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VERGLEICH: IXIL Endschalldämpfer VS ZARD-Komplettanlage | Chef REGT sich AUF!

Mar 25, 2024
Welcome to a new video, today you can convert the Z 900 exhaust, we have already announced it because the last one has the A2 variant, now in this case the open variant is still open. Then I reassured myself again here also on the cylinder head that it is an open stroke 900, so it is not the factory 111 hp pharma variant. We already have a different rear silencer. Now here it is an XL and we will install the approved auxiliary exhaust system with catalytic converter and then see what the difference is. Therefore, we will first perform the initial measurement with the accent installed to see if the original rear muffler is still present at the bottom;
vergleich ixil endschalld mpfer vs zard komplettanlage chef regt sich auf
It will later be completely replaced in the full Zart system, but we will show it again in Momo. Now we will carry out our own measurements and see how much power it really has. That was our initial measurement. Two interesting things, as I think I have now overlaid the A2 variant curve and the current initial measurement, so now we have the initial one. Measured with the red curve, 117 79 HP in the rear wheel seems interesting to me because it has more power in the rear wheel than indicated. In my opinion, I don't see since Savannah that it has improved here, as always, in the. comments, although I can't get angry about anything But the really interesting thing is that the initial measurements here show that the blue version of the A2 variant is more powerful in the lower range up to 5000 revolutions, so it is stronger down here and has a good seven or eight newton meters more in the area where the two curves meet and then of course the A2 variant is reduced at the top where the open one now exits correctly, why might it be time?
vergleich ixil endschalld mpfer vs zard komplettanlage chef regt sich auf

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vergleich ixil endschalld mpfer vs zard komplettanlage chef regt sich auf...

It could be the cylinder head, it could be the size of the channels because smaller channels, as already mentioned, have a higher flow rate and in some cases better gas exchange. Then allow lower speeds and the amount of exhaust gases simply will not come out. So this is a very complex topic that can have several reasons. They can also be funnels or actually camshaft timing sizing. If anyone knows how to write what exactly the problem is today, it is not of great interest. today we will convert the exhaust and then of course we will always use this red curve to compare and see, it could also be that we have scheduled a reduction somewhere here in the EC.
vergleich ixil endschalld mpfer vs zard komplettanlage chef regt sich auf
We'll have to look at ourselves again. Well, we'll build around the rubble now that the exhaust, of course, is really good again. The apprentice can do it again. I don't feel like burning my fingers anymore and if you make the escape, let's just take a. comparison measurement, then we will configure the control unit accordingly and see where we go today, but today we think we have potential yes, we are still fatter the clocks, but let's compare, we stopped next, we forgive, so we merge much more late. there is no interference in the front thick pipes the muffler moves away instead of a large door and then we decided to do the installation and at the same time we do another oil change oil change always good view How nice and fluid that if I am already heavy here , maybe I should help you.
vergleich ixil endschalld mpfer vs zard komplettanlage chef regt sich auf
We put the scriptures together. How should I place debris on my bike? We have to turn it a little. You have to put it on the bottom of the muscle vertically. Then we will remove it. I think we will have to screw it a little lower, yes, so that it is more in a single line, we have to start here with the connections but also see which ones are correct and that's how it is. It's not good anymore, but that's also the good thing, you can sit higher or lower and for 11 euros and also the belief that you can look at photos in certain places, you can't forget almost anything in your life, you can distinguish it if you see the whole game like that due to the fact that home is not my opportunity at that age, the school is doing shit, not everyone is so expectant, but that was all so write the package you now also come and see what young people here so that they are looking forward to this moment look I warn you that you have them yes do that yes what happens if you look again then the forum says yes exactly I have there I have searched as far as you can but I don't know how life came about .
I have nothing left. I'm about to have the next one because you have the best job. My apologies, I'm contracted to make a movie about that. Well, you just have to say it. in the correct order backwards, but then it's and that works and then it works that has me going home, that's now if that doesn't help you at all here, where the problem is already there for a long time Follow me, the application is curious, here you have liqui moly, the sap, you go to Estoril, then you have a sign, so you can here, you can do a search, you can search anything you want, truck, bus, it always had to be something good that you have.
Yeah, maybe you can get back on your feet, brother. You just give a help here 900 Kawasaki Z. That's the idea, 3.6 liter capacity and just below a recommendation of which oils are approved and the link to the Liqui Moly application. Everyone can do it themselves. Try something like that here yeah I have room right away when we've already been her baby look again now 3.41 to ten seconds that's what I checked man 3.6 was there even if you're here on the app So you can also use other quantities of cable and it is also very helpful that you can see the products immediately and what can be completed.
Now we are using the Z 900 where you can keep calm as usual, yes, keep calm. The same thing happens to me regarding marine law 900 kawasaki z2 17 blow then there are also change intervals and other total capacity 4 liters dry total capacity with filter 3.6 you also have life we ​​have ourselves up here we also have the function part look, you have it for share with fans here and then I can share it all here, I can send it by snail mail or email or something else. I sent it again immediately. I would like to ask about this next time.
It will come back in. You can always search for it in our chat. So if I can secretly observe, I always go there at some point as an undercover boss here, but I don't think that's possible with him, or they get discounts or whoever the money is, not just a mat, here too with force , maybe or like my husband was my system, let's do with that, we want that or it fits here because he has his passion because here it fits in that a the whole series is a guest I'm, okay, actually we have five newton meters more and 102 once very briefly the z 900 rs has 111 hp the normal ted 900 125 hp probably all of you have already been bombarded in the comments, you have no idea or what 111 year 125 however 117 is in the series 8 at 10% in somewhere greet us is the performance of the series In any case, above what was said, that is not bad, so now we are at 120.90 almost always, then we will simply put them on top of each other, so we are already a little bit above and yes, now we are still adjusting a little bit.
I hope there's a little more to come, we'll see. , so now we are getting familiar with the comparisons. We've set this up, this is now the direct comparison set up with the initial measurement and 17.7 1923 192 at 96 newton meters, yeah, pretty good, it comes out in the. below, it comes out much better Clearly better above here we have an area at 5 8 and at 5758 where we are identical to the series in this area nothing more but yes, my God, in general we are clearly above that, yes, now we have It's true I have driven here with the racing db killer because with the approved db killer there is again ten HP or a little more than 12 unfortunately it is not completely approved, well, with the approved db killer as I said 12 HP less and, therefore , also below the series and a good one, 6 HP and ok.
Yes, what we can still see here is at the top. The setup has achieved a mediocre amount. It's more about the durability of the engine. I will say that the engine runs properly thanks to the modified exhaust. It doesn't run too lean because that's where we are. So now we have the red curve club, the green just converted the exhaust and the blue set up, so now we've gained a few more Newton meters or so here we've gained a Newton meter. a little bit up, but down below we have between three and five, so I really gained strength through the setup and that, of course, is a good thing that is clearly noticeable, especially in traffic.
Well, overall, I honestly expected a little more, especially in traffic. in the state registered with the DB Killer, but if we had already shown you the db killer in the other video, yeah, okay, then we will link you to the video from another time because the db killer is completely identical, the whole escape. It is actually identical, except that in the open version there is an offset adapter on the front. The parts are not included because they naturally fit on your head, so if you are interested, watch the video with the A2 variant again, it is also relatively interesting.
In fact, there's a bit more potential here through programming. Unfortunately, I don't agree with that. Overall the result is still satisfactory, I think the customer is also satisfied because we have gained something only in terms of optics, sound and performance, so it is. Not so much, but still a good result. Write your opinion in the comments. I'm waiting excited. At this point Nico says goodbye and you have learned something, remember as always, you shouldn't just say goodbye, why not? follow the channel, follow the window, take care until next time

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