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Driving Porsches from $3,000 to $3,000,000

Mar 27, 2024
OMG, today we're


this $3 million 918 Spider, one of the most expensive Porsches you can buy. We'll also drive this 993 million, a $25,000 Cayman S, and pretty much every mid-priced Porsche, starting with this 1987 Porsche. 924 is the front-engine monstrosity, so when this came out people didn't like it and said: "Hey, what are you guys doing?" They can't put the engine in the front, it's like every other car company, but this was their entry level car. To get people into the Porsche family, it's a refined vehicle still German, but not as luxurious as you'd see in the 911 series, but there's nothing here to make you think this is cheap in any way, yeah, for what old that it is, it feels nice.
driving porsches from 3 000 to 3 000 000
Well, now for a little context, the Porsche 924 was originally licensed by Volkswagen, but BW regretted the project after the 1973 oil crisis and eventually sold the rights to Porsche. The car was a great financial success, but was criticized for being a Volkswagen parts version. car which can be seen in some of the interior styling and suspension and while it may be a special twist on the parts, it doesn't mean it isn't fun to drive. I have never driven one, today is the first. Nowadays, this is fun, not bad. I'd call this a Miata, ask, it doesn't give you the same crampy feeling, but it still gives you that low-to-the-ground handling.
driving porsches from 3 000 to 3 000 000

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driving porsches from 3 000 to 3 000 000...

I guess you could say yes, it has about 160 horsepower and had a 0 to 60 time of about 8 seconds, which is not at all unusual in the 80s. I am, yes I am too. The entry-level Porsche situation sounds very familiar. Didn't they do something like that recently? Yeah with the Cayenne and People hated that car for a while and now they love it yeah okay Justin well I guess this car may not be the fastest on this track but we have to set a lap time , give it a fair chance, we will set a lap time. Okay, we've got $3,000 for a full track, let's see what Jeremiah can do, there we go, it looks pretty slow, I have to say, but you know, it'll probably be a lot of fun there, oh, they're reaching the top, come on darling. 1 minute 40 that's slow buddy that's really slow starting to smell things a little good


a slow car fast is a lot of fun sure it is but I wonder if we can have more fun with a $25,000 Porsche let's see and now something that looks a little more classic Porsche this is a 2006 Cayman S 987 this thing has the reputation of being like a poor man's Porsche if that's the case James send me to the soup kitchen give me a line of that sweet powder because I love this car I will drive it all day, I will buy a lot of car parts and other things online and I don't know if you know this, but shopping online can lead to these guys called data brokers storing and selling your personal data.
driving porsches from 3 000 to 3 000 000
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driving porsches from 3 000 to 3 000 000
I have to admit, it feels good to see that number go up. Let Incog help you regain control of your data. Avoid attacks and reduce spam by clicking the link below. use code donut and you'll get 60% off an annual plan today. Pora introduced the new Cayman as a sportier fastback coupe in 2006, like the 924. It was seen as a cheap way into a legacy brand. It's the entry-level Porsche, but nothing like that. meaning this car isn't capable even today, this thing has 291 horsepower with a mid-engine and six-speed transmission and you can get them for under $20,000. It's crazy, we always talk about cheat codes. 20 grand for this, it's a cheat code, go figure. you put some coils on it some seats steering wheel I mean, a very fun track, the car, this is cool.
I've never been a big Porsche guy, but I've done three laps here on the streets in this thing, no, I'm thinking about that. and you could do it, yeah, well, one more left. You know, Porer is one of those companies where everything they build has that motorsports spirit and you can tell it was meant to go fast on the track. This is one of those cars that I love. this car I don't think we're not going to like a car in this video. I think Porsche makes a lot of cars that feel like Porsche. Go figure, I mean, it's easier said than done for the next car on this list.
I'm going to take a step away from the track and head to downtown Los Angeles to see what it's like to drive a $100,000 Porsche that sounds so cool, this is a 1971 911t and if it were just that, it would cost you something like $100,000. This particular air-cooled 911 might cost a little more because it is so famous. It is owned by the infamous long-haired fashion designer X. Urban Outlaw Porsche Enigma Magnus Walker. How's it going? Yes ok. I'm so caught up in being here, yeah, let me show you around. For me when it comes to porser it's all about experience in variety so for me my collection is obviously front engine, mid engine, rear engine, air and water cooled so what does the brand have that is so good?
What is that DNA? Well, that DNA is still there, it's what I call usable performance and that encompasses everything Porsche makes, whether it's a Boxer to a Tyan and everything in between. Well, we're here to see and drive the car that started it. everyone will recognize this car 277 can you give us a quick ride? And just yes, 277 started life as a 7 911t, I built it to look like a 73 RS Carrera that was very popular 2025 years ago and was built on top of it. time with the goal of being what I call a drivable track car. I never towed it to the track.
It's also crazy that this is like a 71, but the dash still looks like new, like I say, that DNA, they didn't change it for the first 30 years, I mean, they really figured it out, yeah, it was well designed from the start. first day and they just improved that design. I mean, this is pretty surreal, I have to be honest, it's very walkable, you can hear it, but it's not. I'm killing my ears, no, it's back to that usable performance, right, wow, this feels like I think a car should feel, yeah, that's something I'm realizing about Porsches.
Every car we've driven feels completely unique, but it's certainly a Porsche and while I say a Porsche feels like a Porsche it may seem like an obvious statement - I can't think of any other major car brand where a $3000 car It feels like it's in the same company as a $100,000 car, but the 911 has come a long way from an air-cooled car. from the 70s, let's see what it's like to drive an even more expensive, more modern and more powerful 911. This car may scare you a little. You know, I'm in a 997.2 GT3 RS owned by my very good friend Vin, you may have seen it.
VIN on another channel, uh, Vin and I are best friends, not many people know, people don't know we don't even know each other, I know, yeah, so Ben brought his GT3 RS here to Willow Springs, letting me drive it, he does not. I'm really excited for me to whip this thing. You definitely have to have some talent to drive it. You have to be respectful of their weight transfers and everything, but to me that's what driving means. It's fun because it's difficult. Now, the 997 is not the newest version of the 9 11, but it is probably the most beloved among enthusiastic 5 year olds and even race car drivers like me.
Now these second-generation RS 3 models increase displacement from 3.6L to 3.8L and power. by 15 horsepower to 444 total, which isn't a mind-blowing number, but when combined with all of Porsche's weight-saving modifications and emphasized air dynamics, you better believe your kid is flying around the train, yeah, it has that Rowdy feel where it is. like me, i don't want to be driven like a baby, that's why this car sucks in traffic, this car is not designed to drive slow, it's a big complaint from CU people, you buy these cars and quickly realize that they don't They're meant to like sitting in traffic and going shopping, they're meant to like being on the track, well, you know, Ben, thanks for letting me drive your car.
I haven't had much enthusiasm driving it, but I'm going to give it a The hot spin here in a moment is: Are you okay with that? Go for a mile lap. Go for a mile lap. Don't make a hot dog, I won't make a hot dog, very happy with that, we made a uh, I don't know what it said. 128 was really fun, but let's see what it's like to drive through a $300,000 car. This is the Porsche 911 Dar and it's the car I'd choose if I needed a 911 that devoured terrain like a beaver chews wood. Entering the big leagues now Nolan, the last car we drove was an extremely tool designed to be the best possible daily driver you can take to the track.
This 911 car is very similar. It is a purpose built machine. The purpose is. Quite different, although this thing is designed to go cross country, you'll probably not go everywhere, but you like the idea that you could be so sick, that's sweet dude. I really like this thing 457 horsepower 420 lb-ft of torque this is a lot less sophisticated than I thought I'd feel okay driving it in the snow. It makes sense if you wanted to drive a 911 daily and lived in Chicago or any other of the numerous places in the world where it snows regularly like this. Being that it would be so cool, the Porsche 911 Dar was initially inspired by the 953 911 SC, a trio of heavily modified Group 4 G-Series 911s sporting the 959's all-wheel drive system, one of which won the Darar rally. of Paris 19, 1984. hence the name, it was no small feat and it was the first time that a sports car won the event.
The darar is based on the current 992 generation Carrera 4 GTS and effectively uses the same upgraded suspension technology as the regular GTS, albeit with 2 in more travel to absorb harsh driving impacts, which is honestly pretty sick. When you see it in person, this thing is flexible and the interesting thing about this car is that it has a higher driving position, but it still hasn't lost that sporty feeling from being in it. you don't remember that it's Ed 911, no, I think that's maybe one of the most interesting parts, is that you can make this extravagant, but inside you still don't feel crazy when we get here, we both mentioned a few. times like they're making 2,500 of those, that's a lot, but I've totally run out of it and thought they should make more, they should just be an option that you can get, of course, it's the coolest car, it's cool, how do you know? can win? an off-road 911, how about a 911 made entirely of carbon fiber that cost over a million dollars and was named after and handicrafted by someone named Gunther?
This thing is beautiful, it's really beautiful, yes, this is a Gunther Works 993, it's 420 horsepower, all carbon. fiber is like a piece of art that is a race car, yes the power to weight ratio is almost like the perfect sweet spot, how does it feel in the passenger seat? Honestly it feels like a really nice race car, yes it bounces around a bit. but you know, it's like but it's well built, it's well built, yeah, well built is an understatement for this car. I would actually call it something more obsessive. Just a few days ago I took a tour of the Gunther Works factory so I could give it a try. to understand why these 993's are so expensive, okay, come on, okay, now here's the magic, this is our area that G works in, they take every part of their process very seriously to the point where they make almost all the components of your cars are correct.
Here at this facility in Southern California they start with an original 993, strip everything down to the frame, and then completely rebuild the car from the ground up. The level of detail that goes into these things is mind-boggling to the point where it's hard to appreciate. camera with a carbon fiber exoskeleton is quite intense because these surfaces are huge, we match to the millimeter the bumper with the hood the hood with the fender the fender with the door yes, you can see that all your spaces are beautiful here, nothing is out line Also, the weave arrangement is symmetrical, which is really cool, even if you have a fully painted body, each panel is carbon fiber and has a herringbone weave.
Is this all in one piece, yes? So this is special for this Noir carbon edition like there is no seam or no joint, even coming up here what in the end what you get is a Porsche 993 made in America and built like a super car, this car makes you feel like you are a very, very good driver and if you want somethingmechanic for that feeling you get, this is it, this is it, woohoo, it's hard to believe things can get even more expensive than this, but I've got news for you buddy, we might just release a bunch of new parts. one of the best things out there, go buy the new capsule donam and now, at the time when we have all been waiting for the Porsche 918 spider, what does the trailer show and I have definitely never seen what the 918 spider looks like ?
Probably one of the most important hypercars in modern history, partly because it was part of the Holy Trinity of hypercars, but also because it was the first production car to go under 7 minutes on the Nurburg circuit, the 918 set a benchmark. precedent for future design and performance. and almost 10 years later, it is still one of the best cars ever made. W failed, a flat carbon 918 Spider. By far one of the coolest cars I've ever touched. It has a 4.8L naturally aspirated V8 combined with two electric motors that give it almost 900 hours of power, so it's a hybrid, but that's not used for efficiency, apparently it's used to generate power between shifts.
It just won't stop pulling Like Richard Hammond when he was driving was like this it's so confusing it has a top speed of 21mph and goes from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds okay I'm done drooling over this it's time to go driving It's okay, okay, only $3 million a piece, okay, oh that's a fast car, dude, oh my god, dude, it kept pulling, oh my god, that was crazy, oh dude, the brakes are cool too Oh my God, what is my wife? Oh my God. oh god oh oh oh oh my god Justin oh my god that was intense man oh you can feel your intestines being pulled in oh man okay are we changing?
I would love to change, okay, let's do that. I'm shaking, oh my god, it's okay. Oh my god, oh man, oh wow, what a car, oh god, okay, what a privilege to be able to drive this car, man, absolutely thanks to the owner, sure, woo, boy, what a car, dude, oh what do you think it is? Well, Jerry, is it really very good? he's going to kill you but he's also taking care of you yeah this scares me in a good way yeah now let's see if he's faster than our $3,000 94 okay gentlemen in three one 2 3 somehow it was even worse than I thought it would be be and you had a good launch too, there was no need for something to happen to my brain when you launched it, I thought no, we had a chance, thanks for watching this video, if you like Porsches, watch this video here if you want .
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