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Tucker Carlson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #468

Mar 11, 2024


a few times, but enough to learn that chaos is the only thing you should avoid because that's when people turn into animals and really start behaving in ways that are inconceivable to civilize people. Oh, we're going to turn into medium monkeys real quick. or we're gonna like it in minutes, yeah, oh yeah, bro, I was on Dave and Busters once, right, I'm not even kidding, the power goes out, dude, did you eat someone, bro, that was crazy that everyone in that guy, people were hitting there? It was complete darkness, right, and people, yeah, you were feeling around for whatever, birthday cake or whatever, you know you didn't even know what's going on, yeah, but that was crazy, that's Dave and Busters .
tucker carlson this past weekend w theo von 468
I know you. I know, so what are your plans now? As you have already done them. Are you on Twitter. You are in a free space as much as we are in today's society. You are in a free space for freedom of expression. What else do you do? Like we have some plans, I mean some of them, I mean, if I'm honest, it includes territorial expansion, we're going to invade Canada, oh man, they'll just hit, there won't be a pillow fight, you'll take them in a second, um, no , I mean, I, I. I just want to continue doing what we're doing, which is just, you know, saying things that can't be said in other places, bringing facts that maybe people haven't heard in a spirit of humility, you know, if I'm going through it . my whole life in Washington, most of 35 years, I'm very, I know I can't believe it, but you know what I think a lot of people were glad that someone was there, you know, it's nice to see people coming out. of a space because that's when you're not as engaged when people don't seem as engaged it's totally true no it's totally true but I didn't realize how controlled my brain was when I was in it because you're not right but um , but anyway, I've been around a lot of people who set out grandiose plans: I'm going to change the world and those people invariably 100% of the time make the world worse, so you know, approach each task with knowledge.
tucker carlson this past weekend w theo von 468

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tucker carlson this past weekend w theo von 468...

I have no real idea what I'm doing. I don't know the long term consequences of


. You probably won't be able to fix all the problems. I will just humbly do my best. I know we have to make things a little better, that's my goal, to make things a little better, but anyone who tells you if we pass this legislation we're going to fix everything we're going to fix healthcare forever Barack Obama said in 2010, as soon as like he said I was like I don't even know much about healthcare. I'm no expert, but it was like Second, you're telling me you're going to fix something as complicated as the entire US economy in a single piece of legislation.
tucker carlson this past weekend w theo von 468
Yes, because you're lying, actually, because that's impossible and it turned out, of course, they made it worse. I don't want to do that, I don't even have the power to do that, but I just want you to know that I just want to tell the truth and do it without being told not to do it and I think we can and Tucker on X is his show, right, and you , guys, do you believe? Do you think you would ever do a show with a partner? Do you think that or something like that? I'm not going to give you an idea.
tucker carlson this past weekend w theo von 468
I'm just saying, because that's usually the predecessor. It's a matter of someone trying to propose an idea to you, but do you think about that kind of thing? Have? Well, I mean, I have a million people I'd like to work with. I mean, you know, I like interviewing people. a lot and I really try to be quiet while I'm interviewing them because I'm obviously a compulsive talker, but I'd like a break from that where I can just listen, so I like, we'll have a lot of people and We have and we'll have a lot of returning guests, but yeah, we have all.
We're making a lot of documentaries and doing stuff like that, um, so it's like a production company, more like, are you expanding in that sense? M, yeah, like um, what? is that a bapiro has an outkick is a company is a company daily cable I don't know what outkick is I have a friend who, um, who works there outkick I think it was football and then, uh, okay, Jason still does it Jason work There, do you know Jason Whitlock? Yes, I know Jason Whitlock. I met him once. I love Jason Whitlock. He's a very nice guy.
He seemed very friendly. I couldn't talk much with him. He's a great guy and very deep. He's not a superficial person at all, he's the kind of person that when you talk to him, Whitlock, oh there he is, there he is Whitlock will say things and you say, wait, I'm sorry, I just want to have a super. Superficial conversation like how are you? I'm cool, how are you? and he will say that I am superficial in some ways and he will like it, he won't, he doesn't think like that or talk like that, he will order I like the super heavy stuff out there and it's cool, it would be interesting.
Sometimes I want to have deeper conversations with people, but I think I'm afraid to go into them or I don't know how to do it without seeming like I'm being nosy or I don't know with him you don't have to worry because he does it, he's okay with that. yeah well he just goes there immediately goes there um I like that about him do they ever ask you? and then we'll wrap up because I know you've been here for a while and thank you for your time. I love it. Do you ever get asked to bring people to Twitter like there's no movement?
Because I know John Stewart just had a program with Apple, right? He recently he canceled, yes, he had a program with Apple. John Stewart. John Stewart, The Daily Show Guy from The Daily Show. John Stewart's program at Apple is ending Mr. Stewart and, I'm sorry, Apple is parting ways because of creative differences I didn't even know he had a program at Apple, so it shows you what I know, people in the know, but They had a disagreement about the episodes, the type of episodes I wanted to do, I wanted to do episodes on Can we turn it down?
According to reporter Hol, head of IT decisions. In the end, Apple approached Stuart directly and expressed its need for the host and his team to be aligned with the company's views on the topics discussed rather than aligning when Apple threatened to cancel. Stuart reportedly decided to walk. Stuart intended discussions about artificial intelligence and China to be a big concern for Apple. Why would they care if he had episodes like that? I mean, we're assuming that's true. I hope it's true. That's a noble reason to Quit, you know, if you think there's something really important that you want to cover and your boss says no, that's a good reason to quit, so I hope that's the case.
There was another time you almost quit before you got fired. I mean, I didn't. I even know that program existed, so I don't think it was doing well. I don't think so, yeah, um, and Stuart is obviously a talented guy. I met him, you know, yeah, he's kind of beloved 25 years ago, yeah, I always thought he was. talented, he definitely did what I think everyone does at some point and it's important to get out of that and start confusing yourself with a messianic figure and just say no I'm just a guy like I'm very important and I've done it so I've Been there, oh yeah, your ego is the first thing to grow 100%.
And it's very scary, you say: Does God have a special reason for me? No, you will humiliate yourself, you will humiliate yourself. and you will destroy yourself, you will lose the respect of your wife and your friends if you don't back away from that yes and remember that I am a and if you don't believe it the next time you get out of the shower walk in front of the mirror and look at yourself, look at yourself and say: "I am really impressive, no, no, really, oh, yes, yes, I saw it this morning, yes, what do you think?", yes, yes, yes, so yes, exactly, so it's important to do that.
You know what I mean, that will keep you from thinking you're the Messiah. I don't think he has mirrors in his house. um any other questions about that or anything you'd like to talk about. You don't, it's okay, I know you share everything on your own. shows why just share everything in general yeah yeah I really enjoyed it yeah man it was a lot of fun I had a great time yeah me too I appreciate it you're the only person I've ever talked to. the last one, probably, who one of my children will be impressed by, they are not impressed at all, yes, they are impressed by you.
I don't know why you obviously have some kind of weird magical power over younger people. I don't know and I don't know anything about that, you don't abuse that, well, no, that's fine, well, they're just not going to start a Children's Crusade or anything, they came after our industry a couple of years ago, you know Oh. I didn't mean anything creepy, okay, no, yes, yes, yes, and I only know grown women and um, oh, old ladies like you, no, I only know people who are legally adults, well, of course, okay, That's all I'm saying, buddy, because yeah.
Immediately as you know, I remember the New York Times kind of chased half of our industry, you know, like you noticed. I noticed, yeah, just these vague things that come up and I think there are a lot of creepy comedians, but not as many as there are. in journalism yeah there are some creatures in journalism dude what happened remember the guy who got screwed in the zoom meeting and then they brought him back in for the interview and he sat there and said oh they cut your beating and a zoom interview, I mean. it just shows you that his name is Jeff Tubin and you don't know he's a stupid guy, I actually know him and I've worked with him, but he's, oh yeah, but his desire to be on television trumps everything else, oh, like If I told you, you know?
If that happened, you'd say you know what I'm thinking. I'll do something. You know what I mean. I'll find something. I know I've had problems with that. Yes, well, you, but you said. you have them under control you are not compulsive no, I am doing very well just habitual but it is not a problem yes only on a full moon, but imagine if you are Jeff Tubin and you sit there with this Fox anchor and talk about that. Like there's no shame you can't take no there's no you won't eat just to be on TV and I obviously had no respect for Jeff Tubin anyway because I know him um but I had even less uh after that I mean that was weird how God will give you your gifts, you don't know what they're going to be wrapped in, it's like everyone wants to be on camera, I know, and like there you have to want the right things, you know what I mean, I think.
You have to be very specific with God, brother, because he is busy. I totally agree and the last thing I'll say is that I think it's very important if you're publicly humiliated and I've certainly been and he too, of course, can be a big That's a big thing, yeah, and you should treat it that way and be grateful for it. You know this keeps me from becoming a worse person than I otherwise might have been. There is nothing worse than a man who spent his entire adult life on him. succeed and never be humiliated they become unbearable they talk only about themselves they can't stand to listen to you every time you speak they hold their breath until you stop so they can start again they become true narcissists and I only hope Jeff Tubin, who is really a, in I'm actually just saying, um, I don't know him, but I know him, so I mean it's like he is, but he may be less so now, yeah, actually, and I certainly have.
It's been a lot, so I'm not judging you know, but I do, so I have high hopes for him, yeah, he got caught hitting himself, there's a big potential upside, oh yeah, dude, I mean, there definitely isn't, yeah, that guy definitely likes to masturbate, but um, yeah. Anyway, uh tuger Carlson, thanks a lot buddy, it was interesting and I really appreciate your time, I really did and thanks for the Zen, yeah, you bet bro, I might do one later. See, now I'm just floating in the breeze. I feel like I'm falling like these leaves I must be a Keystone oh but when I hit that ground I'll share this piece of my life found I can feel it in my bones but it's going to take

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