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Unboxing 10 Customized Products We Bought Online!

Feb 27, 2020
that's the most disturbing i think dude i like that ugly oh man that looks like me baby hello and welcome to DARPA knobs the channel we rate


on dope or knob or use accent fake 2 for our new people coming in there it was like an accent on a beautiful video today it's titled


10 custom





that's right it's another custom video cause you guys have this bad like button and you liked it , so you want to see more, watch dinner right now, so today The video is about a personalized product. I literally heard.
unboxing 10 customized products we bought online
I see what you mean it's like we chose you and you like to give away what was great or not. this video we are going to announce how one of you could wear and win your own pair of topor no one not but you know bris product my custom made puppet muppet portrait kids look alike hey it's just i don't like me w ask them to do this tanner moment everyone and see if they can give them a be here why don't they like it? Why do the puppets seem to laugh? They love each other, but they don't shut up, none of these look great, no, I just give the other one. but you guys have a guess who it is it's going to be pretty obvious i think so stop it oh it's tanner i know because he said oh man oh this thing is too old to be me it has to be but Who held me down, Sandy, oh? now it looks like paul has these really heavy eyes you know they always like to look a little dead they got the beard and mustache on point no they didn't get the beer i look at this they missed everything they got the right double chin though hey dude, have you ever done this and just eaten your own self?
unboxing 10 customized products we bought online

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unboxing 10 customized products we bought online...

Well yes indeed I have yes so let's take a look height wise now from above where are your guys wrists? Now Michael and I are the right size and look for him, Michael is five foot four and I am about six. three and michael is really handsome and that's tanner whoa but butt is this whole floor and this is where i come in oh no why i have a cane it's so you can move his arm oh my blue eyes on point but i look so bleak at me I look like this in real life that's how gloomy I look like that oh I do my I had permanent sad eyes dude I look like I watched Sarah McLachlan's puppy video on repeat go get my hair done I'll stop talking when I'm talking oh, OMG I'm getting stressed out by my quick trigger, time retainer on my knees and I'm reading this.
unboxing 10 customized products we bought online
Woody's little guy no that's Tanner in a cowboy hat a virus in the baby what are we what are we what are we customizing the doper logo nope or our face recently had a birthday paul did me too and september glass because he's like the reason he had a birthday so we got custom cookies and custom balloons and we got custom party hats and let's get some cookies for his birthday. It's a little late, but you know, cart related. Yeah, it hasn't come that fast. looks like a pumpkin ok great let's have some paul cookies i mentioned cookies i always knew he was sweet on the inside he looks just like old grandpa so dude i checked in with noah and chanel just to make sure we were. all good for today the snickerdoodle wow he looks better on the back his eyes his eyebrows a small mouth a small nose we also have party hats are we sure this is not a donkey hat ok we have a party hat we will deliver these cookies to Polito so Paul we have a little surprise e for you based on that cookie oh they are yeah you're not that good yeah okay they're classic giggles do it yourself they're soft first of all didnt i really get a soft one thats a very dense cookie like you are dense in a good way hey paul happy birthday nerd oprah no no hey whats up guys before we go to the next product its in the future right we are from the future beeboo beeboo beeboo beeboo bob bro and we're here to do two little things one let's shout out to lauren emily from the membership team membership people from the membership team i said that three times i mean it from where the membership team and what we want to do instead of that m e like shopping today we want to see our community support our community right?
unboxing 10 customized products we bought online
I just wanted you to like this video to show some love for the community and to show some love for Lauren Emily. we're going to call this one so hit the dislike button support that community check out the join button if you want to be a part of it and possibly a future yell but until then lauren you're amazing keep it up so tiger oh that's just for my wife with over 30 years of creating. ice sculptures our sculptor will create a beautiful piece of art for your next event looking for a cool idea looking for a cool idea for your next party ask us about our booze losses and ice bars delivering custom sculptures in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for more 30 years old let's check them out you got a little swan there you got an ugly pig look thats star wars whats up wow who are we going to do high five logo or doper logo nope we are going to do or ban face us I'm going to do that your face is your head in an ice sculpture.
A great french fry. Brother. What are you going to do with my face? This drink is hot. It just takes my nose off. Okay, let's see my face. Right now we're getting delivery of my face rolls it over and says wow that's weird that's so weird that's crazy that's awesomely accurate just for the record I didn't know they were doing this my face this isn't much of a trip from the ego and you're going to pay so much for high school looks like you know, with a little bed of ice to catch it and keep it from moving, look feel how soft this is, you've always liked it, feel a giant tail of ice , friend, feel how soft this is.
I watched the movie Frozen a lot, I have a kid and they keep cutting that ice all the time and I wonder what it would be like to have a block of ice now. it's fantastic i mean great for the house party it's great for push ups like i need to stop there like a junkie no like i'm kind of blown away by this one there's no mass i just didn't think i was waking up with a good great yeah ok guys let us know its up to you if its silly or not thats silly imho i will say its a dope dude next product our next product is a custom Guess Who game for what it is a guess who game but with people you only care about how you buy this you send them like six he literally said i have like sixty pics no i dont think its funny its literally someone just laminating your pics.
Yeah, I guess this could be like home too. I don't know the best reject because I don't know the best reject friends, yeah that's it. target the classic mystery face game guess who i'm gonna tell you so open it up and look at all the setting oh wow this looks like mugshots birth plus Wow a lot of people yeah this is shit I dump like that so cool it's a bunch of attractive people we should play this once a day and i think you pick a card we put your card in Robert put a little PNG of this person so Robert you haven't put a PNG of that person I won't look okay, is your person a drop? your personal mom we have to leave her things boy boy boy boy boy is your person a girl boy yes is your person a creator no oh no your person works on this channel yes ok michael it's time to guess if your person works on our channel has four briefs 10 you didn't have to say you really gave it away my next question is she in this room yeah okay let's guess your staff is your person really put us out of doing it right is your person Noah yeah hey yeah Samantha , it was Samantha, no, it was taller than Nicole, when did you work at Doper? your team knows what you're doing that's all i'm saying or you took that approach is the most annoying thing you said but speight next time be more specific with your questions yes but a PNG above robert is yours a boy or is yours a boy no it's not ok wait don't answer anything it's still yours a kid yes oh it's good a good question too dumb question ah create content own a channel that has three different questions no i'm just clear i'm specifying the question what question is it wait let me let me get the better question oh peter uses what lassa creates content that earns revenue to net profit yeah in his head i'm jordan let's get on with it your persona creates youtube content? routinely consistently what's wrong yes the same as I already answered your first question I didn't say if those routines are consistent although that's another question I just asked I'm going to ask you I think the person who is a girl is you your person, Samantha, yes dammit we tied one on one we have to win this is definitely cool by the way yeah this is fun we found a break with all five real members.
I think it's more fun to do it with people you know who they are. perfectly honest yeah yeah like i say just kidding we'll keep this pup for real next product you'll put your face on a bunch of little pieces of paper and i've put promo on drinks yeah oh my gosh it's Adam. omg let's make a lemonade sam and dish out a bunch of little shots to my favor yeah with michael's face ok let's customize my face on this and have you ever seen your face in the drink No, actually I haven't. Wow is your answer that your Instagram filter different ones there is the same so what is a drink?
Do you know what it is? Just like plastic, I'm going to get poisoned. one bite i'm pretty sure michael tastes terrible your mo uth is black that's disgusting i'm actually in the dump oh my god it's not going to come off that's so disgusting alright here we go see it here is the finished stuff so you can see they're melting down a bit here we got some really cool dope we got a dope lady disintegrating nerd editor just called home would you like some lemonade look you want lemonade yeah yeah yeah You can always take it if you think it's a drug, yeah, yeah, yeah, what does it taste like? drink it i want you to touch your tongue do it now have a big drink let's see how it looks when he scores a big goal you ate some michael schur come on no no oh it took a little color oh that's great though it will be weird yeah my hands are a little open oh that made michael open oh wait that's how you kill him encourage friends to be our new neighbor yeah i think i'm going to say no. i have no ego problem now what custom face 3d s relative is that for you oh there are eyes on it wait its a mask thats crazy wait i thought he was a bum oh looks like its a face its his skin the next pickle Rick Wow very original look at the scary through the hoops in the mask yeah i don't know a real killer oh i get it i'm a cereal killer i'm in on it too ok what are we doing Face swap dude Face swap in real life I always wanted to be Michael, yeah the real team that's mine Wow Ariana this is a lot of setup.
The first thing that looks like a thumb. you know what this looks like tanner this looks like 90s video games where you just like to have a flat you know it's mr steal your choreography oh man how i figured out whatever this hat has , I look like Michael Moore, no, it's because you don't have the depth that one is the most disturbing I think yours is really weird from the office Dwight like what's stuck to my eyebrows you mean mine as yes no I trip you like a bum like a complete bum your tongue just flicks out I look like a dog I look like a serial killer in your face I ain't talkin' like frosty flakes boy you know your beard looks good bro he's talkin' good not that, because it doesn't look remotely like it, just sorry, I'm going to say you know that was an open periscope, the next product, what is it? your story share where inside the box create your own custom tattoo our own custom tattoo I swear you better not do these boring tattoos what's your story sharing where inside the purchase create your own custom tattoo let's take a look at some of these previews alright so you get a design snake guys and preview man enjoy it so it's pretty simple give them a design they go ahead and turn that design into a tattoo looking at that iMac that's right not windows because windows it's for gamers and then we put everyone in one picture and we're going to turn around and we're going to take this we're going to go ahead and get lucky we're going to get these tattoos tats tats momentary ink is like temporary ink but momentary mom is dad oh bring them a man yeah let's get tattooed we can't believe they're big a big one We could have had such great tattoos but you guys did on love pictures of us oh that picture was for my favorite who would do this you think connor would do this no on his lower back would you wear this that in this lower back i haven't seen it yet he can make a video of that oh my gosh blaster can we get connor in here right now? missing all three of us, how exactly do you feel about your back region, specifically your lower arm?
Hey, I got the bottom of theReally bad back I'm feeling yeah right I'm sorry Shana was saying it was kind of boring yeah it couldn't get any better yeah and I was like what do you think Connors lower back and she was like so what we're going to do is put a tattoo on my lower back and that tattoo will be this, you're going to put it on my back, now feel free, it's just momentary, no, that's not it, oh, yeah, no. okay it's only permanent for six months momentary six months yeah six months i got a hockey game tonight boy take a picture you better keep your shirt on in a fight can we put this on you , yes, first you under the big one? okay, tanner, pay me like one of your french girls.
I've been waiting for this moment. Why does it say waxed? It's a joke? Alright? This is how life happens. awkward alright alright Connor stay away you want to make a revelation oh my god say so don't bend or change so me if you're gonna find hockey and knock out a guy again pick that up right now my boys always understood me that was a drug alright we got custom couples stamped with pets or kids using the stamps i don't know anymore but we're DS so let's personalize these sam's to say one says dope one says no and then we're eight people in the office yeah but part of it we have to complete drug trivia my brow yeah you guys are dorks if you get the trivia wrong you know I've been waiting to rate the doper employees now now this is the proper way to do it michael you already a no , It does not matter what you say.
I'm already a fool it's just who you are okay now hit you at that drug stand please okay okay not playing musical chairs by the way I'm winning I'm winning that's great do you think Connor for the last time would put a note right up ? the tattoo we have our trivia ready let's go to our coworkers ask us some trivia questions about drugs or not if they do well it's a drug let's see woods first hey woods let's go what are you working on dude just on tour no guess what what are you doing you're doing a drug without beer you're ready for the trivia if you got the question right you'll get a drug if you answer it wrong you'll get a grade simple enough we'll start easy for you okay who are the top talented members of Dover no Tanner Michael and evil J Fred in disguise, yeah where do you want it, where do you want it, legitimately though. primary color what do you mean? it's blue pink kind of sucks amitha how many subs just open up give this girl a mega now well at least we know she's not doing it by the numbers you can take your skin off it's called a scrub I'm gonna let's just say that's the job guys next product, guys, guys, guys, guys, this is the time.
Not that you've all been waiting, this is where you can win a beautiful custom pair of shoes that we'll send to you in a video titled 10 Products They Cut In One Guy Video. The video in which he produces the shoes is from a previous video titled Fans Buy What They Want So We Open Them With Our Money. That's great. Let's make me Boop. Yes, if you want to win these be sure to check out our Instagram. and comment on our last post you have to tag two friends as many times as you want ok ok you're going to say all that yeah great use what he just said ok that's what they look like it's a lie so they don't.
I have 24 hours so make sure you go to our i G. What I have to do is tag two friends and you have to follow them if you don't follow them what are you doing? Yes this is look for Liz stalking and follow would work late new moniker but in the meantime social media news alert can live but in the meantime let's unpack bring him out beep to adidas bag I'm not going let's lie I'm so excited for these guys you've seen it huh don't lie be honest and authentic with our audience all these IRL I think it's only when I meet them I don't believe you which side of these boundaries Isis says Hector Illinois baby feet you're right but we're going to give you a gift we're not going to make another pair these are mine they're yours you know I'll never wear them oh I would like, yes, maybe I would also like to dope the shoes from the day of the shoot.
You should wear black shoes with decorations. That's great. Yeah, that's a little bracelet. that's cool yeah im saying i'm wearing these right now yeah i would wear it if i had no style just kidding they are fantastic if you guys enjoyed this video please let us know what your favorite part was in the comments below i had so much fun these these personalized products are always fun to order they just create big laughs these videos right here are two videos you should watch because it's more laughs more comedy more friendship baby that video right there are ten personalized products you can make yourself and this video here the video that YouTube recommends just for you see you later peace

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