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This is the Most Unfair State For Car Owners

Jun 02, 2021
- A while back, our creative director, the brilliant and handsome Jesse Wood, was filming a rally going down the East Coast of the US. Jesse said that when it came time to drive south from New York to Miami, everyone they chose to drive around Virginia. . He said very cryptically. - No one drives in Virginia. - And everyone in the office was like, "What, why?" But when we turned around, he was gone. A single white rose was left in its place. As clueless west coasters, we wanted to know why Virginia is not a good


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this is the most unfair state for car owners
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video, we'll talk about what makes certain


s worse to drive than others and how the government exploits traffic laws to increase state revenue.
this is the most unfair state for car owners

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this is the most unfair state for car owners...

But before we get to that, let's get into the





despicable, most infuriating state to drive in, Virginia. Driving in the state of Virginia can be frustrating. You will find discomfort that you would find in many other states. But then we found a driving stat that blew us away. Voila, one in six drivers in Virginia has a suspended license. With one in six million registered drivers in the state, that means nearly a million people are driving illegally. That is an insane statistic. Think about it. If the same percentage were applied to California, 4.3 million drivers would be driving with suspended licenses.
this is the most unfair state for car owners
Frankly, that would explain a lot, people suck at driving. I totally forgot dude, I have pizza, I love pineapple. But that's a story for another video. Yes, people probably shouldn't be driving with suspended licenses, but the reason they were suspended was what really surprised us. Virginia has a law that says if you go 20 over the speed limit and get pinched, you don't get a speeding ticket, you get a reckless driving ticket. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor, which means it's on par with a DUI, which means you have to spend a lot of time and money fighting the court to get it reduced to a simple speeding ticket or pay between $350 and $2500 or reckless driving. ticket.
this is the most unfair state for car owners
When compared to the average $250 fine in a normal speeding ticket, that's quite a jump. And you could say that's easy, Nolan, just don't speed up. And that's a good point. But it's not that simple, besides, let's be honest here, everyone likes to speed up, even if you don't want to admit it. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits in Virginia are notoriously low, the streets on which a driver could safely drive at 35 miles per hour are limited to 25. Many highways are limited to an infuriatingly anemic 55 miles per hour which, compared to the rest from the US, it is very slow. This makes it easier to speed up without even realizing it and creates opportunities for speed traps.
Virginia loves her speed controls. (violin music) If you're unfamiliar with the term, a speed trap is basically when a policeman stands on a stretch of road or highway that has a sudden drop in the speed limit. It is very easy to fall into these traps if you are an out-of-state driver who may have missed a traffic sign. And let me be clear, the main goal of a speed trap is to make money. They call it police for profit and it sucks, bluntly. - It's a trap. - One of the most egregious speed traps in the US is a stretch of I295 that runs through Hopewell Virginia and earned the nickname "the million dollar mile." It got that nickname because it generates the precinct nearly $2 million a year in speeding tickets.
What are they spending that on? There are 11 sheriff's deputies working 14-hour shifts handing out tickets on the two-mile stretch of highway. It's only two miles long, so it's literally $1,000,000 a mile. And all of that money goes right back to the city of Hopewell so they can hire more agents, buy more radar guns and faster cruisers. It's easy to try to justify laws by saying it reduces accidents and increases safety, but at what point does it go from being a safety issue to an ethical issue? Policing for profit is quite complicated for tax-paying citizens. And when you look at the demographics, it affects more, it's even more infuriating.
In general, the people most affected are low-income drivers, you know, the people who definitely need a license to go to work. What will happen is a driver runs a sign and gets pulled over for doing 20 too many, gets a reckless driving ticket. When they inevitably cannot afford the cost of hiring a lawyer and taking time out of their work week to go to court, their licenses are suspended. They are in a bind, okay, they don't have enough money to pay the court fees, but they need their car to get to work so they can earn money to pay the court fees.
So they end up driving despite their suspended license. And that's how nearly a million people drive with a suspended license in Virginia alone. What's even dumber is that it cost the state a ton more money to enforce in court and through the DMV. It's not really beneficial to anyone other than the police station that makes money from speed traps. Sorry, that's a bit misleading, it also benefits politicians. But in a different way. One of the reasons these speed traps continue to exist is because it allows politicians to campaign on the fact that they not only crack down on these rogue speeding drivers and make the road safer, but they can say they raised significant revenue for the state.
It's a win-win for politicians. And it has been going on for a long time. Years ago, then-Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine pushed legislation through that tact, an extra $1,000 fee for the abuser in tickets for things like speeding and no signal. That's right, it was met with such hostility from motorists who were paying more than $1,000 not to turn on their turn signals that the courts found it unconstitutional and it was appealed. You could say, luckily, I don't live in Virginia Nolan, your Star-Lord action figure that someone put in a microwave. Well I have bad news for you, okay.
There are speed checks all over the country, no one is safe. (siren wail) According to a study by the National Motorists Association, between $5 and $7 billion are generated each year from known speed enforcement across the country, which they define as arbitrarily low speed limits with strong traffic controls designed to generate ticket revenue. The worst offensive states are Virginia, Texas, my home state of California, Ohio, and Florida. No wonder Florida -- (laughs) -- no wonder Florida is littered with speed traps, the popular vacation destination sees a steady stream of photo-perfect out-of-state drivers. The Sunshine State is home to two of the worst speed traps in America or at least it was.
The Highway Patrol in Waldo, a city with a population of 1,000, issued 12,000 speeding tickets in 2013, resulting in $400,000 in fines for drivers. But rest assured, Waldo's seven-person force disbanded in 2014, yikes! The other recognized speed trap is in a town called Lottie, Lottie, Lottie, I'm going to say Lottie, where there is a sudden drop in speed for the school zone but no vertical signs to let drivers know. That is very cloudy. Sometimes we don't even have the luxury of being stopped by a human being to issue a ticket, Baltimore City's speeding ticket camera program came under fire earlier this year for issuing tickets to cars stopped at stop lights in red and even a car that was parked, parked!
Lucky for us, there are organizations trying to shut down speed traps, not just in Virginia, but across the country. One of them is AAA, the roadside assistance/insurance/everything you would want from a company, company. I said they have been quite successful in stopping speed traps. They recently sent 200,000 emails to members with links to email Virginia legislators to "inform them that for-profit policing should not be happening and to shut it down." The bills they are pushing would limit the amount of money a jurisdiction can withhold from speed traps like the one in Hopewell, Virginia, that's hopeful, that's good, I like that.
So, is Virginia the worst state to drive in? The speed trap sucks, but it's probably not the end of the world. I'm not going to form an opinion based on a comment Jesse made, even if he is very handsome, and yes, ladies, he is single. Yeah, it sucks getting pulled over in Virginia, but you can't argue with statistics. And the statistics say that Virginia is actually one of the safest states to drive in. A study was conducted using five factors. Drunk driving deaths, traffic violations, speeding, careless driving, and deaths per 100 million miles driven. Virginia ranked fourth best out of 50 states.
As much as we don't like these laws, maybe they are working. I mean you can't argue with the results. You might wonder if the lowest scoring state on this list would be Montana, which has a reputation as a great state to drive because it doesn't actually have speed limits, so I'm not quite sure what to think. . If you live in Virginia, I'd really like to hear from you in the comments, I'd love to hear some of your stories. Maybe you received some tickets or maybe you are driving with a suspended license. Don't give yourself away. Hey, we also have a podcast, it's called Past Gas, check it out and now we have a notification.
Are you done setting up the iPad? Why would you want to do that during the wheelhouse? What, now, no eggs for breakfast, scrambled. A little ground pepper on top. This thing called breakfast. Thanks for looking, be kind, see you next time.

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