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Titanus Shimo Explained - TITAN Breakdown

Mar 06, 2024
Today, the review platform will feature a new Titan of never-before-seen proportions that dwarfs Kong's scar king, Godzilla, and perhaps even the current largest Titan in the monsterverse. Gadora, that's right, Shimo has entered the Monsterverse. , make sure you stay warm because things are about to get cold. Coming soon


is Shimo


that Shimo is one of those Titans that was more or less leaked long before an official reveal whenever the figure started appearing in stores, but as many of you know, Shima was teased long before that any of these leaks will confirm it as true. Titan in the monsterverse back in 2022, Call of Duty War Zone launched Operation Monarch with a map where players could interact with Godzilla, shoot Kong in the balls, and witness some really cool Easter eggs throughout the map, including this one, This particular rock art featured Godzilla in a square.
titanus shimo explained   titan breakdown
Facing a really large and at the time unknown monster, most people speculated that it was a random piece of art, but others suspected that it was a new Kaiju that had not yet been released. These suspicions turned out to be true as rumors of a massive Kaiju with crystals. On his back he eventually began to emerge, this would be known as Shimo, the enormous and first Titan in the history of the Monsterverse. Interestingly, this is yet another example of a franchise featuring its inevitable big white addition to its roster of creatures, like the indomitable Rexx, for example, ice.
titanus shimo explained   titan breakdown

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titanus shimo explained titan breakdown...

Rudy from AG, how to train your dragons, Bewilderbeast just to name a few, now in the monsterverse we have


. The official information about


is really limited as of now, but by looking at his abilities in the latest trailers and also knowing what his full body looks like. We can make some very educated guesses about how this creature behaves, what its proportions are, and how it fights. That being said, here's a potential spoiler warning before we continue. Compiling all this data will continue and generate a nice speculative model of what Shimo actually looks like on our analytics platform, in the meantime how about we take it behind the scenes and take a look at how the editing team and Goji Center research surf the Internet to make these videos?
titanus shimo explained   titan breakdown
This is the Opera browser and these guys came up with a state of full tabs. where you don't need to lose your mind and struggle with a browser with many tabs, so they created the perfect stress-free browser to work faster and to keep things simple we like to use Opera browser by categorizing each tab into relevant groups like shopping videos news anything all content related to social media is in this Island tab all other things like our scripts are in this other tab here and this is where we did some online shopping if you want to save space just collapse an island and move tabs by clicking and dragging and save a ton of time and stress without feeling overwhelmed by a million tabs, cool, new to Opera, just suck your data from another browser with a single click, this stress-free browsing will help you achieve fullness of tabs Instead of yelling at your computer because you're a mess at organizing tabs, you can just relax browsing through your tabs without stress, just click the link below and browse stress-free, ad-free, privately and, most importantly, safe, unlike planet Earth, which is about to feel Shimo's wrath, she is ready to see and here.
titanus shimo explained   titan breakdown
She comes, that's right, it is confirmed that Shimo is a woman, the mother of all kaijus. We'll explain this later in this episode, but for now let's cover some physical attributes of this monster for this episode. The Goji center collaborated with Dope Pope, who not only provided us with. with an excellent 3D model of shimo for visualization of her, but also the one responsible for designing


s. Tiamet is also rumored to appear in Godzilla Kong: The New Empire. One piece of footage that helps us understand just how colossal this Titan really is is this clip seen in the trailer. has been shared quite a bit on the internet, mainly because CU does a very good job of showing how big he is on all fours, he looks like shimo Rivals the size of an upright and evolved Godzilla now, at this point, when this episode is released, there is no It's not an official size for the evolved Godzilla, but our best guess is that this evolved form grew a little taller at least while standing now.
If we use this clip as a reference and scale shimo, we see that this Titan can not only be close to tall like Godzilla but also capable of rearing up and being much taller than any Titan in the monster verse to give you fun speculative comparisons. We can compare this to some of the larger kaijus in the franchise. Throughout, we have a Titan like Tiamet, as they say. For being 847 feet long compared to Shima's mass, it seems that Tiamet is outmatched in every aspect. Note that TMT is no pushover, probably one of the strongest titans currently, but is now embarrassingly small compared to Shimo.
Another large type is Titanis Methusa, 322 feet. Tall to the shoulder, capable of having many different geological formations on her back, Shimo seemingly dwarfs Methuselah even with the mountain she carries with her everywhere. Gadora, for example, is a whopping 521 feet tall, much taller than Godzilla, but Shimo, if she stands up, can be seen. down to gadora and bites off its three puny heads with a silly Kong, come on, now we have a very special theory that talks more about this, just keep looking because of this gigantic mass, we will speculate that this is automatically the heaviest Titan in the world.
Monsterverse known so far much of the weight could come from the densest parts of the body, such as the crystals on its dorsals, the arrangement of these crystals is suspiciously similar to Godzilla's arranged along his back to his tail, these could They serve a very similar function to Godzilla's dorsal plates that light up while he powers up his main weapon or simply serve as intimidation to also show himself in his default form. These are a mix of purple and blue, but we could assume they can light up in different colors. probably blue, purple or solid white, perhaps matching his lighter skin, which together could serve as camouflage in frigid areas here, for example, most people won't even see Shimo from afar because his color in this clip blends in with the icy environment around her, okay?
By now it is evident that this Kaiju is synonymous with freezing temperatures and special abilities that exploit freezing elements. For example, notice in these clips that Shimo's mere presence is cold enough to freeze surrounding environments. By now it's clear that Shimo is thriving in some ways. of the cave veiled by a lava waterfall, even in this really hot environment, Shimo leaving the cave is so cold that even his presence will freeze the ground that a few moments ago was burning due to the lava. Her presence alone could even offset the temperature of this place making it more habitable for the great apes that live here this cold phenomenon is already mind blowing just with her sitting now imagine being touched by this thing her body temperature being so cold could even make your impact is more powerful let's study this a little more given its proportions and the colossal size of these limbs, especially the front ones, will make any melee attack from shimo much more deadly.
Her arms alone are big enough to surpass literally every other Kaiju in the monsterverse in head-on combat, yes, probably even Godzilla. just look at the difference in range, this impact along with the frigid temperatures will spell Doom for whoever makes contact with this kaijo, freezing any part of the body that is at risk of frostbite, which turns out to be the actual name of one of the explosion abilities of freezing before we look at this. skill, let's move on to a weapon that can kill the fizer with a single hit. This fierce looking weapon is apparently made of the same material as its dorsal spikes formed in a way that may look like sharp obsidian blades, mounted on a long tail propelled by These hips can accumulate enough energy to fatally lacerate any Kaiju, yes, a any Kaiju, with just one hit, seeing this thing come towards your face is nothing more than certain death, even without any additional abilities.
Shimo seems nothing if not unstoppable, but there's more in the trailer we were introduced to. Shima's freezing explosion. This clip begins with the trail of an explosion that was already aimed at Kong. Kong regains his balance and grabs his ax to see if he can block this shot the same way he blocked Godzilla's atomic blast in GBK. This skill is different. Godzilla cannot be completely absorbed by the axe, however, the cold, freezing effects of this freezing blast prove to be too much for Kong, who is knocked back hundreds of feet as he feels his arm become covered in ice, appropriately called a blast. of freezing.
The ability hurts Kong to the point where he needs to be equipped with the Beast Gauntlet. This clip shows his injured arm below the frostbite. He has the ability to disable affected muscles, injuring them to the point of causing permanent damage, making it so in this film that Kong can continue. fighting, he will rely heavily on this device to give him a fighting chance against any Kaiju. This dangerous ability comes from the colossal head and mouth of this animal. Proportionally speaking, this animal is technically large enough to grab any of these great apes and easily bite off their heads. shut them down and freeze them on the spot, so now that we have a fairly basic understanding of what shimo can do, let's try to discover more about the dark side of this Titan, its lore and its most dangerous ability, says the synopsis of Godzilla Kong, the New Empire. that both Godzilla and Kong face a colossal threat hidden within the planet that challenges their existence and the survival of the human race now that we know who shimo is and what he is capable of this synopsis makes a lot of sense now, after all, it is said that shimo started the Ice Age thanks to his ability to change the weather, this may be his most destructive ability after all keep in mind that we didn't say anything about manipulating the weather, but manipulating the weather there is a big difference, let's explain that the The term climate refers to the short-term atmosphere. conditions, examples of this are rainy days, occasional snow that falls during the winter, hail, thunderstorms, sunny days, etc.
Weather, however, refers to weather patterns by region, for example, if you live in Florida You are probably accustomed to predominantly warm climates, those who live relatively closer to the poles will experience cool climates all year round. The thing is that Shimo here has the ability to change the weather and this is very important. Remember that something capable of starting ice ages can manipulate the atmosphere in a given area to make it cold. Río Jano, for example, is located within a tropical zone. The climatic temperatures are quite warm throughout the year. Summer here falls between December and January, while winter extends from June to August.
Introduce Shimo into the equation and you can potentially change things permanently not only here but around the world. That's what the synopsis means. when he claims to challenge the survival of the human race, how can we not just put on coats and be okay with some ice? No frigid climate like those seen in the Ice Age will completely change the dynamics of human survival around the world. world to explain this very quickly and simply. Let's ignore for a moment that a colossal Kaiju is roaming around killing everything and just focus on the effects of an Ice Age.
Humans need food. Yeah, well, guess how many of the agricultural products produced around the world? Some areas will not be able to be farmed, some areas will be too cold to live in, eventually most of the planet will freeze, making most of the land inhospitable to human life, at least overpopulation will occur and resources will decrease alarmingly, which which will cause an increase in the number of deaths due to famine and self-inflicted attrition, an abrupt Ice Age like this would not give us time to prepare for imminent doom and a large amount of human life on the planet will be lost.
Yeah, that's shimo for you, a walking weapon of mass extinction currently doing orders. by Scar King oh yes, this brings us to some of the deep lore we promise to explain. This monster as powerful as it is is controlled by Scar King or is in one way or another under the influence of this great ape. Speculation is everywhere. We don't know how this worksrelationship, but we'll go ahead and guess that it has something to do with this crystal on the tip of the whip, which if we look closely looks like something that belongs to Shimo, we'll guess that King's scar from a long time ago.
A while ago I stole possession of this Crystal and mounted it on some form of subjugating weapon like this whip which in turn acts as a way to bind Shimo to scar King's will. We discussed how a Titan like this could already dispatch many different kiju and if he turned against the great apes, it's no wonder how Scar King was able to amass a giant army of apes using shimo as a way to intimidate others, used as a symbol of power to amass followers of an ape army and execute those insubordinate apes who don't seem to cooperate, so in a way, shimo is similar to what grudge is to Jaba the Hut, as a means of execution by making the victim be an example of him and even as some evil form of entertainment, although this bond can be broken.
If we're speculating that Shimo is under Scar King's control, would it be possible that Shimo could be freed somehow? Perhaps if we consider the idea that this Crystal has something to do with this bond, its destruction may mean that Shimo is free of the Scar King's influence and perhaps turns against his captor, who had previously made him do things that can or not having been things Shimo would normally do using the whip as a way to tell him what to do or even calling Shimo by his name, oh. Yeah, I don't think the fact that these animals are kaiju rules out the possibility that Scar King can talk.
This is a wild card, but there is no mention of how Shimo was named, although the word Shimo means well or hole in Swahili or ice or. Frost in Japanese this word is suspiciously similar in syllables to suo, who is also part of this tribe of apes, so it is possible that these great apes perhaps communicate verbally with each other by associating names with individual members of the clan, at least those prominent and one definitely given to Shimo, this is a theory, but definitely plausible for a sophisticated clan of great apes.

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