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Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

May 01, 2020
- The fact that they're all guys behind the cameras is really fun right now. - (laughs) Yeah, I love how you say it's like, okay! - Yes, you say: "Oh! Noticed!" (laughs) (upbeat music) - Today we will



that men are too


to ask. - Hmm. - Oh, tea. - Hot tea. - Someone has tea! - I feel like this could be really interesting... - I know. - And I want to be very serious and honest. - I expect many


about sex. (laughs) - These are not the opinions of all


. - Good. - In fact, I'm surprised no guy has ever wondered about boob sweat. (scratched record) - To me it's common sense. - I'm just saying I don't see him much. - I am ready to


questions. - Let's have these conversations. - Yes. - (laughs) - How often do you really think about sex? - Mmmm. - Daily. - I knew it!
women answer questions men are too afraid to ask
It's all just sex. - I would say at least every two days, or every three days. - (exclaims) Girl! - Yes. - First of all, it depends on the human being. - There are days when you're just busy and you're not in the mood, or you don't feel like thinking about it. - Like when I deprive myself of self-liberation, I think about doing it with a bunch of strangers-- - Oh! - That I feel uncomfortable expressing. - I think sex spins around in my head at least once a day... - (laughs) - If not, one to five times a day. - Thinking about it, it probably comes to mind at least once a day, but it's not like I want to have it every day. - It's like, "Hmm, I could be (bleep) right now." - (laughs) - (laughs) I guess that's what I think. - How often do we abstain from sex due to similar social constructs?
women answer questions men are too afraid to ask

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women answer questions men are too afraid to ask...

When I was single and going out, that was definitely what was on my mind the most. I don't know much about him, he really doesn't know much about me, like he wanted to wait a couple of dates before taking it to the next level, because he knew that once he did he would catch feelings... - Yes Yes. - And then he would say : (sighs). - Protection. - I feel that it is important not to think about what other people think, and I feel that you should do what is comfortable and safe for you. - I'm already completely lesbian, so I don't like to think much about social constructs.
women answer questions men are too afraid to ask
But it's like the vibe, like I never think, "Oh, I really want to kiss or have sex or something, but it's just the first date." I was like, "No, this is the first date, let's do this." - I need more than just random connections here and there. - Oh, yes, me too. - So sex is very important to me. Do I think about sex constantly? Yes, but I wouldn't have sex or have an emotional connection with a person, rather than just having sex for the sake of having sex with a person. - What scares you the most about men? - I say: "Everything?" - Oh! (laughs) That's such a trick question... - What scares me most about men is that they can be dangerous. - Yes. - You are also very small. - That's why I walk to my car at night with the keys in my hand, because you never know.
women answer questions men are too afraid to ask
And that stuck in my head since I was little. - Oh yeah! - You always have to be on the defensive, and I think that really sucks. You know, the men I meet in my daily life don't scare me, you know? Unless you get too close! - Yes. - What's the worst part about going out with guys, if we go out with them? - I haven't dated a guy since, I don't know, 2012? - The worst thing is that they are emotional... - The pause here is only because there are so many things. (laughs) - (exclaims) (laughs) - Insecurity, dependency, lack of emotional intelligence... - Like one you have to discover, okay, is he really interested in me or does he just like to slide around and I Is it just available? - Their problems with their mother, the hero complex, how they process their emotional pain, are there problems with their parents, is there distance with their siblings? - And then, two, it's like once you get to know them, you get to know their deep, dark secrets and you go to their house and you're like, "Ohh, you live like that?" (laughs) - (laughs) - Their confidence issues, because even the ones who are super attractive still think they're ugly since they were in third grade.
Or the fact that a girl gets her heart broken once, and it's just emotional problems for a lifetime. - For me there is always a little fear that if things end badly, what can they do to retaliate? - Oh, that's scary, huh? - And it's like, "Oh God." - The emotional weight of men, manhood and masculinity is complex. - Let's say there is a lot. - Why do you wear makeup? I think this is definitely an individual thing. I wear makeup because I like to express myself in different ways. - Because we want. - For me. - I never thought: "Would a boy like me to do makeup like that?" I like not to give any (bleep) at all. - And I hate when guys say: "You look pretty without makeup." - Make up! - Bitch, I know. - Yes. - I feel that when I put on makeup I feel good about myself and I feel more confident. - This is for my Instagram, okay?
When I look back at that booty, with a contoured face... - Yeah. - That's it for me. What's in it for you? It's me without makeup at home, eating Doritos, and you still don't call me okay, because I'm still okay. - Yeah. - Some guys will say, "They're fooling us! Because you don't look the same when you take it off." Duh. You know I don't have neon pink around my eyes when I wake up. - I hate when men say, "Stop wearing makeup, it's too much..." - It's like they think it's a compliment, but it's really not.
We will do what we want. - Yes, stop wearing your stupid Nike shoes that you bought for $600 and are worth $5. - Would you date a guy who has been with someone else before? Wow! - Wow! - I mean, I've never had that experience but I think I would be fine with it. - That's a really interesting question. -My friend, her partner, is bisexual and she says it is much better because she is more emotionally available. - Yes, it's okay that you've been with a guy before and you're attracted to both boys and girls. - Yes. - And if you're attracted to me too, great! - So if I like you, I think you're sexy and we have an emotional connection? - Wow. - I like it. - I don't think that will ever stop me from being like... - Yes! - No, you've been with a boy! - Would you ever be the first person to make a move in a relationship? - I feel like I'm always the first person to make a move, really. -When she was dating, she used to say, "Oh, I'll wait and see if he asks me out, because then I know he's really interested." But then, as you go out more, you realize, "I just don't have time for this.
If I'm interested in you, I'll just ask you out." - I'm not that shy. - You are not. - I slide into DMs a lot. - She does. - Do I receive many responses? Sometimes. - My friend is hot. -If that surprises you, then we obviously shouldn't be dating. - I hate it when I say, "Hey, what's up?" And then they say, "Not much." And they don't give me anything back. I already took that step, now it's your turn to take that step. - Then it's usually like me: "Oh, you're hot, let's go out to eat." "Well." I'm going on a date, I'm boring, I eat food... - See, that's the thing, we all want to keep talking to them longer because it might end up being boring and then you're stuck with them in your life, and that's ( beep) up. - I never take the first step. - That?
Ever? - I'm a Libra, I like to be impressed. - No girl, I'm a Libra too! - I love that about myself. (exclaims) - That's why I say, no, I want to be asked out, because I want... - Oh, I'm exactly in the other half where I say, impress me. - Make me feel loved, yes! - I think that's like common ground. - But if it gets to a point where I'm like, "He's not going to make a move," I'm just like, "Ugh, I'm too impatient," like... - Just do it? - Yes, let's have a coffee. - (laughs) What happens when all the


go to the bathroom together? - All that probably... well, I don't know what you think. - It's just a buddy system.
You don't want to walk alone... - But, really, sometimes, it's also because we're going to talk (bleep.) - Oh, yeah. - Yes. - We gossip, we put on makeup, we just take our damn time. - Or it's like, "Come with me because I have to help you put your makeup on." - Yes Yes. - Or how to fix something. - And that could also be like a code. Like, let me fix your makeup and it's an asshole, let's go. - Yes. - Don't the boys talk to each other in the bathroom? They do not do it? - I don't think they even look at each other. - They don't even look at each other?
Wow. There is a lot of bonding that happens in the women's bathroom. - That's true. - Especially when you're drunk, especially when it's like one in the morning. It's like an Instagram Story thing, are your friends peeing? - Yes it is! - It is not like this? - Yes, I have done this. - Yes. - The worst part of dating... - The worst part of dating is the limbo. I really like this person, maybe they like me too, I don't know... - I've been through the hardest and fastest growing relationships, people always want the best option.
And you know it's about Instagram, it's about influence, like people marry for influence. - Yes, oh yes. - But do you like the getting to know you phase? I wish I already knew all this information so I wouldn't have to waste this time. - Let's put dating aside and get into that comfortable stage of the relationship. - Yes of course? Because when you go out, you go out with several people. So I tell three, four, five people my same story every time, just to get a little bit of their story, and I say, “Read my bio, watch a video of me in it or something, let's get to the chase here. " - I can't use dating apps and stuff anymore because it's like going and meeting someone with the intention of maybe dating them?
I just can't, it bothers me, I don't know why. I know that's literally the whole point of dating, but it feels forced. - If you are like me, and my memory is a little blurry, the stories will confuse me. - Yeah. - And I'll say, "Oh, wasn't it fun when we went to the Arclight the other night?" And they'll say, "No, because we didn't go to the Arclight with you the other night." And I'm like, "Ohhh, it's awkward." - Especially difficult in Los Angeles, I just think there's a level of fakeness to it. - Yes there is. -And I've been on dates where people asked me, "How many Instagram followers do you have?" - (gasps) Damn!
One less because I'm blocking you! -It's interesting that part of it was dating, part of it was sex, and part of it was just the girls' general behavior, like why do they all go to the bathroom together? - Yes. - Definitely a lot of questions about sex, definitely a lot of questions about relationships. - Sometimes you'll hear a guy say, "Oh, women are so mysterious, you never know what they think or feel..." - Yes, it all depends on how you present the questions, that's the main part. When you say, "Why do you go to the bathroom together?" Or like, "Hey, I wonder why they go to the bathroom together." There are different ways to say it.
It all comes back to communication, I tell you. - I think the questions were good. As people who identify as women, we are people like everyone else. And stop looking at our differences and start seeing how we are alike. - Oh, I love that. (upbeat music)

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