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What's going wrong for Meghan and Harry? Controversy surrounding royals | 60 Minutes Australia

Jun 04, 2021
When Princess Diana's baby fell in love with a beautiful American star, we all left and things got even better. Prince Harry and Megan got married and in doing so took on the role of Duke and Duchess of the world, but now something has happened, the couple. those who want a little privacy too much to ask for it, I bet the public feels cheated, the tabloids have turned and the blame game, much of it directed at Megan, is fierce, it has not yet progressed to cutting off her head, but it's still a big headache for the royal family it started out so well a handsome prince with the love of his life the announcement of an engagement is beautiful and he designed it it's amazing and the plans for a wedding sure there were some hiccups she didn't He's


to tell me I can't speak in law act like outlaws if I had a message for Harriet's son I'm your new father-in-law Megan Markel de Barba walked down the aisle to be with Prince Harry the whole world was happy fast forward 15 months of the fairy tale has been fractured and one person is copying all the blame Andrew,


the hell has Meaghan done right?
what s going wrong for meghan and harry controversy surrounding royals 60 minutes australia
Megan seems to be a version of the Antichrist when it comes to Fleet Street and it's almost a royal rite of passage that you have to go through for Andrew. Morton has spent his entire life making the royal family's private lives public, but he thinks attacking Megan Markov has gone too far, you don't know


's really


on, and yet Megan and Harry's kind of casual vituperation is in his It makes you shudder. I mean, it's not that I did anything


. He's basically living his life as a royal. In my opinion, he has done everything right.
what s going wrong for meghan and harry controversy surrounding royals 60 minutes australia

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what s going wrong for meghan and harry controversy surrounding royals 60 minutes australia...

It's quite telling that Megan said when she joined the royal family that she was going to start working. Unlike Morton, former palace insider Patrick Jefferson says Megan needs to work to become a royal, of course we love people who have the energy, the enthusiasm, the motivation, let's do it, but you have to know towards where you run and who you run with. you and what are you going to say when you get there at what should be the happiest moment of the newlyweds' lives, things have gone famously, they came for Megan and in turn for Harry two eyebrows were raised for first time when taxpayers financed the rent on his four million dollar house, oh the Duke. and Duchess have come under fire for demanding privacy yet still accepting taxpayer money for renovations to their home, plus complaints when the couple kept little Archie out of public view.
what s going wrong for meghan and harry controversy surrounding royals 60 minutes australia
I mean, they could have gone out in a glass stroller just to show us the baby. the christening dress, then Megan was criticized for acting like a tennis snob, this is not a private visit, if you are going to be the Duchess of Sussex, you will receive a gift, your Wimbledon in the VIP, look, it is not a private visit and now There is more frenzy of indignation because these eco-warriors like to travel in style. Many people have called them hypocrites because they have taken four private jet flights in just 11 days. Andrew Morton says it's just not worth it.
what s going wrong for meghan and harry controversy surrounding royals 60 minutes australia
It seems to me that Megan should really be given it. No applause and bouquets of flowers instead of taxes that she and Harry are suffering. I don't think they're listening to you, but who are they? Well, the press, did it really provoke the British media that much? The British media is notoriously fickle and has an antenna. For when the royal family is not being completely honest with them and this may be the reason why Megan and other members of the family have taken much more control of their own image, then look at all these tourists here, lots of people and It's a sunny day, yes.
Well, you know, they've come to see Harry and Meg. They haven't come to see Harry and Meg. They have come to see the Queen. They have come to pay tribute to the great British tradition of monarchy. They have come to see. Royal


at the doors of the most famous family home in the world today there is only one winner in a popularity poll on young royal wives a billion times better Megan does not compare to the King I am here with British commentator Katie Hopkins Interesting about Meghan, no, she's fickle, she's of the moment, she's so deep that she says someone has to speak up for the commoners and expose the real Megan Markel Katie, why do you hate Megan so much?
Oh, what has she done to you? Oh, everything, she is my royal family, this is my country, Prince. Harry is my Prince Harry, I'm so jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm like who wants to be Megan Marco, like she's unpopular. I've known like the greatest in Britain, the only person in Britain who is more unpopular than me, Megan Marco, no. I don't think it's correct. I think it s true. Katie is nothing if not outspoken, but she truly believes the future of the royal family is at stake unless Megan Markel is banished immediately. Megan Marco is the biggest hypocrite ever.
What does Mega Marco have? I have to save the planet save the planet Oh, do something good every day. I will burp on them. What does she do? Does she get on private flights anywhere? Land four hundred thousand pounds a week more and then consume half the CO2 emissions. that anyone else could have had it is pure hypocrisy and what is she really? She is nobody. She is a divorcee. When did we want a divorcee in the royal family? She wears bad clothes. When do we ask for that? We have much better. our own strong words may be a bit of window dressing, but here in Britain they are backed up by Megan's disapproval ratings.
A recent poll found the duchess to be divisive and ranked her as the second most hated royal woman after Camilla. They were old and broken, old skeptics like me. It's not very good and then those are the beautiful young people who say oh we love their social media or the fabulous, fabulous Beyonce, that's the divide and the Haggards have become even more entrenched in their hate and I think even the young people are skeptical because Prince Harry has lost all his Vava voom, what bothers Katie is the damage she believes Megan is causing to Harry's reputation.
Maybe Harry doesn't give us things when someone thinks he just chose someone for himself and maybe he's sick of the media and maybe he's not. I don't like people like you making constant comments about his life, it's kind of like his life, but then again, I just paid £2.3 million as a taxpayer to rebuild Mayor Frog's cottage for him and his wife. I just paid for his wife to sit down. in the rules box at Wimbledon that went well just yes that was splendid she didn't let anyone take a picture and asked to be seated alone so give and take let the royal family abdicate go away my concern for Megan is that she is allowing her PR to be kicked out of America, so she is with American friends that her American caught like Oprah George Clooney Amal Clooney Serena Williams will all defending her, which is good, but it's since America's perspective versus Britain's perspective Andrew Morton wrote a famous best-seller about Princess Diana, Harry's mother, and in Megan Markel he sees history repeating itself.
I remember Princess Diana. She was called the fairy tale princess when she first married Prince Charles, within a year she was called a demon. and a monster because she because many valid staff, bodyguards, private secretaries had left Fergie when the Duchess of York begins offers a breath of fresh air, a great friend of the Queen drives a carriage and rides a horse with the Queen and Prince Philip and then in a matter of months, she was called free to be Fergie just because, for a discount on a kitchen, so you know, this is what happened, as colorful as British royal families have always been, their whiteness has dominated and that brings us to a sensitive topic, I think it's Where are people going with this if I criticize Megan as we can.
Here I am, people say, well, you're racist and honestly I've only given it a second thought, it only comes up in the minds of those who are truly racist and that's never the people. Like me, I'm just noting that the dress looks better on Kate. If she uses it, it's better. So this racist thing is really old and tired, but I think it's just people's way of saying you shouldn't criticize Megan. I think the whole racial issue. The question is completely misleading, it's irrelevant and I would caution against anyone taking that line as any kind of explanation for why Megan sometimes doesn't get the press, necessarily once in Prince Harry played the racism card to some extent, yes, and I strongly advise against him doing that, right?
Yes, if you take that view, then you'll miss perhaps some more relevant reasons why Megan isn't as popular as she should be for eight years. Patrick Jefferson was Princess Diana's private secretary that he saw. the pressure that public scrutiny brings, but saying, as Diana did, that modern


must learn to cope, it's confusing because I'm sure royal life is very similar to the lives of celebrities, but the lives of celebrities celebrities are earned, royal lives are granted in the future, friends return to borrow just a deserted friend I'm not an empty trailer oh I'm not and can Diana's ghost save Harry and Megan's fractured fairy tale Megan doesn't need to look anywhere other than her mother Anna's legacy, which is next in the sixth? units I'm not that high.
I'm not criticizing Megan, not at all. I'm being honest as a friend and someone who knew her before Harry knew. I didn't even know she was famous when I met her. I don't know who she was with supposed friends like British media personality Lizzie Conde Megan Markel probably doesn't need enemies what do you think of her? I thought she was very funny looking for a guy who loved England. She says they were great friends. Before Megan met Harry, she said she wanted a boyfriend, she wanted a famous boyfriend and never in my wildest dreams did I think she would end up marrying Prince Harry, but when Megan joined the firm, this Lizzi was dumped in favor of another, I think, Megan.
I switched to a girl who was maybe more manipulative and did what Megan wanted to do. I kind of saw a different side. Come on, you're just an abandoned friend. I don't promise. I'm not. I'm really not a trained abandon. not at all, but I feel like they could do things much better. I don't think you can give lectures about the planet and then take private jets. He wanted her to be the next Princess Diana. I think she still may be, but Princess Diana was just about everyone else and it seems like Megan is all about Megan most of the time and here's another problem for Megan.
Could anyone live up to the memory of the mother-in-law of heaven? Princess Diana's former private secretary Patrick Jefferson says in the eyes of the British public it is a near-impossible task, but it could be the key to winning Megan's PR battle. She was in the life and death business of dealing with people regardless of race, gender or background who were at the bottom of the pile and whose lives were miserable. people who were stigmatized people who were marginalized outsiders so today AIDS is not stigmatized leprosy is not Sigma ties mental illness has been transformed Diana's entire work so what you are saying is that Megan does not need to look anywhere else but a The legacy of her mother-in-law Megan is not and has never been an ordinary British person, so part of her challenge is to discover what it feels like to be an ordinary British person and not to be, but to understand therefore, how best to use his extraordinary influence and high profile.
So what's the plan? So for Megan to be a success, the plan involves not doing more, but probably doing less. After all, she is the wife of the sixth in line to the throne, which means she is. constitutionally irrelevant though, that's not a very nice way to go about it, however she obviously has a very high profile and that combination has never happened at Buckingham Palace before. Katie Hopkins is still slamming Megan, but there's also an admission that Markel Sparkle's economic outcast, Meg, is new money. I can almost hear the tills, yes, it's new money and I think in terms of a new kind of era of profitability, the generation of social media for the royal family and all that, of course, Marvel has it figured out, but this is what is.
The whole time I almost said something nice about admitting that she's good for real business, no she's good for business, she's good for Megan's business now, while Megan's beating seems to be a popular sport right now , it's also worth remembering that his biggest supporter is also a great warrior. I think Harry is the most interesting part of this whole story, it's true that he is doing his own thing. The tree is almost making everyone come look for me, come look for me because I'm looking for a fight. Oh, this is so true and it's so Just like he's determined to go against the system, he's shaking the V sign at everything that raised him, so it's not Megan, it's Harry's fault, it's Harry, but Harry is redeemable because Harry was in uniform and he was in a helicopter and he was in Afghanistan Megan was only in cheap movies actually theThe fate of the royal family does not depend on Harry or Megan, there is an order of things and traditions that a person cannot do or undo.
Do you think Harry wants to leave? Well, he's I always said you know, if he could, he'd love to be a safari guide and I'm sure he just thinks what the hell am I doing this for sometimes, but at the end of the day, Katherine is going to be the queen and Megan is always You will have to bow at the tower. Will there be any drama there? Well, there will always be drama, but I'm serious. You know, everything is geared towards turning the House of Windsor into a soap opera. Hi, I'm Liz Hayes, thank you.
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