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Ultimate RC Mini Games Battle

Mar 30, 2024
Welcome to RC



. First, endurance racing. Ready, Set, Go! Yeah! Oh...I did it! I squeaked it! What career! That was electric! Welcome to The Mouse in the House. The first mouse through the door wins. Don't hit a mousetrap. You lose a point. 3, 2, 1, go! Ha ha ha. I harassed him! I harassed him away from the wall. Oh no, I'm stuck in the rug. I'm coming for you, T. I'm trapped in a basketball! I'm celebrating in the end zone. Does anyone want to come to the party? I'm coming! I will go. Very well thank you. Ah!
ultimate rc mini games battle
It's true, to think the song is about you. But we know the rules. Flip Challenge! Here we go! All eyes on me! Oh! Oh, it broke our tires. Let the twins come off the ramp. 3, 2, 1! Oh no. Oh! That was horrible. Here we go. Get started It's time to press. Oh, it looks good! Oh, he covered it up too much! 3, 2, 1, send it! 1, 2, 3. You did it wrong! You had it. I'm going to do a front flip. Oh! All eyes on me. Wow! How many that? Those were two. Two with half a turn. I made a little corkscrew. On a baby, G.
ultimate rc mini games battle

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ultimate rc mini games battle...

Star. Welcome to the drift park. The best parallel park wins. All eyes on me. Oh! Oh! I need to press play. Oh. Everyone knows that the other way around is better. Hey! Yes baby! I have it! Here we go. Hey! Oh, sorry, sorry. Hey! I'm sorry! That's up to me! Very good, Corey. Let's do it baby. Good luck. Get yourself that star. All eyes on me. Oh! Yes baby! Come on! Come on! All eyes on me. The first bird in the nest wins. 3, 2, 1. Go, little friend. Go away, little friend. Oh yeah. Yes. Go little friend. Oh, I have this.
ultimate rc mini games battle
Jonesy. I understood this, I went too far. I don't have the height. I'm in the tree house. No no! Oh! Oh, I'm done. Oh, look, he sneaked in from behind. Am I in this? No! Am I in this? If I turn around, Coby's not going to... I'll turn around. I can not believe it! You did it! Congratulations! Thanks guys. Spectacular aerobatic plane. The first person to successfully fly their plane under the bridge wins. Here we go. Oh, wow. What a start! To your right! You have a chance. To your right! Oh! That's not going to be enough.
ultimate rc mini games battle
That sky has a great impact. This is almost impossible, guys. I bet my life savings that no one gets it on the first try. Here we go. Oh my! Oh! Famous quote before starting. In fact, I have one of these. --my bag. He is taking off. Return. Oh, turn! The coach just missed it. My life savings are safe. Speaking of lifelong savings, we're proud to announce our newest partnership with Greenlight, a banking and debit card app for kids and teens. And to start, we have a huge giveaway for you. Very good, coach. Are you awake. While you do your little circles, I'll go ahead and announce the giveaway.
I like it. So I'm going to move that thing. The ghost rides the whip! I thought they were the wins in most donuts. Everything is plausible! Life cuts are no longer on the table. Alright, here's what we're giving away: three ultra-customized Xbox Ones, five custom DP Beats headphones, and as the grand prize, an all-expenses-paid trip to DPHQ to spend some time with us. Okay, here we go. Oh! Oh! Oh, get down to my level! No no! All eyes on me. That is the best moment of your life. The astronaut knows how to fly. Okay, guys. Very exciting.
I'll give you the star before Ty and Cory leave. Alright, T... Warm up the propeller, buddy. Entering is easy. Simply scan this QR code or go to and create your greenlight account using the dpsweeps code you need to enter. Can someone throw away my plane? Good luck, T. Okay, it's going to loop. Ty is warming up. He has to start the descent now. He's going to send it. Oh! And they say that that bridge is 90% air. Greenlight helps kids and teens learn to be smart with their money and gives parents everything they need to send money to their kids instantly.
Set up tasks and assignments, approve and track your kids' investments, and more. Thanks guys. Join us and the 6 million parents and children already using Greenlight and sign up for Greenlight today. And don't forget to use code dpsweeps when you sign up to participate. My turn, right? Let's go baby. It's going to be really bad. Never down. Oh, she's moving. Oh, you're safe, Gar. I'm running a game. To the next! Welcome to Demo Derby. Last car standing gets one star out of 10, 9. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. 3, 2, 1 let's go! Oh. Do it again. Ho Ho Ho! That was in bad taste!
Oh! Yeah! It blew Cody up. Oh! Oh, see you, Codes. Oh! Switch it on! Oh! Self destruction! It all comes down to this: green versus yellow. Come on. Come on. Team up with you. I don't know why I can't turn. Oh! Wow. He got it! He's going to finish it! Missed opportunity, that one. Yeah! How is he not dying? This is the most fun I've ever done. It's so much fun, man. Cory, you're still missing. Go where he is going to be, not where he is currently. See you! Oh! Oh! Oh, I crashed. I had you.
See you! No! Send it! Bam! Oh, wow! Welcome to the excavator challenge. The first to fill their dump truck wins. On his mark, get ready, go! Oh, you guys are in so much trouble I'm driving and driving around at the same time. That's elite. I made an absolutely costly mistake. I tried to turn around too soon. Oh, about to turn around. Oh man. All eyes on... Oh, I went about it the wrong way. Oh yeah baby! Oh, I'm losing sand. How do I throw the bucket? Oh I got it. I win. No! No! This will do it, guys.
No no! Come on baby! Oh, Gar's gone crazy. I'll win the next one. This is going to work right here, guys. Yeah! Cody wins! No! Someone start me quick. I take off my sun hat. Far! Court! Welcome to tank time. The first to go through the obstacle course and shoot all the targets is the winner. Ready, Set, Go! Yeah! All eyes on me. Yes baby! Yeah! Yeah! Jonesy, red team! Come on, fire! Fire! Come on. Dude! Come on, fire! Come on! Come and make the new rhythm. I can not see. All eyes on me. Yeah! Come on!
Victory donut! Wow, are you kidding me? Here you have. Welcome to helicopter rescue. The first person to save a person from the top of the building wins. Go! Oh no! Oh! Oh! I don't know what to do. I'm at full speed and nothing happens. I have it figured out, but I'm not going to tell you. Do you have it resolved? Yes. What do you mean? Oh! Hey, looks like you have it all figured out! So I have an ethical question. If we crash all our helicopters while trying to save people, we will have lost more lives than we saved.
Oh! Enter a moment! Everyone in! Get on! Come on! Yeah! Yeah! Oh! Oh God! Hey, oh! Oh, get out of here! Hey! That? I'm out. Oh, oh! That was okay... I didn't mean to! It was not my intention! Hey. Pick it up...pick it up. Pick it up. Oh! Hey! Hey! It is real! Cody is back in the game. I have it! I have it! I have a boy! Receive hello. He is rescued! Hit him on the head! Ready. Let's go for more. Cody, the star is on fire. You saved him. Here you have. Here we go.
I'll take it. Back to the game, baby. Welcome to the aircraft carrier landing. Here we go! All eyes on me. Oh, nice takeoff. Well, this is our moment. One way or another, this is it. Kill the accelerator. Turn right. Oh? Yeah! What a save! Don't call it a comeback. Hey. A comeback... He just said, don't call it a comeback. More like drowning. That was perfect! Are you ready to see greatness? Greatness or evil. --move it. Windows... I forgot how to fly these things. Yes, same. I love it. I love it. Kill him, kill him, kill him.
I love it! Yeah! Court! No way! I mean, that wasn't a clean landing, but it was a landing. Alright, I need a star. Here we go. Come on, Cody. Oh, you go for it. Oh, it goes to the opposite landing. Touch it! Oh! I'm in disbelief right now. What's happening? This looks great. Oh! I know this is shocking. It didn't work. Hey Hey hey! Here we go, guys. Come on, Cobes. This song is about you. However, we know the rule. I'm running... Just do it. Land. Down it. I'm not going to do it here. You had it!
Here we go, T. 3, 2, 1. You won't get right into that. You will not do it. Think about it. He's thinking about it. --completely new rhythm. All eyes on me. Oh! Garrett, you, sir, deserve the biggest star. Battleship


in 3, 2, 1! I smell fireworks. Oh my God! I was absolutely destroyed. Are you turned on, friend? Yes. Oh yes baby! You can not touch me. Hey! What was that? Look at Coby hiding. I got completely excited. Come on baby. Take me Home. Oh, Garrett is going to get taken down. Someone take it down! Ah! Yes Yes! Gary, finish it! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh, he missed the finish line. Go out! How does that happen? Ah! No! They exploited me! Gar, go away, baby! Oh, they shot me! Come on. Go, Gar! Go to the right! Trying to bust it! Yeah! Final star. There's the trophy. Yeah! I'm running again just for fun. Yes, that's great. I'll do it again Hey, light the Roman candles! We're back at it! Perfect doubt.

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