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3D Block'd Screen

Mar 17, 2022
Alright guys, time for me to try challenging myself with 3D lock


. It's been several months or maybe even a year since I tried to do this maybe even longer because this was in 2017 when it came out and that could be when I tried it and maybe in 2018 yeah it wasn't very easy for me now I've grown a lot since then I've drawn a lot more since then and maybe it's easier for me but this was a challenge when I did it before so the first thing we're going to do is draw a series of boxes mm-hmm I think one of the things I did last time was I made my boxes too close together so I'm going to This time I give myself a little more space and then you draw these connecting lines but they don't actually touch the box and I didn't realize it the first time time, so I was completely wrong, so they don't actually.
3d block d screen
This is the best example. right here they don't really touch you want to leave a gap these others in the show are a little close and you didn't really notice right away they didn't touch well so you walk the rest of the


so like this, we already have that line, we already have these lines, so here we go so basically your aura creates an aura around these boxes but it has a little path, a little line there, so we finish it up nice and then we make it 3d by taking all these angles up only those to the left. if it's to the right we don't go up we just leave it but if it's to the left where there's a gap it's a little hard to remember what we're doing I have to pay attention to what I'm doing and then we cross over and then we went up that's where i totally screwed up i don't remember which one i was testing would i don't know if i was doing this or this but you can see you don't have to have your squares the same size or even lined up exactly as long as i leave their space so i'm not exactly sure what size i'm going to make if that one is a little small with bigger areas in the middle this one is more like the drawing here i definitely know i want to leave a little more space than i did before and yes no i'm sure about the rest i'm really not sure about the rest so let's jump in let's try to be like let's see i need to bring that a bit closer to psychology and i'm just going to face my fears, challenge myself.
3d block d screen

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3d block d screen...

Look, I could have chosen any number of the prompts because I'm doing every other Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and there are enough prompts in the popular pattern approach for each day of the week, so I could have chosen another, but I chose to go ahead and challenge myself. to myself, so I think about what I could do just to feel a little better, since I could do my initial squares in pencil. I like the idea that they're not super regular, they don't have to be exact like that. spacing so far see if i do it with spacing and pencil first then if i don't like how it looks c and i can erase it and try again can you see that can you see if i put it at the right angle I think I'm fine with that, okay, let's try it. from the flu from two weeks ago or closer to three weeks ago it was normal late March not late February early March late February early March hmm so it's been about three weeks and I still have a nagging cough okay, what i do with my pen oh yeah i forgot i switched to this other brand.
3d block d screen
I'm using as my main pen because they're all starting to look the same and I switched to an O 3 which isn't what I usually draw with every day so okay let's do some squares I don't have to do. being super square, they can be a bit out of place as long as they are rectangular in shape. I'm going to move this row up a little bit from what I cleverly drew. h a pencil Hey I guess I could have chosen a lighter sheet of paper to make it easier to see but I didn't because I don't know ok there are my squares kind of squares you could make them exactly square if would you like and now i want to do something like this no touch it's ok so far so good now let's go the other way now i feel more confident and i did it the first time i tried this and you know i did it so wrong the first time that i tried it that I never tried it again and like I said I don't even remember how long ago it seems like it's been forever and I probably did it again but in 2017 I really wasn't quite sure what I was doing and I really wanted to do the patterns flowing organics and just stayed away from anything that had straight lines probably again because I wasn't really sure I could I could do it without having to have straight lines I'm just g I'm going to get rid of those little places where I didn't draw right where I put my pencil but now i'm more confident in the fact that you know it'll still look like a pattern even if my squares aren't squares and my lines aren't straight and i feel so much better so i'm going to flip each one of them these I'm going to do each section one by one in the same place instead of going all the way around I'm going to do this and then I'm going to go to the next corner and so on, yes, of I definitely feel more confident in my drawing skills and more likely to say, well it's the way drawing wants to be where I wasn't before, I would get frustrated and I think part of that is because probably when this pattern came out we were all trying to follow the zentangle method which nothing nothing to say nothing bad about the zentangle method i think for those who enjoy it and it works well for them go ahead but i had a hard time ling restricted a bit and we were all trying to force our work to follow that methodology and now that we're doing CPT I feel more relaxed I don't know if the whole rules thing was just him was hindering my style and I don't know if it's just me but it probably is maybe, but there were a lot of us, so we branched out to do CPT instead, okay, so now I want to go all the way.
3d block d screen
Outside following this like making an aura in every way even on the


I feel much safer this time ok now turn on my phone because it turned itself off. Now I want to do these little ones up and go in pieces and it looks like you want to do the same thing on this edge because it's going to make kind of a box. I'm going to go this way on all of them on this top edge like this because I can see that's the right box and then I'm going to do that on all of them so I don't get confused because I think that's it too or where I made a mistake so I want to the top edge of these or from your perspective the side edge of these but for me it's the top and I'm going to go and do all of these first so I don't get so confused as to what I need to put up and down down on the sides or whatever ok that was next we do the bottom inside these like this ok ok and then the other one we want there to be two ok so we want one here like this and we want one here, do you want one here?
I think that's what I didn't do before as I tried to make them around the square and then I messed up and then there's one more in the corner. No, yes, the entire sample is missing. some little lines in the middle ok ok so this corner needs it too ok now we start to connect those lines so let's swing. just so i don't get it wrong this requires a lot more thought just why i haven't done a question f of the book yet but i will when i get to the shading and coloring part then i will be more confident and ready to go to the inside floor of the boxes ok and now we're going the other way in this direction I do them right and they look good they look good ok now I want to connect these ah they're coming together look I just didn't take the time to do it correctly i was probably impatient ok so now these go oh i missed a few that went this way. some go this way now i can go this way this one goes like this and goes like this i'm going to see i'm actually doing it face your fears friends face your fears you'll be surprised what you can do if you try now it's a big fear no it's not like jumping out of a plane or spending time in a room with a snake, yeah, it's not a fear like that, but it's definitely a fear.
I'm missing an ascendant that's why it looks funny because this piece is missing like you there I think we did it oh I'm so excited ed I actually did it right now the question is can you shade what I want to do I want to do it that way that way which way uni meenie miney mo which way i want to go this way 3d ok so i want some shading and some highlights i have to decide where my light source is let's put the light source here oops you can't see what i i'm doing let's put the light source here so that the light hits here so this will be the darkest and this will be a little less sharp so this surface will be a little less dark and this surface will be darker a little less dark okay and that's why i want this surface i'm going to do the white on that i think now i think i'll actually just use my pens maybe my sketch markers or my not mine.
I'm going to play around in the back with these colors because I want a light and I'm a little dark, but not super dark, so these are fabulous. -castell Pitt pens in shades of gray and I have three warm grays and three cool grays and I'm just going to play with the colors in the red because they look different on each color of paper so let's see let's do warm warm and there's a little worm start with the phrase warm this is the lighter warm gray almost looks wet the next one and that one looks like the black I don't want to wear that one ok I sure know I don't want to wear and then the lighter cool gray I see that cool gray it looks darker on this paper than warm gray and then the darkest is going to be too dark yeah that's too dark so what do i want?
Those are too close in color huan'er if I should do something like those two together so I'm going to use the lightest warm gray and the wicked and the lightest you know. the cool medium gray those two I think and I drew a little box - I like those colors together not very well yes you have to stay all warm or all cool they are Donnell um bill what's all great let's try again drawing the box and then I put our darkest color here i dont put the lightest color t here you can even tell the difference i guess you can guess you can i wonder if these are better let me try one more thing thats why i play on the back because these colors look different on white paper so let's do these are the Copic Sketch markers someone got me for Christmas the two dark ones are going to be too dark so let's look at the three lightest ones they are all neutrals Gray's number zero two and four so lemme lemme see it there's a zero there's two and there's four so let's try zero and four let's see what that does let's try two and for number two oh hell don't use that intent 0 and 4 0 and 4 of that color I think though l alcohol markers don't work very well on this paper that's the other problem let's try those two let's try these two I think those are fine so I'm going to go with the warm gray Pitts pens the lightest and the next clearer, so it's not 2 7 2 and 2 7 3 kopecks are fine, but they don't really work very well in this role.
It takes too much for my taste. We're going to come back here and I'm going to sharpen our red pencil. Where did my pencil sharpener go? Oh, under my paper. Copic markers go through the hassle of paper, oh well you won't notice once I'm done I hope it's okay so this is going to be white. paper and they bleed through because it's the wrong kind of paper, it's not the supply's fault, but that's why you play and practice and do all the things so you know what your supplies do. Not all supplies are perfect for all applications.
I'm not being too technical with my white I'm just highlighting the front my little box probably should have done it maybe in pink so a big contrast between the red but I don't care ok that's bright it will it looks different in real life than it does on camera on camera white really fights all white so my darker shadows are going to be on this side so do you need the other color yeah i think yes but when i need these studs oh i miss the stud again ok i need you to divert my attention from this and ask a question if you could have lived through any war in history without actually fighting in it what would it be um none sir have mercy what kind of question is that in none of the wars in history the person at home is not fighting the war in a better way the shape and the person in the pit are slightly better fit than the person fighting in war, but by no means It way how I want to live in wars I guess technically I've already lived through a few wars not many but you don't know the two great world wars that's for sure but live Vietnam I've lived through the Gulf War yeah no , no, I wouldn't choose any, that's a terrible question, let's move on if you could permanently remove any type of insect from Earth, what would you get rid of?
Hmm, interesting question that makes you wonder why your knee - idiotic reaction just to get rid of the bugs that bother you the most ants spiders mosquitoes oh godMy, if I could never get bitten by a mosquito again, that would be amazing. The problem with that question is that if you get rid of the ants, what then? They happen to be very useful in the ecosphere, you need ants, they help get rid of all the, oh, you know, thanks, they clean the earth of all the other dead bugs out there. if we don't have ants and mosquitoes you know they are food for a larger animal and then that animal is food for a larger animal and so on and then what happens?
We all die because we have killed one.species that would not be finished no matter how much i would like to never be bitten by a mosquito again in my whole life can live alone no just don't bite me yes that would be great mom i don't think i would want to eliminate permanently any kind of dirt bug no i don't think that's such a bad idea folks as your instinctive and as it seems it would be a great idea not a bad idea ok so here we go I'm done I think it's out ok and i was totally putting off making this video.
I put it off as late as I could and it's ok I have to draw today because I won't be able to draw. tomorrow and i have to get this up and post it so yeah i did i managed to face my fears and it turned out great no i'm happy i'm happy how this came out a little bummed about the bleeding right there but i didn't think about it what have a great day i'll see you guys in the next video i haven't planned yet so i don't know what it will be but we will move to april.
April, we have some things that are in April. I mean, like on my calendar, anything interesting in April. Easter is in April. video have a great rest of your day go out and do something nice for someone today make the world a better place and i'll see you later bye

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