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Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics Full Game 1 Highlights | Apr 15 | 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs

Apr 16, 2023
play but Boston ask any NBA player Boston Celtics Boston Garden this is one of the hardest places to play near booze for Trey young like Jalen Brown who just beat Murray , Leaving on the spot, here's Brown dipping for two that have. outstanding offense, their offense has to be their defense at the moment, one thing they can't do, you see, ever since good Snyder showed up in Atlanta, he's wanted John Collins to be aggressive, the only


he's seen that he didn't it was in that Brooklyn Game you would believe one of seven while watching Jason Tatum make the easy layup taking over just before the start of the season after IMEI udoku was suspended for violating team policy Brown jumps around Hunter and puts it in Murray gaining a hold on Atlanta.
atlanta hawks vs boston celtics full game 1 highlights apr 15 2022 2023 nba playoffs
The Celtics are up 10-6 early in


one, the youngsters can't finish, but Collins is there for the fierce follow-up. usually that kind of injury is Tatum turns and finishes the defense beauti


y part of it is Atlanta has to settle on the young helps force the steal there with the floater from Collins Young he is good Trey young after missing his first six signed tries through the next two seasons also now with Boston Tatum the lob Williams the Plus it's so good to have Robert Williams back The Hawks have gotten some great production off their bench, especially towards the end of the season.
atlanta hawks vs boston celtics full game 1 highlights apr 15 2022 2023 nba playoffs

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atlanta hawks vs boston celtics full game 1 highlights apr 15 2022 2023 nba playoffs...

Tatum got it every day every hour in practice offensive rebounding and rebounding probably a focus to make sure they can make it here oh Tatum having a great first quarter 13 now for Jason Tatum they don't give shots here's Johnson shooting can't a kid get out of brogden


now oh for 10 out of three brown love williams clutch johnson shoots a three and is the only person to come back in a two on one break you gotta get the guards back young looking at him three you know the fluidity on offense they have everything you need in the modern game he has a multi-year career smart corner not a three all Celtics here Brown backs down from three he's been a blight on the offensive glass from the boss who has dominated the boards overall this first half the two-handed flush on the smart delivery that's what they do that's why they're here right now in this postseason they put multiple efforts on that three-handed Tatum glass obviously a Changing head coach with the name McMillan out Quinn Snyder on the team that went to the Conference Finals two seasons ago, White pours another three against this huge Celtics team as Brown floored him for a bit, going back to work in collins getting inside and finishing the


shooting 59 from the floor in this first half is bay so the gates to the edge Sadiq Bay final big time Celtics defense has held Atlanta to 31 from the floor in this first half Forford got him to put on a 3 pointer to see the guys get back together because of the offensive rebound capable of taking it to White another chance here for Boston white to Williams the youngster gives up he was thinking about trying to commit that foul now young Hogs takes it to Collins no one via more alley-oop passes in the NBA this season than Trey Young isn't even close to four to shoot Tatum one deep.
atlanta hawks vs boston celtics full game 1 highlights apr 15 2022 2023 nba playoffs
I bet he didn't see Grant Williams as part of the Celtics' rotation in that first half. Hunter knocks down the jump shot. Here Comes Young Celtics leading by 28. and the Hawks coaching staff felt they found something with those two in the game White knocks down three Derek White with 19 points Tatum with 21. White with 19. Robert Williams and the clever Chef 10 when Young delivers the alley-oop to Capella Tatum with 21. white with 19. Robert Williamson Smarty Chef 10 as young delivers the alley-oop to Capella ended up winning winning the series so if your leads keep figuring out what you want to do how you want attack capable youngsters attack there plus foul and a three point chance for Trey young in the first half where they shot to 60 and held Atlanta around 30 shooting white has been locked in brown lost in Euro capella two against attempt one with Marie and capella cleans it down Ashante Murray now with 16 points leads all Atlanta scores Brown across his body and at Brown fifty Brown to bucket timeout Atlanta is a 30 point game so we will have time save your questions here it's johnson alone in the corner he knocks down Down The Long two so this is just the first round of the boxing match everyone is testing each other to see what's going on there a good finish from young kicks him for donovich he has to scoring this game Johnson on attack soars Jaley Johnson is a smart awesome finisher guarded by Young floats up and back got it back loved it till Williams beautiful alley-oop dominated the boards against Miami in the game well and look at the only thing that hit me he likes joe missoula interviewer when we lose our habits that's when they come oh donovich he comes up with a donovich steal he sets it up plus foul and Atlanta is starting to make it a little interesting in this fourth quarter Crown drops back jumps short Next, It Up played it with a good response on those lines, goes up after Atlanta had cut, but here's Bogdanovic finally getting it going.
atlanta hawks vs boston celtics full game 1 highlights apr 15 2022 2023 nba playoffs
Jalen Johnson just fell back remembering when he returns to D Tatum skirts in the lane. This is the mark you would bring back the unit you want to end this game with. Murray breaks through and finishes off with a left hand what a smart Murray engine shovels and capella on the shot so even when you're 30 down it's not much to keep building habits over the course of the game and Trey Young stays on the bench . Here, when Murray finishes again, it's a 12-point game and 8-0 run in Atlanta, just one to make it look like Boston had put it away once again.
Atlanta Falcons 112-99

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