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Bill Maher makes grim prediction about Trump in 2024

Mar 14, 2024
Let's talk about this whole cancel culture and things you've been writing about a lot. What I want to ask you is: is this a particularly concerning topic for you as a comedian? Because, I mean, on some level, not all jokes are offensive in some way. Yes you're right. You're trying to hate yourself. I mean, absolutely not. For every comedian, most comedians don't come close to anything that's offensive. It's just not the way they work. It's just not the kind of material they're interested in. They're talking about other things. Me? Yes. Obviously, this has always been a problem for me.
bill maher makes grim prediction about trump in 2024
And it's not just people from the entertainment world, nor celebrities, who worry about cancel culture. There are a lot of people, I don't know, reading their high school yearbook, saying, oh my God, did I wear a hat and the accessory or something? And I mean, a lot of normal people have been canceled for things, you know, one guy says. I don't know, just something he thinks is harmless. It's just that he doesn't know. He's saying, well, white lives matter too, and he doesn't quite get it. He is not of that generation that we want a particular focus on, because black lives have always been in greater danger.
bill maher makes grim prediction about trump in 2024

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bill maher makes grim prediction about trump in 2024...

There's a reason why that was a saying and became an organization. And they cancel it. No one just sat there and said, hey, hey, this, this, this. And he might say, Oh, okay. I understand. No, you're just gone. That's why people are so tired of walking on eggshells in this country. That's something Democrats are also fighting against in this election. People do not like. And, you know, this is also part of why Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter is such a huge controversy with so many people. And 99% of Twitter employees voted Democrat. Even if you're a Democrat, you shouldn't think that's a good thing.
bill maher makes grim prediction about trump in 2024
Having a big stake in what a news organization really is, because people get their news from somewhere where the entire organization thinks one way. That is the very definition of groupthink. Part of the problem is that we are sorting ourselves into these two tribes and it seems like college education and rural urban are the two big dividers, where maybe religion would be the third. So you have these urban, university-educated, secular people on one side and you get less and less rural, more religious university education. And there's so much suspicion and tribal hostility, you know, that it seems like these are no longer issues.
bill maher makes grim prediction about trump in 2024
You know, no, I keep trying to tell that to people who, you know, don't even want to breathe the same air as a Trump voter. Just as you can hate Trump, you can't hate all the people who voted for him. He is half the country. And besides that, I really think I've always believed that being conservative is a personality trait rather than a political position. It's just something that is very innate. You know, think about an uncle you had. He was a great guy. You loved him, but it was just a concert. It was just in his blood.
For example, some people are orderly and some are messy, some are adventurous and some are cautious. He is just a personality. And then comes politics. That has something to do with religion and where you live, how you were raised and things like that. But I mean, there are just people who will be conservative and you'll have to live with them. You cannot possess them or destroy them. They're not going to self-deport and they're about to take over the government, so they're not going to give it back. So what's going to happen is we assume both chambers go Republican, and this is what I was saying at the end of my show on Friday.
I felt like the audience was stunned, as they should be, but they shouldn't be because it's been going on for a long time. And I've been saying it for a long time. Yes. I mean, unless there's something strange in the polls and it's going to be a very good day for Republicans, as we've both mentioned, most Republicans running for Congress, the Senate, the House and the state chambers, the people who are going to decide who is the president in 20, 24 are election deniers. They don't believe in this crazy idea that whoever has the most votes wins. So what will happen in


is that Trump will attempt the coup that he attempted in 2020, which was clearly a coup attempt.
There's no other way to look at it, but this time he'll have an army of deniers supporting him and he'll show up for Robert to do it. I bet all the money I have that he will show up on opening day in 2025, whether he wins or not. And then we'll see what happens and we'll see how much we are like other countries that we thought could never happen to us. Yes, it could and that could. And he may have thousands of people with guns like him. January 6th. Do you think they're going to stay home now that this has happened again and they have all these people in place who are on their side?
Oh no, my friend. It's going to be very interesting. On that cheerful note, Bill, I wish I had better news to give you, but you asked me. Thanks for doing that. Good? My pleasure. Always.

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