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BMW Z4 M40i: Road Review | Carfection 4K

Jun 08, 2021
BMW electric convertible cars from one to eight, with three and four in between, have always felt at home in environments like this one on the Costa del Sol. Classic proportions with front engine and rear-wheel drive. Congratulations on the propeller badge you have always sported. I feel at home with a pair of sunglasses near the promenade or a shop, but for me a sports car from BMW, these supposed purveyors of the ultimate driving machine, should be a rival to a Porsche Boxster, no Just for an Audi TT, it should be really dynamic, not just a bit sporty, so to see if this latest version of the Zed 4 sticks to the script or breaks it completely, we'll take a little


trip up into the hills, letting behind the shine and the beach. city ​​and then onto the highway, although this particular model, the £50,000 range-topping m4 TI, has an M in its name and doesn't hit 62 miles per hour and 4.6 seconds, obviously not a sports car complete, however, the m135i and there I show that this need not be a bad thing and the turbocharged straight-six certainly has the quartet, strength and fuel economy of the Boxster and Licht claimed 33, 2mpg on the new WL TP cycle the tank will take 52 liters full tank and roof down which takes just 10 seconds, we headed east along the southern coast of Spain for a couple of hours before turning towards the north in Almería and arrived somewhere that looked curiously like the United States.
bmw z4 m40i road review carfection 4k
Well, now that we have the roof up, it's worth mentioning this roof because obviously. A fabric roof has been opted for instead of the folding hardtop we had on the previous generation and it has affected liveability and practicality at all. Actually, maybe it's a little bit more wind noise, but overall it's a very nice place to spend time. There is a lot of space here, it doesn't feel at all like a cramped sports car, all the technology, of course, on these large screens and being a fabric roof saves 50 kilos or helps save 50 kilos from the previous model and lowers the center serious.
bmw z4 m40i road review carfection 4k

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bmw z4 m40i road review carfection 4k...

In general, also speaking of practicality, the trunk is huge, 50% larger and one imagines that this will be the case because one of the curious attributes of the Boxster is the fact that it is very practical in both the front and rear trunks. , but I think there probably isn't. I'm almost on the path we want to be. I can see it in the distance. I am very excited about the direction we are going. I've wanted to go here for years, I just hope it's as good as I think it is. It's on the approach, all the signs were promising to begin with, it was open and after leaving the last vestiges of the white wolf's room behind, things got even better with curve after hairpin curve, but it was only when we reached the top, We lowered the roof and saw.
bmw z4 m40i road review carfection 4k
What was underneath we knew we had truly struck absolute gold. If you want an amazing


in Europe that isn't covered in snow or salt during the winter, where do you go? Well, this only continental desert in Europe is a good place to start. Of course, even in the desert it can still be a little cold, almost freezing in the mountains. Fortunately, the Zed 4 has excellent heated seats and even a heated steering wheel, but you still stop to put on a coat so the top can stay down. It seems like a good idea, but in a landscape like this it would be criminal not to enjoy the surroundings as much as possible.
bmw z4 m40i road review carfection 4k
This is the tavern desert on this road. High development is absolutely incredible. The asphalt is pristine. It changes color as it progresses. You go down the road, so some parts are very pale, some parts are new and wonderfully dark. The road crosses the Sierra de las Palabras starting at the small settlement of Vella, a few feet on the south side, from here the asphalt twists and turns for an incredible 16 miles reaching 1860 meters above sea level in the process from the top you can look down at the desert floor far below. Oh, on that Hollywood-style sign, it belongs to one of several movie studios that produce so-called spaghetti westerns.
In the past, beyond that lies Almeria and apparently on a good day you can even see Africa on the north side of the mountain. The road has a slightly different but no less seductive character. It is faster and more fluid, tracing a more relaxed course through the mountains where there are still ancient caves in the background there is an even smaller group of houses called pakura, the similar village seems that its buildings have preserved the traditional walls whites from this part of Spain, which makes it stand out like a mass of ice cream with apple crumble, less than 250 people are listed as residents, miraculously there is a hotel, a hotel we stayed in, it is basic, but in reality it was everything we could have asked for, with spotlessly clean rooms, good beer or I think just a variety of strong coffee. and a rate that was even within the car's budget, so what is this z4 m40?
I like driving on this amazing stretch of road where it's certainly fast, the only turbocharged inline-six engine sputtering 335 horsepower, 369 lb-ft of talk, not 62 miles per hour and 4.6 seconds and, what More importantly, what BMW has been touting is that it's actually faster around the Nurburgring than an MT competition, so it should be a real sports car, so by mentioning it here now, the first thing it says is which I can see why this would be Quickly remember that we have a longer car than the previous one. The head said that it is also wider and taller, but the wheelbase is 26 millimeters shorter.
We also have wider tracks front and rear, so 98 millimeters of water in the front, fifty-seven millimeters of water in the rear. rear end, all of which should obviously add up to a much more agile car and seems to have disappeared, it's the slightly heavy and heavy feeling of worry of previous generations, as it has much more alacrity in the way it corners than in curves. It doesn't have much interaction with an M: it rolls and makes very good use of its Super Sport tires, but it's not a fun car, the steering is important because if you put it in sport mode, it still feels like there's a bit of delay you have to put it on Sport Plus now previously there was a rocker down here that made it very clear that there was a Sport Plus level above now it just says sports, you have to press it twice to get to Sport Plus and that certainly makes a difference.
I suppose the car certainly feels very effective, but there is a bit of softness around the edges. The gearbox is not DCT, it is automatic, so the gear changes then slide exactly, but they are not, they are not agile. I'm not clear, what this really reminds me of in terms of driving is perhaps more of the i8 in fact, which may seem like a bit of an odd comparison, but the way that car has a huge amount of grip and it's not like everything is grip and nothing. In driving you can certainly feel the balance of the car, if you really try it you can peel off the rear, but it doesn't feel like it wants to be driven that particular way and it has a huge amount of traction, we have an active stall. the slip differential and you can really feel it scraping the asphalt coming out of corners.
Do you give it all the time? I must speak. This is an extraordinary desert that spreads out below us. I love this route to this hairpin. It looks like although you're going straight off the end of the road into the fresh air, fortunately the brakes are pretty good, they have to sit very well, in fact these brakes one thing I haven't mentioned so far is the appearance of the Zed four . I love the badge design, but everyone else isn't so sure it's just not a beautiful car. I quite like the way it looks in profile and possibly from there in three quarters, but overall I can't help but think it should be sleeker. or sharper, but definitely not as picky, maybe it's just me, but you certainly can't fault it, it's the structural rigidity of this car, it handles bumps very well and there is no vibration at all in the steering wheel or frame.
It's very impressive, some cars have it too. this z4 broke the script not exactly those soft edges mean it still doesn't feel like a nighttime sports car like a Boxster it's agile and certainly not unpleasant on a road like this you get the feeling that at the end of the day it's not all that enthused In terms of ultimate driving pleasure, if you're looking for a car that really wants to allow you to explore its dynamics, have more information, slide it around a bit, maybe this isn't the car for that, so the Zed for stays halfway between an SL K and a Boxster because, although its bases allow it to be pushed a lot and not fall apart dynamically, in reality it feels happier with about six or seven tenths and maybe that's what people want, it seems a shame There won't be a full Zed for them, but the potential of the chassis at least bodes well for Toyota to serve with the Supra.
However, I suspect I will always remember the g29 z4 M forty. I will remember it because it brought me here.

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