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May 31, 2021
It's called a tablet right tablet no oh that's wrong I know, I'm thinking oh it's a sigil okay they're your sigil this something is the moon Lord instantly I like it look how long it lasts It's taking brother okay it's time for the Lord of the Moon, the game crashed duringThe time I try to leave the world very interesting, here we go, we move on to the next one, so I think in the previous video in this series we tried to test it on certain thorium


and we are going to do the same thing again .
can terraria bosses survive the blackhole tome
So the Star Scouter, which is one of them, we tried it and then it was busy. The other one says, go ahead, let's suck these homoless guys again and see what happens, okay, he's the little fool on your phone who seems stronger than him or that. I was about to go into the ocean, remember a busy person gets angry if you are out of the ocean, so no, the harder the better he pushes the harder the better, it's okay, he still resists, once he resists, he still He is dying, he is seeing something. anything this is but look I feel like when your help gets a loan maybe this is another percentage weapon and that's why it takes a long time to kill things when your health goes down yeah last but not least after Of that, we have a pop, the doomsayer. coin in the night, of course, to fight now, this should be chaotic, how about I have a whole pot of stew, Mr.
can terraria bosses survive the blackhole tome

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can terraria bosses survive the blackhole tome...

Boss, buddy, you've got them deep inside, yeah, look how long it's taking the little man. I hope to have the hope that you have the Christ a piece and the wait is tied there are some words that I do not use outside the plane and then we have the dying reality our screen is very distorted in terms of color but denying reality is about to die and that It's the reality of the situation see you later Daddy, what I like most about killing the story is how you get a crown on your head, it's a nice touch, you guys already know what time it is, you know what time it is, it's time for you guys to come in the heads of calamity.
can terraria bosses survive the blackhole tome
Come here, I'm cooking a stew and you're welcome to get into the pot, look at this, my God, he said, don't get arrogant, boy, shut up, you stupid calamity


, okay, go ahead, face to face. bring it I already have everything spinning oh my god almost a dreidel dreidel dreidel just spins like a yo-yo and bah bah Jesus imagine one of the scariest bosses rising to become a yo-yo we are here in the jungle to fight not only against the jungle dragon and we kill it, oh my god, why is it always so loud when I fight this boss?
can terraria bosses survive the blackhole tome
I don't get it, we're supposed to be so loud, is there some minor reason for that? Don't know. All I know is my boy is getting confused, oh my god he really died. I didn't think he was going to die. I think we could have found another weapon to rule them all and of course it's another mafia juice weapon that would do it. I've been thinking that I think Juice will be making these weapons specifically to eliminate calamity losses. Next up we have Supreme Cal. He should probably use the spa nerd stuff instead of trying to generate it with a cheat sheet, there you go and bone, hello supreme cow and his friends, the worm and the dirty bubble, can't wait to meet you.
You think this time he could kill the worm. I don't know, it's impossible. I don't think we've killed this support before, but you know it could be. a new day you wait, you better break up, even though I have to break these things, okay, oh look, this is a poker, oh my God, we could feel the support immediately if you say his name, of course. Grave, whoever cakes, oh, go to hell, well, that's it. where did you go because I'm still alive I don't know if that counts as a murderer we probably aren't one he probably thinks we cheated and you know how sticky pigeons are they get a little antsy and they say who the hell how inspiring okay we're back here in the ocean that is not colored PP because calamity is fun, man, we already know that and let's fight old Duke for real this time, okay, it's not by accident, I just want to see him show off how cool he looks. a lot of people call him boomer Duke, but I like old Duke for obvious reasons, but look at him, he's got a little edge, he's a hostess, no, sister, he's got a little beard, well, eyebrows, well, nice, Real, his eyebrows go down the middle of his body, yeah, come on.
Go ahead with the second beam, he looks at what's going on here, probably the same result from the lab and before, when he gets to half his health, but he has a little phase advisor, we can't sense it. Oh, okay, you know who we have to try next. although another calamity tank Idol over worm, of course, let's see, let's see, can we kill that? I don't want, oh my God, the first Worm Idol killed in forever, oh my God, it's about to happen, oh my God, it happened, it happened. We finally killed the worm idol for the first time or the first time in forever because I don't remember the last time I did it or if we even killed it.
Check out these weapons you get for killing him. Sword that shoots. projectiles that original and this thing are good loud weapons okay so after those bosses um I want to test my bosses because we're almost done we tested all the bosses. I wanted to try the ones here that I thought would hold up the longest and now it's time to try some crazier stuff here let's try my board bill cipher oh my gosh my boy bill cipher welcome to the hole welcome to all the Bill, welcome to the hole, Bill, is he still where is he?
E, oh ​​my God, it's still here, oh we. I killed him, well, see you later, Bill knows one thing I always wonder in life, a great mystery to me. I've always wondered in life how Bill is short for William. He's fine, and a final boss to finish this video. Oh, we haven't done the Juice Mob Bosses, okay, let's do it real quick. I don't think they understand many possibilities because this is a weapon with juice, so why not juice? My boss is down there, go, this is a giant cactus man and let us see. the alpha cactus worm is obviously going to die he's my favorite to kill the ones I like how they spin oh you come in here too - oh man he's gone his boy lost half his body in seconds alright next is Gilgamesh and Enkidu boom boom, brought them both here, welcome to the spin cycle, this is like washing clothes, you know, look here like the clothes are spinning.
I think that ended the second mode of him, but did I spawn him on the second night? He could have spawned them in the second level. Honestly, well they're up there, yeah, now we can see a second layer, you have two whole bars and he has to help and there's one more that I'm forgetting, it's this one, an ice axe, welcome, I'm kind of interested to see as. he transforms when he's in the circle he literally just does it for a while he's in the circle oh he can't transform Oh deep transformation what the hell I didn't see that animation play maybe it was my loser I'll just tell you no I think so playing it wasn't just they transformed yes the animation in reality I play shooters but there you have it if those are the Ugandan knuckles I have to do if I fought Bill Cipher.
I have to fight with a new weapon because this guy looks like one hell of a thug, yeah, there you go, he's dead, yeah, that was the black hole


. the juice mod is a very very powerful weapon, it had no problem killing anything we fought Bill Cipher with, we fought Ugandan Knuckles, we even killed the idol in a worm, that's crazy because it might be o Not the first death, I'm legit, no. Remember we've done so many videos in this series that I simply forgot if we'd ever done it before. Yes, thank you all for watching something about washing your hands.
Do it right now just for fun.

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