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10 Secrets Walmart Doesn't Want You To Know

Feb 27, 2020
Large corporations are complex entities. They look shiny on the outside, but behind that facade, there are all sorts of shady


that they go to great lengths to keep hidden. And the more the corporation has to interact with the general public, the more frantic it becomes trying to prevent the underbelly from being exposed. With that sinister intro, you probably


what's coming. Walmart is in the title, so obviously we're going to look at 10 Secrets Walmart Doesn't Want You To Know. Store-brand supplements aren't worth it. Not the darkest secret in the bag nor is it the biggest skeleton in the Walmart closet, but we're just getting started here.
10 secrets walmart doesn t want you to know
Now the thing about supplements is that unless they are prescribed by a doctor and come from a reputable and trusted source, you really should stay away from them. But some people find them hard to resist. After all, popping a pill is always so much easier than gorging on green vegetables. And if you're one of those people who just can't do without supplements, then the last place you'd


to stock up on your prized pills would be Walmart. Especially their own brand supplements. Because? Well, for one thing, the pills may not contain as many beneficial ingredients as written on the package.
10 secrets walmart doesn t want you to know

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10 secrets walmart doesn t want you to know...

I mean, it


't take a genius to figure this out. The supplements are cheaper than other stores and even cheaper than other brands sold right next door, so something's up. And that's what happens. The good things that are supposed to benefit your body are missing. In other words, you could be eating a bunch of placebos stuffed with flour and sawdust. So just because they're cheap


't mean you're saving money. Chances are, you are throwing money down the drain for something that won't do you any good. Discrimination We all now


that discrimination in the workplace is a serious problem.
10 secrets walmart doesn t want you to know
And most large corporations go to great lengths to polish their public image and show that this type of behavior is not tolerated. For years Google would go with "Do no evil!" It was a good tagline until lawsuits piled up against Google and then they dropped it. Walmart prefers to go with "Equal Opportunity Employer". It sounds good and gives the brand a clean and impeccable image. But how true is that motto? And is Walmart really an equal opportunity employer? Judging by the lawsuits, we're going to say no. And it's not just about equal opportunities either. There has been a great deal of discrimination against pregnant women, but it's not just that.
10 secrets walmart doesn t want you to know
It's against women in general. There are two decades of sexual harassment lawsuits to consider. For years, the company has swept under the rug all sexual harassment complaints that employees have filed against their co-workers. Rather than take action and put an end to the rampant problems, the company chose to look the other way. This has led many of the victims of such horrendous behavior to leave work or to endure it in silence. Most of the job descriptions that the company posts in their ads make it clear that the position is geared toward men and is targeted at men, not women.
Avoid Walmart Organic Food Organic groceries means no antibiotics and clean, healthy food to put on your table. Of course, this healthy food comes at a price. Organic foods are often more expensive than their non-organic counterpart. But if you can afford it, you will have no problem paying a little more. Unless you're shopping at Walmart, that is. Because then you will pay a lot more to get your food organic than at other retail chains. In general, the food section at Walmart is the least attractive. In fact, you would do yourself a huge favor by doing your weekly shopping elsewhere like Aldi or Trader Joe's.
Low food quality and price tags make Walmart a poor choice. And this problem is no more obvious than in the organic section. A recent review of major retail chains found that Walmart typically charges customers much more for organic groceries than its competitors. If you have time, you can check it out for yourself. Just visit the websites of retailers near you and compare prices. You'll find that Walmart's organic food prices are consistently higher than other retailers. No Background Checks All employers, no matter how big or small, try to screen new employees before hiring them. This is especially true if the employee is someone who will be interacting with customers.
Background checks ensure that staff do not have a criminal or violent history that could put the public at risk. It is also a great policy to ensure that the company is not liable for lawsuits if an employee loses a relationship with a customer. Which makes it all the more puzzling that Walmart doesn't follow that reasonable policy of background checking its employees before hiring them. And since Walmart has a firearms section, you can start to get the idea here. What if a convicted felon started handling firearms at Walmart? And if you think this was a long shot, think again.
Someone once posted on Reddit, the social platform, how Walmart had hired his convicted brother to work in the hunting department. Now the safety of everyone who enters the store is at risk. This includes not only customers, but also other employees who have no idea what kind of person handles firearms in the hunting department. And of course, not having background checks means Walmart could hire people previously accused of sexual harassment at their previous jobs, exacerbating its own sexual harassment problems. Online Pricing As with most businesses, Walmart generally tries to attract customers by offering discounted prices online. You just have to go to their website and browse.
You will find daily promotions and discounts on various items and products. As we said, this is a normal practice that almost all retailers practice. And if you go to the store you will find the same product sold at a different price. There is no scam here. Because online prices change almost daily, the giant retailer's various outlets don't adjust their prices to match those offered online. So that's where you come in. Now, Walmart's policy is that if the same product is priced lower on a Walmart website, you'll get that discounted price, not the store price. So while shopping at Walmart, make sure you have your phone with you.
Enter the product name on the Walmart website and see the price it offers. If it's less than the store price, show the cashier the discounted price and they'll adjust it on the spot. Just remember that the product has to match the item in the store. Same name, brand and size. Harsh working conditions We've all heard it before. Giant companies profiting from sweatshops in poor countries where working conditions are abhorrent and workers are treated unfairly. It has to do with reducing the cost of labor and increasing your profit margins. Higher profits mean shareholders are happy and the company's top executives get huge annual bonuses.
But what does Walmart have to do with it? Well, apparently, everything. You see, Walmart has someone else to please besides shareholders and the stock market. And that's the customer. The only way to please the retail customer is to offer low prices. Price wars are commonplace among retail giants. But how do you reduce costs and offer the customer a good product at a low price and at the same time show good profit margins at the end of the fiscal year? Well, the answer lies in sweatshops using child labor in poor countries. And it's not that Walmart directly hires these workers and subjects them to these subhuman conditions.
But Walmart deals with the companies that employ these people. Even when the media exposes the harsh conditions in these factories, you'd think Walmart would stop working with them. But that's not what happens. Since the goal is profit, the corporation won't bother with things like worker rights and fair pay as long as they happen thousands of miles away. Watch for Big Discounts There are two types of buyers. Those who drive to the nearest retailer with or without a shopping list. They go in there, grab a cart, and start filling it up with the things they need. Then they go to the nearest cash register, pay and leave.
And there is the other type of buyers who are prepared. They check online and compare prices. They know which days the retailer offers discounts on groceries and when there is a sale in the meat section. That type of customer knows what he


s, when he'll buy it, and, in many cases, how much he'll pay for it. He now guesses which type he pays the least and ends up with the best offers. The second client, of course. Walmart and other retail giants rely on the first type of customer for profit. True, Walmart offers discounts, but these are primarily aimed at the second type of customer.
The one who searches and compares, and decides where to buy. Even big discount events like Black Friday shouldn't be taken for granted. In the days leading up to Black Friday, keep an eye on the prices of the items you want to buy. Then you will know if you are really getting them at a good discount on Black Friday or if you are being scammed. The early riser You must have heard of the adage early riser. Well, it's more than an adage and it's not just that your mom was trying to get you out of bed in time to catch the school bus.
And if she was wondering what kind of worm she was supposed to catch as she hurried teary-eyed every morning to get to school on time, well, Walmart has the answer. See, the retail giant tends to offer deep discounts on groceries early in the day and then remove them around noon. These discounts are usually on food from the day before that hasn't sold and will be returned unless you snag it first. Yesterday's bread gets a deep discount before the bread is taken off the shelf. So if you manage to get to the store early in the morning, you'll find that most of these foods sell for a great price.
And that is the worm that the early riser receives. It's a huge savings on food. Do you think it's worth getting up early for that? The Clearance Section This isn't exactly a secret, but most people who spend hours shopping at Walmart are blissfully unaware of its existence. We are talking, of course, about the clearance section. Now every Walmart outlet has one. And they keep it out of the way as much as possible. That means you'll have to do some digging and walking around looking for it. Or you can just ask the manager where they keep their clearance section.
So why would you want to review them anyway? Well, because of the big discounts obviously. These sections have everything that the store has not been able to sell. Instead of returning it or throwing it away at one of their stores, they keep these items stacked in a secluded section. You can find toys that are sold at a low price or even electronic products. Keep in mind that not all outlets will keep their heavily discounted items in one place. You can find them on the lower shelves, for example. So you will have to literally dig deep and bend down to reach those goodies.
That's the real takeout here. Don't go shopping without a plan. Be prepared to do your research and spend some time searching for the best deals and deep discounts. Say no to Walmart furniture Who doesn't like cheap stuff? All along we have focused on how to get the best deals and pay less to get more. So what's wrong with the cheap stuff at Walmart? Well, nothing if you are going to buy non-organic bread or vegetables. But if you're shopping for durable goods like furniture, then you'd better shop around. When it comes to furniture, you don't want to go cheap.
This is not something you will buy every day, week, month, or even year. You want your furniture to last until you get tired of looking at it and replacing it. Walmart furniture has a knack for collapsing when you least expect it. It's like those pieces of furniture have a mind of their own, without any sense of loyalty. Furniture tends to get dull pretty quickly with its new owners. Then, just when you're about to get used to your new sofa or chair or that quaint, oddly colored coffee table, your new furniture gives up and commits a treacherous act of self-destruction.
So while the price seems great at the time, as many have said before: you get what you pay for. Get more bang for your buck by playing another of our great videos. And for new viewers, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell to join our notification group.

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