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Bill Burr Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Mar 30, 2024
Hi, I'm Bill Burr and this is the auto-complete cable interview. You know, my favorite things are when they say you know he has unconventional good looks, which means if you weren't famous you'd be ugly. Okay, let's see what we have. here, oh, what's the best Bill Burr special? This is like saying which child you like best. Sophie's Choice. I love the paper tiger because I was in England and I love the challenge of that and I loved Red Rocks because it wasn't even what Was it the crowd and what I loved was how it was miked?
bill burr answers the web s most searched questions wired
You could hear the crowd and if you can understand my jokes in the special, just listen to the audience. I would just say a few from time to time. I say something. really random and stupid and people would laugh at the ridiculousness of it but you always hear some guy say yeah that wasn't a joke it's like yeah that's what I think that makes sense to me too what episodes Bill Burr Breaking Bad, first I did the car wash and then I did the lvll Crawford one where the guy drops the oranges and hits his head and I got to be in Saul Goodman's office, which was crazy because I was a crazy fan of that program.
bill burr answers the web s most searched questions wired

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bill burr answers the web s most searched questions wired...

I probably walked in, I think after two or three seasons, and I remember walking into Saul Goodman's office, where he had Injustice for All, whatever he had, we Constitution people, on top of his desk. I felt like I was absorbed by my TV, it was incredible. I did the Train Robbery and I had to drive that big dump truck. I remember the specialist being nervous and saying, well, you don't know what you're doing. I'm going, I'm only going half a mile an hour. Just release the clutch and give it gas. He was young. I didn't know what he was doing.
bill burr answers the web s most searched questions wired
I don't know if I answered your question. I mean, I'm sure it's on IMDb about your secretary, which made Bill Burr famous. Bill Burr famous what made me famous 30 years on the road special seven I mean, it was definitely a ham and an egg. He wasn't, so you can see him blessed in the looks department, you know what's funny. I once made a movie and we were filming. outside and on three different occasions in that session, someone would walk by and say, "Hey, Bill, go yourself" and I'd say, "Hey, how do you do what the helicopter does?
bill burr answers the web s most searched questions wired
Bill, fly, like


people who learn to fly helicopters. Robinson and then I wanted to move up and I thought these things are as expensive as health and luckily there is a company called uh cabry that makes the cabri G2 gimbal for all the non-pilot helicopter pilots, it's a three blade system, It's a baby AAR which is what the police and news people fly. I've flown a lot of them, I've rented them and stuff like that, the bigger ones and they look like a little two-seater to me, so it's funny every time I fly a bigger one.
I'm always paranoid about doors opening because I'm used to the door touching me while I'm sitting there flying. What is Bill like but in real life? I am a curious person. I try to get ahead of my depression and yes I'm learning something new it's exciting it's challenging it's embarrassing because I'm making mistakes but I don't have to listen to the demons it shuts them up okay they start talking 11:15 11:16 every night and that's it when alcohol Used to come no more, although next here we go, did they pay you like you were a hand model like in the past, when Billberg and shut up, no, when Billberg is going on tour?
Big question. I just started my 000th tour this year and and this is my favorite hour and a half that I've been doing on stage. I'm getting ready to do a special. It's incredibly fun to be on tour right now because there are a lot of serious things going on, people need a laugh and they need something silly actually if there are any comedians watching if you feel the sadness that


of us feel Get on stage and try to be a little silly , it actually makes you feel lighter I can't explain it, when did it do it?
Bill Burr moved to Los Angeles. I moved here with my lovely wife on September 2, 2007 and two weeks later I bought a Prius. I just did my best. When did Bill Burr start comedy? I started comedy in March 1992. 32 years ago. I started at Nicks. comedy stop I started in Boston. I've always believed that I had lived a Charmed life because one of the odds was that I wanted to be a comedian and I was living in Boston, the biggest comedy scene in the country. they felt and they just had an absolute killer row of comics headlines there that you could learn from Kevin Knox Frank sanelli Steve Sweeny Don Gavin Tony V Bob cbel Rich drop all these guys they all had their own different styles Kenny Rogerson Mike dunan one of the Lo The best thing about starting in Boston was that you knew what it was like to kill.
I went to this tri-state area and saw some of them city comics and people like that, oh man, I killed, I killed, and I remember thinking like you had a good set I wouldn't say you killed, you weren't stupid on Tuesday at night on Nick's comedy, stop killing, here we go, how did Bill Burr end up on the Mandalorian? I ended up on the Mandalorian, uh, via John Favro, who listened to my podcast and always heard me making fun of Star Wars and thought it was funny. I ended up meeting him at a mutual friend's birthday party.
He says, "You know, there's a part in there that we're writing right now and we think you'd be good." So and I thought, you know, John. I have to be honest with you. I always make fun of Star Wars, not in a malicious way, it's just that I see people really enjoying something and I know it's an easy hit if I do it. It's funny, I can really see them getting angry and you know, it makes my day for whatever reason, he's like, no, he's like, I know, I've heard it, I think it's funny, I think your fans would think it's funny if you already we were on this show by then, you know, my better half Nia was kicking me under the table and I was like, "Okay, yeah, let's do it, let's do it, so I come down and in the first scene I'm doing I'm on a spaceship ". sh and I'm the only guy who looks like a person, everyone else has all this crazy makeup and I'm sitting there and I literally feel like I'm in Muppets Take Manhattan so we're going to rehearse scene and I'm trying not to laugh , the actors were so incredible that everything immediately disappeared.
I was like, oh my God, they're going to kick my ass with this and I was totally locked in and I ended up having a It was great, John showed me a trailer for the first season of The Mandalorian, my jaw was on the floor because it was like spaghetti western looked like Clint Eastwood was doing Star Wars and I thought, oh my God, I can't believe I almost put my foot in my mouth and didn't get into this and it's one of the favorite things I've ever done in my career and I will say that Star Wars fans are great, okay, here we go, I'm getting a little defensive, is Bill going to end this?
Is Bill ever going to get a hair system? Is Bill ever going to admit that it's not us, it's him? Is Bill Burr a Patriots fan? Yes, absolutely since Jim Plunket. I love the Patriots, either. they're good or bad and I'm really enjoying how much the fans are giving me a hard time right now because the Patriots aren't good because all I hear is that we're so relieved that you're not kicking our butts anymore, it's Billet. But a drummer that's debatable I play drums I always say I'm a Guitar Center drummer I'm a drummer dad, you know what I mean, if you need a cover I can make a decent cover.
I might be in a wedding band, but a real drummer like, you know, someone comes in with a riff, you have to create the drum part that fits that and not just complements it, hopefully elevates it, that's a musician. , it's Bill Burr, on the reservation, dogs, yes I am, I play trainer bobson, they. He actually asked me to come back a second time, but unfortunately he was editing a movie I did called Old Dads, so I couldn't do it and it kills me because they finished that show, they were building something and, uh, the people. I worked to do that, you know, no, don't listen to these people talking about Holly, there are a lot of great people in this business, okay, Bill Burn, nice, am I nice?
You'd have to ask other people. Try to be. Well, okay, Bill Burr is a politician. I don't watch CNN. I don't watch Fox News. I don't pay attention to elections, however, I'm more interested in what corporations are doing, what they get away with, and why people allow it. and why if you run for office, if you start saying that's what they're doing, they just tar and feather you. I like what's behind this, it's kind of what fascinates me. Is Bill Berg going to therapy? Yes, I haven't. In a while I will say that the biggest change for me is that I took mushrooms.
What I love about that drug is that it doesn't make you want to do more, it makes you want to deal with your life. Bill Burr. Bill hates oh, chewing. between the two of them, i mean, it's a no-brainer, you have to go to


haer all day. Bill Haer is possibly the best impressionist I have ever seen. I love Bill ha and the fact that you would even have my name next to his and the director's. and the writing he did on Barry's nemesis Bill is ridiculously underrated by all those silly awards shows. It's ridiculous that this guy has monstrous talent and I think it's time for him to get his damn hardware.
What do you think about Bill starting on time? not normally because we have to have Yonder bags and that's your fault because every 5 seconds you have to sit there and film, oh my god what is my life right now and then they edit it like CNN and Fox News to make me look so evil. as much as possible to try to get me into trouble so you can get more friends. I was here on time, right? I'm on time, okay? I do not know how. Works. Bill Burr wrote F is for Family. I wrote on it.
I co-created the show with the great Mike Price Michael was the captain of the ship, it was a big writers room, there were 10 people in the room, including me, and that's another question people have, you know, my dad as Frank Frank was an amalgamation of all our parents and I think towards the end he was more me than anything else Bill Burr Adam Sandler this is about that movie Leo. First of all, I'm blown away by how great the writing was, how great it was to work with Adam. I got to be in the booth with him a couple of times.
He is widely regarded as the nicest guy here and is literally that guy who shows up in basketball shorts and a big hoodie. What's going on? You know, it's just amazing. I made him laugh a couple. moments, which was the biggest thrill of my life, but the most important thing about that movie that I love is the amount of kids of all ages and parents that came up to me and told me how much they identified with it, which really I think it's a testament to everyone who wrote the writing it was just the next level bber, the next one better stand up.
I have a few that I like for a personal reason and someone mentioned this one. I did this a little, um, for some benefit. Steve Jobs died and I did it. making fun of him a little bit there was something about how they said he changed the world he was basically making fun of how he took credit for everything and it's not on any of my specials it's not on any albums or CDs and I remember doing it and Knowing that I was just going to be there I didn't save it for a special and that it would be something cool and then I also loved it because it was a really rich crowd, they were like auctioning guitars and people paid like six figures. for them, so I felt his reaction to the way I was making fun of them, like they really knew the guy, which made it even more fun to do the part about who's Bill opening when you go see me live.
I don't bring cupcakes. On the road I'm not looking for a career opener, everyone who opened for me has made headlines and crushed it. Paul Verzy, who just filmed a special, used to open for me, he hasn't opened for me in like six years. We still work together a couple of times a year Joe Bartnik is another guy who touched Joey Be and right now I've been working with Dean Del re Bianca Christava and Nate Craig, there's an energy that you bring out as a comedian when When you're doing new things, there's emotion, you are present and all that is contagious and when I see them try new things you know that I don't want to be the failure on the program.
I want to do something too, so like me, I think it's very important to bring in someone that you think can do it, um, okay, Bill Burr, let's see Bill Burr Elvis here. He was the first one that made me feel like a post-television superstar and he had to deal with a level of fame where there was no path. map, he is the original Behind the Music and if you look, he made all the mistakes, he surrounded himself with Yes Men, he did drugs, he married a 16 year old boy, I mean, he just did everything. I don't want to get into this too much, but you know what?
I mean, just in a Bill Burr Fenway bathroom, that was such a big deal. I think I thought about it recently. I'll never forget being on stage and seeing Fen White Park because we were in center field, my family used to always do that. sitting in right field was a great moment and to be able to come back all those years later to receive that kind of love from my hometown was incredible and not something I will ever forget, all those


seemThey were fans. I'm surprised it wasn't worse.

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