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TRAGIC DISAPPEARANCE of Sarah Stone’s mom leaves the Coaches in TEARS | Journey #70

May 31, 2021
Singers like you who really make this the best show and I can eat you sing my little fish don't cry my little fish doesn't have that Smile outlaws well I found it somehow but you still live at my father's house these are the ones coming out tonight how Your name is darling my name is Sarah Stone I'm 23 years old and I'm from Melbourne my name is Sarah Stone I'm 23 years old and I'm from Melbourne supporting me in my blind audition is my dad Steve and my brother Alex being able to share this experience knowing what we've done spent together as a family.
tragic disappearance of sarah stone s mom leaves the coaches in tears journey 70
I think it will be the best. When I was six years old, my mom dropped me off at school and that was the last time. When we saw her, she completely disappeared from the face of the earth and to this day no one really knows what happened to my mother, so that's always something that I guess is a question in the back of all of our minds, so It's something we've had to deal with on a day-to-day basis. A coin man has offered a $10,000 reward for information on the whereabouts of his wife, who has been missing for eight months.
tragic disappearance of sarah stone s mom leaves the coaches in tears journey 70

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tragic disappearance of sarah stone s mom leaves the coaches in tears journey 70...

Linda Grim


, a 42-year-old mother of two, was last seen on September 4 last year. I just hope someone somewhere knows something and the reward jogs their memory. It was 17 years ago this year and Sara was only six and Alex was only 11 and there was no family here and no families in the UK, I mean. Linda and I came here to start a new life. My dad had a hard time at first having to deal with the loss of his soulmate and his partner and I watched him go through that and that was really devastating. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but he is. the bravest and bravest person I have ever met and he is the rock of our family, we have that bond and that closeness that I think since that tragedy has made us even closer, yes, so how special are you?
tragic disappearance of sarah stone s mom leaves the coaches in tears journey 70
I think this is ah for me as a parent. I just couldn't tell you how proud I am of Sarah. This song I'm going to sing. I feel like it reflects everything about who I am and my family. It's almost as if this song was written. to me it basically talks about someone who has lost someone really important in their life and you can still see that pain in their eyes and when I look at my dad, everything about that song, excuse me, my dad is such a strong Bears and to get over it. What has happened and still feeling so much love for his children is incredible.
tragic disappearance of sarah stone s mom leaves the coaches in tears journey 70
From the moment those chords started playing, there was a feeling of melancholy and I thought, "Okay, something good." I didn't know the song I would like to sing. I know why you chose that particular song, that song is just one of those songs and every time I sing it it makes me cry, it just hits you in the heart and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to share it with you because it's something that it means a lot to me why do they say they want to share it with us what is the story behind the song yes it reminds me a lot of my dad he is here he is here yes I Unfortunately I lost my mother when I was very young so my Dad has been a very strong support structure in my life.
I don't know where this is going, but there is a great saying, enough of the moments and you have one life and if you keep singing. you will always find different things to sing and I think you know my job as a Viti coach, to encourage you to be yourself. We go all out because we love who you are, what you stand for, so it's really about encouraging you and finding the right songs, this is a competition, so it's really about finding where you can go, what risks you can take, Sarah, I I hung on to every word, I think that's the beautiful thing about the gift of music and being able to have a voice, it's the narrative behind it.
I've never heard that song a day in my life, but I love it, it literally makes me want to go and listen to it again, but I want to hear it from you, oh, you want people to feel when you sing well, yes, absolutely. You write songs too, yes, I do, that's my domain, I love singing Bella's songs and trying different songs, but I also love writing things. I'm with you, Sarah. I loved every moment of that song. They completely captivated me. for the words I just wanted to hear there was room it takes a lot more courage to stand there and have space around you and just stand up straight and sing from your heart and I'm so proud and happy for you thinking I would I love being your coach to guide you through this


and become an even better artist than you started out with.
Where is your? Where is your dad? Do you want him to come here with you while you make this decision? This is my brother Alexander in my father's David Barger, if I'm honest, when I came into the program I had a clear vision of who I wanted as a coach, but hearing everything you guys have said has resonated with me. differently right now I'm attracted to you George, come on guys, welcome to the boxing ring, the knockout ring, um, so the topic for you three will be the dance producers. I chose dance producers as a topic because obviously I've been a DJ for the last 25 years I love dance music, I mean dance music now is pop music obviously we really encourage them to do it in their own particular way, They get a chance to hear each other sing, which could be helpful or just add to the terror.
Next, Sarah for Sara, I chose Running by Naughty Boy featuring Beyonce. That song will show another part of who I am. I feel like my first audition was much more emotional. This song has all that power when talking about your first audition. I have four chairs, these are


I, Sara, impressed George with an inspiring performance. Unfortunately, I lost my mother when she was very young. I connected with her vulnerability and I really wanted to fight for her and I'm so glad I did, but don't do it. Sometimes you don't try too hard, when you try to be grand or try to make those big notes on me, you fall apart, you don't have to try hard, you just have something really natural and it's like you think you know, oh.
I'm doing a little jump there, it's not necessary. I think you just have to do it. You know, you can almost let it go a little more. I'd like to hear you do it one more time just to relax. Don't feel like you have to push okay not just the way I feel I'm subs where else can I go? where else can I go? Beautiful Tracy Hey, getting lost, I'm going to have to go with my heart as always and I choose the person with whom I feel most emotionally connected and that person is Sara, welcome to the battles, there is no steel, no one can be saved and you, one of you, can you get through, sara is an incredible singer, she is a truly formidable force. and in some ways it's a little scary going up against her now that it's sort of 1 on 1.
This is really starting to feel like an all-out competition. The song I have chosen for you is one of my favorite songs. It's not an obvious song. a song about Annie Lennox and it's a song called why it's quite floaty it has attitude it's quite whispery it has a lot of things in it are you familiar with the song? Yeah, okay, you know some parts of it, but it's still pretty fresh, okay, that's it. something exciting, that means you have something to discover, enough, just a physical exam, think about what you're saying here, how many times do I have to tell you that dancing hit them in the head, but a little more, a little more for the afraid, don't I apologize? this song I just want to say that he has told you I'm sorry over and over again how many sounds he made to tell you that's a little more he could do that was drama.
I felt like my voice could have been stronger in my knockout performance, so I just need to make sure that in this next round in battles my performance is the best possible. They're both excellent vocalists, there's not much to it. It was freely, just because of who knows this song, who brings the most emotion, who makes you feel that. Do you need to feel or something I have to try to tell you and I'm sorry for the things I've done oh lord have mercy but when I start trying to tell you that's when you have to tell me hey it's kind of trouble just because that's beautiful I tell myself that a lot why I never you learn to keep your big mouth closed that's why it hurts so much to hear the words to keep falling from falling from your mouth falling from your mouth say Yo my God Wow these are the words I never said this is the path these are the dreams tell me the person the one I'm going through is Sarah welcome to the next phase of this competition obviously now we're at the point where the public decides she's very scary yes absolutely so the song we're going to do is a song by an artist that we normally I stay away, but this is a song very similar to Adele's, it's called Water under the Bridge, it's actually mine and it seals FEMA.
I love this song. I think the most important thing about this song is being able to show a little more versatility. I feel like the previous songs I've performed have been quite heartbreaking and very vulnerable, whereas this is a very commanding song. it's about saying I'm here and I'm not going anywhere my first fall forget Adele you know just do it Sarah you have to take it somewhere else you can't do some kind of impersonation don't respect the devil. Stop being polite and let everything come closer, but no cigarettes. I feel like you really have to go against your natural instincts and just let this thing break.
I really need to bring this ass in her performance and just bring it especially in The End Is Pulling A Big Nose Yeah and enjoy that moment for this song to work for Australia to really fall in love with Sarah. She really needs to let go. You're going to disappoint me if you're going to leave him. You did it? enjoy you know I love her voice I've always admired her from the moment I heard her and Delta and I were actually admiring seeing her transformation like we were watching all of them transform before our eyes but she just I love her voice.
I felt it radiate that the Team George artist facing the sing-off tonight is Robin, that means Sarah and Hosea are safe for another week. You can leave the stage. Yes, I feel like I'm looking at them. and I see so much vulnerability and pain in your eyes to go all the way I think you might have to let people in we have a song called gravity this has to be a turning point let me in let Australia in like I felt so connected to youth as if I hadn't told you but as if my mother was a big fan.
It's so sweet when I lost my mother it was so hard and how do you explain to a six year old that one of the most important people in your life will never come back and I'm still sorry I wish I could sing through the


my voice can just be something controversial to say something that happened that night wouldn't make me angry actually the CEO said something really profound on the On the last show he said that the light shines brightest through those who have cracked and don't often find me quoting Seal, which It really resonates with what I've been telling you today that you should let the light come through.
The more fragility and reality you can bring to this performance, the more people will fall madly in love with you and no, I won't let my mascara go, yeah , I'm close, that's beautiful, something always brings me back to you, never. It takes too long, no matter what I say or do, I still feel you here until now. I don't want to bend another moment in your gravity here. So good, oh, just like it's supposed to be for me, you're over me, it's Over me I live here on my knees while I try to make you see that all I think I need here you are neither friend nor foe.
The door can't seem to let you go. I'm still holding on. For me, something always brings me back to you. It's never necessary. First of all, your mom is very proud because you know it takes a lot to try to maintain composure as a vocalist to try not to cry because it's really hard to sing through


. you held it together so beautifully, so prepared, so elegant and I am so proud of you and thank you so much for sharing your soul with everyone here, all through those lenses. God bless you baby, you're in the team aura.
I can tell you that the first coach with all the artists safe from the last two is Team George. It was such a beautiful moment. You looked fantastic. It was the most glamorous I have ever seen in my entire life. I think the people who were ready were moved by your performance. Certainly, I'm so used to making other people happy and that's all I want when I make music, yeah, so to make you proud, so big for me, beautiful, well, the song we're doing this week is called Scary To Be Loly because me. I'm a very modern song, this is like the kind of love song I write, you know, complicated love songs.
I can say that about all my relationships, what is your religion? It's complicated, does Sarah sing without the band and is her tone beautiful? we're scared it's a little lonely why can't you just make an a cappella zone between yourselves better and the orbs are magnified and all the floors no wonder why you wonder why we keep coming back for more he's just our body ? both in math is the only reason you hold me tonight because we're afraid to be alone so we need someone just to feel like we're okay is the only reason whythat you want something it's just our bodies The only reason you're holding me back for too long next one is the status and on next week's Team George live show, it's Sara, I give you some love.
Hello, nice to meet you, beautiful, exciting, sure this week to stop by again, thank you. You Mr. Anna, you love it, no, you are enjoying it and I really feel that you have connected with Australia. Now we have to make sure we keep them interested. I think this is where Jennifer comes in, so Sarah, the song I chose for this week. it's Lord and it's a green light big fan a huge Lapham I want to feel you get confused give them that goodbye baby I can't let it go you know or just making a different inflection baby but I can't let it go yeah and it's some deep words Here, take them out, find those pieces key and then attach them to a note and make sure you hold on to those notes when you give them that emotion that is so part of who you are as a person.
It's a very powerful thing that Sarah has. So much presence and energy it's like she dominates the room. I just want her to take it and know it so I can apply it to her performance. Someone else will come. We ordered different drinks at the same bar. I know what you don't. I know I want to scream the truth she thinks you'll love the beach it's a damn lie those white sharks have big teeth well they bite you but you said you'd always be in love but you're not in love I'm not scared You, how we kiss about me, you dance in the lighted floor, in the new lighted sound, I'll see you behind me.
I'll be looking at you brilliant artists, there's only one place left in next week's grand final, the fourth and final artist. Moving on to our grand finale is Lucy, that means Sarah and Bernie are going home, but congratulations to them both. They should be very happy to know that they were here the week before the grand final they did. Great, haven't they accomplished everything we've accomplished? The fact that they have opened their lives to us. Sarah, what would you like to say? Oh, if I were to start off, obviously, Boy George, what an incredible experience I've had with Get.
Up here, get off, yeah, it's so good that you're going home, but you two are so amazing.

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