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5 Days to Rebuild My ENTIRE Car

May 23, 2024
This is my 1987 BMW 325 IS. I bought it last year to be more sociable. I'll go out for a drive and maybe make some friends. I spent the last 12 months and a good amount of money making this car something that is fun to drive and reflects my personal style. I'm very happy with it, so yesterday we destroyed everything. New suspension. New engine. New brakes. New wheels. This new exhaust and many other Hees and his to tie it all together. It's serious, every part of this car is going to be redone to make it better. than ever a car that I not only love to live with but also a car that I want to be buried with and we will do it all in the next 5


so by the end of this week I will have the car that I have dreamed of since I was a child or I'll feel like an idiot.
5 days to rebuild my entire car
I'm James, welcome to Donut. Now you might be wondering why I'm destroying my perfectly good project car. Well, to answer. that question, let's speed through BMW racing history, the M3 is of course the cream of BMW racing history, but a whole decade before that car came out, the E30 started its life 2 years later that the E30 was launched to Fanfare from Fanboys, the Germans zent racing Not only BMW but all the Germans, the Deutsche Toren vagen Meister axis launched as an all-out battle between all German production cars and the chosen weapons were touring cars of the group that looked like the cars you drove, but in a On the race track in 1985, BMW put its little German hearts into the 323i in hopes that it would be as successful on the track as it was in the dealership.
5 days to rebuild my entire car

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5 days to rebuild my entire car...

The inline-six under the hood made only 214 horsepower, which wasn't much compared to the competition, but it was. It had the advantage of being the lightest car in the field at just over 900kg. Unfortunately, most of the tracks during that season were very long and very fast, allowing the big, more powerful turbo cars to pack winds, but when they got to the tight mines, BMW was done. They finally got their chance, made the most of it with their lighter chassis and barely eked out a technical victory on the tight, twisty track. It would be the only checkered flag for that car in the


history of the DTM.
5 days to rebuild my entire car
BMW ditched the little 323 they shipped and called the new M3 which had been designed from the bottom up specifically to win in the DTM and did a lot more than anyone else, but I don't own an E30 M3. I have a normal E30, but at the end of this week. we're going to have what I imagine BMW would have built if they hadn't done this and given it more chances, it will look better, run better, sound better, stop better and If BMW kept racing my car until the mid 2000s , they would use this engine. BMW is known for making excellent straight-6 engines, and of all the straight-6 BMWs, the E46 M3's s54 is the best thing to try to do with this. car won engine of the year 5 years in a row, did you even know it existed?
5 days to rebuild my entire car
This guy knew it was there. He sat next to everyone. Fresh out of the box in stock Mak form 320 wheel horsepower and revs over 8,000 RPM. and we've added a bunch of upgrades to our high compression pistons, Shri cams, a beautiful custom Turner Motorsport intake plenum, some tweaks to make it all work together, in the end we're going to have an inline 6 cylinder engine, naturally aspirated, reliable and high revving, using a factory ECU makes around 340 wheel horsepower, sounds amazing, looks great in the bay and perhaps most importantly retains the Factory AC s54, the ultimate in drivability of stomach machines and to do all this in just 5


, I have enlisted the help of the ultimate E30 expert and my personal friend Chris Castro, you built cars for Frank Ocean, Frank Ocean, probably the creator, Shad, so it's how I know Chris Chris found my car, which he had actually built 12 years ago, started working on my car, they like it, yeah I like it. of wanting to keep it the same and then, man, that thing evolved super fast in the garage.
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James' car is all new, well that's another reason why it's so cool that we're doing this here because we come across tons of little things that are broken, rusty or just worn out and we walk over to Chris's treasure chest. which you've been collecting for the last few years, whereas at least even if a parts store had it in stock we'd have to send someone or go ourselves to pick it up, that's 30 minutes an hour for every little thing and like you do one thing, you do one thing well, you make a profit, okay, so the last time I did an engine swap I didn't paint the bay and you guys wouldn't let me forget it, so this time we not only painted the bay, we shaved it off a bit, so we shaved off all the unnecessary brackets, like the air gauge bracket.
Normally the ABS sensor is on E30, it runs around the shock tower and goes into these holes. We are still running ABS, but what are we going to finish? What we are doing is hiding most of the wiring, the intention is to make it look like the engine was in there and not a bunch of junk hanging off of it. It was such a sickly perfect home for my perfect engine. We're going to spray under the car with a base coat to seal it so it doesn't rust when all the dirt and water gets in. Before I do that, I want to make sure that none of that textured paint goes through the holes and in this glossy paint, so I'm just covering up any holes that go to the ground anywhere I see light.
I'm stuck, so I covered this hole with duct tape. Chris told me I did it wrong, not bad, but not like he normally does. So there's a little lip right here you just cover it with masking tape and then when you spray the undercoat it goes up and gets to the inside of that lip and there's a chance we can run like an open strut bar and then you can look down below. there we want it to be shiny so we're taping the little inside lip right now. I definitely feel like an idiot I still have a lot to learn from the master so the seam sealer does two things: it literally closes the seam between the overlapping metal and also, you know, all the little cracks that are open, it will just close everything, keep it Outside, we're going to photograph just the areas where we put seam sealer, buddy, this makes a big difference in looking like new. car, okay, the plan for today is to run the brake lines, the fuel lines, put the suspension on and then hopefully at the end of the day drop the engine, let's do it again.
One of the benefits of working in a specialized shop we need brake lines, so in their place. From ordering brake lines or bending new brake lines, we have plenty of perfectly bent reconditioned or new powder coated brake lines. I can only choose from this set of brake lines, of course he chooses the worst one. I'm going to go ahead and choose for you and then these are the fuel lines and then the new brake line so James' car was originally rotten so we just put all new lines in or new for it. We start chapter 2. The parts are starting to go on the car, we're going to put the The front subframe on this one is like something that came off the car, but one of the most interesting parts of this is that everything is coated in powder, This holds the engine to the car now the engine has a place to live when I first bought this car. was going driving with my friends being more sociable having Chris working on it and going out with him.
I have made another great friend. Cars make good friends. I have this in a chis size. A little surprise, Chris, sir. Damn, that's what happens. That's just as sick as this. Make it much more satisfying. I know donam can get you one, so let's put the rear subframe on. Yeah, there we go, hold on buddy, so just guide them there and then I'll restore everything super clean, everything good while we do everything else. We will also replace the E30 steering rack with one from a Z3. The steering on a stock E30 is a little loose for most people's taste and the Z3's rack. apparently it's the tightest, so it's going to be a lot more sensitive aluminum control arms from the shop so ASMR you're doing something, oh yeah, one of the things we're doing while we're


ing the cars we're changing from 4X 100 , the bolt pattern that came with my car, at 5x10, which is what most BMWs are, there are a lot more 5x10 wheels than 4x100 wheels, but to do that we have to change the shocks.
Ground control has been quite pleasant. to send us a set of custom coilovers, built to two specs for this car when it comes to E30 stuff, Ground Control is the best and they took into account the engine we are installing. They ask me the size of my tires, what size wheels I'm using. so I guess that was included in what they did to them. Ground controls offer a ton of different tilt plate options. We're going with the street camber plates that have camber adjustability and are generally more comfortable to ride like every day, which is again. why i am building this car to drive as much suspension as possible in sick state, yes friend it is the first part of the aftermarket, the most important and the most exciting thing is that this high compression Shri cammed s54 will find a new home in the engine bay of that E30 by the At the end of the day, I'm so excited that the car is going to be completely transformed.
This is what we dream of Phyllis. This is what we have been working for since we were 14 years old. Let's get to work getting closer to putting this engine in. in that car it's very exciting, like I said before, this is a high compression engine, so the stock compression in an s54 is like 11 and 1/2 to one, we put high compression ma pistons in it, so it will be closer to 12.1 to one and to let people know that this is not just a normal s54, which is a little bit spicier, so we are giving a little warning: a red valve cover is a little loud, but we have a cover disguised red enough so that people I know it's spicy and then just for a Bentley oil cap this is a little surprise that Chris gave me which is tough man that's cool there's no stone unturned, so we went as far as getting a new M logo for our engine cover.
A lot of times when people do swaps, they're like builds up to this point, for some reason they just go to the most uncomfortable option right away, whether it's eliminating the A/C or going with solid engine mounts. This is a Castro trick that, although he shared it on the Internet. Don't believe him these are original E46 engine mounts so they are filled with fluid and when the engine is on it can vibrate and it won't shake the whole car and all he did was turn them over so we can move the engine that far back as we want andthen when we drive we won't have solid or polyurethane mounts because they are very rigid, unforgiving and cause a lot of vibration in the car, just a fun trick, these are the same type of mounts that were on this car from 13 years ago and when We took out the old engine they were still in perfect condition.
I told them today was going to be a great day. I told them this car was going to be transformed by When we leave the shop tonight we're about to drop the high compression S54 in the bay of my little E30, let's do it, this was a great plan, everything is going super well, These are great friends who are having a good time. I have been excited non-stop. Alright, engine officially in e o o e I'm so excited about the latest hot guy, straight up If from BMW, this thing will have like 340 horsepower at the wheels, naturally aspirated single throttle bodies like this, it's the best thing ever , okay, Mr.
Transmission, you and I have a date with the steam honer okay, so the rednecks put dirty parts in their cars, the normal cool guys clean their parts in their sinks, the even cooler kids clean their pieces with grit, but the Elite Vapor hone knight is a pretty sweet deck, so Vapor honer is basically the same concept as Media. Blasting where it mixes like sand with water and let me tell you it's one of the best experiences a man can have and now ladies and gentlemen clean transmission all that dirt looking stuff is just the means we use to destroy it so just I'm going to pressure wash it and it will be like new.
I love this, so we're going to replace all the transmission bolts with freshly plated ones. They got it done, good job guys, when we got here this morning it was little more than a shell and now it's taking shape not just as a car but as a very, very, very cool car, great day, buckling the brakes, the axle The transmission should go in today, the differential should go in today, we're going to do a lot of little things because tomorrow We hope to start this so the face goes like the Beast today and tomorrow the heart starts beating, let's get to work, so we got our axle Pro driveshaft driveshaft and the driveshaft center support bearing does not line up with the holes in the bottom of the car and that is because my car is one of the first and we have the two center support bearings right here, this is from one of the early cars and this is from a later car, the later car is what came on the driveshaft.
On the early cars, the holes are much farther apart, so we're going to change the latter to this first. There are a lot of little things like that between the early e30 models and the later E30 30 models that are slightly different, so make sure if you're working on your car, you pay attention to that, that doesn't come up that often, but when it does, it matters, don't break your damn driveshaft with a regular old hammer that's going to destroy your driveshaft, invest in a fancy hammer, this one is made of brass, now we put our axles together and finish good, yeah that's good, that's it , enough, no, what you want to do if you don't want to beat him, you put him. this one first and then spline that one will be a lot easier well yeah because you just started it so in addition to having an LSD bred ECS he went ahead and sent us over the z3m diff cover so we're about to give it a slap to everything. together and put it together what's really crazy is the amount of stuff we're adding to this old car and putting it behind really smaller bumpers than what came stock this is a huge oil cooler compared to what came on the car The motor is bigger the plenum is huge, finding places to store everything, so the accessories are being hooked up, the wiring harness is being buttoned up, we're at the point right now where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but There are tons and tons of little things to do.
These are replicas of the mirrors found in the BMW group from the 80s. I had to order them in England because they have the small air inlet, it is easier to find the ones that do not have the inlet, they end up looking like Shrek's ears and I really wanted the intakes and they are functional intakes so you can drive on a race track with the windows open and have some ventilation in the cabin to help keep you cool but this is not a real race car so they will crash with the tweeters. on my doors so we're going to cut them off and plus I have air conditioning so we don't need additional ventilation so we're going to cut this part off so the tires that I have on the 17's are not made to run in the rain.
I also have a set of much cheaper 16-inch wheels that came standard on an old Series 7. We powder-coated them gloss black. They look very ugly, yes. I feel like an idiot so I bought wheels that are excellent. I made math tires from my old one. The wheels definitely fit perfectly in the perfect size based on research and experience and then at the last minute I thought, oh what if we got a second set of wheels, just a cheap set that we liked to rock the most part of the time, tires that would fit? We ride them and look at them, we like them, what would happen if we put a wider tire on there?
That would be great. We got another set of tires. We may not get a refund for the other game. We ride these thicker tires. Now we are almost starting the car and deciding. that we're going to do a lot of body work after we're done with this video. I'm an idiot, so the car is on the ground. I don't feel like an idiot anymore. The 245's are definitely on the move, dude like him. red running through the interior, you can see it poking out of the suspension stuff, insanely awesome, my BMW scraped the floor, the air box is like hitting the firewall, so right now your engine is like a little reverse rake, you can call it , is higher in the front and rear. we're just going to shimmy it and level it a little bit to give us that clearance without having to push the engine forward because obviously the further the engine is towards the firewall, the better our right hand, we're going to have to cut. a piece of the back today is the day you try to start the engine it won't start but everyone seems to know a couple of reasons why that might be so no need to worry but we definitely anticipate we are trying to make it dramatic , Yes, you know.
How fun is it if the car just starts? She gets sick. We are putting in body panels to fit her front veil. This is an apparently quite rare BBS front veil, but someone else at Donut has the exact same one and then the bumper will continue. These lights are made by a company called Dapper Lighting, they look original, so they have fluted glass, but they also have angel eyes and projectors, and yeah, it's like a lot of little things that you don't notice at first. part of this car is going to be changed. Non-M3 e30s are technically five-seaters.
M3s are four-seaters so two front seats and then just two seats in the back and the rear seats of the M3 are like $11,200 and then that's like an old seat that we're probably going to have to get back anyway so We asked our upholsterer to build us a more extreme version of the E30 M3 seat, turning it into a four-seater and the reinforcements are a little more aggressive than those that came on the E30, it's something like that. Based on an 86 series and yes, I am very happy with it. I was a little nervous about it, but I think he looks pretty sick.
It definitely fits the aesthetics of the car. Look at them, although this car looks amazing, it is beyond my capabilities. wildest dreams and I can't stress enough that this would have been impossible without ECS Tuning for helping us with this build and providing us with a ton of parts for those of you who don't know ECS Tuning is the best place for European information. Pieces, they have been friends forever. Mikey Day, who developed the airbox for this car, is currently at Donut helping us build the roll cage for a Ranger. It doesn't matter if he needs original aftermarket or high-performance parts.
ECS takes them and them. back it up with their amazing lifetime replacement program you need something replaced in your life they have a program for that they are truly amazing people we love them you will love them too check out ECS Tuning click the link below now let's go Drive this car, good, first start buddy we got Chop listen to that idle brother buddy this is my car okay Chris let's get out of here build this thing to drive with friends in the canyons and we've set up a perfect buddy to drive today when we started this trip 5 days ago I was nervous that we were going to ruin a really good car, this E30 is the best car I have ever owned and before we took it apart it did everything pretty well but in the search.
For something even better, a couple of good friends and I ripped it to the bone and the result is something almost perfect: a classic BMW with a modern stomach that revs to 9,000 RPM and looks truly unique. I guess sometimes the lesson is something to be able to be really happy, you have to give up what is comfortable for you at the moment, destroy it to the shell and


it, friend, it's very good, okay, this is already my favorite car that I have had it and in the last week we made it regular. much better Chris, thanks so much for helping mate this is like my dream car that's what happens cars make good friends friends make good cars friends build good cars be sure to check them out and their channel YouTube will link to one of your videos. here check it out on social media @ castr Motorsport and a big thank you to our partners who made this build possible ECS Tuning thanks to CB Collision Chris's Body Shop his brother painted the car Radiators CSF Ground Control coilovers huge whoop mler racing wheels srank auto the upholstery borders the exhaust and thank you all for joining us on this journey.
It has been very fun. I love you and I love this car and I love my friend Chris, look how sick he is.

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