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Zach Wilson traded to Broncos, Can Drake Maye start right away? | NFL | THE HERD

Apr 23, 2024
Well, he's covered the NFL for more than two decades. SiriusXM Host. NFL Network Reporter. Insider. His name is Tom Peliso. I have the pleasure of bringing it several times a year. So this is a very exciting time for you. The draft is in Detroit. It has been like that. a success of the league moving from city to city to city, especially in these northern tier cities, cold weather that feels forgotten in the winter and you bring in the draft and it's amazing, so it's going to be great for the economy of Michigan and Detroit and all that.
zach wilson traded to broncos can drake maye start right away nfl the herd
We said there are certain drafts, this will be the highest rated draft for a couple of reasons, a lot of quarterbacks in the League have never been more popular and a couple of star quarterbacks like Caleb Williams, so there is some real star power and also the New York draft on High the Boston. Market Chicago is going to be a home run, can you see all the sources we heard today? There is a report that New England is accepting calls, which I don't think is a terrible idea. Do you think this is a breakthrough in the Draft Shaker or are we all?
zach wilson traded to broncos can drake maye start right away nfl the herd

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zach wilson traded to broncos can drake maye start right away nfl the herd...

I'm excited and the teams will stay in their places. Well, I'll


by saying that I don't think New England hearing calls is a new development that they've been hearing about for a couple of months, but when you're sitting down. at three and you're not clear on what's going to happen at number two, there's every reason to think that the Patriots who borrow the kind of offer they can't refuse are going to wait and take this all the way until they're in the watch you have Caleb Williams, who would say that barring some sort of fluke locked in with the Bears at number one, there are certainly plenty of signs pointing to Jaden Daniels going to Washington at number two, although not 100% yet .
zach wilson traded to broncos can drake maye start right away nfl the herd
I have about 72 hours before this draft here, if those two fall like that, New England will be in a spot where they can take the number three spot. TR, take Drake May or maybe JJ McCarthy or see if the Giants, Vikings or some wild ones. The card team is willing to increase their offer, which up to this point the Patriots have not received that type of offer. As I understand it, there have been talks that have been going on for weeks, but his best lead may not come until he's on the clock Thursday night if you're New England Elliot Wolf as the new scouting director there has been with the Patriots organization for a couple of years Ron Wolf's son has been in the league a long time and knows how to make trades you have J OD Mayo is a new head coach, the trades will of course be involved in that decision , you have to weigh this too, you don't anticipate drafting the number three overall again for a long time if things go well here, so you better be I'm pretty sure you're getting the


guy or if not, you're getting the kind of offer that makes a lot of sense and you still have the opportunity to get someone else to complement that position.
zach wilson traded to broncos can drake maye start right away nfl the herd


ed talking about this Tom, he just popped into our heads, so Look how many of the best quarterbacks in the NFL were kind of raw in college. Allen Lamar Jordan loves most of these kids they go to a big, powerful school, they don't lift a lot of weight, JJ McCarthy or you know, they come out pretty clean, you know? what they are, you know what they're not, but Allen was raw, momes was raw, Jordan love had a bad last year, um and I look at this draft and I think, oh, that's Drake, the traits are off the charts, I want I mean, mom's arm, I mean.
Lamar Jackson's nervousness Josh Allen's size, but you have to accept Drake. Can we clean it? Offensive coaches like Kevin Oconnell. I think he loves that challenge, but I look at Drake M. I think we're overriding him and beating him. I dismissed him because he's just not a finished product in a draft that keeps rewarding us with unfinished products, well there's also a line of those unfinished products that haven't worked out, I mean Trey Lance, up to this point in his career, obviously , he's not even on the 49ers anymore he's not Zack Wilson, I think people thought he was a little closer, but he still had work to do, obviously up to this point, that hasn't worked out.
I mean, everything is a gamble in the draft and that's part of the challenge of this. Know what it is? Really unique about this draft and a group of Scouts pointed this out to me when I was doing my annual H quarterback rankings for is that there are six, maybe even seven guys, if you add Spencer Rattler, some people They have like a little bit closer to that top group, some have it like Michael Penck, but there are six or seven guys that could be starters in the NFL and they are all different, they are all good guys in terms of what you think you can work on. with them there's no guy you're worried about as you can make the case that a lot of different guys could be starters in the NFL Jaden Daniels versus Drake.
I've heard that on both sides, I think it's leaned a little bit. a little bit more, if you take a representative sample of all the teams, there are a few more people who would vote for Jaden Daniels is the number two quarterback, but Drake certainly has big fans as well with Daniels, you know he's outside of Caleb Williams, the The most talented quarterback in the draft had a lot of productivity over the last few years, obviously at LSU, but he's a smaller guy that we narrowly frame, he's put on weight, but there's concern about the hell of a hit he's taking, if that style of play is going to continue. function. wait at the next level with Drake, you're


, he's got a 63 changeup, he's 220 a big guy, he's got a pretty big arm, the concerns about him aren't really accurate by nature, a lot of coaches bring that up and you see him fail. a lot of throws and so you're going to have to do some cleanup to get it right if you're doing that cleanup and you're coming from that North Carolina offense that's so dumb and simplistic, this is a guy you want to sit out for a while.
A head coach told me that someone has a very good track record with quarterbacks. Drake May is Jordan. I love where the tools are, but you have to sit it out for two or three years. The ideal is that we all know that this is not reality. Almost all of these NFL first-round picks come out, unless you're in that kind of development situation in Green Bay, and if you're Washington and you want to make the case for Drake May over Jaden Daniels, you better have all aboard. There are a lot of people in Washington, from Josh Harris to Bob Meyers to Magic Johnson, obviously Adam Peters to Dan Quinn to Cliff Kingsbury, you better have a plan in place because what you don't want to do is force a guy out before Ready, we've seen a lot of cases over the years, but that's really detrimental to a man's long-term development, so Dak went fourth round Russell Wilson, third, Brock Pie, last guy taken, Kirk Cousins , fourth, Brady the goat, Joe Montana, third, we know it by majority.
There are a lot of quarterbacks that go in the first round and are great, but more and more, all of these kids in the last decade have 10,000 throws by the time they're 14 years old. It's a cottage industry that trains quarterbacks, so there's a kid in two lanes, Michael Pratt, and you know, I saw him play. uh he was against USC a couple of years ago clearly talented, we're not talking third quarter five, I mean a lot of people have him as a midc, what do we know about this kid? Because we have a history here in the last decade, someone is going to explode, that's what. not in the first round I'm glad you mentioned that name because we actually did.
I made a short documentary about Michael Pratt that will air tomorrow night on NFL 360 on the NFL Network at 8:00 ET. Pratt has overcome incredible hardships in his personal life. personal tragedy of life his best friend in high school, a boy named Bryce gy, who was a hot recruit, was going to George Tech on a scholarship and just before they were about to leave and enroll early in their schools, Bryce scouty committed suicide last year. you know, and um, Pratt has honored gout with a tattoo, he wears his number, it's been, you know, that's been a big part of his driving force this past year, um, over the summer, Pratt also lost his brother, who had been his biggest fan if you ever saw a great guy after some of those big games he gets up and Pratt goes up to the front row that was his brother he passed


too and when you talk to people about Michael Pratt he's not even both the player, you're right, I mean, he's done something, I mean.
He elevated that two-lane program, but it's about this guy, the way he brings people together, you know, he's a starter, he's a solid starter in the league, that's ambitious for some of the scouts and coaches, but Certainly this is a guy who is going to be in the NFL for the next decade and also, as a person, he is incredible and you are right, he could be next after that initial wave of six or seven players. One of the fascinating things about this draft is an eleven feature. You get past that six or seven if you throw in Rattler and then Pratt, there's really no one else I can sit here and tell you that you're going to get drafted.
Joe Milton probably does it just because he has a hoarder and he throws the ball down the field. Someone will take over that project in the later rounds, but there may only be nine or so guys selected, so if you want one, we have more teams that need a quarterback than our guys were going to go in the first. round that has a tendency to push players up. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Rattler in the second round and I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Pratt also comes off the board at the end of the day.
Yes, Pratt, I have. I'm more Pratt, I think Rattler was a little inconsistent for me, but again I saw him play in Oklahoma with Oklahoma and I saw him in big games and, uh, where Rattler South Carolina and Oklahoma is not where he played in the South car . Oklahoma, yeah, yeah, I saw him in big games against really good teams and that worried me, whereas Tain, you know, I think it's all fascinating. I think all of these guys are interesting and I think a lot of that is where they land. Caleb goes, oh, go ahead. What were you going to say Tom? you want you want some Breaky you want some breaking news what happened yes please uh The Jets just


Zack Wilson to the Broncos they're sending a 2024 sixth round pick for Wilson and a 2024 seventh round pick The Rounder teams are going to split their bonus, so Denver, three days before the NFL draft, as the new quarterback, is Zack Wilson heading to the Broncos' call.
I thought Arizona comes west to Denver, which is close to Utah, where it's closer to family, so Basically, an offensive coach, Shawn pyton, offensive coaches tend to think I can save someone, right? that you get a lot of that with offensive coaches? I mean, even Mike McCarthy can save Trey Lance, what do you feel? I feel like they don't need a quarterback. This is also very interesting because remember Zack Wilson played at BYU, he's from there, obviously it didn't work out for him in New York, so you bring him back home, you bring him. for practically nothing in terms of a late-round pick trade that the Jets are paying.
I don't know the exact numbers, but they're also paying a significant amount of his training camp roster bonus, so this is a low-risk flight for a guy who A few years ago, I mean, a lot of coaches told me that the pick Zack Wilson's was better than Trevor Lawrence's. Zack Wilson could have been the number one pick in that draft again. A lot has happened since then and it hasn't been like that. necessarily left, you know Zack Wilson's style, we have seen flashes of Zack Wilson in the first six games of last year with the Jets, I think it was three and three, he played pretty well, not perfect, you don't know the Superstar level , but he played pretty well and then. went completely sideways with Shawn Pton, what he's going to focus on here with Zack Wilson is getting Zack to do exactly what he tells him to do the right play in the system, play to your strengths, we're going to put the Playmakers around .
Basically you just break it down to the most simplistic level because Zach Wilson can make all the amazing plays, it's like Robert Soless said at one point, he has to make layups consistently, yeah, when your mechanics are constantly, everything is out of balance. , everything is out of control, one foot fades


. you lose some of those easy plays, if anyone can get the most out of Zach Wilson it will be Shawn Payton. I can tell you this Callin, that tweet has been in my drafts for about a month, so I'm glad I had it ready and got the live text on the show from him.
I'm glad one is off the table. A quarterback trade during draft week is broken live here in the pack. What about that? Watch it as I sit behind my gigantic Oregon ready to play Take Me Out to the Ball. The game, as everyone knows, I think every time I look at you I just want to hear some Christmas carols, yeah, you had a lot of options, Tom, it's great to see you always, uh, pass on to the two-lane quarterback, MichaelPratt, airs tomorrow at eight Eastern. NFL Network uh this is considered the second round quarterback I don't know why I'm just going to mention this name here this doesn't make sense J Mack you'll know when I watched Pratt's game you know what I thought Ken.
O'Brien, I'm just telling you, that's what I saw the first time I saw him play. I thought he had gray hair. I'm old. I play at Oregon, of course, I would think Ken O'Brien, but that's the point I saw him, that's what I thought. Now I have a complex and I am very proud of it. Well, Tom, thank you. Hello everyone, it's me. Uncle Colin. Sign up here to receive the latest from the pack, including exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and more wherever you are, however you may be watching, thanks again for making us part of your day.

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