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Bottled Bathwater Dealer | DOJRP Live

Feb 21, 2022
Enough time to go home, find another vehicle, come back and play around for a bit, well what's this guy's address chaser, yeah where? the helicopters unfortunately we didn't have one in the air at the time sir i apologize well i called reinforcements i want the cavalry here he stole bath water and robbed me and then he broke my windshield that's a dangerous man sir don't worry yes yes do you have a contact number? yeah mine is 2025 one dammit you got a good number man were you around when the cell phone started? he had to run past why would he have to run what you want? the report number for your shift yes please you're ready yes ok it's 5 8 4 4 7 8 7 6 4 7 I can't believe you can see the broken glass here there it's nice though five six eight six nine nine seven six hol and four four two two five zero five three zero yeah no i got it it only goes up to my arm now ok no i got it no i got it don't say it again oh yeah , just call your insurance company and they can be replaced and all that no I'm sure they want to hear from my ass with the number like that oh yeah yeah bath water to sell they never hire me my own supply, wait, yes I do because I will actually bathe in itself.
bottled bathwater dealer dojrp live
I will have questions for the future. I am the Commissioner of the Los Angeles Port Authority of Baltimore. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the future. I'm going to sell more bath water. Now have a great day. It was amazing. Thanks. They better catch him. They stole my bathroom work. to drink it i don't know put your finger in it and bathe in it or something bathe your finger in it it smells very fresh i have mokoro well then put it through a filter or some make filters for the water that is in our bathrooms.
bottled bathwater dealer dojrp live

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bottled bathwater dealer dojrp live...

I do not know what to tell you. go whoever you want pre


toilet water rpg there you go there you go alright let's do something a little more epic so I'm going to see if I can try and find that guy we're going to switch characters real quick probably either try to commit a robbery or murder that guy just to finish it off since I can't be here long doing a stream but I think it was a lot of fun for being so random. I have no idea that I was going to have someone. how much money is right, let's go to the ammunition.
bottled bathwater dealer dojrp live
They will change me very quickly. I don't know if we can find it. I don't even know it's on the server. from looking uh when he was talking do you remember his name on top who was the person i never remember his name i remember his characters yeah tyrone little who was real name though no one pays attention to the top kyle that's right i know ya he's not, he's not on the server, so it wouldn't be possible to kill him, yeah, not on the server we find a new character that's the guy we're using fat latin looks good doesn't it? very bogans character we will use a different face and then one with the goatee well that totally changes the police went wow we could use extremely different hair I used to shoot a lot for that hunting video I did which I I kinda liked the sound because it actually grew on me throughout the episode. the only problem is if we do a robbery or something from someone we'll definitely be able to tell it's us because they said yes there was a shotgun to my face oh okay let's find the guy with the shotgun on his back.
bottled bathwater dealer dojrp live
John de bas comes in with 25-bit Neil and he's not going to finish that. but thank you so much those 45 minutes i think that was the last time neil and that's what i called you too you could change your name to neil and i'll win every time so it doesn't happen but thank you so much for those bits jay big 87 comes with a recent enrollment two months old joe coming up with five hundred bits thank you all so much for that support i appreciate it let's go ahead and get a car i don't think we have a mustang.
I'm pretty sure we got rid of all that stuff. I know it was on the server at one point. like a good muscle car would be good for this guy what what what your guys favorite muscle car suggests? tions for a muscle car I don't think we have the we have the new classic gauntlet they have not given us have you have GT online got the bet like a demon car I'm still interested in it trying to show off No yes the demon car in the Ichi online . I know they were doing something like that. All in No.
Seriously, I don't think there's a Mustang in the damn package. To muscle real quick, let's just look at some why it's a muscle-bound van. I'm guessing it's some kind of muscle car, but it's just a bit. 65 em there it is I've heard it all this sounds sick I think anyone who has an engine like that could do this where it's about to come out sounds so good oh yeah we'll update it oh that's it No yeah let's be ridiculous about this oh no see if i update this this is the one that gets a little crazy so i will.
Engine upgrades and the like, a bit of window tint. I'll act like this is my car that I built at home. The kit type is not like that. no one ever explained hold the ebrake oh we did it there ok i was holding the house holding the wrong thing i was holding the brake nut the ebrake interesting thats my first time doing that thats really what i want to do for an episode what comes here is turn up the muscle car let's try it here is why it doesn't work as well as it did for that other guy you had to be like come to a complete stop mine comes up so high it literally gets no traction and just goes up then down .
That's weird. I'm going to have to play around with that off-screen a bit. I don't want to get pulled over on Marina Drive doing the wheelie in the car, but at least now we know how to do it, so now I can practice that a little to get a little better because that other guy who did it remembers when we provoked that guy into He was going to steal for us or I don't know if it was a robbery but he how he ran yes that wasn't it oh it wasn't me it wasn't me you're going to stop me huh no I guess we're good I got a faceplate no we could stop us for that oh he turned around I don't think this is going to be good he might not have seen we had a front play or he might have seen we didn't have a face plate but I highly doubt he wouldn't shine. gas station oh here we go that wine almost sounds like a hellcat or something I'll be perfect if someone throws it in that slot because it has that oh the bar with wheels but I don't think there is uh I probably would have to go and get a different vehicle if I want to try a little better oh that sounded so good thats cool thats how to make everyone hate you wing o r wing i think my tailpipes are sick man you could have two people hanging in the back of the car each on each side, it would be very hot as if the tubes were hot, but it would work if I registered.
I really don't think so if I check it in then they could check the badge and track me down if I'm going to commit a crime in a minute so we probably shouldn't check it out no they're going to pull us over okay maybe not. okay we're okay we're okay we need to find someone to rob or something what's going on she shakes her head don't shake your head at my car she'll probably radio no we got someone don't don't stop at A stop sign, how come this car isn't up against a sweater? future love and holy so what was it that everything was very quiet calm it's oh come on get out of here fucking bro I do I don't know man probably some car doc and Marty just showed up out of nowhere and then all of a sudden it's just me everywhere I don't know you don't know who doc Wow don't ruin this and make childhood shit Mike doc like the funny thing well I think it's best if we both split up right now hey oh no I'm here to figure out what's going on here I'm gonna, I'm just gonna say this once Back to the future doc and Marty McFly nice I shouldn't even have to say anything more than that I think at this point we just have to go our separate ways you don't need to get my information for nothing i just witnessed you saw the most djenka ever bushwhacking you saw the turk you ever saw there was no avoiding me a car came out of nowhere then i stopped real quick to look for my no nothing good, b ok, so maybe your internet is on, dammit, where are you going? we were going to have i have to go what yeah sure what do you need i don't go ahead go to the back again you're worse than a dr.
Phil episode like on, Mr. Doken Marty, I see he wouldn't want to be a saint. I need to just disconnect. It is good for God. Panic button. Go 40 feet down the path. I don't know what life is. There is no sense of normality. I don't know who did what, but they have priorities, so it's okay. Let's find someone we can rob real quick. I prefer to focus my hate on other civilians rather than higher ups even though there are some cops that are as far away as you guys could be today 30 well he doesn't even say anything and runs off he just runs off like he knows there's a button off panic my car is totally fine i've been flagged for some as horrible today that shouldn't even have been a thing what's going on where are you why are you going this way look he's our friend oh but we're not the same character hey who you ordering hey what are you Ordering up there man, do you know someone who has something expensive that they can steal or anything, um, maybe co.
I'd put you in touch with a drug


. I mean, I can't rob a drug


, but he might have guns. I need someone without a gun. about him I mean, yeah, that's interesting. I mean, is this an active self-service or something? What is this? This place has been closed for years. driveway we're looking at bunnies and like oh yeah we're not going to start over this shut shut the fuck you ordered i'm not asking for anything i want i'm not asking for stupidity it just seems to surround me like it's ok don't look for another store it's open you know any ?
I think there is a place right now, listen randomly, yes, somewhere. I don't like that lack of kindness towards me, but yeah, who wouldn't want to be you? I have a rebound punch. that panic button who did it it could drop right here or not or not oh he didn't want to say anything verbally in case there was someone watching the feed like that he was a hundred and ten percent unaware it was going to happen just better that way that's a savage kill ok where we gonna jump to buff i think that's our best bet we got some mental pine coming out with a hundred bits thanks alot little hunter bed 60fps games coming with 16 bits shaun DuBose with another 50 bits and mine pine 89 which is a tongue twister that comes with another hundred bits thank you very much for those bits so there you go whoever that cop's death you got exactly what you wanted it has to be at the right time Exactly that you can't just shoot someone if you're in a trap, I mean you can.
Sadly, this is going to happen to me a lot in real life, but it's best if you wait for the absolutely perfect moment. She turned her back on him. I had no idea that I was one second a


, the next second dead. below that is that it is beyond this car. I want to get around it, but if I do something stupid and someone sees it, then I can get over it after I get away with it. Get away with it. That's perfect. I mean I tried to get out without hitting him. He was a good guy.
He helped me in that murder without even knowing it. He is a witness through the plate. like the fact that there was a full witness to something oh yeah that freaked me out okay we're good we're pretty far away look at the officer's camera does anything show we're right in front of him? son of a bitch i have to get off and get myself somewhere so i can answer that but we're going to go down this dirt road just to the left here and then i'll answer well that guy drinks the bath water i should probably answer that and make them sick or something they'll be great and a complacent gamer coming with 500 bits loves to stream and get some good with fiber absolutely thank you so much man for that support thank you for joining the stream we're going to end here and then with luckily sitting here will allow us to hide from most traffic and the dash cam shows a black muscle car with two big tubes sticking out of the rear license plate it says fixity stick vs u54 thank god we didn't record it I have a feeling if it turns out that there's someone sitting on this road, which I really hope isn't, because the chances of it even being a thing just aren't, oh, that's not what I wanted, okay, I hope that p We can't get to Pulido we just shot down a cop who climbed fast but consciously asked for it, what I need to do is ditch this car and steal another car, why aren't the pits as normal as they should be in this game?
Oh my gosh dummy you did good I'm going to read another car. Cause if you wanna be a jerk, stop, stop, don't stop, I said stop being a jerk now guys I gotta shoot this window so they don't see the blood all the girls it's like nothing happened what do you mean that we are going to commit murders? i will i will see if people are stealing the car ok idiot i am not going to kill you i have already killed too many people if the people you know and like in this rpg kingdom i guesskiller engineer so i think they're getting it just because it's a black car doesn't mean it was just a black car anyway thanks sean for those bits yeah but the thing is we have got to be able to prove more beyond a reasonable doubt in court that that's the guy who did that right now just having clothes and description is not enough that's where boaters come in i have enough to drive here we can do it we can at least write them a ticket give the turn around show me the second first vehicle let me get out of this i like it there we go going through the intersections ok i know i didn't ask this are you kind enough to take care of that good to go sir a little doubt there was a black car flying towards the intersections .
I just want to make sure everyone ended up here like this please but that's okay sir if you'd like to walk me to your vehicle I'll look at your vehicle and just run the plate and you're right yes that's why I left it in the shop because Rodrigo said he was going to fix it, he said Park in the back and I said okay sure I'm just going to walk home yeah that's why he's there but yeah I could walk back ok? Okay, yeah, I'll call my friend. Sorry for the inconvenience. You have a good night.
Thanks. Oh, getting a solution right now. as long as he's able to do it right as long as you're not as long as you're not driving him no I'm leaving yes he's ready to go he doesn't have to go anywhere in three days he's fine too can I drive your name on the license plate if you want to come with me i have your ID with you or didn't the officers take it when they searched you i don't know yes he is good to go yes the license plate though i might say family members car i can make up an excuse quick I'm sure you've had enough time I could have half a party probably you know let's just let it go communication sir yes I have an officer behind me saying let me go then follow me here I'm so confused I don't know I have someone saying just let it go everyone saying i don't know he's saying walk over here so he can see my vague name and license plate ok his car is ok he will bring his car here to get it fixed because obviously you can see there is something damaged let's just leave it go, he has been cleared, we checked everything that is there, there is nothing, yes, I am.
I'm going to let him go I'm just going to swipe his ID on the license plate and then he has it here to fix the windshield I'm not going to give much don't say anything about the blood on that license plate they don't see the blood so it's not my problem and we can tell if they're also attacking the stream because if it's already run yeah if just hey i don't like the way it says it's ok like tho why would you be so cool right? How would you know that something would be strange in that car if an officer you work with who is a corporal with patches on his shirt is saying that he ranted well well have a nice day then yeah okay yeah look that's a little fishy to me the guy with the patches says let it go and the other guy says ok why would you say ok like this now how could you know anything about that car that might not come back sooner and you say ok like yeah , no one cuts why it would be fun to be a detective like a real detective in real life in an interrogation room and there's a badge in your browser well they want the detectives to carry it out and find the weapons like that's the thing is I decided that they had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I was the shooter, yes I match the description, but I mean, unless they were looking at the blood on my clothes, if there had been any splatter on my back , which du do much that would have been from now, far away, you know what I mean like we dumped our car, what was it? it wasn't unregistered i have to cross the street oh man always fun always fun now if someone walks all over this area and sees those things then that would be perfect you got it you know you find the guns Rex fifteen come in ten bucks here here is waiting your night gets better a soon after that mass applause thank you very much it wasn't too bad we ran away because you know they would have seen me fleeing the scene or speeding and they would have had my description on the vehicle and I would have been in the vehicle that I would have shot there would have been big issues would have been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that i was the shooter because i agree with all the descriptions of everything but luckily that happened don't go down that road so thank you so much for that donation eric gonzalez that comes with a hundred bits, kill them all.
LOL jk polecat yeah let's definitely not do that when we're already being charged with a murder which is our latest. what we want is to give it to you legitimately, but thank you very much for those bits and debris. I to crow 65 committed to five hundred bits actually playing on another server right now as Ellie oh but could you miss this? Thank you very much. for joining i hope you are enjoying your time on other servers or the other DOJ servers thank you very much for those bits and Roga 69 comes with two free subs for two lucky people thank you very much for those free subs going to be for this thank you all so much for coming the beginning of this was fantastic and it got a little weird towards the end there and that's how it works sometimes just because i think eyes wander is the easiest way to say but y'all are amazing as always for coming and joining another stream you guys are amazing all the people that came and saw all the side giveaways, the subscriptions, the pits, the donations, it's fantastic and amazing to all the people that were in it. dis cable hanging out


, thank you all so much for that too.
Great that those channels are used for the exact reason they're there too if you want to join the Grand Theft Auto online team that was just created for the new videos I'm making on GTA online so you can join the server while I'm recording, you can go ahead and sign up for Discord, it's under Join GTA Oh, and you can sign up through the app and do all of that. fun stuff thank you all so much and see you on the next stream ok for people who are still here there is no one i follow who is online to do a raid but we can hit a random channel if i can not I do I can't I don't know where to find channels like that or where to find channels I write a game I'd like to watch but I can't oh the discord for anyone still here I don't have to write to anyone there's no one I can find I can raid right now so we're not going to d or that tonight but discord for anyone interested is discord deep point GG/polecat three or four very simple so again thanks everyone for coming to the stream guys have a fantastic night see you next week

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