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We Built An EXTREMELY CURSED Four-Person Game Controller (Friendships Tested)

Mar 25, 2024
here you can see


children standing on a table when in reality it is a whole frog. What happened here is that Nat has deconstructed a fight


into individual buttons and each of us is going to control one direction of the frog and we have to work together to cross the road cut the pond cut whatever the frogs decide to cross these days without dying working as a team we are going to be completely run over I think we have achieved it I think we really have a chance here because I think we are going to achieve it, it will be obvious, like going up, you know, going up and then whoever is on top will know what to do go, I'll press that button.
we built an extremely cursed four person game controller friendships tested
I'm really worried that Ren is the back button and he's going to sabotage time, I think whatever the button is, he's going to sabotage it, so we're going to have to solve it mid-


and solve it now, boom, okay, Here we go, we go, we go, we go, we go, we go, we go, we go, through oh no, okay, two, three,


, five, so at the end of this we will still be friends. I'm going to go left for you, click, go, obviously, they can't swim, well, they ride on the backs of turtles. go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, wait for my chance, get on those turtles, I'm not here to rush you, ready, I've got you, bring it back to me, bring it back to me, oh red, here we go, Wait, you have a window. next batch here we go nico get it kinda right no oh how clearly you had i think i saved you oh my god why did you run away?
we built an extremely cursed four person game controller friendships tested

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we built an extremely cursed four person game controller friendships tested...

You waited too long, why did you go well? You also waited because I needed it to get there on time empty bay you're shooting not for the island oh I don't understand so you're saying go to the water oh frogs this


is inconsistent with its death in water rules maybe we should mix these buttons, clint you've had your time in the sun. I think it's time for someone else to play. There literally hasn't been a time yet where they've needed me. These buttons are very satisfactory. I have you in that right. I'll get it back if you guys need to go back oh you ran forward oops in the wrong direction did you need it? what brian got fast maybe they shouldn't oh that's right we got life they should try not to suck that's life that's life hey ren Look at this, I'm looking, what is this?
we built an extremely cursed four person game controller friendships tested
I need a correct movement. Thank you so much. Alright. Can I get a little more movement right? A little more, please, thank you very much. I don't want those turtles, I want these turtles. Ah, that's not a good place you should probably pick up some rice wait I want this good frog oh you have the good frogs oh take care of the truck I have one more frog to make everything work you almost killed me I have you oh I have you the poisonous frog is gone gone gone gone too late someone relaxed with that button wait wait wait look, you know what the problem is gentlemen, we're not working together, we're not working together, but what were you going to say I was?
we built an extremely cursed four person game controller friendships tested
I'm also going to say something about friendship, but we're good, Clint, yes, you have the front button, yes, you're the leader, okay, tell us what you need, we'll do it, tell me, do me good, okay, we're good. left left left thank you thank you you didn't have to say it you just thought about it I'm starting to care take me take me sorry take me right you have to do my task for me okay uh left left let me get that frog let me get that poison frog are we in? Why do that? Why would you do that?
I got you with that right I got you with that right wow eh wow what happens when you have that mistake and I almost sent you back in time 41 Okay, we got this, whatever that means, let me give you some right, no , let me give you a little more right, stop catching that poisonous frog, send it back, send it back, no, send them back, oh poison. frog gone not long I have to do this right you guys have to listen to my orders we are all of one mind right left three okay I got you whoa whoa I got you my up wasn't working because I wasn't putting okay, I'm going to catch that poisonous frog, I got it, it's moving fast, but I'm going to take it home, take it home right there, boom, you've got the bonus point by the bay, wait carefully now be careful, okay, left, okay, so there it is the left, I'm looking for a window, you mean like this window, go, don't cut yourself on the glass, man, wait, wait, wait, come on, you're doing it, you're calling audibles here, give me some left, I want that one poisonous frog.
I almost got you into this, oh my god, Dean, don't drown, okay, frogs, don't drown, here we go, left, left, give me some, not so much, subtitles, not all of you available, let's get out of jail, free card, I need something right all the way to the right whoa all the way to the right I need some quicker answers about that oh I got it on the left bing oh that was going to get cold just relax that was so hairy those turtles go Let's swim, that's how you become patient, you waited too long, I waited too short, thin margins, okay, here we go, we take the train, here we go, boom bang, nico, why are you waiting so long?
Are you waiting to go tell me what I was going to get in that bay? fun unless there's a challenge okay, okay, go, come back, I'll take you, I'll make it right for a little bit, get that poison, get that poison, oh I don't want to go back, just tell me, stay back. I'll be back Say the word you need that left Hey, stop, stop, stop, look, you needed that left wren. What was it? It would have been easier without that left. I think backing up, I don't know, don't get me back, give me some truth, take that poison frog hey, bang, I need to get down, you forget your keys, Clinton, you're the backup parachute.
Wow, I don't even think you're on that record. Oh, I think you forgot your wallet at first. poisonous frog in nice that's clean that's clean nico okay I'm going to take this one and that one and that one and that one oh you didn't do it you almost made me fall oh I saved your life give him that right you leave him he gets in there a little faster okay Oh my god, that's a slow frog. I have time, I have all the time in the world. No, oh God, friend, I saved your life again. I didn't tell you to move, rain, you don't like it. intuition plays eh, no, oh, you prepared to have the house right, we have this 15. give me some proper sauce, okay, okay, oh, I'm going to have this, oh, I missed it, we're winning.
Waiting for this, we're beating Frogger, you beat Frogger by being right, no, you want the one on the left, you want to go back, do you want to go back? yeah bang bang boom boom okay, I'm feeling this guys, I'm feeling this sorry, intuition I just burned a frog, that's good, I got frogs to burn frogs, watch out for that lack of two entries, okay, I got this ready now give me a little uh I think you went left left yeah I think a slip give me good good great thank you welcome give me a right and give me a and no no no don't give me ah go ahead okay I'm going to go to the far left one two inputs okay this is it so you have a frog on the left all right get that back button ready I'm ready you can move on to the next turtles hey now left you're not going to make it. ready, you're not going to make it work well, very well, level two, make me right, make me right, give me one more time, poison, hippity hop, bang to bang, thank you, what are you doing?
Let me get your lip, give me the right one, give me the right one. give me good, he goes left, left, left, Dean spends more time worrying about me than his own button. You know, I think I'll take over the second level. You sabotaged it on purpose. I did not think. Good. I have you. I have you every day, every day, oh, okay, so I can't quite understand that crocodile. Imagine, okay, give me a ride, give me the left, actually, give me the right, give me the right, give me all the way to the right, I want to get as far away from those fast cars as possible no, give me the left, what are you? doing?
Oh, calm down, okay, let me go a little to the right, in the same place, right here, I was just too slow, man, the games go much faster in level two. Here we go, I got you good, let me know if you can be live, just make me live there, it's up there, it's nice to jump in the water, I'm going to go for a little swim, just kidding, I'm a frog, I don't see them. back I'll need it back here no, you got it, you got it good, thanks for that friend, that's the worst, you made it there, it's okay, I disobeyed my plan, here we go, ready, go back to the original plane. up up up up there up there it's take it home take it to the right further to the left you want to go back I've got you you're down again you're down you're going down okay I think we have zero zero that might be the most those might be the lowest innings of any game. that we played, oh, that was me, that was me, oh, swipe, keep me alive, keep me left, oh, quick, retreat, get it, yeah, right, right, right, right, that was risky, that was Risky, sorry guys.
We're good, we're good, we're good, we're figuring it out, we're figuring it out once we get that rhythm going, ren, you'll stand on my right side and Clinton on my left side, I'll nudge you. with my arms when I do it you press the button and dean if I go like this we have to close our eyes close your eyes you're going to close your eyes I'm your emergency yes I almost let my finger rest on the button again there we are Come on I'm doing everything this with my eyes closed, it's like a delay of a full second, oh my god, oh cousin.
Back off, Dean, I got you, we're going all the way, I still have it, it was working, although it was working great, it actually worked great. Oh man, we had like three of them after the double car in the front, you can shoot, come on, man, shit, you're right, you just have to hit it six times, you just have to hit it six times and wait, yeah, wait. for this next double no unique they are not the same stop they are not the same they are not one two three four five six they are the same it is after the double we realized this dad no no it is not okay I need it Okay, thank you, maybe need another one, no, wow, I didn't ask for that, you needed it, you're about to run out of time, ah, I hate my life, we got this, oh, one, two, three, four, five, six, look, let's block.
Don't shout that at me go, go, ninja, go, yes, first I understand that difficult, otherwise we will never make it, we will never make it, yes, first you must get so far to the left, let it, oh, get over it, get over it. sweet, oh baby Jesus, gone, okay, I'm going to go left, alright, I'm going to go right, give me everything alright, let's try again, keep me on the right, I think we should go back to the right , okay, this could be ready, this could be this, here we go, okay, we have this, we are standing behind you, left, right, give me a line, I got it, you go, you have all the time in the world. the easy one, you have it all the time, okay, wait, give me back, holy mature celebration, we've finally been at this for three hours, screw everyone, I'm going home, I hate this game so much right now, dude, that my self I'm shaking, hey, but Clint, you did it, you actually did it on level three.
I'm going to have a physical response like nausea every time I play Frogger now, oh yeah how hard it is without us, we don't even do it. We're done, we're done, subscribe to see the next video.

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