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Apr 19, 2023
From Disney comes a new collection of creative and fun videos created especially for your preschooler Bright Beginnings Your child's learning and growth are important to you and here's a perfect introduction to the world around them with each video in the Beginnings collection. Bright Beginnings comes with a craft and activity booklet Now let's follow Merlin the Magical Crayon through the Bright Beginnings video collection, kids everywhere love Eric Carl's kind fables and now his best-selling picture books. have been transformed into a beautiful animated video for your child to learn valuable lessons from the Wednesday they ate. three plums but still hungry the very hungry caterpillar this is a chance for your little ones to meet a whole barnyard full of adorable characters with educational songs and easy arts and crafts projects it's old macdonald's singing farm here's a set colorful videos for your kids to learn the valuable lessons of making friends and being aware of your surroundings good morning celebrate the sun is shining wake up your body come dance with me it's the fun and music of rimba island and it's always a fun time for kids when they can join in and be introduced to all the live music to the cheers of today's hottest musical group for toddlers, parachute express, it's parachute express on video and who is sure to become your kid's favorite pup, of course, read me a story, mom.
bright beginnings promo
And now these award-winning books have been brought to life on video so your child can start learning the lessons of growing up and sharing curiosity points while exploring the world. Remember those fun songs you grew up well with. Now your kids can sing along with their favorite characters from Disney as they embark on a musical adventure, it's fun for everyone to sing along to Mickey's fun songs and your kids can learn mother goose nursery rhymes as only the creator of the Muppets can introduce them to these videos provide life lessons to your son in a unique and fun way kermit teaches the lessons he was taught in muppet babies yes i can be a friend classic mother goose stories and muppet babies on video all part of jim henson preschool collection learning and growing your child are important to you so be sure to look out for merlin the magic crayon who points the way to the



video collection where the fun and learning never end
bright beginnings promo

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