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Feb 27, 2020
hey guys welcome back to another cook with me today. I am going to share 10 more frozen


, now again, these are all frozen


that are new to me. I found them all on Pinterest. I will have the recipes linked below. also check how i'm putting them together as we put them together so we'll make 10 4 of them are going to be in the slow cooker 3 of them are going to be for the oven and then the other 3 are going to be for an instant pot if you guys don't have crock instant pots -pot. I will have links below for the ones I use that I bought on Amazon step number one put on your hair put on your apron clean up your kitchen make sure you have your recipes and make sure you have your drink my drink right now is going to be a cold beer i have a bottle of it came in the fridge i bought for this but it's not 5 o'clock so i'm going to wait a bit, maybe it doesn't need to be 5 o'clock but i think i'll need that wine when i'm done. cooking, so when I'm completely done, I'll open the bottle and have a glass to sit back and relax, so step number one is done, my kitchen is set up, I have everything I need, but step number two is now.
easy freezer meals for fall
I need to get all the ingredients out, make sure I have everything I need for the recipes because I've cooked some food in the


before and started a recipe. I found out I completely forgot one ingredient so I had to send my husband to the store I don't want that to happen again so I'm going to pull out everything I need and show you guys and just double check I have everything to myself recipes before you start cooking and put together ok guys I got everything out for all the recipes don't worry I'm not going to leave all this stuff while I cook just so you are aware of a little bit of safety concerns like the food it spoils. or something because since I'm making ten separate meals that I'm not eating multiples of one meal I'm doing things a little different this time around because I had a hard time choosing recipes that I was like, you know what I'm going to spend a while extra in the kitchen and make a full ten different meals and plus I wanted to be able to share more recipes with you guys so I'm just going to set aside the items that I need that I'm using at the time everything else will go back in the fridge but this is all now.
easy freezer meals for fall

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easy freezer meals for fall...

I'm so glad this is real life guys I double checked my recipes because in the middle of it all I forgot a couple things. I have a feeling I'm going to need more green peppers when I was. looking at my recipes i forgot i'm going to double one because one recipe only serves four well i'm a family of six here so i need to double it so i need more green peppers and we just drank the last of our milk and i need milk for a recipe along with sour cream so those three things I'm completely missing so I'm going to start with the recipes that I don't need those three things for and then I'm going to break go to the store pick up those things and be done so there will be a bit of break up with me cooking, but if you guys have everything you need, like in the perfect world, you don't have to stop, there's no interruptions, all that stuff, then you could figure this out in an afternoon, I'm going though to have to do it. stop by and head back to the store so this is everything but those three things i need along with i picked up a couple additional things i wanted to share so these things are needed to complete some of the meals but they are not going to mix with


bags or pans and if you get what I mean I went ahead and bought some burger buns for the Philly cheesesteak sloppy joes I'm going to make now, I have no idea when I'm going to eat that with my family, so i'm going to put this in the freezer and it's going to be fine so i went ahead and picked that up that way if it's just a spur of the moment hey we're having sloppy joes tonight i don't have to run to the store and i got loaves of burger so I got the same thing with these noodles these are going to be for the sides of a couple different dishes I think this is for one of the chicken dishes and I think this is for the chicken noodle soup I think, but these are things that o I need until cooking day but I wanted to go ahead and pick them that way they're in my pantry and I have them back if it's on the spur of the moment we're going to have these for dinner so I don't have to go to the store , cornstarch is needed, but not for freezing purposes, it's needed for cooking day, so I made sure I had that on hand and then went ahead and I've never used slow cookers before, but I found some, so im going to try these just to make clean up a bit easier let me know your guys thoughts below last time i did the dump and go freezer food video and if you missed it i'll leave a link on the iCard and in the description of my first frozen mail video but i got a lot of comments suggesting i use them just for easier cleanup the day i'm cooking them so i would have had to pick them up.
easy freezer meals for fall
I'm going to try them and then we come here now. I bought this in bulk, you don't have to do that. I bought these at Sam's and I knew or know that I am going to cook a lot in freezer mode. I plan on doing it every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast my family is going through the meals I'm cooking so I went ahead and bought in bulk now I'll only need I think three of these today so I'll have what is a pack of 36 that I'll be 33 for the future, but I figure since I'm going to make crock pot meals and freezer meals, and you know, oven freezer meals regularly, I went ahead and bo bought them at bulk and then I have my gallon freezer bags for the other stuff I'm going to freeze so you'll need those too and then just a little tip I pulled out two little tea towels here because I like to wash my hands a lot while cooking and clean up little messes along the way so i went ahead and put these in so i dont have to fight over them while cooking so i took out everything i need now.
easy freezer meals for fall
I'm going to pick out a recipe and start cooking so I'm going to put everything I don't need in there just one more time I wanted to show you everything and then I'll come back when I put everything back in and I'm ready to make the first frozen meal right so I obviously didn't put everything in, I just put the cold stuff in. I'm not going to put all that because I'm going to use it and that would be a waste. of time so i already have my bag ready i wrote the name of the recipe where im cooking it so i put an instant pot i put the date so 9:16 just so i know that sh should be using this within the next 30 days that's what I typically do I try to cook meals or at least you know six to eight weeks no more than eight weeks and I should go through all of this and then I just put a little note here because I'm going to have the recipe at hand so when I pull this out I can pull out the recipe and I'll know the cooking instructions and all that but I put in like whatever else I'm going to need on cooking day so I mean I'll always have water but I wrote down wrote down two cups of water, since this is an instant meal.
You'll need that water to cook everything and then bowtie noodles is what this chicken will put on top. from and then i didn't write this side because i get to choose you know what i wanted to do like broccoli or a big salad or you know what you want as your side so all you need for this is two pounds of chicken now i bought my chicken in bulk , so when I open this I'm going to take about two pounds or whatever is close enough to that, probably maybe three of these chicken breasts for my bag and then you'll need two tablespoons of Italian dressing mix.
Now I just bought this little single pack so I'm going to use this whole pack and eight ounces of softened cream cheese so I have my cream cheese sitting here if it's not soft enough when I'm ready to mix it I can pop it in the microwave just for about 10 seconds you could put it in the bowl first and smooth that out just a bit more to make it easier to mix and three cups of cream of chicken soup now that's what the recipe calls for these are I don't know I don't think make it three cups I'll have to check these cans and see but I could put both cans in there just because I want it to be a little creamier to have more sauce for the noodles so I think that's what I'm going to do obviously if you want to follow the step of the instructions. -by steps that's awesome but I love to do a little different window when I actually see the food and stuff let me know below if you guys like to tweak the recipe so this is the recipe again.
I will have all these recipes in the description box, the links to them. I found them all on Pinterest, so I'm going to mix these three things, the cream of chicken, the cream cheese, and the Italian seasoning in this bowl and then all I'm going to do is place my chicken in the bag and then I'm going to toss the bowl once it's all mixed up here too so when I get back you'll see my bag all mixed up and ready to go in the freezer. when i put them in the sachets in my freezer well all my food is eaten even if i use the casserole i just lay them flat like this in my freezer so i'm going to go ahead pop this in the freezer and start on the next one . one is ok guys one recipe number two i have already made quite a bit just to get going but i go for the lemon pesto chicken.
I'm going to make my frozen chicken meal first. most meals first so i got my chicken here now this one says a pound and a half about four breasts these are a little big so i put three of them in here this will definitely feed my family of six and then you need some jarred or homemade pesto. I got this pesto from Costco, it's delicious and the recipe says you need a half cup. I think I'm going to put a cup here just because they're a little bigger but the pesto does a little bit helps a lot with this pesto so I'm going to put a cup on top of this then it says 1/8 cup lemon juice , so I'm going to drizzle the lemon juice and cheese now this recipe calls for half a cup of cheese I don't really measure the cheese I'm just going to sprinkle it on top of this until I think it looks good so I'm going to go ahead and put these I eat three layers in the pesto, the lemon juice and then the cheese and I'll show you what it looks like before I cover it and put it in the freezer and here it is good. so it has to be called for a half cup of cheese it's 2 cups I put cups on it looks really good I'm definitely going to pick this as one of the first frozen meals to make because I'm excited to try so like you see here the picture shows this over noodles.
I think I'd probably do this with rice and then some sort of vegetable to go with it so it's done all I'm going to do is put the top on so again I wrote the recipe is the date and then I put some instructions on it because this type of food i don't really have to go and pull out the recipe whereas like instant meals i do want to pull out the recipe and just make sure i'm doing things right so for this one i just put i'm going to preheat my oven 375 I'm going to cook it for 30 to 40 minutes now the recipe says 25 to 30 but since these are a little thicker I wanted to give it a little more cook time so I'm going to leave it for 30 to 40 minutes with the Then, I'll take the lid off and broil for about 5 minutes just to get the top nice and melted and a little crispy, so I'll go ahead and put this here to make sure it's covered. place it in the freezer and get ready for recipe number three recipe number three let's use what's left of this chicken now we're going to make chicken noodle soup for the slow cooker so i have my recipe here i have my bag labeled with the recipe, the date and then I have some additional notes here so I'll add the egg noodles when I'm cooking them and I won't freeze them in the bag I just have them in my pantry I'm going to slow cook it for 5-7 hours and then, once it's done I'll season it to taste you can add the salt and pepper since it's cooking too if you really wanted you know the seasoning is totally up to you so this is all I need it says 1 to 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, so I have 2 chicken breasts here that I'm going to put in the bag and then I need 2 cups of diced carrots, so I'm going to peel these dice.
I have 3 here. I think it will be enough. It may be a bit much, but we'll see. I'm going to measure 2 cups I need 1 cup chopped celery 6 cups of chicken broth and now one of these is 4 cups and then I'm going to use half of another for my 6 because I need the other half of this for another recipe so two tablespoons of Worchester sauce sure is as you say I never know how to pronounce this so I have that and two tablespoons of parsley and then of course the egg noodles last here but the egg not the egg noodles are already in my pantry so i'm going to chop them up i make all these and then i put it all in the bag put it back right before i finish the chicken noodle soup.
Forgot to say I put the solid stuff in first and so I have my chicken, carrots, celery and parsley in here and side note if you guys don't have a herb cutter these things are fantastic I lovelove it it makes chopping herbs so much easier I can't even believe I used to do it with just a knife and it's definitely a time-saver I'll have a link below if you want to see the one I have and then I'm going to add the liquid just because it's easier to put this first so all I have to do is add liquid and then I'll come back and there's the chicken noodle soup the noodles you'll add on the day of cooking and that's the last chicken meal so I have this area clean and ready for the next meat I have.
I'm going to be working so I'll be back once I've got everything out for recipe number four recipe number four this one is pretty


and I mean again none of these I've ever made or tried before but I used to eat pierogies when I was younger and I haven't had them. I feel like in years like it definitely is since my last three kids were born. I had them when my oldest son, who is now 13, was young, but definitely not since my other three children, so I saw this on Pinterest and I was like, you know what I'm going to try, I think my kids will love it again , you could put anything on the side of this salad, any type of vegetable, just super super simple to make, looks like this one is for the slow cooker.
I have my bag already labeled it's called pierogies and sausage all you need is 18-20 ounces of frozen pierogies so I picked up these two boxes it will be a bit more each box is 16 ounces but that's ok we can have leftovers or maybe I'll refreeze it after we finish cooking it since nothing is raw. It's all cooked now, so I'm going to put both in this bag and then just. I didn't need a pound of sausage, so I have this Hillshire Beef Smoked Sausage. I'm going to cut it into slices. A can of cream of chicken soup.
A can of cheddar cheese soup. I'll just need 2 cups of this the chicken broth and then it says 1 cup of shredded cheese now that's something I'm going to add on the day of cooking. I'm not going to freeze that so all I'm going to do is pop all of this into my pre-labelled bag and I went ahead and wrote here add 1 cup shredded cheddar when I need to cook it and then I'm going to cook it on low for 6 to 8 hours like this Let's go ahead and pack this all up there are the pierogies and sausage in bags for the crock pot now I didn't use both boxes after I poured a box in this bag I went ahead and cut up the sausage and then put it here and I figured about how big these probes actually are so i only used about five of the pierogies.
I took them out of that second box. I put them here and this is from long enough to have the rest of those pierogies in my freezer for maybe a lunch sometime or something to cook them a little differently maybe in the skillet or something and not eat a soup like this , so I went ahead and put all the soups in here and the chicken broth was mixed together and this is ready for the freezer so recipe number four is done let's move on to number five ok recipe number five will be meat beef and broccoli in the crock pot now this is the only thing you need to make your meal in the freezer so i have my meat here and i always get the meat to stir fry.
I think the recipe calls for one pound of roast beef or strip steak. this then calls for mushrooms but my family doesn't like mushrooms one medium onion we have some beef broth I'm just going to add 3/4 of this can to the bag then 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 2 tablespoons of honey so that's it all i'm going to put in the back now another something that makes my life easier because as a mom i like ease the most that's why i love these frozen meals even though it doesn't seem like that hard to make this the day i just want to get it out of my freezer. the night before and then in the morning all I have to do is pop it in the slow cooker.
I don't have to prepare anything or anything, so this is another thing that I have absolutely


en in love with. I will put a link. down it takes me like less than a minute, maybe 10 15 seconds to chop this onion, it's amazing, so I'm going to use that to chop my onion and then I'm going to put all this stuff in this bag, okay? so here's the beef and the broccoli so obviously you see the beef and you don't see the broccoli now because you don't want the broccoli cooking all the time this is going to get nasty and mushy so I made myself A little note here that I'm going to put this in the slow cooker for 6 to 8 hours, however 45 minutes before I want to eat it I'm going to add my 3 to 4 cups of broccoli and I'm going to add the water and the cornstarch mix that the recipe calls for which is a quarter cup of water mixed with two tablespoons of cornstarch and that's just going to help the sauce get juicier and not so runny so this is half, I'm half done guys this is going in the freezer and we're going to move on to meal number six okay so I'm half done I've got five more four of them are using ground beef so I got this big one from Sam's and three of the four recipes I need the ground beef to be already cooked, so what I'm going to do is go get the amount I need for the meatloaf which is a pound and a half and I'm going to put that aside action I'm going to put it back in the fridge I'm going to go ahead and grab or cook the rest of this and then just separate it out as needed for these recipes so I'm going to go ahead and put this in a pot now something I always do with my f ground bee when I pre-cook it just because I love that it has a little flavor and it helps with the smell I don't know what it is but I hate the smell of ground beef while it's cooking so I'm going to show you what I add to it no matter what the recipe calls for every time I cook ground beef so let me get all my stuff out right so I might have overestimated how much ground beef it was we'll see if I can cook it all in this skillet I normally use a one pound skillet so I thought I'd use this it's a little taller so I have all my ground beef about a pound and a half time for the meatloaf because that's one I'm NOT going to precook before freezing but the rest of the meals I need to precook my ground beef so I have it in the pan now these are my tastes I just use these all the time I'm constantly repurchasing these I'm not sure how many I get through a year but whenever I cook really any type of meat even chicken like ground meat like ground chicken and turkey I always add garlic powder and bait powdered lla, no matter what the recipe calls for, even if the recipe calls for other things here.
I always add a bit of that, so I've already tried both scattered all over the place. to shred it up a bit so let's see if I can cook this ground beef in this skillet otherwise I guess I'll just get out my big skillet and try to cook everything in there so I'm going to brown all the ground beef and then I'll come back with a recipe number 6 guys I made it this is the first time I've ever cooked that much ground beef at once but I managed to keep it in this pot and I'm going to have to switch to a bigger one to get it done recipe number six is ​​going to be another recipe from instant pot and these are the philly cheesesteak sloppy joes i've actually seen and i wish i remember who i saw make these i've seen them on two different youtubers and it was already on my list so i was like ok awesome i know these others r two youtubers love them I wish I could remember who I was watching I think it was just random I think what I did was search this just to see if it was going to be any good and I found two people who have made maybe not this particular recipe but it was called something mu and the like, like a cheesesteak sloppy joe sandwich.
I know one person cooked theirs in the slow cooker, but I'm going to use this Instant Pot Wine and they said it was delicious, so I'm excited to try it. so i have my ground beef already cooked now this one says it serves four so i'm going to double it because i have six people in my family so i'm going to double all these measurements but this one says it needs a cup and a half of cooked ground beef 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 2 1/4 cups sliced ​​onions 3/4 cup sliced ​​bell pepper green pepper this one does call for mushrooms but again my family doesn't like it really like mushrooms so I'm omitting that tablespoon of flour a can says 10 1/2 ounces but that's a can here so a can of French onion soup and then a teaspoon of Worchester sauce so I have all my ingredients here along with my ground beef and I have my bag so what I'm going to do is go ahead and chop my bell pepper with onion.
I'm going to take out the 3 cups of ground beef so it can start to cool down because I don't want to put it in my bag super super hot so I'm going to go ahead and take out the 3 cups take out everything else in my bag and then add the meat ground so I'm going to come back with my bag ready for the freezer and here's the Philly cheesesteak. sloppy joes I'm so excited to try this now the recipe says to slice the peppers and onions so I sliced ​​them and then cut them a bit to make them a little smaller than like big chunks that still show up. like big chunks but that's because it's like three of them sitting together they'll break apart and all that stuff start cooking them in the instant pot when we get this for dinner so it really just tastes put it whatever size you want and you'll know if it's you are serving it to your kids how they will eat it and all that good stuff so i left them a little bigger but probably smaller than the recipe means so this is the instant pot for philly cheesesteak sloppy joes.
I just added here that I need mozzarella cheese and hamburger buns the day I'm going to cook this, but I bought that big mozzarella cheese thing that I'm going to put in the freezer too, so that's recipe number six, now let me get the recipe number seven of number seven this is another Instant Pot I think this is the last Instant Pot because I'm only making three this time and it's called Southwestern Casserole so I have all my ingredients here however on the day of cooking I'll need shredded cheddar and I went ahead and in my bag here I put tortilla chips because for dishes like this my kids love to crush up tortilla chips and just mix them together like some kind of taco salad so I wrote that in my bag I already have my bag Instant Pot Southwestern Casserole the date and then the two things I want to add now since it's an Instant Pot recipe I'm going to keep this or pull out the recipe when I'm cooking it so I'm not going to write all the instructions here and I also got my chopper because I'm going to dice the veggies for this meal so I have my ground beef here and this is another one that I'm going to double up just because the my family size is this recipe makes four servings so if they need to double it that's double that's what I'm making from the regular recipe is a half cup of cheddar cheese again you won't need this if you freeze this meal this is something you'll need the night you cook it 3/4 cups cooked ground beef 2/3 cups chopped onion 3/4 cups chopped green bell pepper 1/4 cup frozen corn 7 1/2 ounces red kidney beans, drained and rinsed 7 1/4 ounces drained diced tomatoes four ounces tomato sauce one and a half teaspoons chili powder 1/2 teaspoon cumin 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro and a half cup instant brown rice so I have everything what i need here.
I have my brown rice, my corn, since I'm doubling it. I will use the entire can of dark red kidney beans. whole can of diced tomatoes. I'll use almost a whole can of tomato sauce. It's going to be a little here because I only need 8 ounces of this and then I have my ground beef and now it says three-quarters cup, but I would have had to put two cups here, so a little more than double for the meat. I have my spices and then my cilantro right here so I'm going to dice my veggies and put everything in my freezer bag well done with a southwestern casserole I love how this as you can see With all the different things that there's in there i could mash this up and mix it all up but i'll just leave it at that and pop it in the freezer and move on to recipe number eight ok so recipe number eight is a little more complicated.
Glad I cooked the ground beef and this is going to be a bacon ranch cheeseburger, a tater tot casserole that is a mouthful. food from the freezer out of the oven so I wrote that you know when I am ready to cook it I will preheat my oven to 425 and then bake it for 55 to 70 minutes. I wrote the wrong tense here earlier, so that's why it looks a bit messy. and then of course I have the date and the recipe on there or the name of the recipe so all you need is a pound of ground beef a package of cooked bacon crumbled which is what I'm making right now , so I have a package of bacon on two sheets and I'm going to cook it in the oven so I'm waiting for it to preheat then I'm going to pop these in the oven and they and so let's see what else we need we need a half cup chopped yellow onion so I'm going to chop that 2 teaspoons ofminced garlic 1 10 oz can cheddar soup that's right there and then a can Cream of Mushroom soup I need some 1/2 cup sour cream 2 tablespoons Worchester sauce some ranch or no salad dressing dressing but the seasoning is a mix so it says 2 to 3 tablespoons I have this huge thing I get because I use I make my own ranch dressing for salads quite often so here it says one to one and a half packets if you don't have one large and then a 32 ounce package of tater tots that's here 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese and then 1 and a half cups or excuse me 1 and 1/3 cups of milk to have all I need I'm going to bake the bacon or cook the bacon I'm going to crumble it I'm going to add the bacon into my ground beef I'm also going to add the garlic I said the garlic two speed two teaspoons garlic I'm going to add the garli c into the ground beef and I'm going to chop this onion and add it to the meat ground and just mix it up and then I'm going to show how we're going to layer it in this pan so now that I've got all of that mixed together, the ground beef, the onion, the bacon, the garlic here, I'm going to mix these items separately in a bowl, so I'm going to put the milk, Worchester sauce, both cans, mushroom and cheddar cheese, sour cream, and ranch dressing.
I'm going to beat them all together in this bowl and then I'm going to layer everything here, so let me mix all of this up and then I'll tell you the layers. so i have all my stuff ready to layer so what the instructions say there are a couple different options the way i'm going to layer it is i'm going to put the tater tops along the bottom of my pan I'm going to pour half of the I guess this is like the soup mix so I would pour half of this in here and then I'm going to do a layer of cheese though if you want to sprinkle on some cheese then I'm going I'm going to put all the meat on top of that, then I'll go back and put the rest of the soup mix in and then I'll finish with a little more cheese as the top, so I'm going to do that and then I'll go back and show you guys before I put the top and pop it in the freezer and recipe number eight is freezer ready here it's all layered this seems like a while ago we'll definitely have leftovers could you make me a little note on the recipe this is good for if we have family such time as my parents or something like this so i'll go ahead and put the lid on wrap it all up and stick it in my freezer and move on to recipe number nine ok recipe number nine is just a simple meatloaf so i have the last of the meat ground here.
I'm going to need 1 cup milk 1 tablespoon Worchester sauce 1 teaspoon sage leaves and the recipe says you can use fresh or dried I just picked you p some dried from my local grocery store 1 teaspoon salt again I don't really measure the salt and pepper I'm just going to shake in there which I think looks good I'm 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard it says 1/2 teaspoon pepper I had to get the garlic out because it says two cloves of garlic so I'm going to use my minced garlic here 1 egg 1/2 cup breadcrumbs and then 1 small onion diced so all I'm going to do is combine all of this in this bowl to make my meatloaf and then I'll come back and show you how I do it I'm going to freeze and here it is all mixed up.
I don't like touching raw meat with my hands I have gloves for the things I use I obviously can't use a spoon so I just mixed this with a spoon and it worked perfectly now the recipe says and when you make meatloaf you put it in a loaf pan I only have one loaf pan and I plan on making bread soon so I don't want my loaf pan already sitting in the freezer so I'm going to put my atloaf in this 10 and I like this one better because I have little kids and they don't like big slices of meatloaf so I'm going to be able to cut it into smaller squares so at the top here I just wrote meatloaf I wrote the date and then when I'm ready to cook this for dinner , I'm going to preheat my oven to 350 degrees for one hour.
Another tip: This meatloaf recipe I'm using doesn't call for anything like topping the meatloaf. So what I think I'm going to do is after it cooks for about 45 minutes. I'm going to take this out of the oven. I'm going to take the lid off and I'm going to put barbecue sauce or ketchup on it. on top and then put it back in the oven to be what will be meal number nine. I'm going to go ahead and bring this here stick it in my freezer and be right back with the latest frozen food recipe and blasting recipe a recipe number 10 is for the slow cooker and it's a loaded baked potato soup now this is one that's purely for convenience this is something you might know get up in the morning and chop the skin off the potatoes wash cut up the potatoes chop the onion and put it in the slow cooker and then let it cook but I'm going to go ahead and make it now That way the morning I make it or the night I want this for dinner I can just take it out of the oven or the freezer so all you're going to do is put these three things in your bag so that I label my bag with the prescription, the date and any additional information I needed.
I put the cook on low heat for six to eight hours. I completely forgot that I had to add something to it, so I added it here. Do it as you want. I will remember but I will know that I need to put this in before I cook it so when you cook this you will add 32 ounces of chicken broth and 2 cups of half and half now I have bought this. stuff because I know this is one of the frozen meals I'm going to have first because I love potato soup so I'm going to have this in my pantry and this in my fridge for when I want to cook it but the only thing I'm going to prep and freeze is this so you need a pound of coarsely chopped potatoes so I'm going to cut this up a small chopped onion now it's a larger onion so I'm going to cut half of this and chop it up and put the other half in my fridge and then you'll need 3/4 pound of chopped ham steak I just went ahead and bought the ham which is already cubed for me so I don't have to do anything but stick it in this bag like seriously i like convenience so this is what i'm going to make and put in this bag and i'll come back and show you the rest ok my loaded baked potato soup is freezer ready so this is called Loaded obviously all I'm freezing e It's the ham, onion and potatoes, so to make this uploaded and again all the recipes will be under the links.
It says you're going to cook this in the crock pot on low heat for six to eight. h hours after you make sure you add the 32 ounces of chicken broth and the two cups of half and half on the day of cooking and then you know this is what I love about potato soup you can make whatever you want and it's delicious it's a great


dinner so to make this loaded you can garnish it with cheddar green onions diced bacon chives sour cream you know what you want so that's something you'll have to make sure he has whatever toppings he wants in his fridge for soup for the night i plan on having this for dinner so i'm done now let's get everything out and see what i was able to complete today and there are ten delicious meals ready for the freezer and make your life easier at dinner time so we have all four crock-pot meals loaded with baked potato soup, pierogies, and chicken and sausage noodle soup, now i went ahead and double bagged this just because i was pretty full and afraid it would break. in the freezer so you can double pack them if you want.
I went ahead and made that to this one just because it was really packed with meat and broccoli, so for crock pot recipes, we have the Instant Pot Three, Creamy Italian Chicken, the Philly. cheesesteak sloppy joes and the southwestern casserole that's it and then we have all three baked meals the meatloaf the bacon ranch cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole and the lemon pesto chicken and of course I finished this bottle of wine I drank two glasses so and then i have dinner dropping there for another night so this is really good if you like red wine but you also like sweet wine.
I really like the Stella Rose Red Reserve, buy it if they like it, so I'm excited. to put them in my freezer and as I said last time I made freezer meals I'm running low on those I think I only have about two left so this is the perfect time to spend a day in the kitchen getting things ready for simple dinners and these are all really delicious fall recipes so if you love frozen meals, if you love cooking with me, if you love the ease of just taking something out of your freezer and cooking it and dinner is ready, give it a try. to this video a big thumbs up if you are new to my channel i post everyday monday to friday occasionally on weekends so please subscribe hit the bell to be notified when i post don't miss a thing i will have the latest video here in the corner and I'll watch it. you tomorrow with something new bye guys

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