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We Turned Grass Into Wall Art

Feb 27, 2020
Hi guys! We're Evan and Katelyn, and as you know, we can't keep a plant alive. We cannot keep a plant alive. We have terrible luck keeping plants alive. EVEN: how are you? what plants do They are not doing it right. Except you, little one. It will be OK. But we still wanted to add a little more greenery to our patio, so today we're going to fake it with a


of fake plants. I don't know why I hugged the


. (both laugh) Okay, we have to do that. Thank you Lowe's, thank you Lowe for sponsoring this video. (both laugh) KATELYN: So this all started when we were walking through Lowe's one day and we noticed artificial


that you can order online and decided we wanted to hang it on the wall.
we turned grass into wall art
Remember those geometric wooden works of art that everyone was doing for a while? Well, now people are making it out of wood and moss, which looks great, but we wanted to use this artificial


because it's meant to be outdoors, and more importantly, it can't die. (creepy sound) So we simulated a design in Photoshop, played around with the backgrounds of how much wood versus how much grass and once we got it where we liked it, it was time to start cutting out our pieces of wood. Wait a second, let's get this ready. Oh hello. I didn't notice you there. (Laughter) We admire our new grass bench.
we turned grass into wall art

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we turned grass into wall art...

You know, I wouldn't be against this. It makes me happy for some reason. It would be covered in resin, but like yeah, it's so perky. It's so cheerful. Well, anyway, we've got all the supplies and we're ready to go. So to make this a bit easier to follow, I think we should outline the basic elements of this build. While you're doing that, I'm going to cut. Well, there are actually five parts to this. First we are going to have the vertical boards, which we will use as a joining point to the house. Then we're going to have the frame, which will outline the edges and make it look nice.
we turned grass into wall art
Then we have the slats that we use as a support so that there is no grass on top and I think that the grass is an element. And finally, there are the wooden chevron designs that we put on top. All good, want to see if these fit? Oh yeah. Also, I cut two of them to the wrong size, yes. So these will wait. KATELYN: They don't fit? No no no, they fit perfectly. KATELYN: Yes. They're comfortable. But we'll go ahead and attach it to this board of wood here, which to me is a lot less intimidating than screwing in actual brick.
we turned grass into wall art
So I think this is a success. KATELYN: Okay, legs ready! Okay, we checked the length of two of the pieces, so I'm sure the other eight are fine and I'm about to start gluing them. Let's do it. Oh, let me get him out of the car. I have already. Oh! You're so good, look honey! EVAN: Hello, honey! KATELYN: Okay, go ahead. (Evan makes noises) Sorry to stop. (laughs) So our goal for today is to make sure all the glue is ready. We usually do multi-part gluing, you know, because it's a little safer. There are just fewer variables that can go wrong.
Today we don't do that, we add all the variables. Ok, now help me pinpoint the position. It's right here right there. It's okay, we just can. No, do not do it. That looks good. EVAN: Okay, I'm going to make it. Am I getting the clamp? EVAN: You're the clamp. (Laughter) Are you ready? EVEN: No! (air nail gun) One down. Well. Now much more. (speeds up the sound of a nail gun) (drops the nail gun) My God. (slow motion effect) Oh my gosh. It's okay, slow down, I don't think he's been caught. Slow, carefully, slowly, carefully. (piano music) Well, this might be what excites me the most.
The slats. Hopefully we can drop this. (victory bell) Yay! (Applause) Oh yeah. Just drop this one and nail it. We designed this to be the perfect height for a fence post. (Evan laughs) Because. Because we don't like cutting or doing jobs we don't have to do. Lazy is not the right word. Efficient. Efficient. I think that's all! (Applause) Our glue is ready! EVAN: I really want to spread the grass on top of this, but we should probably go ahead and finish it first. That's a good idea, team. I don't know why I said it like that. (Both laugh) I'm getting hungry.
Are you OK? Yeah. (Laughter) So we've had pizza and we're ready to start again. (both laugh) We weren't going to finish this initially because technically the cedar shouldn't be finished to stay outside, but many of you in our last video, the patio makeover, suggested painting or finishing the fence so it doesn't fade and we're going to do the same thing here so it doesn't fade and then we'll do the fence later. I rubbed my eyebrows. Oh. Do they look good? They look fantastic. (both laugh) You have the pizza laugh. (both laugh) Pizza makes you happy. (Katelyn laughs) KATELYN: Oh, it's thicc.
Okay, so we're just going to cover the parts of this that the sun will see, since our main reason for doing this is to prevent it from fading in UV light. We should probably overlook this, most people know how to use a brush. But do they? As we finish the frame, we also decided to go ahead and make the boards that will form our chevron pieces later on. Ok, so this is almost the penultimate step. Add the herb. Hurrah! So we've already made some test cuts. It cuts quite easily. The main thing we're going to do when attaching this is to try to stitch in the right place because if you look at how the grass is laid out there are these rows of grass so if you open it up you can staple the back of the weave right to the wood .
Because I did, when I was first trying this, I just did this. And you can see that I just enjoy the weed. KATELYN: So this can be a little annoying. Spreading it out, not fixing it properly, but overall it should be pretty easy. So this edge here can go- oh! (laughs) Oh, sorry! (slow motion effect) Did I hit you in the face? No, no, no, it's okay. Well ok. Is this satisfactory? A nice street row to cut. Please don't let this get too short. It is perfect! Nice! (sad piano music) Don't let this be too short.
It is perfect! No, that is not! Oh! (sad piano continues) It was drawn. Oh no! Oh no. Well well. We don't quite cut it, we don't quite cut it. Just... Can we staple along that seam? Yes. It's alright, everything's alright. Nobody panics. Oh darling. Let's try again. Okay, let's try again while I keep it in place. Sorry, you couldn't see the satisfying cut. (rock & roll music) Okay. Oh, that failure is so sad! Oh no. EVAN: Okay, okay, we'll just keep it like it never happened. It looks great here. Nod here. Good, Katelyn, now that you're one with the grass.
The next step is to staple my people to their wooden prison. get on. (Evan laughs) I make a lot of noise. EVAN: Right there. Fire the nail gun. KATELYN: Let's staple that up. EVAN: There you are. This may be a time I realize that. We do one in front of the camera and then we have a snack and then time expires. (rock & roll music) Well, it's the final part of this project. We're going to add the wood chevron designs and because it's a mirror image of itself, we're just going to make one quadrant and then use those pieces to figure out the rest.
Thank you. (saw buzz buzzes) (rock music) EVAN: Let's stop here and check these clamps because I see some of them spinning and stuff. Slide a little. Do you mean everyone next to me? (laughs) EVAN: We'll ruin it with a few like this. It seems pretty stable. (rock music) Ta-dah! Looks like we just thought of it! It is literally the Photoshop model in real life. It's amazing! Nice! This was what was wrong here. KATELYN: Yes. EVAN: A blank wall and now it's a work of art. KATELYN: I was so worried it would get too big in real life, but it's perfect!
I love it. Yes. Now we can stroke our grass wall whenever we want. Like normal people. (both laugh) I like to do an Instagram, like- This is sure, yeah, this is an Instagram- (both laugh) It's an Instagram-friendly location. Instagram friendly background for us. Yes, but it was a lot of fun with common materials in a really unusual way, so it could be inspired by our next projects. (upbeat music) I hope you enjoyed today's video and hope to see you in the next one. BOTH: Bye! Subscribe, check out our gaming channel. The usual things. BOTH: Bye! Boo!
Test the sound. Hi guys, we're Evan. (both laugh) And Katelyn! We are Katelyn, we are all Katelyns on this glorious day. Hey man (laughs) Oh, sorry. (Laughter) I took out my knife. (laughs) It's not that kind of video. What kind of video is that? I don't know bad boy. I'm a bad boy. (Laughter) KATELYN: What was that? Nothing. And this slime ball, we finally have more slime balls so we can do Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Where did you get the slime balls? I was in the cave, exploring, and I found some slime. When did you explore caves?
I wasn't exploring caves without you, I was just killing zombies. Run to the ravine for me to do this to you. (Evan is drowned out by an eerie sound) I feel betrayed. EVEN: I'm sorry.

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