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Jul 07, 2021
I was pretty much had, I think, $1,300 left to my name, I said, okay, so here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to move to Orange County because I was thinking of moving to a Newport B each anyway, I had some friends there telling me hey move here that's where the money is blah blah blah and I love the area. I said, okay, I'll give myself five years or a certain amount of money that was eight figures okay, whichever comes first, I'm done, I'm retired Bora BoraCosta Rica, whatever I've done right, so this was in 2012, when I was 49 years old.
brothel owner freddy
I always thought I'd retire early but it doesn't work that way when the kids are watching this when they settle a legal but there's no such thing as easy money easy money is the hardest money to make coming back to Orange County so I said ok five years or X amount of dollars let's say ten million dollars just for the sake of this video so I started making delicious I called it delicious parties everything was pink and nice and bubbly and basically what I did was I wanted to try the market to see what kind of people live there in the area what kind of customers they have was a different model because in Vegas everyone came to Vegas for business and that was my customer in Orange County the locals were my customer because a lot of People came to Orange County but mostly I have to rely on the locals so a friend of mine used to do the fashion shows and lingerie shows she had a she's from Newport B each and she I had a nice list of over 650 clients so we threw delicious parties I basically went to Orange and they had a lot of big mansions there in orange and I rented one and we promoted it for about a month it was a masquerade thing and so everyone can having a mask because it's one of those things that people don't want to get exposed so I was like okay cool it's around Mardi Gras so we're going to have a masquerade party and we had a really big mansion probably like twenty five thirty thousand square feet with a big pool in the back, nice circular driveway, had a big iron gate in the front, everything was fenced off so it had security at the gate, everyone had to RSVP with a pseudonym you know wet dog or white you know honey or whatever so no one has to use their name we knew who they were so they entered the list on the tablet we go all dressed in tuxedos uines all the security guys and all me if the valet came in a circle and drove a drop left them with a couple girls who came out in nice sexy long dresses and escorted them to the front doors huge doors two big guys opened the doors this whole episode of Eyes Wide Shut right now the same kind of atmosphere and they came in he had the two big stairs and he went in he had a nice big bar set up all the girls were in lingerie he had over 95 girls most of them are models i hired models legit models are like victoria's secret models and stuff and of course i have girls who will do anything they ask or write so the way i set it up they will come in and sit down.
brothel owner freddy

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Let me go have a drink. I had a cocktail. on all the beautiful girls get their booze and we made sure everyone RSVP'd for what they want to eat and drink in life and everything was really exclusive and we had a DJ and a DJ on the dance floor who was topless before we that you ask me yeah she was topless on the right and down on t The wine cellar we turned it into a dungeon like a domination dungeon so it had a couple of really hot girls in a cat like faux fur outfit you know that sweater with whips or whatever and the whole cross thing and they were doing to each other. you know, S&M and him being just a mild self-control and of course the guys could participate and then going up to the second floor on the right hand side we had a VIP area which is behind locked doors.
brothel owner freddy
There's a huge area as big as your studio maybe bigger and I had a stay set up with a girl, a girl goes to the show every two hours, so like 9 o'clock, 11 o'clock, 1 o'clock, 3 o'clock so it was a girl on girl and girl show with whipped cream and dildos and strap-ons and whatever and that was basically to give the guys something for their $500 it was $500 to get in the door it's all included bring the food we had a really good buffet downstairs you know lobster and filet mignon whatever they wanted everything was very well catered and the general idea was for the guys to go upstairs to see the show or come downstairs or whatever of course they'd get horny boys will be boys right it's not that hard to make that blood travel south so take 'em upstairs watch the show now we on the other side upstairs had five bedroom suites each had s our own really beautiful bathrooms very very nicely decorated and we had our goals for that and they would go Kelly and Kelly was my friend who helped me with this she would go and match the guy with her girl that was her job to see what guy wanted, what a girl and what a girl she wanted, she already knew all her clients, so we did very well, we had more than 320 guests at that time and after. everything i think i did after it was all paid for the place the girls i don't know about fifty between fifty and seventy i really can't remember exactly but for one night it wasn't bad for a month and kelly kelly did about 25 or 30 anyway I ended up doing that one more time and then I stopped it because girls were coming in I didn't know who the hell they were they wanted to work because other girls were telling them you can't control the things the customers were coming bringing ten people with them who were they weren't supposed to do it it was just getting out of hand and you wanted to be a breaking newscast on the five o'clock news where you know we get busted for whatever so I decided to start my agency and before I left to move on in fewer places to turn them into


s i wanted to test the market so what i did was hire two girls at first who had places and i found the market was good it was enough ent to keep what I wanted to do to get the amount of money I needed to do so we went from that to six girls who didn't hire the girls I gave I had no places to work so I had to use hotel rooms at first, so I would use like the Hilton across the street from John Wayne airport or the Hyatt on Jamboree at 405 really nice places around all of Irvine because it's a perfect area it's not a Newport beach because it's very conservative so I want to make sure that I'm outside of Newport Beach but I also want that access so I can get in and out real quick where a lot of people work A lot of people live in Irvine and you put beach or Laguna beach so that was a really nice central location ok There are also many businesses there and that was my target market, that professional who works and lives in the area and I made sure the hours were convenient for them so we worked from 11:00 am to 7:00 am. 00 p.m.
brothel owner freddy
Monday through Friday we had bankers hours this way they have the opportunity to come and do their thing and go back to work or go home and no one would know because their wife or partner will think they are at work so I did everything i could to help them that way yeah i facilitated everything anyway so once i did proof of concept at hotels i decided to start getting permanent places so i ended up hiring girls with somewhat good credit. so i can get the places in her name and i started leasing in places around that area all exclusive places usually a dormitory thats all we needed because each girl was assigned one place per day so i went from 6 to 8 to 10 I maxed out at 12 I signed up with 12 slots with 12 girls every day five days a week I only let the girls work two or three days so I ended up having to have like 65 or 70 girls on the roster so i could fill all the slots and what i did was i brought an interior r decorator and i made sure that those places were decorated really nice and beautiful and each place had a different theme and color theme and the other one this way no one got bored , especially the clients so always everything i did was with the clients in mind what would be the client how i put myself in their shoes and hired beautiful girls over the age of 21 i made sure their surplus check their ids of course sup Well, some of them I have to do a background check on because they looked so fucking young because I know they weren't.
I don't think you should work with anyone under 21, it's just my honest opinion, so they were predominantly 21 and I'd say 35 and the girls are 30 they were in great shape they are all beautiful they are nines and tens on the beauty scale from one to ten ten being extremely beautiful because we were charging 500 an hour minimum so you have to make sure that you can justify that hourly rate and I'll make sure they've never done it before because I didn't want them to come in with bad habits or people who just want to come in and steal customers which some of them of course try to do or the ones they want to rush to the client that I did not allow that I did. sure there are those clients for my clients so i wanted to make sure i keep them very happy because girls are expendable you can always trade them they dont care about their guys some guys maybe one or two percent again to fall in love with. which is a whole other story but for the most part they wanted a beautiful girl with a beautiful body that would do a good job so no drugs over 21 going to school and having to say something positive to me they needed the money if they wanted to play to pay off student loans which was about 75% of the girls I worked with some of them having a bad divorce with kids single moms needed the money some of them wanted to save for a business some of them They wanted to buy a house.
I had a few of them that were very sad. when I check, I always check everything. Fact check. Make sure they know that unfortunately being in that world for so long does get a little tiring, so you always have a fact check. Make sure someone isn't trying to trick you. I remember this girl. she worked at in-and-out burger and went to school and her mom had stage four cancer and didn't have health insurance that covered it so i let her work unfortunately this wasn't for her so i basically told her that she really shouldn't do it because she was getting depressed and all you know, so I always made sure that if you know it's not for everyone, not everyone can do this, you know there's a separation between Lisa, the person, and Krystal, the escort, right? use this different name because it's like getting naked it's not you doing it it's just a psychological thing but some girls can't break away and they can't do it so I always tell them look man we shouldn't bed I was doing it and no I did it.
I didn't let him work. The same girl came a month later and tried to work well. Can I let myself work for just a few days? you know you were so down you didn't know it wasn't because of you you didn't feel good about yourself and if you can't feel good about yourself about what you do there ain't no money in the world is going to fix it so forget it so that's what I did you had to have something positive I had never done it before so I wanted to train them exactly how I wanted to train them to be nice to customers I basically did this job like I was going to run a fortune 500 company that wanted the same type of employee good work ethic I know which sounds weird because this field but it could happen i did it good work ethic loyal integrity honesty don't lie i hate lying so i said i won't lie to you don't lie to me and that was the kind of relationship i had and i try to help him where i can i give him 50% of all g and some of them would say wow that's a lot of money on mine would be nice well do you want to keep a hundred percent while you're doing right now and want to earn fifty percent to percent of this since you're doing this? correct and they also come inexperienced.
I have to get clients. I mean, I work 17 or 18 hours a day, seven days a week and the reason I did it is because I made sure I was the only person behind the scenes because me. they told me before that federal case I told you about in Vegas one of my foam girls actually took one of my laptops and after I shot and went to the feds so I didn't want it to happen to me again as I told you. i know there is only one way to do it one man show i can only handle so much even though i am very good at what i do but i want you to imagine this you have 12 places one girl in each place and i had to be in between every transaction, we average between, say, six minimum, sometimes up to ten transactions per location per girl, right? and i'm in between every transaction so you can just imagine and imagine when i had accumulated the clients before and once i got the clients it wasn't too bad because i already know the clients i don't have to examine them on the projectionis what is what is the killer in a hundred calls I would like.
I'm very very picky right it's going to be a certain type of man who will be over thirty five he used to be over forty but they kept getting younger because now it's more accepted to date an escort of thirty five plus professionals that they have their own business or CEO or entrepreneur or vice president of a company and I have to be able to verify who they are and I have my forms of course it's all about the evaluation so imagine projecting and keeping everything going with twelve points and just you love a person, that's why I worked 17 18 hours a day.
I know you can relate to that because he has to be the cameraman. advertising guy is going to be marketing, promotion, going to be security, screening, CPA right, a man knows everything, yeah you know where he was he. I'm sure you do too. there was enough money after everything was paid I saved fifty a week so that I wouldn't be bad five days a week, but I worked seven, because Saturdays were for video shoots, photo shoots, interviews and I did two or three a week, always two or three, yes. My clients really hooked up with new girls, so I had to make sure I kept up that supply.
Coming on like a drug because to be honest with you most of them were addicted to sex and didn't even know it so Monday through Friday I would get up at five, go to the gym, be at the office by seven, even when I was doing cardio I'm writing emails and setting up appointments and everything and by eleven I'm almost 70-80 percent booked for the day for each girl I'd hand them over once the client sees a girl or two girls or three girls you meet at least two or three times and I know they are our type of client which means they are professionals there at the right age I prefer them between 40 and 55 or 60 they are very nice they treated the other two three well girls the one they thought was me ndependence i handed it over to my oath my place was called OSI funds my business so i handed them over to the one website where all the girls are on that one website instead of having a bunch of websites all over s parts this way made it easier for them look man this is what's going on we got together that's why I sold it we girls got together and put this together it's a password and username protected website , it is very safe and discreet, and now you are a VIP, which made them feel better. true they're part of our thing it's an exclusive club and so it was just you get to know all the girls under one roof and it showed every girl's schedule when she's working so the guys can see all the oldies business men, all professionals so they had to make sure they can fit it into their schedule because I had a lot of doctors in about five or six hundred doctors that maybe that many lawyers I had a lot of entrepreneurs CEOs a couple of billionaires a bunch of millionaires and a and a lot of junior millionaires in that area, so I was very lucky.
I ended up with eighty six hundred clients eighty six hundred yes twelve locations eighty six hundred clients only in Orange County miss Orange County here Wow yes and what percentage of the clients were married yes ninety nine percent maybe ninety nine point three percent I got this deficit overnight so when I hired the girl I made a deal with her so I'll give you an example I had a girl who went to UCLA and she wanted to be a dentist she owed 150k and student loans and really i wanted to pay them this girl was beautiful she was a victoria's secret model she was half scandinavian half korean just beautiful tall beautiful body amazing and i couldn't believe i was doing this she is so beautiful and i said ok so let's call her sarah let's do this for a year maybe six months because she can only work two days at a time i let him work more than two days a week but she can only work two days a week I said maximum a year, maybe six months, in and out, and that's what I did with all the girls, you know, I'll hire them first, okay, we need the money to make sure it's a positive, I'm not hiring to someone who is drugged.
I'm nothing against anyone, I'm just not going to support bad habits. I had a very bad experience in Vegas so I learned from my lesson to pay attention and that's why I really don't like drugs in this business so all the girls came. in we figured out what you need money for how long it will take just from experience. I hired her and I realized why because I realized after six years of this business that if a girl does it for a year it's the point of no going back to being able to go back to normal or do something else, really it's this irreversible damage that happens to that person at that moment, on top of the addiction to that kind of money, it's crazy, I mean, I'm addicted to it. kind of money to be honest so i didn't want him to fall into that trap so i always meant well towards them and i want to make sure i give him the best advice i can as a friend and coworker because i don't want bad karma , so let's see what else we're going to talk about, so basically I ended up with eighty six hundred clients at twelve locations, everything was going great, so overall that's what I was dealing with.
I kept things very honest, the customers, everyone is happy, they couldn't believe it. they had such a safe environment so they came to some really clean all the places were decorated very nice showers everything towels everything was just beautiful they had music and candles and how everything was perfect the girls were happy the customers were happy Coles were happy customers we are happy, its gone no complaints i did it for four and a half years finally around may 2000 and i remember i started in 2012 and in 2012 around may 2016 i started noticing strange things going on in the resorts in the halls and d stuff so i kept everyone on.
I took out a bun. Keep an eye out because what happened was I would go in at the end of the night and check the places where she had all the electronic locks, so once the girl left I locked the doors. email remotely and everyone kept the money whatever we told him to put it away now he's going to check the place out and make sure everything is clean they cleaned it up they had to do a little procedure after they were done with the shift and i would choose gather the money and leave so i can start noticing strange things going on i am always paranoid of course when you are doing something illegal those who look around to see what is going on something out of character something out of character and so on.
We were finally on the lookout around June 9, 2016. I got a good look at a couple of girls who told me they saw when they went into work they saw a couple of guys in different parts of the complex now these complexes have a thousand apartments and five buildings across the street his particular complex so i have an apartment here and when this building one apartment day i went to an apartment there it's funny because everyone saw the same two guys at one point or another in the hallways so I was like, okay I know what's going on because they were trying so hard to arrest me for a year and a half from 2014 onwards they've been trying and I have such a good detection system that they couldn't get in because what they're trying to do is arrest a girl and that's how they get in and then that girl spilled the beans and then that's it that's why I made sure my filtering system was in perfect condition so I decided after four and a half years.
I decided that was enough. now its going to be too close for comfort security wise remember this is still illegal sadly it should be legal especially at least the way we did and decided to shut it down but nonetheless i got bored and in december i decided to come back as all these customers got over 900 emails after two days because i didnt tell anyone we closed customers like where are you and whats going on i was all over the forums like theres a yelp for this business called la erotic review, right? where they reviewed that they call them amateurs customers reviewed girls when they go to see her so if you're him you know jackie just go and see what other guys are saying about her you know she's hot she's worth it if you know they give him 1 to 10 all things details juicy details call him so we were all over the forums what happened is he found oh my god and I looked at the main email address there's like over nine hundred emails just come in like two days i'm like oh man and they kept emailing me they kept emailing on and on so i had to get rid of all the old phones and everything of course for security reasons finally in december i decided to go back which was the worst mistake that I have made in my life and they were already following me and they had GPS and all my cards already found the GPS turned on and I had three cars and they are all my cars my girlfriend was dentist at the time she didn't know anything she didn't know I don't know my real name no I didn't tell her anything I was struggling with it because we were together three years I have this normal life here meanwhile I'm doing all these things she's thinking I'm doing this business here and I have this office here and this and meanwhile I'm doing this and there's no way I'm going to tell you right because I've been told before that I wasn't trying to lie to you but I just can't I couldn't tell you I didn't tell you that I conveyed my different ID, a different name and found GPS I took her cars to my friend's garage and found GPS on her had to match the GPS on her car too I'm like oh man this is bad so now I was faced with a decision right like that movie heat in 30 seconds, what Bobby DeNiro said in 30 seconds and the last man If you feel the heat just around the corner, you need to go write something.
Okay, should I take the money and run or what do I do? I'm with my girlfriend, she has an eight year old boy. I am having this. family life here you know I'm getting older that's why these things don't mix whether you're going to do Sami or not I won't I'm not condoning it I'm just saying if you make it through you can't have you can have your cake and eat it too. You can't be a Family Guy here and here. You are doing your POV videos and he is there all day, right. This is my friend, so I decided not to say anything, but I started. again, just with my fun OC website, just with the clients I had.
I chose like not even a thousand clients below 800 clients. I said ok those are the ones who spent at least 500 to 1500 every time they came. You know our $500 an hour? it was our minimum, but a lot of them just came in, you know, they gave 1,500 whatever, so I kept the top tier VIP clients and only had about 18 girls. ls working and I went down to like five places or six places. I forgot and kept it small and said, you know what I started to see things I've seen in front of the Comba here, so it's not worth it.
I said from January. 31. I said if this isn't it, if I don't feel comfortable in the body, let's turn it off and I told some clients and some girls to guess what happened. January 31. Here I am leaving my girlfriend's house where I lived. Ladera Ranch and by the way, you can Google my name, this is all over the news, January 31, 2017. Just got back from the gym looking down the street. I saw that this SUV is a black SUV. I can tell it doesn't belong there because Sheila. It's in a really nice area you know I knew I knew who I said oh man and all the windows are tinted and I could tell from the front.
Look. I could see the people sitting there. not good so i entered the house now what do i do Long story short, I check out about 15 minutes later. Red colored clothes I thought I was going to import and get rid of all the evidence I could. He didn't have that many at home and, indeed, 22 23 policemen come here from everywhere. this guy and it's also in my book that's how i open the book he said freeze and it had a machine gun mark and it was so his adrenaline because they got you know adrenaline well they get so excited i was shaking so i thought he was going to shoot me i'm like whoa whoa , take it easy, here I am, I get arrested, I'm supposed to be nervous, but unfortunately I'm used to those situations before, I've been through SWAT teams and all that. things he's on so take it easy you're shaking so hard right now it's going to be okay Here I am telling him it's going to be okay right don't pull the trigger man 'cause you know even though they got it he had an ar-15 or something. 'Cause you know I'm obviously watching look what we're going through right now you ain't running you know how you know that guy?
Hey, get down. I'm like it's raining a little bit, you know, so the ground was wet and I have my car in front of there. The house could be my thing. I'm going to get in the car go to one of my storage units where I had some money and go south and just relax you know go to Rosarito Beach onesong is just chill you know he had a 63 SL so I'm good I know I can beat him at the border you know there's three 12's on the right and of course I didn't make it to the car even though I was like 10 feet away from the front door, but um, so I said, okay, I'll know, I'm sorry, I did, I kissed the ground and you know the boys try to put the I'll tell you this is a funny story, the boys will They say I was 265, right, very big, you know I've always been big, big. size and guys trying to put my arms behind my back and trying to get hank out of me with a cuff but it didn't work because I was so big I was kind of standing right here I know I'm like a man wait trying to get my shoulders out from my basin or something, just put another one in there.
I'm trying to tell the guy how to do his job, just put another one on there. yeah then another guy ended up being detective hall he was the head guy for the human trafficking task force what happened was i got stuck with the human trafficking task force and they kept seeing my ads and kept seeing how mine is different from all the others you have the exclusive backgrounds with these beautiful girls and lingerie of course i erased their faces and of course you use take pictures and you know prepaid phones and whatever you know the whole thing from security, but they had me on surveillance for so long and to be honest with you, I can't even tell you all the details because I didn't even look at my discovery.
I ended up taking a deal after four months. They were talking about 78 years they kept every time he saw an atom it remotely resembled mine and mind you a lot of our photos got stolen which I let people do that at first I used to get mad I was like oh no it's well, we had our photos in Florida, we have our photos in Texas and God. he knows where and i let him use our photos why because he confuses the thing so because a lot of them use fake photos so i ended up with a three million dollar bill with the attachment 1275 1275 which means he has to prove that every penny that goes into that bale is from a legal source so they will scrutinize every penny basically they don't want me out because i saw guys in there.
I ended up in Theo Lace at the Orange County Jail. He had guys there. They were under arrest for murder and they posted me $500,000 or $600,000 bail, I know I run an escort service. Three million dollars, they didn't want me to leave, so after four months, Judge Makino made me an offer, a one-time offer. because the DA wasn't giving me any offers th The DA all he wanted was my list he wanted my list and he wanted to start charging people because he was charging mine. in court listen your honor this is this guy is a client also we can't give you the discovery that's why i haven't seen my discovery i went and my time came out i still haven't seen my discovery which is totally legal correct but long story short so soon as Walter recused himself due to pressure from the DA, just to give you an idea of ​​what kind of DA he was, Walter charged him and lost his license. case and he kept me and really left me in a really bad place.
He had already paid him and I'm two weeks away from speedy trial anyway, long story short, he wanted that list. I want the list. I want the list. I'm being sentenced to ten years you just know they found foreigners they said they said 469 thousand and in that storage unit I had just a week before I counted over eight hundred thousand but okay keep it good keep it smooth whatever, just get me out of here. Rajesh Khanna is awful. properties in total are worth about ten million dollars, okay, keep it as much as the district attorney wanted.
They will sentence me to ten years. I just give him everything, you know, my underwear, he'll take everything. because everyone except mr shabazz was supposed to give us the list what am i going to give you the list? they took me i just gave you everything i have i have ten years in prison for some it should be illegal and you want i want to give you the list also of people who trusted me you know i mean i had i mean i had boys i had two boys from his own district attorney's office, there were clients, you know, that means I'm like a man, yeah, let me go do my tongue sticks out because these people trust me I can't do that to these people, they're professionals, they may lose their job, lose their wife, they are going to get divorced, God knows that.
I'm going to break that trust, so here I am, how old was your second birthday? I fit eight months into ten years, so you get half the time because it's not about in Vegas. case or you want someone on them 38 38 for Orange County I'm almost 10 years in fight and fight cases and Bs nine months here 6 months here there's no such thing as easy money it's an amazing story so looking back right ? i'll regret doing this i'll tell you right now if this was legal if i can get a license right now this is what i'll do because this is what i know how to do yes this is what you do this is what yes yes you know this is like you clearly know how to do it that's how you know yes yes everyone ody is happy they talk to some girls i guess for my co-defendant she told me i'm by the way they also grabbed her dad and you know insult to the wound she was grabbed neither she doesn't even know my real name she had to post she posted $500,000 bail it was a million it went down to five hundred thousand she stayed in jail for ten years this is a lady in her fifties who is a dentist she has her own practice in Ladera Ranch she was a dentist for twenty seven years at the time she face her mugshot is correct if you google my name her mugshot was next to mine all over the place right now she automatically lost she lost over 30 percent of our other clientele and it took him a year and a half to scrap the thing. because they couldn't believe that only I was doing all this.
I just couldn't believe this person can do all this you know because we're bringing in over five or six million a year yeah gross it was stressful of course man most of it is fine but I know other than that even if it was legal it will be three stressful because he has girls you have to deal with them sometimes they have problems you have a babysitter basically your glorified babysitter sometimes you have two boys sometimes with problems you know that's life you know it was the biggest story crazy thing you can share you must have seen a lot of crazy stuff omg things especially in Vegas and that's why I can tell you a couple of stories but the reason I don't allow drugs in this business is because I hired this twin.
They were the only twins online. royal twins. They were young. He was 21 years old. cute as 85 lbs or whatever anyway i didn't know they hooked on oxy now i sold it as sin city twins so if you want to see them you have to see them together now of course the guys really think you're girls are sisters going to do things together with the client come on you know there was a lot of kink out there but let him think whatever is implied let him think whatever it was a thousand bucks a girl an hour and they had to book two hours so if you want to see it?
It's four thousand minimum, right? So these girls were making over ten grand a week with four or five dates. You know, I didn't know you had a problem with oxycontin because at the time oxy was like $80 a pill. they liked those crushed pills or whatever they did now the more money they make guess what happens the more drugs they make fast forward about six months i'm reading remember i told you about the erotic review that the scream of this business i'm reading a review because i did a follow up on everything and this very good customer wrote a review.
I'm like he never said anything to me but he said he was on a date with them. girl was reading her wet the bar and her snacks and those things are part of the suite, right? I was like oh no this is not good so I let it go alright six months later after I fired them six months later I realized they had a big problem with the oxycontin one of them was found in orly it's her oh indeed sadly she passed away yes what drives him crazy is that a year later his sister comes to me who is the surviving sister and she wants a job at 80 quid she searched for meth and god knows what else she she is relaxed.
I'm like you're crazy. You just buried your sister. Now you think I'll give you a job. Look to you. 80 pounds like a skeleton. many customers were like straight sex addicts. He had clients who came every day, sometimes twice a day. I had this client who was a surgeon. He came with his uniform. Come in five seconds. You worked for UCLA. he is one of the main surgeons in the hospital not even hey somet When you have blood I am like girls like oh my god this guy says ok just forget it let him make sure he showers first but I had another client, he was a doctor, for some reason, doctors are really very perverted. this doctor would come in once a month and he wanted me to line him up he said ok who's next he would go from here to here i remember each call boss was in his own place like this go see Cindy go go see nikki go see you i know jen see six seven girls in one day.
I'm sure he's on viagra, but viagra doesn't do anything but keep you hard. on the same day you drive, yes it will just go from one to the other today. I'm like a man, this guy and he was like 60, but yeah, we had a lot, we had a few guys with me. I don't do it early, a lot of fetishes because I don't like fetishes, it gets weird, you know what I mean, it gets really weird. with them so we don't really fetish but some guys you know like it if it's something light like this guy they like to dress like a schoolgirl or dress up early you know you know stepping on me or something. some light stuff, I'll let you do it, but other than that, you know those who want you to squat on a glass table and do your number on it.
No, we're not going to do that. It's too much. It's a crazy story ready. Thank you so much for sharing of course good luck with your book and where it takes you oh yes ma'am Suzanne it's on Amazon everywhere but I hope we make it into a series or a movie it's a fascinating story that continues . Go on man I could look at the top for 20 days and still have more stuff like this happening as we speak today you know you're not in business anymore but are there other people who are? Do you know what they and the thing about this is they can't stop this it's their human nature manager men are wired a certain way they like to procreate so they can't get married and I had a lot of clients tell me this because they they became very close personally you know some of them would like to talk to me and they would tell you all their problems or whatever and they all love their wives unconditionally and don't want to lose their wife but it's just that we really believe this after years in this business, we're connected in a certain way where you know there's love and there's sex and they can go out and have sex with an escort and go right to their there and it doesn't mean they don't love their wife, it's just that men are connected in a certain way a little different than some women who like that too I had a lot of girls who were like that like straight and they would do it for free but they got paid so they didn't care they loved it they would do it with 20 ho men a day, no problem, you know, but hey, I'm sure it's happening of course it's happening even with kovat 19 you know I did a little research for the book is still going on, but I can tell you one thing: It will never be like I did because unfortunately in this business, lying, cheating, hitting the switch, you know collusion is part of it, I just didn't want to. do it that way it wasn't it wasn't Who am I then I refused to do it I refused to rip off clients I refused to rip off girls now don't get me wrong you know I'll help her get the best as much money as I can from a sugar daddy , which is a completely different thing and it's in the book, but that book, yeah, but yeah, okay Freddie, thank you so much for sharing your story, of course, mark anything very, very interesting anytime, thank you of course . you

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