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Try not to MIND BLOWN challenge! /r/im14andthisisdeep top all #50 [REDDIT REVIEW]

May 30, 2021
have something actually since the universe is expanding, even if it's okay, let's say we invent AI and we can live forever with AI or whatever we have, we have some kind of cosmic children, right, AI that is smarter that we humans or the same, even if we are, even if humanity is time wise, will continue forever. Since the universe is expanding at such a rate that at this point we will never be able to catch up, you can only travel as fast as the speed of light, even if we have infinite time and B we will invent light speed travel that we have.
try not to mind blown challenge r im14andthisisdeep top all 50 reddit review
We still won't be able to explore the entire galaxy. There will still be places completely far from us. That was. I just think it's cool if swearing is immature. Why does it refer to adult language? Dave Dave I'm sorry, I'm sorry kid, I'm deep and this is. sodium chloride oh, it looks like I'm out of water. I bet you don't know what that means stinking Zoomers. That's why there are no Bigfoot sightings, if anything, this should be the opposite because now literally everyone has a camera, right, everyone in the world. He carries a camera with him and every day of his life you would think that if something paranormal happened, people would know about it, right?
try not to mind blown challenge r im14andthisisdeep top all 50 reddit review

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try not to mind blown challenge r im14andthisisdeep top all 50 reddit review...

People would have taken a picture of him. By now, my friend who dropped out of college posted this, oh God, the right position, oh God, I feel bad. Imagine dropping out of college, Oh God, and publishing the pencils too, Oh God, using something like, oh, this is a yes, it's actually hand-drawn. I know. It looks hyper-realistic, but as you can see with the pencils here, it's actually a sketch. That's the worst part of this. Can I have a plastic bag inside? I mean, again, yes, by 2050 the oceans could have more plastic than fish, that's alarming. Call me Boomer but know the difference, don't be with someone who hurts you and puts a band-aid on your wound and calls it love, be with someone who changes and gets better to love you and protect you.
try not to mind blown challenge r im14andthisisdeep top all 50 reddit review
I do not understand why. they need to be with a cactus, what did the balloon burst after the first photo? Deeper, that's deep, bro, yeah, how do you put band-aids on? He would have simply died immediately. Oh, bomb, there's a bomb, players, there's a bomb. I saw it. I get it, I'm deep into the pressure society puts on men to be square, yes the age difference, cats used to have fun, they actually went out to play, now my cat is just sitting on his iPhone texting text with ashes, tears before, tears during, tears after. brother, why are you collecting your tears?
try not to mind blown challenge r im14andthisisdeep top all 50 reddit review
This is how Hector, you fucking wee bruh, went to the moon, took five photos, went to the bathroom, took 105 photos. I mean, it's kind of like why do you need to damn. I'm getting too old to


the topic yes. You didn't see my hoodie today it says we live in a society I understood it because of the message behind it and how dark society is to this day the double meaning of the meme which is beautiful again I'm on the side of the cartoon the school is just trying to make you think a certain way they don't teach you about free thought if the sims are just fun with cheap codes what does that say about capitalism?
Yeah, what does that say about capitalism? Matt, please continue, yeah, sure. The Sims age. very fast with cheat codes, it's more fun to play legit, I think it says that sometimes it's fun to cheat, that a salary is the bribe they give you to make you forget your dreams, oh no one stops you, what what about this? Say no to salary, how about that? This is Christ, I think all prisoners should be able to vote because we all live in a prison called society, society, there's a lot of society happy to go here, Dave, look, I told you they would have noticed us because they're all in the wrong.
I remember when people started criticizing it it was like everyone on the subway was now looking at their phones like, because it was boring before, no one was talking to each other anyway and you don't have to wait for that moment. Now you can entertain yourself with this amazing device it's like, yeah, the small conversations still exist, okay, yeah, it's not gone, police, why are you here? someone, I'm being a booth, I'm being a Bose cop, what's your name? You, mother earth, humans, one like is equal to ten trees to save the earth, one like is equal to ten trees.
Wow, at least 300 trees were saved, that's incredible. Our plan to attack area 51. Our plan to save the environment. This has a lot to do with society. I mean, what is it? the plan to save the environment, as I always hear people complain about it, I think that's why people are so discouraged, it has become the new vegan thing if people really talk about veganism, not as a way to shame people and just say oh. In fact, it is very good for the environment not to eat cows. Many more people would be on board instead of how dare you.
There is a way to save the environment. I realized I recorded this video a while ago, but now, Mr. Bies has released the video of him aiming to plant 20 million epic trees and is asking YouTubers for help to collaborate on this. I am happy, of course, to be able to participate. I'm going to make a donation now. I'm also going to make a video promoting it, but I felt it was appropriate to at least mention it because everyone's asking me about it and I think it's a really cool project, so check out the link in the description, please go donate, it's a big cost for the environment, ethics and fewer complaints. more epic action epically well, finish the video Felix, yeah, because it's impossible to be smart and athletic, you just can't.
I mean, I realize I'm too boomer for this. I'm too old for this sub


. Sorry, well I hope you enjoy it anyway, it's like you really appreciate it and as always, no, no, as always, oh I remember there's something I needed to tell you, although it's a little deep, so prepare yourselves , have a great day. right, you thought I was going to plug my merger, no, I'm just saying have an amazing day, never judge your book by its cover because that's in March, haha, I fooled you, dummy, never trust anyone who's deep, well, You haven't tried to own shit since then.
Me after 50 million of our troops match, oh yeah, right now, it's still relevant, just a little lower.

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