his muscles, his tattoos. - It's okay, I want to fight. Come on. Hurry up. - All right, here we go.
elders play wwe 2k16 elders react gaming
Here we go. -He pushes all the buttons. - (commenter 1) Make no mistake about it. - I'm not quite sure what these buttons do. - (commentator 1) Tyler Breeze making a move. - No! - What am I doing? It seems that they are doing everything. Get it! - (commenter 1) ... line here. This one-on-one battle is... - Oh. Bounce it-- oh! Oh, no kidney shots. Come on! - Oh, you got it! Oh! Good kidney punch! - Kick him! (he laughs maniacally) Oh, I love this. Oh! - (disgusted) Oh. Steve, I'm sorry. - Ouch! Shoot, get up. Get up. Get up get up.
Get up, man. Oh shoot. He's kicking my ass. - (commentor 1) The next, you're on your back, facing the lights. - I think I kicked him. I think this kicks. Oh, he's hitting him on the head. Oh Lord! He is giving her a lot of blows to the head. - (commentator 1) Hard truth! -Uh, he could be losing if I have the blue guy. But I don't want the blue guy. I want the black. I mean, I want the black guy with the black pants on. My boy won. But he wasn't my boy. But he's still... The guy who wanted to win won. - Ah OK.
He's got it---(commentor 1) Look at this winery! - You're immobilizing him. Oh, come on. - (commentator 1) ...would like to venture (bell rings) into the unknown darkness that is... - It pinned him down. Wow. He won't let me move. He won't let me move. Well. No, not the hammer! Uh-oh, that's backwards! Oh! That hurts. That hurt my back. Oh! - (commentor 2) Here's someone who's willing to do just... - Oh. - (commentator 2) get to the top. -He went out to get a glass of water, I think. - They're not even in the ring. They're kicking my ass now. - (commentator 1) Watch out! - Ohhh!
He just got crushed. Mr. Pouncy is crushing my bruise. - (commentator 1) Direct hit. Oh, he's already up. He's fine, kick him. Ouch, stomp it! Hit him! Hit him! - Above! Above! Above! Above! Above! Above! Above! Get up! Above! Above! Above! (assertively) Get off my foot! - Come on, hit him again. Hit there. Hit him again. There. Hit him again. (Laughter) - Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Let me give you a hammer. - YEAH!!! OH YEAH! Oh, did he slip? Oh! Oh! A special to bend the back of Dubble Bubble! Get up, John!
Come on! You can take it! You are a Marine! - Oh, there you go. Hey, I'm getting the-- getting the hang of this. - Rip off his head. Is there a button to rip his head off? - (Laughter) Oops. We hit... (laughs) You're not supposed to hit the ref. - Well, don't just lie there, John. He's just going to kiss you! - (commentator 2) Only this way! - Oh. Oh no, he got my boy again. How did that happen? X. (ref and countdown crowd) (bell sounds)-(commentator 1) he did it! What a great victory! - (referee) Three! (bell rings) - (commentator 1) What a victory! -He beat me.
He pinned me down. -Oops, I think he's breaking his leg. "Winner"? - (commentator 2) What a game! - Oh, the other guy won. (bell rings) - Oh... just send it. Sarge won by submission. - No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! (groans deeply)-he didn't do very well. But that's just the first round. - Let's try a new guy. - I'm going to choose one of the really weird looking ones this time. Finn Balor. He looks like a Kiss member. - Let's try this guy here. - I like... I'll stay with Stone Cold. - Roman Re-- The Rock?
Hello? It's okay, rock. you and me, friend. (audience cheering) - Okay, are we ready? ♪ (dramatic theme) ♪ - Look at that outfit. Something my mother would wear. - Well, they ripped me off. We don't have anything on, makeup or anything. - He looks fierce, dangerous and evil. He makes me think of a tiger. (grunts) (laughs) - Come on, Dwayne, The Rock. (laughs) I like those looks he gives. -I hope he fights as well as he looks, because he looks good. - Let's see the other boy now. - (announcer) And approaching the ring... - (laughing) - (announcer) ...from Robbinsdale, Minnesota... - This guy looks like a prima donna. "Man, he may have put too much into this poor guy.
He has to spank this guy. Oh my God. I don't know if he can do that. - Now, that seems difficult. Now I want him to win, because I like his outfit better. ♪ ("Pomp and Circumstance") ♪ - Pretty flashy. I guess it's like... it's what the fans would like. - Let's move on. - Alright. Here we go. Here we go. Oh. Kick me. Go Go. - Get him. Come on. Oh there you go. See? (laughs) - Oh. Don't just stand there, Luke! Take it as-- that's good! Ha ha! AHA! - Oh no. Oh, they kicked me in the back.
I didn't like that. That hurts. - (commentator 1) Fighting from a position of full health. - I shot him down. We lower it. trample it. Oh yeah! I have the stomp button down! Oh! I think he was into his balls. Oh Lord. - Damn. Looks like I kicked him in the balls. - (commentator 2) Take note. - (commentator 1) Well, I'm saying this... - My boy is taking him down big time. And he just... oh. He could have broken his neck. - Yes Yes. And do the break in a big way... Oh he ripped it in half. - (Laughter) Kick.
But I don't know what is kick. Oh throw it away I'm getting violent, huh? - (laughing) I hit it myself. I'm getting better. "Oh good, he just tripped you." Now jump on it. It's okay, that's all. stay down - (commentator 2) The shoulders-- - Oh. - Well. Alright. Let's try this. Let's see if we can't kill him. -(commentator 1) And he's done. He raised his shoulder. Come on! - Oh! You got to be kidding. - (commenter 2) Darren Young can't be enjoying this. - Oh, my... get up. Get up, fool. - Oh. No, he threw... how did he do that?
Get up, get up, get up. oh!! Oh he's stomping on me repeatedly! That is not fair! I don't have that button - (commenter 2) I've given up even trying to figure out... - Oh-ha! Come on Rick. Well he's down again. But, oh, go-- Oh, no, no! Don't discount it! Well well. Come on, get up. - (commentor 1) ...there. But only one can walk... - Come on. I push all the buttons, but he doesn't do anything. (bell rings) - Ooh. Curse. He got me by submission again. - No. Oh-ho-ho-ho! (inhales air) Ouch! I felt that. I felt it. No!
No! No no no no no NO NO. (bell rings)-(commentator 2) he did it! - Rock, let's go inside. Now he looks what. Now they are both outside. He stays out of the ring. I can't take it inside. Get in. I couldn't get back in the ring. And I let that bearded fool take me! - I don't know why they are all X and red and blue. Winner. - (announcer 1) It's all over. - Oh, the other one won again. But I... I wanted mine to win. - Come on, Rick! Come li-- oh no! Come to life!
Oh shit. Oh. - (commentator 1) Two! Three! (bell rings) Wow. What a victory! (spectators cheering) ♪ (victorious music) ♪ - I wonder who's in the ring: him or me? I'm tired. - It's violent. I guess it's not as bad as shooting people. At least they don't kill each other. A little less violent than most of the bang-bang shoot-em-up they have out there. - I thought they were very cute and had nice butts. - I would definitely buy the game, I would play it with my grandson. He would have a ball. - The part about hitting someone I liked. Get him out of my system, if only he could learn to handle the buttons. - Thanks for watching this episode of Gaming on the React channel. - (husky voice) Oh, yeah.
Hit that like button. - Be sure to subscribe. New game episodes every Sunday. - Bye. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING? ♪ (old school video game music) ♪

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