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Tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover | Ikea dresser hack | Studio Fix S1 E5

Feb 27, 2020
hello guys welcome back to my channel Alexandra and today is the second part of the video that you have loved on my channel I made about my cameraman Carla's


on the ground floor we transformed it into a really dark and moody space the video has almost a million views so today I'm going to tackle your upstairs


space. This space up here has such good bones that it doesn't really need that much, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to walk you through how to create a


new space. Bedroom D to B when you live in a small space, so I'm going to break it down into simple steps you can take to transform your


into a


tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover ikea dresser hack studio fix s1 e5
It sounds a little weird having your dirty clothes in your room, but the best part of this video is that my good friend Dani Berger let me try again. The best part of this video is that my good friend Dani and I are going crazy with this above. so I knew something special had to happen in that corner of the laundry room that's where dad comes in. I did something magical. I'm so excited that after you see me transform this side of the room, be sure to check out Danny's channel so you can check it out.


side is beautiful it's really amazing you did an amazing job i mean for a laundry bedroom combo i think we did very good very good you had to do a


so i think first move on over here, so the first thing I'm going to do is replace the


you have here.
tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover ikea dresser hack studio fix s1 e5

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tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover ikea dresser hack studio fix s1 e5...

It's cute, but it's too small. Carla has a lot of clothes and she has no storage here. She has no closets at all in the entire apartment. I love the solution that Carla came up with this little cart with all of her pants, but since this is such a small space, I really want to talk as much as she can, so I'm going to buy her a bigger


. I'm going to bring a new IKEA. dresser but i'm going to


it i'm using black chalk paint to match the accent wall downstairs and i'm just painting the front of the drawer.
tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover ikea dresser hack studio fix s1 e5
It doesn't need a primer, it's amazing and dries to a chalky matte finish. This is a very easy DIY. It's not very messy. for an accent I'm going to change the knobs so I'm just going to drill a couple new holes in the drawer fronts add these fancy gold knobs and open up the dressers here. I'm going to let the paint dry in the drawers. before installing them, so I'll leave this as is for now and move on to tip number two. I always find that in small spaces people don't really think about this step or don't know how to solve their organization problems. and it can take away all the beautiful decor that you have in your space.
tiny loft bedroom gets a cozy makeover ikea dresser hack studio fix s1 e5
I want the decor to be the focal point, not all of Carla's clothes and other things that she has kept in these cubbies behind me, so what I'm going to do is add something storage under the bed. I'm building all these boxes that go under the bed have wheels on them which is awesome a lot of them are plastic or can be woven these are solid so they're really sturdy but they still have the wheels on the bottom , which makes them really easy to maneuver and under your bed, so I'm putting all the stuff that's tucked in those cubbies behind me in these storage bins that will slide right under Carla's bed.
These are the things that she doesn't need to use all the time, so like tools on the air mattress, extra sheets, guys get it out, grab it with our tools and slide it out and that will give me a lot more opportunities to have fun with these cubbies. and add a lot of decor now it's time to move on to the next storage solution which is tack ling your open closet now I don't really care that this is all open storage I think it goes the apartment vibe everything is open there isn't a wardrobe in this whole apartment but I think I'm going to make a little change that's going to really make a difference, so this bar is very low, which means all your clothes drag your long dresses on the floor that you can't hang here correctly I'm also thinking there are a lot more storage opportunities under your clothes I like these here but they look like they're going to fall over they're overflowing of things, so what I'm going to do is tear down this whole system.
I'll just replace it with a simple clothes rod as tall as it


. I'll go and then I'll add storage underneath so I put these baskets underneath so she can really maximize all of this storage because this kind of is essentially for a single closet okay so I'm going to take all these clothes off. system down and start from scratch while helping Carlos sort his closet I made him get rid of half his clothes the girl had a lot of clothes so now it's time to sort all these shoes Karl are you ready to get rid of some of these?
Shaking her head, yes, no, so Carla needs some blinds or curtains here. I found these render friendly blinds from the guys at Ikea, they are $4, they are very simple, they will not take up your space, they are minimal, they need a little. a little bit of setup so I'm going to do that now the first thing I'm going to do is measure the length of where they're sticking out here so we need to measure the length of that so now I'm going to measure 23.5 here and then I'm literally just going to use scissors and cut the blinds off so I've glued this right along the window it's got a nice sticky backing like thing that totally blocks out the light. now you obviously want to be able to put it on so i'm making my own rules here it comes with velcro s strips that you're actually supposed to put on the bottom.
I'm going to put one on the bottom, one on the top, and glue it right to the bottom of the blind. So they look like little shadows and when she wants them down so my next tip to make your room feel cozy and warm is to add lots of plants it may seem obvious but plants I feel he is in any space make a big difference so i'm going to lie all over the windowsill with plants i'm going to hang one from the ceiling make it green make it fresh I'll say Carla has a cat but luckily it's not a cat that eats plants if you have a cat that eats like anything you sat in front of it make sure you research which plants are toxic this little succulent is called rhipsalis and it is actually safe for cats the fiddle leaf i am going to add and the snake plant they are not carla has many other plants in his apartment and he seems to like his cat grass, but like I said if you have specific pet cat allies be sure to do your research before purchasing plants in his space.
I am very excited about the result. It's very matte, which I really like. It almost looks like chalkboard paint. You can always put wax over chalk paint. to seal it I like how crazy it looks I think it's a lot of fun so I'll leave it as it is Now I'm just going to put some things on top Fill the drawers with Carlos's clothes My next tip is to add tons of light this will make your space sit really cozy very moody think table lamps like i have the globe light over carlos dresser. I'm hanging this thing that gives off this beautiful fairy-like glow.
I'm going to put fairy lights around the railings up here. It's such a simple and cost effective way to really make your space feel like twinkle at night so I'm going to hang this. to add texture in your bedroom where you can so think about the curtains i have p om pom curtains in my apartment thanks throw blankets or pillows on your bed the easiest and most cost effective way is to invest in a duvet that has texture like little ones tufts or threads like the one I chose for Carla this again just kind of ties the whole space together bringing all that texture together and her bed looks beautiful and cozy and really cozy and there you have it, a moody 5e bedroom.
Karla's apartment is so beautiful and I'm so happy that I was able to get everything out of it. together for her, be sure to check out Danny's burger video to see her gorgeous after shots of the laundry nook she created. video that she's going to implement in her own bedroom, be sure to check out the


we did downstairs for Carla's office and living room entryway and as always I'll see you on Wednesday for a vlog and the Saturday for another home decor video thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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