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UNSUNG PM DAWN (Full Episode)

Apr 04, 2024
Who did? You know, the famous beginning was that you, it was New Year's, you couldn't do a little bit of that frisky, I just love things, you know as soon as you hear it you know what song is coming, the setting a drift thing. In memory, Bliss was that it was the first black rap single to reach number one on the charts. What made P.M Dawn so great was the high level of his talent and the uniqueness of it. I think it's one of those Deja Vu, this spiritual component. There was something psychedelic about that, black kids coming from the inner city, they're supposed to look and sound like this and suddenly PM doors show up and they don't look or sound like anyone but themselves.
unsung pm dawn full episode
Prince P, he really was one. from the first one that was both enveloping and sad, he was an absolute genius when it came to putting samples together, the dominant character and the composer was Prince B, but Jared was always brilliant on harmonies and Melodies just made a very magical association and I'm Trying to be alone, that's the essence of hip-hop. Take a leap and do something that sounds different from everyone else. They created their own lane. It's unfortunate that many people haven't had the opportunity to experience that lane. Kim Dong was considered soft. They were considered weird krs-1 and his team pushed P.M Dawn off the stage and basically took over the set.
unsung pm dawn full episode

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unsung pm dawn full episode...

My arrest was the most difficult thing in the world. We went through a lot of negative publicity. It was chaos the moment he went and got the name. and we never saw him again, he actually had a stroke right next to me, it was horrible, they took out a lot of his colon, he couldn't really stand up or walk, it was crazy to see your brother, you're a mentor, deteriorate . somewhat painful to watch, I had to make peace with letting the afternoon dog story slide. We're in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Harrison Avenue and West Side Avenue, my brother and I had a conversation in our room here in this place and he said what do you want to do for the rest of your life we ​​want to get up and go punch the clock to the suit and tie Prince B was the rapper and I was the DJ it was like no this is what we're going to do right Here so we made a conscious decision to record older artists from the Cordis brothers or Prince B and Jared DJ.
unsung pm dawn full episode
A month after Eternal was born, my dad died from a misdiagnosis of pneumonia, he went to the doctor and they just told him, "You know, take some pills, you'll be fine," and he went home and said, "I can't, I really can't." I can". I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk and all that stuff, so we went to the hospital and then they said he had passed away, so it was very, very difficult, it's hard for your mom when she's trying to be a mom and dad, so really holding on to me. brother Prince B was my protector he just became a father figure kind of thing Prince B joker great personality very funny confident Jared Eternal was different in that he was a little quieter, more reserved and I looked up to his older brother.
unsung pm dawn full episode
Throughout the '70s and early '80s, Janice had five more children from three other relationships. Duncan Chris Jason Jonathan by Jared Sylvania. My mom gave us a lot of creative freedom. Fringe tried to remake Starship Enterprise from a refrigerator box and some. Monopoly houses and hotels stuck on it, it was a lot of fun and very innovative. My mom actually had seven children, but we ended up with six. In 1978, her two-year-old brother Duncan was murdered by a family friend during what local news reported. to be a satanic ritual, I was giving them a bath sauce that was in the bathtub and Duncan was in the bathtub and I remember this guy literally had his head in the water back and forth doing this and something wasn't right.
That's it, but I'm screaming and everything stops killing him. You're killing him. I'm about five years old. Press B. He hits me screaming. He jumps out the window. Somehow he comes back to the police. I don't know how he did it. But he saves me just at the moment when my brother Duncan drowned. He's just crazy. As I understand it, he was arrested. He didn't serve much time because he somehow came out with a crazy play. Yes, my mother never brings it up. It was like he didn't want to talk about it, so it's something that's just not talked about about Prince, but he was like 10 or 11 at the time and it was a really tragic thing to witness as a kid and I think it was very kind. many of you made them become very spiritual and very enlightened, we went to church for a few years and got our basics and it really started to get friends started on the journey of asking questions and mom Janice also started her kids on a Music journey by signing them up in music classes and in the church choir my mom was a gospel singer and songwriter in her own right she's no joke with the pen we learned how to put harmonies together and stuff and my mom was orchestrating the whole thing but I used to joke with Jared .
I told her his voice was too soft. He had to do better, you know? But when it was time to sing, I taught them to my uncle, who used to live with us. Timothy, he brings complete turntables and mixers to DJ and us. They had jam sessions and that's when they started saying wow, I want to be a DJ when they were teenagers. Prince Be and Eternal formed a group with their Uncle Tim and began performing at neighborhood birthday parties. We were DJs and played Arabic rock anthems. you pay in


and you can see first hand how the crowd moves from certain songs with Jared or Eternal, they started listening to things that were totally outside of being a normal DJ and the same with Prince B, his skills are perfect, where would you emerge? with concepts that expand your imagination at that early age that took it from r b hip-hop adding Rock and Country and different things.
He loved Joni Mitchell. He loved Quincy Jones. I loved Michael Jackson. A super eclectic taste. We wanted to be artists and no. It has a name, so this magazine is called the Pure Truth. Prince B was reading me like he always did and he says that's it, that's it, uh P.M. Dawn, which means in The Darkest Hour, comes to life, that's just that's not who we are. That is simply what we represent mentally and spiritually. P.M Dawn was born, PM was Prince being a thorough mix and Dawn was on the rise and in 1988, just before graduating high school, P.M Dawn recorded a demo, we were big Jungle fans.
Brothers Jungle Brothers was distributed by Walleye, so we thought, well, let's send demos to Warlock Records, right, the demo itself was a very rough production, but I could listen to it, they had musical taste, they spoke conscious lyrics. Take a chance, we released the first single, it just didn't do well enough. John Baker was licensing Warlock's record product overseas and almost all of Queen Latifah's native language that everyone knew was part of G Street Records on that side of the world in London when Ultra Vehicle licensed to mine John Baker, got us in magazines and we were getting real recognition.
I thought the music is so unique and so different, so I brought them to England and put them in our little 16-track studio with our equipment and started making magic there, we've never been out of the country in our lives, so, Of course, it was like oh wow, this is going to be a great new experience. Frisbee was like a kid in a candy store, come on, let's have fun, in fact, We're going to record all the albums in London. John had a friend who worked in radio and he said, I'm going to play it on the air tonight the next day.
All stamps called. I want to repeat this on all the called labels and after that through John. Baker's G Street label, P.M Dawn, signed to Island Records and in the summer of 1991 they released their debut album and a single sampling Spandau Ballet's hit, True Call Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, It's the Most Beautiful Song I've Ever Ever Made. heard and I'm Who is it? Everyone knows that sample, but Prince B did add lyrics and what harmonizes on top. Prince, these lyrics became combative, there was a kind of mellifluosity, it was more whimsical, a lot of romanticism and fantasy. set adrift was a song about a beautiful woman, he said he, but you'll probably say I look lovely, but you probably won't think anything of me.
I was like, who are these two brothers dressed in colorful psychedelic outfits, but the music is what captivated me, they were the first to really use turntables in that kind of deep, classic pop songwriting skill. The debut shots are number one, beating Michael Jackson and Prince on the charts. It's the jump-for-joy moment you imagine. It would be that you have the feeling that yes, I can do this being back here with the feeling that I feel like crying and this whole thing is crazy being in this park like everything happens in this park. Prince B played soccer in this park we wrote songs.
Here, we play here on this playground and we drown because you know, not only was he a big brother, but he was like a father figure to me, so you know, we'll just hold it down for him, we'll hold it up like we always do it. what we use is in this area We gather from all over. I mean, we still didn't try R B, we didn't just try Rock, we didn't just try top, we didn't just try Funk instead of putting it all together in a weird way. for me, in 1991, drifting in memory, Bliss landed on the charts in 13 countries and suddenly the lives of Prince B, 21, and Eternal, 20, had changed, the first album literally went platinum, the first thing Prince B did was move his family out of where they lived in a four bedroom Brownstone house, we came home with money like we didn't have any money in the beginning and now he's doing a publishing deal.
I remember the first big check he received, he sent two hundred thousand dollars, it's a Greenpeace. very generous, what made them such interesting artists and contributed to their success was the mini mix of individuality that brought a little bit of hip-hop with a little bit of r b, while Prince B channeled peace and love, but not in a hippie way , most hip-hop music. that he hears as if he has no emotion or shows a heart emotion or an angry and sad thing. He basically he was showing how we are, which was softer and more, um, more cosmic, a feeling of gentleness that he showed in that same matcha.
The world of rough hip-hop and Temple and the optimism that was very, very rare in the genre. I think P.M Dawn was like music industries Steve Urkel in a sense, you had this rock element now our community rejected that part of it Dawn, because I didn't understand it, you're supposed to stand out, how do you differentiate who you are if you sound like the next person? Hip-hop was still on the verge of not being respected as a real art form and then P.M Dawn came out like Yo, these things are hitting the charts and we're not and it's not real hip-hop and the separation between hip-hop community and P.M Dawn got bigger when Prince B publicly questioned krs-1 calling himself the master of details. magazine interview they did with Prince, it was said that Karis one is a teacher, he called himself a teacher and then he asked a teacher what they asked Prince B the question that was supposed to be off the record as a fan , you are talking about self-destruction. in certain songs and stopping the violence, but then you're talking about nine millimeters and the Uzi blast and things like that.
Prince B was always asking questions like a very curious person and that was totally misunderstood and in January 1992 that misunderstanding turned physical when the members of The krs-one team kicked PM Dawn off the stage during a performance at the popular Sound Factory nightclub in New York. It happened so fast it looked like this guy was six feet tall and 400 pounds and he picked me up and threw me off the stage, daughters. It went crazy because we didn't feel PM was doing it at the time, when you look at it now, it was wrong, but at the time we were fighting for relevance, we were fighting to be respectful, it affected Prince enormously, he refused to do any press. he made a special cross 12 of them were made of platinum, all identical and whoever he gave them to were the only people he talked to he always saw himself as a hip-hop artist that he was proud of that kind of door anti-pm movement I felt for him because it was the complete opposite of where he wanted to be.
I'm selling out, man, what you earning for? I went to number one and Prince B retaliated in the best way he knew how, in his music, by discussing a personal issue. answer on a track called plastic, so now I have Flex on the steps of the truth, that was his comeback. I have something to say, so when we hit him, we hit him hard and we took no prisoners, so now I'm charged. to throw a punch first, but Mel is in the heat, they call it classic. I never saw Bean throw a punch, but he was punching with foreign plastic walking your own truth, if I'm going to goad them all up and piss them all off, why is there anything?
The truth is, Frisbee felt like he had to prove himself at the same time he raised the middle finger tonight. The krs-1 and PM Dawn management teams finally called up troops. Now everything is crushed. I don't really like to talk about it because I don't want to bring anything up or stir anything up because it's already done and that's a matter of plastic, anyway.despite being outside the hip-hop community p.m. Dawn's album was an international success and by 1992 they were back in the studio. working on her next album while writing and producing for other artists, suddenly we're in the writers' room with Paula Abdul, we're on Elton John's Duets album and you're producing the Backstreet Boys, there was a lot of intolerance.
The mainstream music industry's almost racist snobbery toward hip-hop music and trying out what these guys are rapping won't last all that, but when the phone rang and it was Elton John's manager, everyone from George Michael to the Bee Gees wanted working for Principe, the thing about Prince B is that he really was multi-talented. There's always Prince B, he was like a hip-hop version of Prince, but for his next single, P.M Dawn left hip-hop aside writing a song for Eddie Murphy's Boomerang soundtrack titled I Die Without You, Is It My turn to want to leave so badly? room for this kind of meandering Jazzy that's really beautiful to me about that track, probably one of the most beauti


y written classical songs that I've ever totally understood, damn, the lyrics specifically were generally from a frisbee, he wrote the simpler words that you can identify with.
I could and um, that was an incredible success. I Die Without You reached number three on the charts in the fall of 1992. It was a huge hit and practically everyone at RMB Alicia Keys and Childish Gambino covered it in a way that made it look like it maybe had more life than mark the memory of Bliss and with the success of the song it was re-released on her second album the following year along with a single titled Patient Eyes which achieved gold sales, it was not unreal. time for them, could you imagine everyone singing your records and shouting your name?
I don't even think they understood how big they really were, but for Prince B the demands of stardom had begun to take their toll - Frisbee was the breadwinner of the family. the family um when he started making money he brought everyone along for a ride when there is confusion when there are ups and downs he also took that on he also used to go into various downward spirals Prince B had his fair share of drama and his fair share of conflict conflict internal and a lot of this created a lot of negative energy and it had a lot to do with the incident that happened the week of the Bliss album release when we did the Bliss album, Prince was like he was awake from time to time. you would fall asleep I received a call from who was his girlfriend the moment he came home and went to sleep and didn't wake up as if he had fallen into a diabetic coma, after that he was diagnosed that he had diabetes .
He was very, very obese, he drank these huge soft drinks and everything was too big if you didn't drink smoke or do anything else, but food kills too, it was very clear that this would affect him in the future if he continued. eating the junk food he grew up on went to the doctor and had everything under control for the most part went to the gym worked out every day lost a lot of weight was getting his stuff together with Prince B's Health got back on track in 1994 they had started working on a third album titled Jesus Wept and a single at the center of Venus that pushed the musical and lyrical boundaries even further.
That album instilled a lot of rock sensibility. He began to explore even more genre combinations, expressing interest in what it is. beyond Being Human, trying to be alone, if you ever look at the Venus center lyrics, the song specifically created a spiritual experience where it's in meditation. Prince B loved Rock, he loves psychedelic stuff and just things that sound spacey and crazy, so Me was playing the Deep Purple sample and he was like he was writing a song for this. It's very abstract. You look at some of the almost cryptic verses that were always an Achilles heel for him, but he was brilliant.
The mixture turned even a little. a little strange or maybe to the point where it became harder for people to understand those mind-blowing lyrics that are veering into some really heavy or dark territory and for PM Dawn their lives were also heading in that direction because of all the things that were happening. In this Eternals of Health trying to find himself there was a lot of conflict there, we decided to go to Iceland on an iceberg and photograph the album cover Prince B. He loved being cold, so we were on this iceberg and he had his fingers in he.
Ice was a polar bear at home because of the way he painted the landscape lyrically and melodically it made perfect sense that everything would emerge from the landscape painted by Prince bees, so in September 1995 P.M Dawn was preparing to release her third album, but just a few days before. Eternal was arrested in Burlington County, New Jersey, for alleged aggravated sexual assault and child abuse of a 14-year-old family member. Eternal was released the same day after posting ten thousand dollar bail as I faced my arrest being the hardest thing you can face in the world. up to 20 years for something like that, right, and the investigation lasted approximately a year.
Principe gave an interview, you know, not long after and said, you know, just for the record, you know Jarrett didn't commit this crime when you put that guy up. of an accusation against someone you are guilty before you even have the opportunity to be proven innocent just by the accusation itself, the only thing I really want to say is that the end result is that the prosecutor stood in front of the judge and said Your Honor, you know, after a year, you know, investigating this guy, I have nothing and the judges gobble up, the case is dismissed, but as far as his music, the damage was already done, it affected everything, as if we were going to continue.
Regis and Kathy leave. They took us out of many things. I think that situation absolutely affected, not only the sales of the album, but also the way people viewed PM in the market, it dropped them like a hot potato and that record just wasn't going to get any radio play, but Of course, that's the least significant when the well-being of all parties involved is so much more important than a damn record. The brothers decided to take a step back from the spotlight and were now both starting a family. Eternal marrying his long-time girlfriend. Margarita and Prince B married Mary, John Baker's executive assistant, we started dating, well he was very persistent and broke me down, we kept it a secret from everyone at the label for quite a while, six months after dating him , I was like I loved this man. this is my boy, he is my family, we just dated in 1996.
Mary and Prince B had a son Christian and twins Mia and Brandon two years later, he changed his perspective on life from the moment I met him, he wanted be a father and I had expressed how. I really wanted to have children in the future. He was completely enchanted by his three incredible, beautiful, wonderful children. I loved how my dad embraced being silly. I remember one time we were in San Francisco and he bought me on stage. He was like, this is my son Christian, it was the most useless information ever, but it's amazing and the whole audience is like, yeah, it's just that this is one of the best memories I have, this is how life turns.
Dad, he's like we're having fun, we're doing it. music we love each other Prince B's new family inspired Dawn's 1998 album Dearest Christian, but the album would be her last release with G Street Records in the early 2000s. I sold G Street to V2 and then V2 didn't pick up their next option for a room. On the album they started working on their own independent projects and they weren't going as well as we really wanted them to go and I was really trying to become a writer and for some reason it wasn't flowing like I thought it was going to flow.
At the time the name was disappearing, so that frustrated them both, they started to have differences of opinion on how things should go. I said, wow, I might be leaning on my brother too much, you know, I really have to figure this out. what my voice is on my own, I was going through a depression, well, I had to step back for a second and just reevaluate and recalculate and recalibrate my life after releasing an independent album in the early 2000s. Eternal He decided to take a sabbatical. from PM Dawn I was in a bad place and really wanted to end life and where everyone came into the picture and took me to their church Eternal King to Zoe Ministry.
I believe that to restore the relationship with God seeking guidance for a good new beginning, the only Ministry of him is my cradle, you know, he gave me a home to really nurture what God put in me from the beginning. Prince B supported P.M Dawn, but in 2005 he began to suffer more complications from diabetes than before. He was doing an event and he collapsed and they didn't tell me that he had fainted until a few days later after everyone made excuses for why he collapsed. He had a stroke. He continued working. He overcame it and in doing so had major mobility issues. guessing something else okay let's sing something and with that Prince B's cousin doctor G stepped in to help him along the way he would forget the words like he would forget the beginning of the verses and I would just walk in you could just say Yo He was an exaggerated man.
I like to think I was a Swiss Army knife because whatever he needed, I was there, but in 2005, when P.M Dawn was asked to compete on NBC's music competition show, Hit Me Baby One More Time Eternal, he ended his career. gap year and joined Prince. he meat on Doc G for the presentation when we presented that show. I really got to see how it was really affecting his body. I was worried about how, as a brother, how do you know what was going on inside of him, he took a quick turn very quickly and that was the beginning of a rapid decline that he had suffered before.
Strokes, sorry, he actually had a stroke right next to me at one point, which was really horrible. My brother ended up being a double amputee. An amputated leg. He had a lot of his colon removed and there was a lot going on. He was in several facilities because he needed more care than he could receive at home. It was difficult to help with Prince B's increasing medical expenses. Eternal stepped in to help. acts with cousin g spot, but when the two didn't get along, Eternal quit B said, you know what Greg, you're going above and beyond, you deserve half, that's what it was, he imploded, he was walking in the direction of bloated As the. it was peed on it's like who you think you really are got to a point where you know words were exchanged and we just took it out Frisbee and I had had a talk and I said I don't want a fight with your brother I want to register the group and I want your blessing now and he gave it to me, what is he going to say to you?
B told him to take it when B has a wife and kids and a house like that is crazy, he planned for B to be On his back in a hospital bed, he asked the wrong person for help in 2010. Doc G took ownership of the trademark PM Dawn and now she was able to book engagement and record as P.M Dawn, which she is doing to this day and we can't use. the name is almost a similar situation with the Sugar Hill Gang and they have a trademark issue at the end of the day. I really hope these trademark laws get fixed because if someone who has absolutely nothing to do with says you know art, they shouldn't have access to ownership of the name.
That is scary. We are taking care of it. The foreigners would go inside themselves and say, "I'm going to act as if I created the entire history of a group and take it on as my own." misunderstanding I will never say that I feel unappreciated I have had the tremendous honor and privilege after doing shows people take me to their homes they cook for me people pay me to perform at their weddings the celebrations of their life and people never hesitate to send me messages on Instagram and say hey man I'm keeping Bliss and that's it, to me no one can recreate that except B and me so any other iteration of whatever should never be called PM Dawn besides the family trademark.
It also follows two decades of record royalties that they say stopped after John Baker sold G Street and the PM Dawn catalog in 2000. From the moment he left, he was never paid another royalty, the catalog went to this company and then sold to another company. This was 21 years ago and still not a dime has been paid and it's a travesty after 20 years on multiple top 10 hits by 20 teens, the original P.M Dawn line up was no more and by then the decline Health Prince B had become the family's top priority. I went and saw him in the hospital many times in his terrible nursing homes where he was penniless and partially blind.
He was on dialysis. He was heartbreaking, you know? But he always laughed. He always laughed. There was always a really positive spirit about him at a nursing home and when I got there I thought he was asleep but he wasn't asleep. He had died on June 17, 2016. Prince B passed away due to kidney disease. He was 46 years old when Prince B. passed was the lowest point as thepatriarch I had to do my piece with letting go is very difficult that was very very difficult he spoke to me about God the days before that and he was eager to meet her as he said for me the outpouring of Love that greeted the death of Prince B because maybe because music fans, music lovers and Hip-Hop people realized that he really hadn't been given his due and now they would never hear what the creator of those sounds might have . continued making Prince B's Legacy lives on through his children Brandon Christian and Mia have followed in their father's footsteps and turned to recordings, while for Eternal today he has returned to making music, currently writing and producing for r b artists and his Cousin Naya had a lot of fun just creating and performing.
He figures out what kind of style to produce it in. Are we trying to see the creepy part of you? This is the first time we worked together in the studio and it was very easy, but he also has a lot of confidence in what he is doing and has a little bit. from p and Dawn felt it and I said, I don't think you should ever lose that no matter what you do for me or any other artist, you should always have that signature, that's me, what I'm doing there, that's nice, yeah. I love it.
I think P.M. Dawn is not recognized because they were ahead of that time and were totally misunderstood, but her contribution is so great that to this day pop music still has PM Dawn buried in some way. I think it's one of those days where they're so underrated and again I think people need to know what they brought to the music, the music culture, the talent, everything. They belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Life is great now because now that I have come to a greater Awakening, I really understand spiritually where it comes from in many ways, so that is the Legacy of Prince B and it is now up to me to take it to the fullest.

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