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20 Celebrities That Ruined Their Careers with One Interview

Apr 27, 2024
You keep destroying it, okay? I'm done with this sorry welcome to watching Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for famous people who seriously damaged


reputation for a while after scandalous behavior in a single


, even if they've since bounced back. back, yes or no, have you ever taken banned substances to improve your cycling performance? yes, number 20 waen Phoenix today Wen Phoenix is ​​a multiple Oscar winner and nominee, but in 2009 his career was in a very different realm after appearing on The Late Show with David. Letterman, is there something wrong? I can't be the first to make you feel weird about it.
20 celebrities that ruined their careers with one interview
No, I guess he doesn't wear sunglasses and a big bushy beard. Phoenix mumbled awkwardly during the discussion, causing the host to verbally fire at him. What, what can he? You tell us about your days with the unibomber while this turned out to be a ghost for his mockumentary. I'm still here. The media really believed that Phoenix was having a nervous breakdown and the producers stayed away from him, but you, you, you're not going to do that. act more no, eh, why is it that I don't know? The actor admitted in a later


that the quality of the script submitted to attract him had diminished greatly after the stunt; it took several critically acclaimed projects to get Phoenix's career back on track.
20 celebrities that ruined their careers with one interview

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20 celebrities that ruined their careers with one interview...

Thanks for letting me come on the show, well, we've been dying to have you back for a year and a half now, number 19, Belle Gibson, are you prepared to tell the truth today, the whole truth, no little half-truths, absolutely, Without words, you see the truth, don't you, me? I've been really transparent in 2013. Australian Bell Gibson was one of the most popular new wellness influencers on the market after launching her mobile app. The Whole Pantry, after releasing several cookbooks, life seemed to be going very well for her, but then Gibson told the world that she had hired several of hers. cancers, but she was managing the progression with her healthy lifestyle.
20 celebrities that ruined their careers with one interview
Now you just admitted that you didn't say she went to your house and that she didn't go to a real doctor because you thought about yourself. No, he still believed she was a real doctor in 2015. Rumors emerged that Gibson was lying about having the disease and donating to charities. I have been broadcasting and speaking openly about what my reality was and what my reality is today. Well, you accept that your reality doesn't really match the increasing pressure. She spoke to Australian Women's Weekly magazine where she admitted she had been lying and blamed her behavior on her upbringing, which tanked her career in an instant in 2017.
20 celebrities that ruined their careers with one interview
Gibson was fined $410,000 for her deceptions despite being given a period of 4 months. yes, that was an indicator to you that you didn't have brain cancer, it wasn't an indicator number 18 Alex Peder, if you're a burgeoning actor in Hollywood, it's not a great idea to criticize the city where you make your living, but that's what which Englishman Alex Peder made in 2011 after making a name for himself in I'm Number Four and Stormbreaker, the actor's career seemed to be going well, so Peder spoke to vman for an article in which he programmed Los Angeles in an exploitation-filled interview between many insults he received.
He called the city a date, insidious group and socially repugnant date, called the women who live there and described an acting career as if she were in prison. This, plus a reputation for being difficult to work with, caused Peder's career to stall as big-budget productions looked elsewhere! talent number 17 Tom Cruz 2005 was a dark mark in Tom Cruz's career, first of all, there was his strange behavior on the Oprah Winfree show. He had never seen you like this. I've never seen that. I know Cruz followed that up by publicly criticizing Brook. Shields for admitting that he used antidepressants after developing postpartum depression, the actor then went on the Today Show to talk to Matt Laau about his views and it was: I'm just living my life and I'm doing the best I can. and doing it in a way that I think is correct, an erratic Cruz doubled down on his anti-psychiatry views by calling it a pseudoscience quote and I know that, uh, psychiatry is a pseudoscience, his very condescending approach did Cruise no favors, Since he combined Low's questions with the whole scandal with which Paramount Pictures cut ties with the actor in 2006 after 14 years, but that relationship eventually recovered.
Steven Spielberg also denounced Cruz's actions in 2005, however, the duo reconciled in 2023. We have never seen you behave this way before. Have you ever felt this way before the number 16? Pierce Morgan in 2014 thanks to poor grades. Pierce Morgan's reign at CNN was ending in its final days. He interviewed comedian Chelsea Handler and she destroyed him. Handler noted her lack of attention and called it a terrible date. interviewer, I mean, you can't even pay attention for 60 seconds, you're a terrible interviewer, well, you just didn't keep my attention, that's my problem, while Morgan was trying to save face by claiming the guest had to be interesting.
Handler pointed out that it was her job to make this your show you have to pay attention to the guests you invited on your show it's pretty interesting yeah they hear it no matter how interesting I am you signed up for this job well maybe that's why his job is coming to an end with his US reputation in ruins Morgan returned to the UK and joined Good Morning Britain. This is a 2 hour trash Aon of our royal family, but after ranting about Megan Markle revealing her mental health. fights, her fellow host Alex Barisford called him out, which made Morgan snap out of her, but you still continue to tear her down, okay, I'm done with this, I'm sorry, do you know what that is?
TR, I don't see him later, he later quit the show and has had problems. Out of relevance since Liam Niss' absolutely diabolical behavior number 15, this interview made social media about to explode with comments for and against the Irish actor while promoting one of his films. Nissan spoke in an interview about the time one of his close friends was sexually assaulted. by a black man to get rid of this. I am not racist. This was almost 40 years ago, but because I've grown up and maybe I'm cheating on Robin, so forgive me. I grew up in the north of Ireland and grew up in trouble, he said after finding out he walked the streets looking for trouble hoping to kill a black man before realizing what he was doing was wrong and feeling ashamed of himself himself, many called him a racist while others defended his honesty, including


like Trevor Noah and Whoopy Goldberg because I think Liam n deserves a medal and I'll tell you why it may not have destroyed his career, but it certainly put a fork in the road. path to his 14th likeability John Mayer in At one time, John Mayer had a reputation as a quality musician who was apparently going to achieve legendary status one day, but then he spoke to Playboy magazine in 2010 and destroyed that possibility.
He is giving this interview to Playboy magazine. He wants to be provocative and he tried. a little too harsh besides being gross about his past relationships with Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston sexually, he was crazy. The mayor compared Little John to white supremacist David Duke and hurled racial slurs a couple of times as the mayor apologized on social media. In other interviews and at concerts he never reached those lofty heights again. None of his singles released have reached the top 25 on the US Billboard chart since 2010. Half my heart with Taylor Swift. Oh my God, I controlled the situation.
Half of my heart, time number 13. Chris Harrison for 19 years Chris Harrison was an American icon with his work on The Bachelor and its spin-off The Bachelorette and many more, but then in 2021, Rachel Lindsay, a former Bachelorette, interviewed him to find out more. This is when his career fell from Harrison. discussed alumni Rachel Kirk Connell's actions after a photo surfaced of her in college attending a plantation-themed party and liking racial posts on social media: Does she look good in 2018 or doesn't she look good? in 2021 why is there a big difference? It's hard to defend that, but Harrison did the best he could, even adding the term "woke police" and saying people shouldn't judge.
The public reaction was massive. Lindsay left the franchise due to her dislike of Harrison. He was suspended and then fired by The Bachelor antel and parties are not good past present future number 12 poine I am very happy to show you my new stone clothes specializing in southern cuisine Pauline seemed like a nice and kind person during her cooking show The best dishes from Paula, but when a lawsuit came in 2013, her deposition threw that assumption in the trash when she claimed she had used racial slurs several times and had considered a plantation-themed wedding. Alas, as the reaction grew!
Dean was interviewed on the Today's Show to discuss the controversy and it was strange if anyone was. That's why he has never said anything that they wish they could take back, presenting himself as a victim of slander. He said he wouldn't have said goodbye over Fallout, but what was most notable was Dean's lack of remorse, except for referring to an apology video. After that, more companies cut ties with Dean when she fell into obscurity number 11. Michael Jackson Interviewed by Martin Basher for a year and broadcast to the world in 2003, the documentary Living with Michael Jackson surprised viewers with a couple of massive revelations of the The singer these we bought yes and these yes this table these these first Jackson spoke about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father when he was growing up but then the Thriller interpreter declared that he had had sleepovers with children in his room but emphasized that nothing happened when Gavin was there, he talked about the fact that he shares your room, yeah, can you understand why people would worry about that?
Because they are ignorant, the violent reaction was massive from the public, this gave rise to the infamous people's trial against Jackson in 205, although Jackson was acquitted of all charges, the damage caused to his reputation was permanent, he also faced to bankruptcy due to other lawsuits before passing away in 2009. Black people were called colored people because we come of all colors, from very white to white. like my hand to the very obscure number 10 Lance Armstrong seen as a hero for facing cancer and becoming a dominant force in professional cycling Lance Armstrong was beloved and one of the greatest athletes of all time, but then rumors that he had had all his success on his back Doping cases began to emerge in 2012 the United States anti-doping agency stripped him of all his victories since 1998 while he denied it Armstrong was later interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 2013 whether or not he ever took substances banned to improve your cycling performance yes here, the former Legend told the truth and admitted his cheating, but denied the accusation that he had forced his teammates to take drugs and bribed officials to hide his test results.
Has he ever blood doped or used blood transfusions to improve his cycling performance? Yes, later brands like Nike canceled contracts. It reportedly cost Armstrong millions of dollars. Has he ever used other banned substances such as testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone? Yes, number nine, Billy Bush, even though it's not an official interview, let's just say we're going to allow this Access Hollywood footage because of how egregious it is. and ruining her career became a reality was captured before host Billy Bush and Donald Trump could get into a TV studio to do some filming and while they didn't know


microphones were on, I approached her, actually, you know which was in Palm.
Beach, I moved in with her and I failed, I admit it, I tried and she was married. While on the bus they talk about Trump's sexual escapades, which include groping women, and discuss how power can give you free rein to do whatever you want. If you want, I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I'm automatically attracted to beauties. I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet, you just kiss. I don't even come close and when you're a star, they leave you. you do it, you can do whatever you want, take them by the we even hear them talking about how attractive they think Days of Our Lives actress Arian Zucker is before they meet her when they get off the bus.
Bush was suspended from his job on the Today show. Show after a drop in ratings and subsequently resigned, since then he had to repeatedly defend himself in interviews at the time that he is on that tape. I understand people's reaction. I agree. I felt that way too. Number eight 5 Seconds of Summer if you're a band being interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine is so important it can be easygetting carried away with trying to sound overtly rock and roll and that's exactly what happened with the band 5 Seconds of Summer in a 2015 interview, the band did everything from compare.
The Beatles were targeted to diss or insult the American Music Awards Justin Bieber and his female fan base, aka the majority of his fans, were criticized for their comments and for generally sounding like narcissistic padas, it probably didn't help that appeared naked. on the cover, whether it's number seven Paula Abdul, what do Idol fans have to look forward to this season and what are they looking forward to seeing? Well, that's it. I was wondering what you know when you're under the influence, but you don't think you sound like you're okay, there's a good chance Paula Abdul knows what it feels like, at least in retrospect, in this 2007 interview she's in promoting the latest series of American Idol, although he would later dismiss the idea as a lie to many viewers.
I wondered if she had had a few drinks or engaged in other types of stimulation. Delayed responses. Fits of laughter. This one has something. You know what they said. Listen, any advertising is good advertising. You have to learn to eat it and accept it. They say Seattle had the best raving people. The interview went viral and became an unavoidable part of Abdul's career. 2 years later, she left American Idol as a judge due to a salary dispute and went out of public view for a while. . Number six, the chain smokers. Next up, we have another misguided attempt at sounding tough in a magazine interview, this time courtesy of musical duo The Chain Smokers Who.
Let it all come out with billboards, everyone was doing the same thing and after a few years it became really obsolete and only a few people started to break away from it and experiment. When asked about their manic musical games, they were all too eager to flaunt their wild frat boy image and pension for sleeping with as many girls as possible even though they both had girlfriends, the two were heavily criticized and briefly met. They became the talk of the music world for all the wrong reasons, but we shouldn't hate them too much, right? like they said quote, we're just frat brothers, you know what I mean, loving the ladies and stuff, that's a real word for word quote number five, Prince Andrew considered a car accident for many.
This interview ultimately resulted in Prince Andrew stepping down from his public duties for The royal family has today chosen to speak out for the first time Why has he decided to speak out now when asked by the BBC's Emily Matless about his close ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein? The prince's response raised many eyebrows to begin with, Prince Andrew. I directly denied having met his accuser Virginia Roberts. I don't remember meeting this lady at all, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. There were other shocking responses scattered throughout, such as saying that he had no regrets about his friendship with Epstein as she presented him with useful information. opportunities the interviewer is clearly not impressed with his answers, as is almost everyone else who saw him, he has obviously behaved in a manner Unseemly yes Unseemly, he was a sex offender yes Sorry, I'm being polite number four Katherine higel higel During She has long had a reputation for being difficult to work with, but a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair was particularly damning when she criticized the film Knocked Up, which she had just started on, called the movie quote a bit sexist, and cried about it. the way he portrays women. which frustrated people considering she decided to be in the movie.
A year later, she starred in the film The Ugly Truth, which was widely criticized as misogynistic. Who is this charming creature? I'm your producer, hey, I like being on top as a result of Throughout the episode, already hesitant directors were given yet another reason to be cautious about working with her. I'm going to be very honest right now. I'm not. I'm not. I don't have to think about that. I'm not. a rude person I'm not a cruel or mean person number three Megan Fox as a general rule it's probably not a good idea to compare the director you're working with to Hitler but that's what Transformers star Megan Fox did in an interview with British Wonderland magazine spoke about Michael Ba's conduct on set.
Fox compared the director to the Nazi leader, which soon appeared all over the media. W nice headers, you have a high rise twin pump carburetor which is pretty impressive. Double bomb. It ultimately resulted in her being fired. of the Transformers franchise but not by ba, according to ba, it was the executive producer of the franchise, one Steven Spielberg, who insisted that she be fired. She has since worked with Ba again in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films that the latter produced, but Fox's notable roles have otherwise been few and far between since I gave this interview hey guys, I'm April O'Neal from Channel 6 news and I'm here in beautiful New York City on the first day of spring and you know what that means, it's time to get rid of that pesky winter weight.
Number two, Charlie Sheen, this guy has said and done some really shocking and controversial things in his career, but the reason he's on today's list may surprise you. The interview in question is his 2015 appearance on the Today Show, where he announced that he was HIV positive. He walked into the room and said boom, this is what's happening, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's hard, three letters to absorb, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's a turning point. in one's life, while some praised his bravery, many criticized the fact that it had taken him four years to go public and claim that he could have endangered his sexual partners if they were these people with whom he had had sexual contact. and they claimed that I had transmitted the virus to them or they were these people who simply found out. his condition and threatened to tell the world that people also took aim at Sheen's surprisingly calm demeanor as he recounted his diagnosis and battled people blackmailing him, for some the interview humanized Sheen more than ever for others, it further solidified his reputation as reckless. particularly with other people's lives, have you ever had unprotected sex since his diagnosis?
Yes, but the two people I did that with were under my doctor's care and were fully warned in advance before proceeding. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to receive notifications about our latest videos. You have the option to receive notifications for occasional videos or for all of them if you are on your phone. Make sure to go into your settings and turn on notifications. number one, R Kelly, although it's a different story today, in the 2000s, R Kelly still had his defenders when it came to sexual misconduct allegations in 2002, he was accused but was eventually acquitted in 2008, they are still talking about you with underage girls.
However, last year, an interview about the allegations ensured that Kelly's confusing reputation would not be forgotten when he was asked if he liked teenage girls. Kelly responded with this when you say Teen, how are we talking? Viewers and clearly interviewer Tor Ray were shocked by Kelly's reaction and he continued to further support claims that he was, in fact, guilty. The infamous response became a critical moment in the press's portrayal of him in the years that followed. The controversial celebrity chat prevented her from continuing to be his fan. Let us know in the comments. I made a mistake and I admit it.
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