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what's up you guys welcome back to interlock we are in a mechanism as he concedes and click our spot but how the mean is in this um we got my money my ham we are going to go get filler it's right now Absalon this leisure center so we got to be more fake and I'm just gonna say and so yeah so that's what we're gonna go through um and yeah we kind of woke up early oh my god you guys so last night my mom couldn't sleep and Britney had these like so she thought it was CBD
we accidentally got my mom high she hates us
pills yeah she thought so she goes here mom might take these pills they make it go to sleep so my mom wasn't really kind of like cuz I got have really bad insomnia and like one of my girls that I'm has been Mike has a business for cannabis she was like this is like for insomnia like it will help you go to sleep and stuff that I've never taken it just because I but and yeah so I'm yeah we told my mom like you know this this this is for like insomnia like she has trouble sleeping
so I'll shake all right like I'm gonna take it and what I first my mom was like skeptical of taking it cuz she was like like she didn't believe break she was already kind of scared she said oh my god someone I just take it's gonna put you to sleep whose phone is that and so we're like here mom tickets on my own okay whatever so my mom finally took it and she's like it's not even kicking in and kicking in it's not kicking in like she's like I'm still
letting stuff this look about 12 a.m. nothing so tell me why I'm around 2:00 a.m. I was already sleeping with her I fell asleep I and she wakes me up like panicking you guys she goes oh my god call never when I can't breathe and you guys I recently went through this I'm not too long ago so I knew exactly how she thought she was just going through the panic attack so they wanted to treat you're tripping it's just in your head like basically what me and my grandma went through
so she was just like tripping hella hard and I'm like my you're gonna be okay and she kept telling me that she kept telling me that um took all that one went I feel like my eyelash keeps going on don't you kids hate that when it's like going down but yeah so like she was just tripping so hard I ran to go come bomb I was like I'm gonna see if I don't care I was like oh my god so I ran into Vinny's room I wasn't pretty like me - tripping how hard like I need you
guys to go with me cuz she was gonna start getting me in anxiety attack so thick bugs open event and my mom's just like crying seeing that she's gonna die and that she was it was just crazy you guys have you guys checked on her yeah I did she said that she still feels um yeah like she's like I don't feel good still like I'm like I don't think it's cuz it's gonna it's a good when do you think it'll go away like liver today huh so nothing mom just to see if
so we gave her milk and she drank it but she still was trippin hard so I'll throw out the night you guys I had a super and she kept waking me up non-stop seeing that she was gonna die it for me to cut him win so I kept trying to like calm me down till finally she went to sleep so my mom finally went to see him and right now I checked up on edge she says she's okay but she's posed drowsy and dizzy so I'm pretty sure she's still you know like that after a fact that gives you
yourself yeah it's already happened to s3 you guys me my guy mine and my mom like what the is up with this we're not Gore mama I know crazy em so we don't think I think those pills I had like we didn't em have it or something like that yeah because I recently got CBD post me Benny and more ticket and we didn't I didn't freak out at least normally freak out on stuff and I didn't freak out but they said my mom feet are so I'm like yeah yeah so and now we're
just gonna go and get our fillers take you through our day here in LA but just me Britain wow so you guys what seized you guys so I have these shoes on and he looks so huge so big on me but they're not big but they like me like you know those bulky shoes it what the can I get it I'm talking to me he Cano iced latté so firstly we don't know how cuz I think we have the chocolate already begin to navigate over to option they have the cocoa when I get to that what would they be still
offering the iced lattes one of the lockers would be the velocity of the last area every time when an a I feel like we all we always want to do something and kick it with palette people but we don't even know where to start at a time schedule right now we don't even know where to start who to start with okay waiting right here where I was supposed to get off no should we oh my god it could give me a heart attack right now oh it's just blog you guys okay okay then I like everything
Thank you very you almost killed this like 10 times here in this alley traffic freeway I do not know how to drive here you guys Sacramento is nothing like this I get so smooth because it's too much traffic too much before everybody too much before I mean I could die in Mexico and so I'm just like back but we just got here so we'll see how this goes these are LED you still haven't went away so my eyes are still watery I want to just take all my makeup off but you know me always
gotta be doctor wait man my sorry I'm late good one um so how do you feel like wet but last night you kept telling me that you were at the moon you did he kissing everything right now you wanna come down hmm do stuff like that okay MA yeah me my sister that she could I was like my honey fella she was I feel the same still I am like dizzy and something what just like I don't know this is difficult sorry your little little ideas okay I told him drink about last night Sigma T my so you
we accidentally got my mom high she hates us
still hey hey do like you guys so what I'm getting is a chick-fil-a right here and then my dog's coffee of justice yeah but they're gonna do my price because yours is insulator so they're gonna put your oh yeah it's okay and I'm like yeah man I'm going first you died leave my face so cute today too right I got a movie doing here yeah well you wanted a go smoke weed Wendy said oh the protocol asleep it supposed to cut you to see I don't know why you couldn't go
to sleep when you kiss her panic attacks this family runs through panic attacks but me and my man and you did it it was bad it was bad and I'm gonna get it hooked right now so I'll talk to you later fine ya know cuz we're not getting like my botox oh we're not getting it and then my daughter she could look really like circle like straight right here like I have no type of structure you guys by the way we're here flawless Laser Center yeah that's what we're here you
know in verbal in Burbank but yes I want to add a little bit of moisture she like right here I kind of have it so like okay I'm gonna show you guys so right now brittany has ik no line like no type of structure right here on her jaw she's like this right so what Britney is gonna get is like that definition right here like that so kind of just like I have a double chin so that's gonna help it like a lot more yeah hopefully cuz I feel I feel like it's all bad at times like when he


that all this is just circle yeah I wanna and then she's gonna get more like cheek right here so it makes you like like gimme a little bit yeah boy structure and it gives your face more definition Assoc when you it looks way better instead of it being so flat yes either you go you do what you want and you do what makes you happy yep so I'm doing this what does it just be seeing and we're big okay we're a fake yeah we've been heard about what's new thank you so much
you guys so we just got out so if it's playing but you can see my cheeks are a little bit more defined when you show them you're sure I needed to think I'm so happy with my result is because I had no structure to my face whatsoever so I feel like it's more defined and I my makeup and everything's gonna look so much better thank you oh yeah so we're finding Meowth you alright it took a while that we did our job I don't know if you can see it just to be more defined
maybe like when you're writing it like this well this goes down like you could it'll look better yeah you got a massager now we came to flawless lasers tonight guys so if you guys want to check it out they do the good job we went with Rebecca and she's pretty cool she's really good so with the movie guys what we Britney's over there taking most pictures look at the my cheekbones a little bit more pumped right now they're kind of swollen so it will go down but can you see
the structure on it and then I also need to get ready and contour my face so don't look a lot better later I'll keep you updated on holiday and the being able to do believe is because they do and of you I didn't get him before the process because right and I want to quote the camera and of our jerseys but he's like straight up in my height but yeah so it didn't believe her I think I did when see I did when syringe and then it's got a lift so there is lift and beloved I
decided to go with live because she said the press it is more plump so the okay yeah okay so this is a coil salgo we got potato salad rice beans yes sir we're just on your eating see we don't got to be bougie all the time no just say oh my god you're pissing me off you do this all you think I can laughs oh yeah I was seeing like the Easter blog like oh that used to walk like we have like so many vlogs like 30 and we don't edit them because it's like for what the comments you
keep skating my comment and I feel like people that are there for the comments like they just want to like see and then once you see the comments like oh I want to watch your mouth yeah thank you it's just so freaking like sometimes when I see a Instagram post I just look at the comments more than the pose mm-hmm and like I'm reading it and then it just me and then I go look at the posts after yeah you're right wait I'm the same way because like I want to get feedback into it
it's okay when there's no comments people leave like when I see people to see if other comments on Instagram I'm like I'm out of here like it's just a picture like it boring like not seeing that word born in bed yeah I don't know you guys gotta figure this out bro you it makes me sad I mean I get it it's very good cars but like the we got it like come up with another solution well I still help my grandma put on it you know I did they put in mystic white O'Meara
nice like it is do quite famous in st. Anne Meara like you like I am gonna start doing my hair oh look at my pillar King it's how this is with my makeup on I actually did it cute hmm I love it so cute my back is a little party tell us and borracho you're gonna get up no no Thomas mmm are you sure dice Oprah and I are getting our hair braided from the top right here but I played by Jules and I'm so excited cuz it's gonna lie cute I'm craving some hooker maybe later we could
we accidentally got my mom high she hates us
go to Lucas Wapiti peanut if you if you come back or we can meet ya know D algorithm but I'm scared you're gonna cook consequences Bolan mundo since my last bonus episode team I've ever met has helped um well your father me wrong mr. solo it's okay yeah she happenstance that era to blessing que nós tasks on em it's just a blessing for safety efficacy so no much mera logic okay consequently persona oh you like it can they kill a polar molecule you know just so she didn't
do your hair first yeah but I am dick shaped bodies even though they do not everyone just be naked or onion - Lisa mouskouri mmm ha ha Rigo Korean recently took in the phenomena I don't care I know where did I I don't I can't keep up with them as too many did you get on your knees what oh so you're kicking us out sorry I'm gonna make a man like sure she let me borrow it Missy and she wants me to string in her hair and it's wet and she says she doesn't care that if it
falls off brother yeah welcome watch each other on at 150 what when Tokyo not caramel Bella he said a bigger ego see you guys everybody as my car my wet hair color she has like what kind of silver but it's because she's just alternating it's you know gray hair and I told her that this is What's in right now like this over here okay well it's the side part okay yes yep a minute room total of 3000 traditional tribal and local economies for peace you lay one on the crime take
me home so nice timepiece a Monique to have had the best of freedom in he took risk of Oaxaca I don't think so nice when you wake up mama where you put maybe tears almost perished in Mexico no like bodies Fiesta Fiesta master supa motley animals see you can we die soon see parayan open under in chorus insane and hola Stanga Sheila stitches porque no score and unable to convince today's Dona mati be less scary I hear mr. samito says no no nothing gonna stop us is now posted and say yeah I
scan used on haters I yeah focus there so haters do you like my hair cute I didn't know you should try to part it Oh what you did I did nice oh you wanted the whole science every butter Co maybe you should for your boy hi everyone I wanted to give her the middle one this is my my signature from the site ninja pencil come on I cut it so listen up da Vinci Lauren mama Cosme Lynch ah what's Lynch I mean so awesome any Samir man on me in jail one more chillin not that either no no mmmm you
grab everything you guys my grandma's going to little curb her knee brace birthday party and Astor if we invited she said no that's real you simply take me Tonto oh wow you look gorgeous show you guys oh wow Gramps who's gonna write you a quantized resistor acetamide way ms-dos no te quiero carrera del perry mama mm-hmm Matamoros comic Argan machine okay okay yes there's these talents I get opium I want me a thorough traveling you guys let me comment like so cute I mean I meant
me come on yes amen amen oh you look so cute where are you going there was no convincing huh bro kita in a photo oh no I key for can you see me ravine so sure okay wait okay the cheese no my mother where I exported a bit Ponte to balsa mama wanted to also eat the cheese okay wait come on pose as I see okay one two three okay yeah yang cute like it beneath braids oh my god so get in my with braids right oh thank you I feel poppin yeah you look cubed okay and then I'm wearing my goal - oh yes
it's gonna be a little crazy right now can we you come right okay they've got you guys like she's finishing up so cute in a minute you're great and if she's gonna add these earn a little hooks right here in the middle so my Nipponese braids are different guys even though they look kind of similar whoa whoa like take a picture and then we'll post it on here to show you guys and then my she's even doing my mom we convince my mom to debris Cheney dip it in with this we
all need to fit in together so he's walking he not see me my mom and Brittany so I'm like long you need to do your braids - it's so cute and she's so quick you guys she's actually located in San Jose I mean here's Johnson she's located in the Bay Area so like if you're like just hit her up she will go to you then or you guys can meet or how does it work I can go to them or they can come to me and travel like Kelly yeah so unlike her um her name in the description
box and even on here it's so good my mom siding is so bad oh my god that one my mom's writing is like so bad writing this everything I know oh my god I don't look good enough look who's back from the party you didn't like your eating my kid the party hm-hmm mucho for you she was too cold to me grams she was a little bit cold and you had two coolers their Qualis the they were are very well very cool and at the heart make lemonade yeah so she said ëno tank on dresses to novio
huh are you sad yeah you know that you're used to it it's the same thing every time hmm stop ignoring me lady give me kiss you love me my mom watch on Paquito yeah you love me yeah mucho Paquito commodious como de aquí el sábado mama she said from here to the ship that's so mean of you to say koalas to thoroughly taught and he may like your Oh Lonnie me you wanna live every DC tell me the truth man will not you're lying OC told you that's my maternity knees kissing no no
don't be lazy it is really wanna yeah you were right hey that means I would've Papa unless I end up in GGG anisogamy goodbye kiss you're not my rock my seat was not the videos upon earth a song with just everything is for sure on being known Allah and miss coffee on me I suppose commando lemagas an Olympian you're so skinny I said and do so she saw this news ok mango yeah we're in Tuscany get cannibus to the Austral care cries go ahead I saw no you're not a space for
Henry IV of anonymous tests on those ISA naked UK Korea's capitalism on the Saarland Kevin Enoch Angara no ever I mean Adam and Eve Union kl7 and in Corrales okay yeah nothing is not identical to your name yeah to Prince que hace el telar oil in fear no experiments and estancia no I'll see you there yo te miro e mama excuse me - pero in less yellow - yeah I don't think so this city guys eat yeah what is he perhaps what are you what are ups by what are you okay that's what your
daughter is - oh God that's what I am - pops mean--but do you agree but real pimps don't get caught at this okay yeah can't might we have to pick our senior part cuz we went to Tuesday I am P that's not what you are you're a low ser your SPR ung sprung and mindless loser wouldn't you rather take losers run you gotta choose when I know you're not a pimp ology disco disco today huh she went she came to her house all the way from Sam Hall she keeps you don't know she
drove all the way from San Jose like oh my gosh she's so rough for that like I did not expect that woman I like you you coulda came over here so we could have blogged but no you know what I not you don't want to make Queens tomorrow what she needs to get to editing cuz we bought the laptop I have to edit my video tonight or tomorrow out of joy Reuben I barely came up a


that I was on I was up I was trying to 2009 when one hey I was going through some major it was I don't know
how people like this is the worst instances like people that I know they try to kill me Loki on eBay complicity to what'd he say I'm a peon theology we're badly I think they try to kill me on purpose it was bad I was elucidating I was like I heard a god I was with Jesus it's like when they were like crucifying him then I was like going through some marching I was in the moon I was in a spaceship I was going to do all kinds of dimensional where she ever feel that you know
I'm so eager now my we're awash with the Freak when people don't believe why do this because this course too dirty do you not see I took it ever since I went to uh let's make scratch of your card yeah she did she pissed it do you want a car wash five dollars maybe leave me after night work until composite resin to dry and it's gonna be like that we get ready no yeah so - come on man okay we would have Kings about he wants to give me more he wants he's funny mom you
guys we had to do in bathroom my baby girl hold on okay I know we do okay guys we're just going home because I thought I'd only kind of did it go and I'm out drunk cause if not I get lightheadedness back and you feel like throwing up and it just gives me


school so yeah yes which is calm we're so tired I'm kidding me thank God we just did like a chill night yeah and kikis believe me be entered the night not drunk like we're like that's like a one in a million
you guys we are always up like Ritchie how'd you come here come here my baby come here come here at you like no jump on she can't jump on that oh maybe these are cute how'd you come here come on thank you no come here okay no no no no this time was a mitten not so far it's between it we only know the secret that you like touchy like that oh yeah hey hey night-night hey Mack this way all right you guys we are ending the night so we are ending the vlog I hope you guys enjoy sis
be lock your eyes I know you guys miss the family be lock so here we go back at it again yeah I just miss my camera too like she makes the village huh anyone knows she always says everybody loves her buddy yeah so anyways thank you guys so much for watching I hope that the comments are able to show it but I bet it's no I don't know if you guys know but like um YouTube has been disabling our comment so if you guys notice that you can't comment it's because of that we're not
doing it we are like upset over that because we wish to see you guys coming and we can it's like a bummer like we're so sad but whatever it is what it is yeah we love you guys and thank you