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Apr 28, 2023
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of course thought i'd take them with me today all the valentine decor stuff is still leering at the border more decorations need to be tissue this one is so cute just to transform it into something else. keep buying it. I'm like no, I don't need it. These are really cute to put your toothbrush on or even use for your stove spoon next year. These are metal. I'm actually amazed that you can spray paint them in different colors. they suit your decor look at the floor they have this year it's noon they are new to me i didn't see them last year they are beautiful would this be a daffodil oh my god some of these are just beautiful these were last year's spring flowers that still the oh they have like the fake they feel like real and fuzzy and they are just beautiful they walked into the room pops these are for the strawberry flavored ones versus three varieties so it really depends on what you want but i mean you get more for your buck with the four aha look at this so this line of stitching from this brand reminds me of the big details i bought which were really really big and i told you about them scanning along four bucks well this comes from what same line and this is just three in a small pack but these are the little cloths correct dish towels i guess you would call them but yeah so there are different colors just keep an eye out because they are really good quality aren't they?
dollar tree shop new finds in clean store
These look real, aren't they just beautiful? I am so impressed with Daughtry but they are so beautiful you feel so fast with you. Don't buy them when you see them the next time you come back, it will probably be all of them. they are gone but these little hedgehogs are adorable they have so many cute accessories to make a fairy garden but yeah there are some very cute ones. I always look at tissue paper or napkins because I immediately see decoupaging and have shared it on the Heidi channel. is that all these bags are also very cute so you can also decoupage if you want to put them on a hard service or campus but yes I have shared with you how to use the napkins and how to iron them on wood and things to use them for decoration I think some things next for you guys here are some toys walk down the toy aisle and take a look it looks new some of you guys have been giving me some really great book suggestions so if anyone has any book. there are books to read or that you've read and really enjoyed, please let me know below because I'm always open to a new book and as the summer months roll in I look forward to summaries, you can tell that's when I do the most of my reading there's never a single time i go to geology and i don't check the stickers so it's very common for me to look on here and find out what's new but lately there's nothing like these on here a little bit newer but nothing that really stands out to me that I want these to be new too and that I need them from my collection.
dollar tree shop new finds in clean store

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dollar tree shop new finds in clean store...

You know we have certain styles we like, but you know there are some really cute stickers out there right now. These paper packets are amazing if you make embellishments. or lettering or card making or scrapbooking they have so much like there's a variety in there you can do a lot with it and it's very useful I recently bought the blue and purple you guys said these work great so I'm going to looking for other colors, but I don't think I'll be interested in green and yellow. Do you know what colors there are? It's hard for them to know what colors exist for glitter ink markers that work on the Cricut machine, so if they need them, they work just fine.
dollar tree shop new finds in clean store
I need to try these retractable pens. I'm here again. huge so if they fit your home decor you can see some of those are really on the highs but they are as tall as that and very wide i have a huge wide mouth there are some of those domes still giving laps oh these are sparkly I'm very pretty very dark men they are blue you can see the sparkle so not sure if they were late after the holiday rush but acrylic gems usually stop and during the holiday season like more of the seasonal items and now here are the blues, reds and whites fully stocked and ready to wear these are also very pretty almost like a prism effect they always have the cutest things constantly we don't need all we see though some things that wipe I got a package before I waited a second so these are different from last year because I have them on my tail and I have the mermaid plates so I know for a fact these are from a different style yeah they have like anyway i try to see if i got my old stuff and i feel like i got it maybe i'll insert a little footage here but yeah it's just a perfect decoration perfect for a mermaid themed party or even as a small gift always new mugs too I don't want to hit any more mugs.
dollar tree shop new finds in clean store
I am not allowed to look at any more cups. Just keep walking, just keep walking. These little bows are so sweet that you can easily turn them into finer little clubs. top it off with a nice big elastic band, you know, some nice accent pieces, a wonderful pair of sears socks, these are originally seven out of 97 and i love them. i bought the hot chocolate and i dont like it its too sweet it doesnt taste like hot chocolate basically it tastes like sugar i was so disappointed after making a cup of hot chocolate so i dont know if anyone else has experienced this the same as me but yeah it was a no-go is a no-go on my part.
I'm going to take a quick look at the kitchen hallway staff. I always like to take a quick look to see what's new but then... I headed to the till so I'll say goodbye until next time everyone thanks so much for seeing me bye for now

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