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May 09, 2020
x aka that Metroid thing. Come on, let's move on, let's kill this form of boom to feel like it's transforming you and it's unpleasant, let's move on. I see the last one. It's great that there are The animations now between them scream juice for adding those animations in the middle. It's cool now with this boss, Mr. guy review do something to make it much cooler, let's move on, let's get the final form out of yes to Baba esque the final form I don't know there's a lot of things flying on my screen it looks like a lot of squirts next we have the greatest duo of all time okay, I don't know that we have in Quito and Gilgamesh boom, see you later in Quito and Gilgamesh says: hey brother, you kill my partner, that's my Luigi, my Mario, get out of here, get out of here, but then he goes into his final form, come on, test me, test me, let me see, I don't know.
can terraria bosses survive the tome of manipulation
What are you talking about? Talk about ladies, like men, there is no problem with that Gilligan, she is sexist, get out of here, piece of shit, and last but not least, the dusmanta jumbo cactus, who doesn't love this man, I love this medicine with my favorite


of the model but I'm sorry I'm a Hector I'm going to have to take you out oh my god he's getting angry he gets angry as you leave the desert you're happy now bye bye giant cactus okay. The only boss we're going to try with Thorium is the Ragnarok trio whatever you want to call them.
can terraria bosses survive the tome of manipulation

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can terraria bosses survive the tome of manipulation...

I don't remember where they called reality breaker once you kill all three of them, something like that, can I detect evils out loud? Damn, but there you go, boom, I got it, kill the bubbles now, I can't forget the bubbles, come on, now you kill the bubbles, you get to the final form, very hot, on top of two more bubbles, no, Ngati kuia , okay, here we go, nine, reality, not reality. Breakers dying reality boom get him out of here what did you expect from my powerful weapon? Okay, there are a handful of


from the Calamity mod that I want to try.
can terraria bosses survive the tome of manipulation
Let's start with the dog. I think the dog will start. Believe. we get the Supreme Cal dog thread, I have another boss in mind that will try two, but those are the ones I want to do now, so let me figure out how we spawn the dog here. You should probably spawn it with a generator. here we go, what is that noise? biggest worm, well look at this biggest worm, he's still my toy, get him out of here, oh my god, world record baby, okay next is thread, should I do what if the article goes silent and doesn't have to fight, that's noisy, you don't have to fight. the solar eclipse come here we have to get rid of your lab now this is too far away don't get me into a let me kill you that air is getting hot around you know I have the air conditioning on I'm fine I'm great, it's rejecting your health.
can terraria bosses survive the tome of manipulation
I don't know if this is like the second phase when he regenerates his health and what I don't know, I don't really play this modern, let me grab him again, try to kill him again maybe. he has a republic DPS cap again if you go over it you still got your ass beat okay we have our final boss here from Columbia not really the final boss I mean yeah I guess the final boss because The last thing in my calamity test is the idol in one, at this point it's just a tradition that we fight the worm idol.
I don't know why I'm dodging this. I am invincible, yes, a pious upholstery who, honestly, may not even die from this. Well, you could die, buddy. Take a lot of sleep, but let's see here, let's just grab the road, no, we can't grab super in calculus, we have to kill the balls, I bet the gloomy, so the heart, not the supreme cow balls, okay, Let's see, just give me all this, bye and then hold on to her or she says: okay, wait, we have to move on to Phase Two, come on, now, phase two, this B will make me play all this, yeah, good luck, hit me, nice try, I'm going to play with you while you wait for this phase to finish oh, I don't know how many phases it has.
I've only been Supreme Cal once. That's only because I tried hard to beat her once, but let's see, it doesn't look like she's going to break. or anything you know when I'm doing so much damage because the thread and what is this fits like the thread and the dog don't break at all. I didn't do it well. I guess Yaron had a DPS cap on some guy, but he wasn't one. It's really not that strict maybe I don't know maybe that was a shape shift oh the dirty bubble I can't pick them up even though it's all good he's not going to hurt me oh so what is this?
Wow, we should go. I cast our next I have to kill you, can you? I just attack her. I think I have to kill Zeus. Everything is alright. It's not that it's a difficult thing to do. I'm just holding down the left button, right clicking, that's literally it. I'm holding down both. once, oh this is so much easier, I have to move there, come on, come here, oh, she's so close, I'm just getting started, you're about to die, the calamity boss is always talking, it's almost like If calamity developer discord, bring me that ass, oh, so close. so close I have to kill the balls again but come here that's not all you still have like a little one where's that head you know that's it now there we go so that's all the main bosses of calamities with whom I wanted to try that and you know.
There's only one other boss we're going to try our luck with and that's one of the blue magic bosses, not all of them because that mod gets angry when you don't fight all the bosses, like you can't fight this one. boss I'm going to find that bus and I don't feel like doing it honestly we'll just see what we can spawn on and see if it will let me kill it that's really all we'll do let me see if I spawn. on like this purity probe well it allows me to fight anything not these dungeons Swanee oh there we go spirit of purity you're saying wait oh you again I don't even know who the hell you are Oh it was that easy Oh tell me was that even that was like that easy look that look that's good, you know, you could also try the one of chaos, let's generate this one, which I think is the last one, oh yes, this is the last one where the spirit of chaos is, so let's see now, look you just finished from dying I couldn't even touch it you just died like I couldn't even right click on it or anything.
I can't even move no I'm fine I didn't feel like I was moving he just dies no I don't know if that counts or not but who knows okay but you know who we're going to end up with of course the only idol , ah, worm, come on, there's no way I can't not finish this guy off, boom. There's the island worm, the only one, damn it, I'm here playing with them like it's a damn toy, yeah, doing that scary thing or that doesn't scare you anymore, not anymore, get it out of here, holy hell, It still has defense.
I don't. I know if I want to see Howard here, you know what you win, you win this one. No, I can still join you as if he had his tail. Yes, I hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to check out the juice mods and all other mods. In the description, many people always ask me: what is that about Tom? I don't know if you read the description for a second. You know, most of the video says tumblr


is mod juice, but I know it's really hard to click or scroll down once it's kind of hard or I know, I know, make sure you hit the sub button because If we reach 200 thousand subscribers by February 14, we will be a player.
Week 5 and for all my Terraria people they know which player the week is before all my other people who aren't much of a game reader Week 5, you know, that means we'll be posting every day for an entire entire week and possibly even broadcasting some of those days is up to you to see them. I love them.

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