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AirPods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3 vs Powerbeats Pro vs Sennheiser Momentum vs AirPods Review!

Feb 27, 2020
What about everyone? Brian sonic here and yes they're here for the Air Pods Pro


but I can't just


the Air Pods Pro here on their own and then pretend nothing else exists outside of them there's so much competition here and innovation in this space and it's also really exciting so I'm also going to break down how these Air Pods Pro stack up against every other wireless earphone at this $250 price point now I'm going to match the Air Pods Pro to Sony WF 1000 XM triples the




True Wireless, recent power surpasses Pro and then we'll add the second generation Air Pods. they wowed me right from the start with their sound quality, their noise cancellation, their fit and feel, and how light they are and their improved controls, this really is like the next step up from the airport and they should be for that $249 price Now the first thing that struck me is how much smaller they are check out these things these stems that are shorter than previous Air Pods and are easily the lightest and smallest noise canceling headphones out there today as a whole. it has noise canceling it's a first for air pods and it's great the transparency mode is great too but the best feature of these close air pods is what they call their force sensor on the stems and it's really a game changer on the Pro air pods for usability now its no longer an entitlement you have to touch the ear cups which usually pushes them into your ears and then makes for an uncomfortable experience when trying to change tracks, pause and replay as if it's my number one complaint, it's always just jarring. hearing that like a big poop hitting right there in your ear, but sometimes the hits don't always register so then you'd have to hit it again.
airpods pro vs sony wf 1000xm3 vs powerbeats pro vs sennheiser momentum vs airpods review
I just hated it. Now this force sensor here is an area that clicks. down like a button but you'll never hear apple call the button it's in that really perfect position looking up on both stems when you have this in your ear so you'll use your index finger to push down you'll feel a click ya be it a quick press or a long press and this just completely changed how I feel about the Air Pods Pro from a usability standpoint now also in such a small form this is something no other wireless earphone in its class It has and I love it.
airpods pro vs sony wf 1000xm3 vs powerbeats pro vs sennheiser momentum vs airpods review

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airpods pro vs sony wf 1000xm3 vs powerbeats pro vs sennheiser momentum vs airpods review...

I'm going to take this over whatever headphones make me play them all day and then since you guys are all ears did you really think I was going to do this whole video without dropping one of those here? but check out the air pods pro they have the h1 chip inside which brings a lot of advantages apple ecosystem with their bluetooth 5.0 connection switch faster between devices there is 30% latency like lower latency and then the bluetooth connection is more stable, there is also hands free siri is just another benefit of the h1 chip and then combined with ios 13.2 it brings another great feature.
airpods pro vs sony wf 1000xm3 vs powerbeats pro vs sennheiser momentum vs airpods review
I now see incoming messages through the air buttons. This is not turned on by default, but what you have to do is turn it on. On in settings under Siri and find then go to announce messages but if it's on every time you get a message, say your phone screen is off, you're listening to music or you're exercising, you'll hear a bell tone. and then it will tell you who is messaging you and read it to you after that right when you hear the message it says you reply it sends you your reply without looking at a screen or moving a finger i mean you can turn the setting to even send your reply without hearing Siri confirm exactly what you said if you trust her that much but it's like one of those crazy eco system features that makes all the difference if you're always on the go and exercising with these and sorry I hate using the word bu was a game changer for me and honestly I've never been the biggest fan of this full in ear design because over time like my ear canals they start to hurt and I know I'm not the only one it's really the biggest. deciding factor for a lot of people whether the Air Pods Pro are for you or not, now the Air Pods Pro and are rubber tips that insert into your ear canal and instantly give you better sound quality, you know you're sealed out of ear plugs.
airpods pro vs sony wf 1000xm3 vs powerbeats pro vs sennheiser momentum vs airpods review
Regular air pods, they rest on the outside of your ears, so they don't really go very far in there and they don't even fit everyone's ears. A lot of people said, oh, they're going to fall off and they just don't. Seals out outside noise very well compared to these and other part of the Air Pods Pro this might be nitpicking but their new wireless charging case right when you open it up and have the Air Pods in it really feels like there's no space or tolerance. to grab it if you look here you'll see how the edge is right next to the air pod so there's little space between this hinge and the Pro air pods it's right next to it so it actually makes it like a quick grab but it's harder to get them out because just not having as much room to pull them even the way they're positioned here is a little trickier if you compare it to the original case that case had this extra space around it where it really you could reach the whole top it was so much easier to grab them and i know it's not a big deal but it's worth mentioning because i wasn't sure if my motor skills were getting worse but it's actually the design of a new case that got worse and another Maybe it's picky but it's worth mentioning that you've also gotten over it all this time you've heard me talk about these things because they're really so good as if they completely surprised me but it took me to the most important question about air pods.
Pro are worth 249 bucks n Now for me you know I'll never tell you how to spend your money ecosystem always matters but now this is the time I bring all these other players into space to see how they match up we're not going to be. Playing here and with these Air Products professionals. I bring the big guns. We have the WF 1000 XM from Sony. Three. Sennheiser's impulse. True Wireless. got them and then we got to show some love for the old 2nd generation headphones ok now we'll look at some of their features and then we'll dig into their audio quality we've got the noise canceling and fit and feel so just be prepared to dig into this with me so let's take a look at this obviously right in the gates active noise canceling only for the Pro, Sony and Sennheiser air pods it has the kind of transparency of ambient sound mode which is also only with the Pro air pods the Sony ones and the Sennheiser ones The different sized rubber tips are important because they really give you that custom feel that you get for their Pro pods, the x m3 is the Momentum and then the Powerbeats Pro.
These Powerbeats Pro don't they do have noise canceling but they have they're still in the ear so they really seal out a lot of that sound and then another big part of this if you're an ecosystem person the h1 cor chip straight makes it easy to pair lower latency all those hands-free Siri benefits and then those new ecosystem groups the h1 ship is in the air pods Pro, the


Pro and the air pods, because their parent companies, Apple, yeah look at the prices here, they are all relatively the same. We got 249 for the Pro Sony air pods.
The XM 3s have been around for a while $229 the Sennheiser Momentum you'll actually see them fluctuate between 249 and 299 so that's the highest price of the lot and then the power beats Pro they're at 249 we have . the air pods - I just don't know I don't know I mean at a charity $159 for those but look at that kind of pool especially during different times of the season those prices will fluctuate so that's the picture when It's all about core features, let's move on to sound quality and this is more complicated. Correct sound quality is very subjective and what I like is different from what you like, but I hope this gives you a better idea of ​​how all these headphones work and then, you can completely disagree with me, because that is what are the comments for now.
Initially, we're going to base this on the sound coming from these wireless headphones as their default settings with their latest firmware before using any kind of EQ changes. you open them up you pop them in this is what you get now what's amazing is how good the Air Pods Pro are they're still again one of the best balanced earphones of the bunch across all different genres of music it's absolutely stunning especially when You compare them to previous air pods that don't even belong in this class of headphones with their hollow, tinny sound like you don't even notice until you pair them side by side.
Now the Sennheiser boost easily had the best bass and really the best of the bunch, but it's high because we're lost and we didn't mix even some of the mids, it sounded a bit muddy. Sony's default sound easily brought out the most detail specifically in the highs and mids, but its bass wasn't very good, at least on its default settings, the power beats Pro are just as impressive with second best bass from this lot, although they do not have noise cancellation, they are still in the ears. that seal a fair amount of that sound, were consistently in second or third place, depending on the musical genre. mids and loes i rated the air pods pro as the best sounding overall which again came as a surprise to me we have the


1000 xm threes and the power beats pro they sometimes battled for that second and third place the only ones of Sennheiser. they were rated lower for me because even though his bass was easily the best you really lost a lot of the detail that everyone else had now even stacking them on top of each other playing different genres of music which you can see here we liked pop hip hop rock podcasts , all those things and the air pods tended to give you the best overall sound when you combine the highs, mids and lows again this is based on what you were listening to you may hear this differently you may be saying no way Brian like I have some of these I'm just telling you when you stack them next to each other you keep changing you hear a lot of subtle things let's be real too I took the second generation air pods completely out of this like the old air pods that do I don't even deserve to be in this conversation when it comes to audio quality, but he did let me know what a huge improvement Apple has made with the Air Pods Pro, so let's say goodbye to the air pad. sold twice right but the rest of these headphones are on another level ok now you see these results and some of the head shakers now say no no but they can almost throw these results out the window because it's totally different ball game if you go into the dedicated apps and then play around with some of these equalizer settings now Sennheiser have an equalizer just like Sony but after playing around and listening to different presets specifically for Sony it was a big change from game for


specifically now once i bumped up some of the bass for sony oh man the WUF 1000x m3 is they brought out the best sound of the bunch with detailed highs and mids but ultimately like this fuller beefier bass again the Sound quality will always be subjective.
I'll have you say that up front, but after a few tweaks, the XM 3 can be said to be neck and neck with the air pods, if not better in other cases, but guess what most people like you in home consumers are not going to get into these apps. they're not going to tweak the setup, most people will never have all of this in one place to compare against each other, and most people will end up going with the product that best fits their ecosystem. I'm just doing this for the people who are STILL sticking around to see this far as if they were my friends, okay, now we're going to dive into the noise canceling feature a little bit more and everyone handles this a little bit differently.
I talked about how great the physical controls on the Air Pods Pros are. You have to play directly into your ear with the Sony and Sennheiser touch controls, which I think is great. I hate that the Sony XM 3s are responsive now, but the most challenging were these Sennheiser Momentums. You have to do this double tap. o On the right side to switch between noise canceling and ambient sound but the double tap has to be a very specific beat like you can't do it super fast you can't do it too slow and if you miss it it will will. either you give the voice assistant command which is just one tap and you have to try again it gets frustrating and really out of all these headphones this was the biggest annoyance because it was the least reliable and least responsive of the whole cluster.
I'll tell you it took me at least like 20 tries to figure out the timing of this as you expect, am I doing this wrong? I thought notit worked. I'll still constantly mess it up even after you think you've mastered it, and again, it's like touching your ear directly. Another thing is subtle, but it's switching between modes that have these different sounds or chimes, from noise cancellation to ambient sound. Apple has a similar timbre 1 Khan has a high tone one has a low tone Sennheiser uses the exact same sound, but the Sony XM 3s have a verbal cue that tells you which specific mode you're in, that's easier to follow.
I like it but if I had to go with the controls I know again I have to go with the air pods Pro they have the exact same controls on each side you don't push them into your ears you just squeeze them and then you can customize them if long press toggles between noise canceling or the option is to use siri prompt but the number the other thing i really asked about this is there is no volume control on the Air Pods Pro at all the Sennheiser Momentum this might be like my favorite thing about them when you put them in your ears you can hold them just press and hold one side was volume up for the right side press and hold the left side go down the volume like i love this and if there was one thing i really wish the air pods pro if it was the volume control like this now i think apple honestly they should just copy this change the noise canceling feature change that was ntion on and off to do like a double click and then hold as it won't.
It really does constantly turn on and off anyway after playing it for a few days the air pods if they get that that would just complete all the checking for them they also have this cool fit test of their tip through the software to make sure that you have the correct size of your tips to better seal in sound sometimes people have different sizes of their canals and it makes a difference Sony has one that actually takes pictures of the actual shape of your ears I thought that was weird I don't know how much that helps actually but if you're talking about which headphones brought the best noise canceling of the bunch it was pretty close between the Sennheiser and the Air Pods Pro but I know I'm not even fanboying here again I'd give the air legs th The benefit of not only blocking out more sound but giving much clearer ambient sound in its transparency mode now part of getting the best noise cancellation is also making sure you have a good seal with these rubber earbuds but the Sony's noise canceling an ambient sound feature was clearly the weakest of all I've tried all the different tips you know the actual type of earphone it's almost like it stays put it goes into your ear a little bit but also rests outside it's a bit bulky. so that's where they let me down okay let's get to the breakdown of battery life here it is which is how many hours you get with just the earbuds you can see those numbers there and then how much extra juice you get for each earbud when you bring the case fully loaded with them take a look at all these cases got your size comparison the power beats case is big it's like a hockey puck so the knees are pretty big but if you look at it i want to say it's a bit the most luxurious of the bunch it's got this nice metal finish I think it's a bit clean but also when you look at the battery life it deteriorates over time that's no surprise what stands out here in the numbers is that the Sennheiser Momentum has a pretty weak overall battery life, around 17 hours total, that's if you include the case compared to the rest of the package which gets around 24-30 hours and then eventually Let's talk about comfort if I'm going to wear them for more than an hour Comfort is absolutely important and guess who was the winner in my opinion wow here air pods again like these guys wow me this might be specific to me but look when you put them on these are really lightweight low profile Sennheiser I's. i put them in my ears and actually liked a time trial and they only lasted about 20 minutes until they started to get really uncomfortable where the ear canals just ache from wearing them i think part of that is th the way they are built now the weight is on the outside and therefore puts a lot more stress on them so the knees were a bit more comfortable but it didn't really bother my ears until around 25 minutes in again. the body of them sits away from your ears they tend to wobble a lot when you touch them and put more stress on you but the air pods pro i didn't even get through two hours easily i didn't feel like they were making my canal sore which is weird a lot of times this all makes my ear canal hurt they were easily the most comfortable of this bunch and they are the liveliest on the lowest profile now also i really expected them to be like that ok but if you look at the different ways i evaluated all these earphones , I could confidently say that if you want the best overall mix of sound quality, active noise cancellation, comfort and battery life, then you should throw in and even throw in the ecosystem benefits pleasers, you have to say Apple earpods Pro a and their complete package all these things I talked about are my pick for the best wireless noise canceling headphones and even now I'm going to go one step further hab Let's get the Air Pods Pro they're $249 and I'm someone who takes long trips and travels a lot so comfort and noise canceling has always been a priority for me well noise canceling headphones and earphones over ear are completely different form factors and if you want the best noise canceling for long periods of time and you want your ear canal to be completely free because you have to look at a pair of over ear noise canceling headphones they are unique in its class when it really comes to this true noise canceling now your money would be well spent on any of the three sony WH 1000 XM the headphones are WUF the over the ear ones are the WH they are one of the best ones out there you have both super light and comfortable bose qc25 those are both around 299 bucks right now Bos e has their new 700 those are $400 but you would be disappointed you are going to have what better than the $300 price tag and that extra $50 will make a world of difference now that we also know that Apple may bring about its own noise-cancelling and over-ear headphones in the future, but they have an absolute winner with the Air Pods Pro, like they amaze me on every level of the total package and are my top pick for the best wireless noise canceling headphones you can buy today

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