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Chess Mod in Among Us

Jul 10, 2023
so today and among us we have an interesting one: this is


as a king in


. I have to promote my people, they will become knight, bishop, rook and queen and now we will fight to the death so that the king of the dark side my first recruit will be me, come on, from Gary, the other king will be me, oh, I mean , there is a clear choice here, I don't know which one is the last one, okay guys, welcome to chess as your king, right? I have all these skills that I unlock as I promote them, you can see the bottom center.
chess mod in among us
I need 100 experience to promote one of you to a night because you're both currently pawns so guys. Hit that like button, hit that subscribe button, okay guys, I am. The king, go to work, son, go up and stab those rodents, what should I do? Yeah, look, any stab, look, we can experiment, hey, we have experience, Bibble, come here, stab those rodents, come here, what a Zod, I need you to see me get knighted now. Look, yes, look at our experience, we have 20 experience, okay, I'm going to need you to follow me. I'm going to need you to follow me, that's how it works.
chess mod in among us

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chess mod in among us...

We will have two different fights as you level up here. I level them up and they get more skills. What I want you to do while I sit on my throne. I need to be asked for promotions and whoever asks best will get the promotion. Thanks for coming to play. I can't get over that, obviously, since I promoted you to uh, what's that that night? You are the Knight, the horse, you can only walk in diagonal patterns, right, I'm pretty sure not, I can walk anywhere now, oh, that's later, later, that's the next improvement. Me too.
chess mod in among us
You have skills unlocked, you can only come here, you can only stay on this side, so what I want you to do is work on getting more experience. They can't cross this line to your side, but what I can do. I'm going to camouflage myself as citrus, okay, oh, I'm going to mess it up because if I mess you up and slow you down, you're going to get less experience, guys, go work on your opponent, now listen, Gary, I'm going to be the ultimate king. I'm going to keep your people. down you know what I'm going to beat you so I killed him they respond after a while but they are losing experience and every time I kill them I gain experience like look at this I can move away a little bit.
chess mod in among us
I'm going to shoot. I saw he has 100 experience right now I only got 20 for that everyone oh can I level someone up because I call him hello sir that's no wait that's scary you need to know who's better your king What's wrong with you, get out of here? Get out of here Gary watch him get promoted before he gets promoted wait I really want to get promoted because he looks at how good I am. Oh, I'm working with the two biggest idiots, how am I going to win? Who made this food? Not my leaves. eat what I did who I'm working with what I'm sorry if I promote you you better do better now you both have 125 Shield when we go to fight I think what I need to kiss you go get experience for me let me give you your toes, go to work, wait, look at this.
I'm going to camouflage myself as stealth. I'm going to send rats, summon rats, look at the rats, now I can pretend they're sigils, what was that noise? Okay, I said, are you sigils a thing? to help us get XP the rats just ate something what the hell was it that they don't see anything? Stop it, guys, we have to fight. Are you ready for the first fight? Don't I look ready? Uh, wait, how much do I need? 300 experience Guys, someone is going to be knighted Zod, I'm going to level up one more time and then we'll go fight, hurry up, go get knighted son, hurry up, hello sir, let me promote you, you know what I'm up for I mean, no, no, please, oh you. you lost help but you become more powerful oh, you can only move him and diagnose that you can't move straight oh no, okay, so he is currently what are you a bishop?
Yeah, yeah, come on guys, it's time, okay, whoever wins this will get 500 experience. oh yeah, you gotta win on this side oh he turned invisible wait, where are you outside? Get your shots right, okay, throw more fireballs. They're stabbing me oh foul oh good shot good stab so as you level up you keep the previous level son. OS has a lot more skills than me, well, I take this, oh my God, yes, one more shot, Zod, one more shot, I also attack five hundred experiences, I mean, I took myself there, I literally can't stand it. I will send. some rants, what does that do?
Oh God, okay, do you want to get promoted? Yes sir. I will literally kiss your toes right now if you cry. Oh God, come on, let me kiss them. Gotta be sizzling, here we go and oh, I got lost. Wait there, that gives me so much experience, where's Gary? Gary is pretending to be zut. I'll send rats after the sun. Hello, hello, have you never understood? I got it, oh okay, that's wrong, so the Rats and Sizzlers give me more, how much experience am I going to get for that 30? Okay let's move on let's shoot Gary shoot Gary hahaha you're going down Gary oh wait I got some mean sludge too okay Gary what's wrong with your face?
Gary, sorry for the general direction, here we go, you know what, thanks for the experience, have fun with the rats haha ​​Zod. I've been working a lot on that side. I need you to ask your king for a promotion. I killed a person and left. the shield on the second one i made one yes but i'm pretty yes i'm an album i'll use that guy 600 oh son i can make you a queen for 900 currently you're right what are you waiting for? you are a tower Tower, okay, then you should get more skills every time we go, remember later, when we go to fight, this is our final round, if we win, we will win everything, don't let me down, give me more experience, someone go to get the knight. to the rats don't go no no no no no don't run run I have to go here that's what I'm talking about okay I'm going to transform the decisions I have the grenade wait for me no problem and then I'll send rats to the sigils as soon as I come I should hit a training desk, you see me punch that guy, hey, okay, you're not sigils, these are corpses, you just put corpses on me, you got the plague, oh god, that's kinda gross, hey, Gary, Gary. oh, that's right, that's right now, I'll give you the plane, I don't want the plague, oh, everyone, routine, stop it, stop it, no, Gary, oh, I have the flag.
Gary is going to go take, wait, I'll send more reds. I'll send more red ones, don't wrap me up again. Fear, oh, we hit them. Gary, get off my side. Gary Jr., go get more experience, get more experience. I need to promote you, I need to promote you, yes, yes, I'm going to defend you. you against arrows Defender against arrest and up and down I can't move diagonally anymore, okay, wait, let me do this, let me make the cut. I need to do more good. I need to overcome a thousand experiences to uh. so I can make Zud my queen, come on, look at me, you gotta prove yourself, oh, I gotta hit this, okay, easy, okay, wait, wait, hit it easy, okay, hit the green Hey, you want me to try myself here.
I'll try it myself. At this point you didn't really prove anything Bill, what is this task? I'm the king. I don't do push-ups or jumping jacks. I mean, you have to go be a gentleman, go be a gentleman. I just did it, okay, oh, thank you, okay. I'll turn into her, I'll send her some rats and we'll go in, okay, send them, put them on the rats. I'm sending the digital rats. Gotta get more XP though come on, promote me, make me do. me even stronger oh my god you can't go on you can't go on getting away with this you literally can't go on getting away with this this is not the time for the play oh god right there I got lost, I got lost, I got lost, you can't Dodge that , thanks, nice, no, no, I have to go, I have to go, I have to go, I have to go, okay, we're at 800.
I need 900 for zud or get or Biffle, can you guys please get to 900 experience so we can do this fight? we need to win oh no, you're happy, it's that he got it, you're not, that's not false Gentleman, I love you guys, you have prepared the best promotion speech of all time. I'm going to my Throne, oh God, oh, it's okay, I'll stay. Here let's see who moves up, come on, Squire, what's up? What is your elevator pitch? Hi sir. I would like to be promoted to Queen so I can kiss her toes and be very nice.
She's okay, before what she has, uh, it's hard. I think Zod and I are standing here in front of you, we are our late service recipients, remember, um, I like the feet thing, come here, hello my queen, you look quite elegant today, five shields for this fight and a lot of skills. Are you ready to fight? I'm ready. I haven't thrown up my hands. I think I might as well cheat because I don't think it's the intention that I'm allowed to use abilities during the fight, but I'm going to do it. Do it, that was an experience, come on guys, I'm going to send Kate, come on, oh God, okay, that was embarrassing, yeah, oh, you got a rock, okay, okay, even I don't get to work, These are our soldiers, oh oh. with the combo the nice devil these guys are doing too much um oh easy are you ready?
I'm ready oh god oh oh that does it all oh oh look at this look at this okay oh okay okay okay okay okay she's invisible she's invisible she's invisible nice okay as soon as you lower her shield get ready son save your attack of zud fireballs are you ready? we have to defeat him oh I'm in a grenade I grenade you know you're the worst king of all time I'm the best them You better run, look, oh, they're going to try to run well. Time stampede, attack them my boys, good job boys, Gary, it's time to die, no you can't catch me, oh GG, boys, hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, we did it.

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